Hillary Is Down, But Not The Oligarchs (Yet)

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Authored by Paul Craig Roberts,

The US presidential election is historic, because the American people were able to defeat the oligarchs.  Hillary Clinton, an agent for the Oligarchy, was defeated despite the vicious media campaign against Donald Trump.  This shows that the media and the political establishments of the political parties no longer have credibility with the American people.

It remains to be seen whether Trump can select and appoint a government that will serve him and his goals to restore American jobs and to establish friendly and respectful relations with Russia, China, Syria, and Iran.

It also remains to be seen how the Oligarchy will respond to Trump’s victory.  Wall Street and the Federal Reserve can cause an economic crisis in order to put Trump on the defensive, and they can use the crisis to force Trump to appoint one of their own as Secretary of the Treasury. Rogue agents in the CIA and Pentagon can cause a false flag attack that would disrupt friendly relations with Russia.  Trump could make a mistake and retain neoconservatives in his government.

With Trump there is at least hope.  Unless Trump is obstructed by bad judgment in his appointments and by obstacles put in his way, we should expect an end to Washington’s orchestrated conflict with Russia, the removal of the US missiles on Russia’s border with Poland and Romania, the end of the conflict in Ukraine, and the end of Washington’s effort to overthrow the Syrian government.  However, achievements such as these imply the defeat of the US Oligarchy.  Although Trump defeated Hillary, the Oligarchy still exists and is still powerful.

Trump said that he no longer sees the point of NATO 25 years after the Soviet collapse.  If he sticks to his view, it means a big political change in Washington’s EU vassals.  The hostility toward Russia of the current EU and NATO officials would have to cease. German Chancellor Merkel would have to change her spots or be replaced. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg would have to be dismissed.

We do not know who Trump will select to serve in his government.  It is likely that Trump is unfamiliar with the various possibilities and their positions on issues.  It really depends on who is advising Trump and what advice they give him.  Once we see his government, we will know whether we can be hopeful for the changes that now have a chance.  

If the oligarchy is unable to control Trump and he is actually successful in curbing the power and budget of the military/security complex and in holding the financial sector politically accountable, Trump could be assassinated.  

Trump said that he will put Hillary in prison. He should first put her on trial for treason and war crimes along with all of the neoconservatives. That would clear the decks for peace with the other two major nuclear powers over whom the neoconservatives seek hegemony. Although the neoconservatives would still have contacts in the hidden deep state, it would make it difficult for the vermin to organize false flag operations or an assassination. Rogue elements in the military/security complex could still bring off an assassination, but without neocons in the government a coverup would be more difficult.

Trump has more understanding and insight than his opponents realize. For a man such as Trump to risk acquiring so many powerful enemies and to risk his wealth and reputation, he had to have known that the people’s dissatisfaction with the ruling establishment meant he could be elected president.

We won’t know what to expect until we see who are the Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries. If it is the usual crowd, we will know Trump has been captured.

A happy lasting result of the election is the complete discrediting of the US media. The media predicted an easy Hillary victory and even Democratic Party control of the US Senate. Even more important to the media’s loss of influence and credibility, despite the vicious media attack on Trump throughout the presidential primaries and presidential campaign, the media had no effect outside the Northeast and West coasts, the stomping grounds of the One Percent. The rest of the country ignored the media.

I did not think the Oligarchy would allow Trump to win. However, it seems that the oligarchs were deceived by their own media propaganda. Assured that Hillary was the sure winner, they were unprepared to put into effect plans to steal the election.

Hillary is down, but not the Oligarchs. If Trump is advised to be conciliatory, to hold out his hand, and to take the establishment into his government, the American people will again be disappointed. In a country whose institutions have been so completely corrupted by the Oligarchy, it is difficult to achieve real change without bloodshed.

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Long memory man's picture

One thing that Mr Trump could do for the world is to remove Agenda 21 from the face of the earth, that would screw every oligarch on the planet.

johngaltfla's picture

The fact that Trump considered Jamie Dimon for Treasury Secretary and now will "settle" with a Goldman Sachs stooge tells me all about the next 4 years mantra:

"Make America Bankster Again"

dogfish's picture

Trumph is going to take a page out of Erdogan's handbook to kill off the neocons.

beemasters's picture

"He should first put her on trial for treason and war crimes along with all of the neoconservatives."

