Cry For Unity?

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What a difference a day makes...



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Liberals are always Tolerant and Accepting, except when it doesn't go their way.

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Yup, exactly that.

Tolerant, accepting and willing to accept the American election process ONLY if it ends up they way they want.

I hated Obama, but I did not leave the country, riot, or demand they redo the whole elcetion to get the results I want.


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Fucking morons. Look who's truly deplorable now?

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Troll Magnet Nov 12, 2016 4:22 PM

Exactly.  To a leftist unity means "do what I want or there is unity has not taken place. You racist, misogynist, bigot, xenophobe, homophobe..."

There will be no creating unity on the part of Central Planning advocate by doing what the other wants.

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Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD Nov 12, 2016 4:23 PM


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Ditto, never go full snowflake!

As for Soros / Clinton, it should be renamed Purple Revulsion

The whole behavior thing is revolting tbh, get a life people, grow some balls, grow up.

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Understand that if you don't give everything you have to the Progressives you are a racist, homophopic, misogynist, pig.

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Ha Ha Ha
You guys are such sore losers!

Just picked up a copy of this week's esteemed Newsweek magazine and it aays Hillary's the President!


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There aren't enough waaahmbulances for these snowflakes.

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I'm looking forward to the upcoming zombies vs cowboys wars... If you think the elections triggered the zombies, just wait until funding is cut from all sanctuary cities, which is on Trump's first 100 days agenda... 

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As a friend of mine said after all the riots started, it's tough to see the left gaining traction at all, the right is far more heavily armed munitions

Now who's the smart people? The left don't own / gave up their guns and look what that got them...

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If a lot was reversed, can you imagine the Hillary militias running around with their M-4 pouring magazine after magazine into the opposition.

But this is America with a CONSTITUTION (that the current sitting POTUS has trashed) to which our militias honor and respect.  If they want a fight, Damn we will give them a fight the history books will write chapters on.  

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Puke and The Revulsion starring in Purple Brain

AmandaFawndel's picture's for me and you, not for the racist ashkeNAZI j00!

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Snowflakes go Blizzard. News @ 11.


I think it is safe to say "A lot of Special Snowflakes that are upset would be a Blizztard."

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One ounce of my gold says a lot of this bullshit protest is incited by the Soros-backed DNC.

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If your gold is talking to you, consult a psychiatrist.

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Mine talks, it says: "I need more friends just like me"

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I'm sorry. Mine doesn't talk. I lied about the whole thing. I don't even own any gold. Gold? WTF is that?

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I don't think it's even a question at this point. Exact same strategy.

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An ounce of my gold says they aren't emailing each other to organize their efforts.

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hoagy goldmikel (not verified) Troll Magnet Nov 12, 2016 5:09 PM

a lot ? more like 99.1% . You give these sissies too much credit.

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There is nothing slower in lower Delaware but the pace. they went for Trump. Upper snowflake Delaware went for Hillary. It makes me want to move. What a douch bag Biden turned out to be. Go home to Greenville Joe.

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That's not where I told Joe to go...

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Dua  Wear be you told Jo to go? 

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) zorba THE GREEK Nov 12, 2016 7:45 PM

Yep, good people in Sussex County, DE.  It's the free shitters in Wilmington that tips DE to the leftist side.  Sadly, there are a lot of them.

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A liberal friend when talking about the destruction from the Trump win said it would be the same if Hillary had won.  I said, "No, that would cause a revolution not just acts of violence"

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They've been cramming shit down the throats of the majority of Americans for the last 8 years, and they never seemed to care what the opposition thought. Remember the travesty that was the passage of Obamacare? They GOT OFF on illegally forcing that on us against our will, and you could see it in their faces.

Now that the shoe is on the other foot, they're all about 'Unity' (agreeing to their position). It's time they got a BIG dose of their own medicine!

It's PAYBACK TIME, Bitchez!

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Liberals are idiots. Keep that in mind when dealing with them...