I wish PCR would approach Trump and offer his service. While his writings make a lot of sense, his action would certainly leave him the legacy he should deserve.

B-Bond's picture

Imagine Fuld & Mozilo as Sec. of Treasury & FED chairman, thats an inflationary dream team right there.

Place your bets!

Infocat's picture

This fight against the Oligarchy is a truly epic battle that has been going on for decades. Now it could finally end with Trump, hopefully he will repeal their plans. Especially the 1965 (((Hart Celler Act))) killing America right now. http://www.truthjustice.net/politics/so-much-for-promises-quotes-re-1965...

Lordflin's picture

This fight has been going on since Cain slew Able..,

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Arrest Soros now, we need our own White House signature campaign on that!

Arrest Soros now, we need our own White House signature campaign on that!

Arrest Soros now, we need our own White House signature campaign on that!

Sages wife's picture

The media was the oligarchs most effective tool. It's emasculation means war. Beware the chilling prophecy of long time presidential advisor Zbignew Brzezinski, "There was a time when it was easier to decieve a million people than to kill them."

That time has clearly come to an end.

BullyBearish's picture

Best path:

* Pardon Snowden, Assange

* End the Fed

*Confiscate Oligarchs ill-gotten gains, distribute to the people

*Try and jail Oligarchs

*Make America GREAT again


MANvsMACHINE's picture

We don't really know if the Jamie Dimon info is accurate. That could be totally false. Dimon might have good reason to float that rumor and someone in the Trump campaign might also find good reason to. Alternatively, it could be true and if that's the case, there could be a number of reasons why The Donald would head in that direction. I'm not buying it at face value.

mkhs's picture

You pussy.  Drone Soros now.  Afterall, it is legal (?).

debtor of last resort's picture

Why don't we drone this Soros guy?

MalteseFalcon's picture

Declare BLM and Move.On.Org terrorist groups, then sit back and let the patriot act do the rest.

land_of_the_few's picture

How about declare them "foreign agents" like Russia does. Not so far-fetched if there is KSA or Qatar cash involved.

Talking of such, who will rein in the Bidens with their crooked gas-oligarch behavior in Ukraine and now, Eastern EU?

Such as Burisma Holdings in Ukraine, perhaps that is now a bust, since the son Hunter has moved on to his new target, Latvia? 

I mean, who asked them to insert themselves there, between supplier and market? They are neither. All they are doing is making life more expensive for local companies and the people who live there.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Arrest Hillary & Bill Clinton. Freeze their assets. RICO The Clinton Foundation & bring down the Satanic Global Crime Syndicate.

This will de facto Drain the Swamp. Then, immediately End the Fed.

These Scum Fuck Occultist have been "Illuminated" and forced out into the light. This opportunity to peacefully "Drain the Swamp" cannot be squandered.

John Prewett's picture

" Satanic Global Crime Syndicate" ...... very good.  I have been referring to the "Pope led Satanic pedophile  Globalist clique" ....

but "Satanic Global Crime Syndicate" is pretty close.  

chubbar's picture

Many good suggestions on this board but in short, Trump needs to clean out the barn. He needs to call to open the 9/11 investigation and ensure real patriots are appointed on that board that will unearth the coverup. This is assassination territory so it needs to be set up ASAP and given the funds and mandate with authority to demand access to any agency/records they want.

Also, he needs to meet every senator/congressman and tell them that he expects them to back all bipartisan (this is the key word) efforts to clean up DC/US. If they do not cooperate he needs to hold a press conference every 2 weeks and out the elected officials who are stonewalling his efforts to stop corruption. He can hire more FBI (I know, I don't like expanding any of these agencies) to investigate why these senators/congressmen don't want specific efforts to stop corruption implemented.

He needs to get americans behind these efforts by repeatedly going on media and explaining what he is trying to do and why. Who or what he is targeting and who is hampering those efforts. Get the names out that are the bad guys so their names are common knowledge. He won't survive unless he gets this information out there and undermines/outs the bad guys. They can't exist in the public spotlight for long so that is one weapon that needs to be employed against these assholes.