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as a staunch liberal, i strongly disagree with this racist statement and i staunchly believe you are a misinformed moran.

now go get a job and pay your taxes so i don't have to.

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"Liberals are idiots."

No, they're not. Republicans are idiots. Liberals are criminally insane.

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I'll see your idiot and raise you a fucking retard.

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Liberals are always Tolerant and Accepting


if you believed the MSM you would assume so ...   problem is... and has been for a while...


oh wait....   the MSM ARE LIBERALS....

i guess they did a good job in discovering the truth (at least in this one point) -lmao

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Stop picking on us liberals. We liberals are in our safe cyberspace right now. We must be left alone!

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They're 5 year olds trapped in adult bodies. Only little children act the way these morons do with throwing tantrums when things don't go their way. Those who have matured beyond the level of a 5 year old accept that shit happens when things don't go the way they want and they just move on and deal with it. 

The frightening thing is they have or will procreate and pass along the libtard gene. Can only hope their children see through their bullshit and don't act the same way. If not, society is probably really doomed in the future.

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Have you really forgotten "We intend to make Obama a one term president"?

Conservatives are always Tolerant and Accepting, except when it doesn't go their way.

Double standards is a bipartisan disease.

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Yea but we did it the lawful way and lost after the first term. We didn't burn our own towns down because our overloads brainwashed us like puppets.

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They are narcissistic sociopaths.

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I never used to think that way, preferring to believe in discourse and persuasion using reasoned arguments, but after Brexit and now Trump, I think you're right.

I voted Brexit because I don't want to be governed by an unelected, unaccountable, LYING, bureaucracy, but have been lambasted (and accused of being a bigot at one point) because of that vote.

I have remained dumbfounded (as an English person) that that the US could even CONSIDER voting for a lying, corrupt criminal (the server) like Clinton, and now that the electorate has spoken (rightly, in my view) against Clinton (note I don't necessarily say FOR Trump), all the liberal snowflakes are having a hissy fit.


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Takeaction2 (not verified) Nov 12, 2016 4:22 PM

Our business had windows broken last night.  Have it on video...just punched our front door and a big plate glass window and shattered.  Good old Portland....Glass is not covered under Buisness Insurance...neither are Riots.  Oh well...$1900.00  Fucking pricks...this helps nothing. Only one got shot last night...Our mayor and police chief are worthless. They promote this horse shit....  The families and lives this is hurting...infinite.  These losers don't care.  Who the hell wants to go downtown?  NOBODY!



Oh look...did I trigger somebody(Down voted)...FU

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Insane. These people are mentally unstable.

How the fuck do you prove your point by destroying other people's property?

And that Obama cunt won't budge.

I bet that fucker is planning a coup against Trump.


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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Sudden Debt Nov 12, 2016 4:27 PM


You'll love seeing the government salaries that you pay with your taxes:

Police Sergent: $262K

Fire Lieutenant: $205K

Police Officer: $192K

Massive list of these "public servants" almost starving on their pittance of a wage.

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Wow...thanks.  LOL  I feel better now.  FUCKERS...all of them.....  The SWAMP drain can not come soon enough.

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You never invited us out to go hunting.

Plane tickets way cheaper than $1900.

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD Nov 12, 2016 4:32 PM

Oh, and one my favorites from page 7:

Lynda Lewis, Affirmative Action/Diversity Manager: $128,507

That position should not exist.

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What do you think about the state of Delaware's DIVERSITY MANDATE and matching 22% negro hiring "goal"....hire 22% whether they meet the minimum qualifications or not....if not, just get rid of the minimum qualifications!



oh wait, the JEWS URINAL hasn't reproted on that since Tom Carper instituted it 18 years ago!!!!

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) AmandaFawndel Nov 12, 2016 4:43 PM

Wow...  I didn't know about that.  It's outrageous.  Thanks for letting me know.  I'll look into it.

Especially interesting when the black population makes up only something like 10% of the total. So they want an over representation of blacks by about double - firing qualified whites due to their race.  Total government fukups.