HardAssets's picture

Forget a press conference.
The press has shown who they are. NWO whores, such as Cronkite.

Go directly to the American people on a weekly or at least twice monthly basis and give a 30 minute report on what is being done to reform government.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Exactly, he is a master at using the media. Keep the people informed at all times. Expose the back door deals and the corruption. 

FrankDrakman's picture

Sure! You can see it now - a new version of the Apprentice called "The Secretary". Trump brings in a cabinet sec'y every week - "What have you done, what progress have you made, what are your plans?". At the end of the show, open the phone lines, and then "You continue, good job", or "You're fired!". 

FDR and Reagan had radio shows; Trump should become the first TV president. 

Kobe Beef's picture

That is a brilliant idea, FrankDrakman.

It would: 1) appeal directly to the American People who voted Trump to Drain the Swamp; 2) provide transparency on the backroom-dealing critters in the Washington Swamp; 3) light a fire under The Administration to get the job done, not just feather their nests and waste his term.

mkhs's picture

Sir, (and I say that loosely), you would not know brillant if a lightbulb was in front of your face.  You want a TVocracy?  According to Mitt, 47% of the idiotocracy was on the dole.  Popular vote is givmedat vote.  We need adults, not parasites.

VW Nerd's picture

Chubbar, you make some good suggestions.  Here's one more.  Trump wants to make restoration of defense spending a high priority.  Before increasing defense spending one penny, Trump and the public needs to know how the Pentagon managed to "lose" and not be able to account for over a trillion defense department dollars.  Have the department start accounting for what funding they are already getting!  Congress has lost sight of the fact that those missing funds are the American public's hard earned money and the American taxpayers are beginning to resent the carlessness and unaccountability of DC in general and the Pentagon in particular.

FrankDrakman's picture

IF you followed Scott Adams' blog, you might see what Trump is saying as "Pacing" - i.e. marching in step with the current members of the MIC. After he makes some big foreign policy moves, like inviting the Russians to join NATO, he can then "Lead" by saying "Hey, we don't need xxx men in Europe anymore; Russia's in NATA now", and begin the winding down of the US extraterritorial forces, saving billions without sacrificing safety. 

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Yep, the problem will be he will be taking on the Republican and Democratic establishment at the same time, because the tenticles extend deep into both parties.


I wonder whether that is asking too much of the Trumpster?


I follow PCR every day and post his articles on my blog, but I have deep reservations about Trump's ulterior motives and integrity.

This keeps feeling like The New American Hitler.

Just look at the people he is proposing for his cabinet.

Instead of Jews, he's going after immigrants.

He appeals to the most uneducated, prone to violence and racist, sexist people in the country.

He's an ego maniac.

He is a liar.

His words mean nothing. They're just a tool to incite anger in the population against the weakest

and most susceptible to persecution.

Go ahead and down vote me, but remember what I told you when the future plays out.


Crash Overide's picture

Trump needs to remember that the people voted for him as a big FUCK YOU to the establishment...

The people are serious about that.

They don't want coddling and hand holding, they want the fucking swamp drained.


dogfish's picture

John why not make Jamie the fall guy? After all he deserves it.

fleur de lis's picture

That is a good idea considering how much Dimon contributed to America's financial ruin.

Wasn't he the one who went after Bernanke when a bet or something went wrong and Bernanke destroyed American farms to cover the losses?

That was olay by Jamie as long as he got the money.

Or it went something like that.

They are all central bankers, and they leave a trail of fraud and bloodshed everywhere.





BennyBoy's picture


Trump will disapoint all his followers bigly within the next year.

Or Trump will enjoy a spectaularly short presidency.

Mahatma Coat's picture

On the contrary, Benny Boy, ye of dubious bone fides.  The Donald will embiggen America.  You just watch.

BabaLooey's picture

My hope - now - is that Trump is playing possum

1) The electorate makes it official.

2) He gets sworn in and officially takes power.

The Trump team must meet to to make sure he gets the same damn near air tight security as Soetero has/had.

I do fear assassination attempts. Especially if he is totally true to his word.

Mike Pence = NOT Trump.

HardAssets's picture

That's my hope also.

Trump is a very intelligent man.
He hasn't taken the reins of power yet.
The oligarchs are already showing their hand, using their usual idiot crowds set on "RIOT".

Action #1 after inauguration: Set his own new law enforcement team after Soros. He has gotten away with sedition, because the current administration has allowed it and even aided it.


Pence looks like a conservative cardboard cutout.

He has the personality of a psychopathic pan of milk


Got The Wrong No's picture

Beware of new blood on this site. The Libs know they lost the election because of the alternative media. I have noticed an influx of Trojan Horses on the sites I frequent. They are all trying to make you cast doubt on choosing Trump. 

I believe the riots will increase and there is a possibility of the assignation of Trump. If that happened, it could be the spark that triggers anarchy and the reason to institute Marshal Law. The Oligarchs will not go peacefully. 

chubbar's picture

Yes, assassination if he isn't extremely careful, and he isn't. Pence is neo con material and I wish I knew why he was picked. It stinks of a set up.

Vendrell's picture

Yep the shills have switched tactics. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I expect Trump to do EVERYTHING he has said, nor did I ever. Personally, I didn't support him when he first gained popularity talking about the wall. But since they lost, the shills and their useful idiot SJWs/shitlibs have switched to a blend of open violence / hostility (that they can still get away with under current government setup, for a couple more months) and concern trolling to sow doubt. 

11b40's picture

There have already been a lot over the past year, and a real influx after the conventions.  I think Zios sent a bunch over here, too.  We have them tied to the Neocons, and have not been very kind to them.


'ASSASSINATION' not 'assignation'

'MARTIAL LAW' not Martial Law

You don't understand the meaning of 'anarchy'.

It doesn't mean bedlam...it means the absence of government which allows free choice by citizens to conduct their lives as they see fit.

Anarchy IS freedom to live your life as you choose to.

We don't want to just change those who populate the government...we want to ELIMINATE GOVERNMENT.


tmosley's picture

>Not understanding the principles behind Operation Paperclip

>Not understanding the concept of defection

Low energy.

SummerSausage's picture

Do you know that or are you repeating something you heard from the media? When did you re-start your belief in the honesty and integrity of the media?

Boris Badenov's picture

Davis Stockman is my #1 suggestion for Treasury Secretary. If not, he should get the job he held in the Reagan admin, Head of the Office of Management and Budget. Seriously.

Kayman's picture

More MSM dog shit.  Jamie Dimon was never "considered" .  Trump already has his inside guy, just like FDR had crooked Joe Kennedy because Joe knew every dirty trick on Wall Street at that time.

slammin_dude's picture

Ya...because MSNBC who have done nothing but lie about President Trump over the last 18 momths, would "never" lie or release false information...you know MSM and "journalistic integrity" and all that shit....



c0nan's picture

Baby steps. If we can halt agenda 21 expansion that would be great. Educate the people, get out and get involved in local elections. We cannot sit back and wait for Trump to save us all.

What we all need to consider is this - Trump is up against an evil cabal, that will kill to achieve their goals. His / our enemies are murderers; they are destroyers of nations. The Clinton cabal is steeped in corruption. The Clinton camp literally campaigned with professed Satanists Jay-Z and Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna and the child whore Miley Cyrus.

We know Trump has powerful backers, probably of Jewish / mob origin, but if he is going to survive the next four years that is exactly what he needs. The game of thrones takes no prisoners.

The shadow government is the true enemy, the true power structure that can find means and opportunity to assassinate Trump. We all need to be his protection. This is probably our last chance, and I hope we are willing to die to make things right - because they (shadow gov and ilk) are willing to die to destroy us.

Got The Wrong No's picture

I agree 100%. The hostility against Trump is 1000 X what I saw against Obama. I don't remember riots after his election. They painted Trump as a Nazi and there are radicals who believe that he is just that. In their minds killing Trump would stop another Hitler. The propaganda machine is working hard for that result.

SummerSausage's picture

Mobs breaking windows and demanding the roundup of people with whom they disagree don't see themselves as they point to the Hitler supporting mobs which broke windows and demanded the roundup of people with whom they disagree.  What putzes.

AViewFromDublin's picture

No harm if Trump takes some advice from Putin on how to rid his country of the oligarchal vampires.