Man Shot During Anti-Trump Protest In Portland, Police Looking For "African-American" Male Suspect

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The not-so-peaceful progressive reaction to the Trump presidency continued for a third night, when thousands of protesters took their frustrations over Donald Trump's election as the next U.S. president onto the streets on Friday and into Saturday in several cities, including Portland, Oregon - the city declared by the Associated Press as the center of America's anti-Trump feeling - where one protester was shot.

The unidentified man was wounded on Portland's Morrison Bridge at 12:45 a.m. local time as he and dozens of other protesters crossed it during their demonstration. In the Portland incident, police said in a statement that a man got out of a vehicle on the bridge where he confronted and then shot a protester, who was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect is still at large, police added.

“One person down. Everyone needs to leave the area immediately!” police wrote on Twitter.

Police described the possible suspect in the shooting “as African-American male, late teens, 5'8", thin, wearing black dark hoodie and saggy blue jeans.”

"Preliminary information indicates that a suspect was in a vehicle on the bridge and there was a confrontation with someone in the protest. The suspect got out of the vehicle and fired multiple shots injuring the victim,” police said in a press release.

A local witness, Cameron Whitten, told the paper that the incident took place when the demonstrators were going across the bridge. He then saw a car “with multiple occupants in it... traveling east” and one of them was holding a gun. He first shot into the air and then shot one of the demonstrators in the lower body.


Earlier in the night, protesters blocked traffic and threw objects at Portland police dressed in riot gear who responded with pepper spray and flash-bang devices. At one point, police pushed protesters back and appeared to take at least one person into custody, according to footage on a local NBC affiliate.

Police officer sprays the crowd with an irritant during a protest in Portland, Oregon,, Nov.12

Demonstrators gesture in front of the police during a protest against in Portland, Oregon,

People march through downtown Portland to protest of the election of Donald Trump, Nov. 11, 2016

People try to move away from a gas cloud during a protest in Portland, Oregon

Hundreds of protesters also marched through the streets of Los Angeles, blocking traffic as they waved signs in opposition of Trump and chanted "We reject the president elect" and "Whose streets? Our Streets".

Several hundred protestors are arrested by Los Angeles Police Department officers

Protestors detained by Los Angeles Police Department officers after a rally against Donald Trump

A protestor holds a sign during a rally against the election of Donald Trump

Several thousand activists marched through downtown Miami, with a few hundred making their way onto a highway, halting traffic in both directions.

Police officers stand guard during a protest against Donald Trump in Miami, Florida

People protest against Donald Trump in Miami, Florida

In New York, demonstrators again gathered in Washington Square Park and by Trump Tower, where the Republican president-elect lives, on Fifth Avenue.

Trump, who initially denounced Americans who protested against his election, saying they had been "incited" by the media, reversed course and praised them on Friday. "Love the fact that the small groups of protesters last night have passion for our great country. We will all come together and be proud!" Trump said on Twitter.

The tweets were further evidence of Trump's mixed messages since he announced his candidacy 17 months ago. After Democrat Hillary Clinton conceded defeat early on Wednesday, he took a far more conciliatory tone than he had often displayed during his campaign and promised to be a president for all Americans.

Most of the protests across the country, which have also taken place in Washington, D.C., have been largely comprised of young adults and college students.

Security barricades now shield some of Trump's most visible properties, including the newly opened Trump International Hotel near the White House and Trump Tower in New York.

Trump's base of support in the election was the broad middle of the country, with voters in states that had long supported Democrats shifting to him after he promised to renegotiate trade deals with other countries.

More anti-Trump demonstrations are planned for the weekend, including in New York and Los Angeles. A group calling itself "#NotMyPresident" has scheduled an anti-Trump rally for Washington on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day, when the New York real-estate developer formally succeeds President Barack Obama.

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db51's picture

1 Down.   It's a start


Arturo's picture

Democracts only when they win.

Paul Kersey's picture

Anarchy doesn't seem to accomplish much.

FireBrander's picture

Trump should offer ILLEGAL immigrants a choice:

A. Go back to your home country.

B. Move to, and permanently, reside in Portland, LA, SF, Seattle, Chicago or any of the other Leftist Shitholes.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Democracy can be messy sometime, especially that these people had lot invested. If Trump had lost we would be seeing something similar.

Give it some time and it will go away.


nmewn's picture

"If Trump had lost we would be seeing something similar."


Just like after Romney & McCain

Escrava Isaura's picture

I guess your “selective” memory forgot 2000 election.

I remember not being able to drive down Massachusetts Avenue by the Observatory Circle, where Al Gore lived as Vice-President, because the right-wingers were there protesting for him to concede.  


1980XLS's picture

Comparing apples & oranges?


Escrava Isaura's picture

Close election as well. Much better comparison than Romney.


nmewn's picture

So these "protesters" were busting windows out of buildings and setting dumpsters on fire were they? ;-)

ACES FULL's picture

Either Escrava is a troll or one of the dumbest libtards on ZH. Either way, I try not to feed it anymore.

Manthong's picture

At least we can be confident that the shooter was a pro-Trump black street thug.

rlouis's picture

Or he might be one of Hilly's super predators.


nmewn's picture

I was bored, everyone please forgive me ;-)

shovelhead's picture

I know what you mean.

Some days I promise myself to only bring sweetness and light and uplift my fellow man...


And then some egregiously stupid motherfucker goes and ruins it.

GreatUncle's picture

Right now with all that is happening in the world ...

THAT IS EVERY FUCKING DAY ... THE SHIT DON'T STOP BECAUSE THOSE CAUSING THE UNREST ARE STILL ALIVE ... not the stupid protestors, Soros, Clinton, Obama ... etc. etc. Scot Foval.

I did notice old Clinton would rather the nation burn, baby burn ... she cackles like an evil witch.

Obama the of African descent witch doctor chanting "Clinton, clinton, clinton" feeds the witch.

Soros is just the elephant in the room, every room where there is a riot.


espirit's picture

There's been quite a few recently.

I like to know what the gig pays, Hvac, and whether you have to provide your own equipment.

WestVillageIdiot's picture

"Either Escrava is a troll or one of the dumbest libtards on ZH"

I vote for All of the Above. 

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) nmewn Nov 12, 2016 11:15 AM

The shooters were fed up with "Who's streets? Our streets!"

Shooter screams "you didn't build that!" boom

Im sick of them too taking over the bridges like the trolls that they are.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The last image has a building lit up in purple.  Some random person did not do that.  This shows some organizational skills.  Power does not surrender itself easily.  The Clintons are not done, by any means.

roddcarlson's picture

Again I'm looking at these protesters, a vast majority of them look like the enemy we are trying to deport. The police ought to bus them straight to Mexico, where's the INS when you need them? If you want to stop illegal riots just simply have the INS present to evaluate after collected who is a citizen and who gets to board a bus back to Mexico. As far as the few white people peppered into the thing I'm going to describe their treasonous way in a few ways in the next paragraph.

Number one reason why whites and American citizens act against their own is that they want to be cool, usually they think the world is for invasive third world peoples taking over advanced civilizations so they want to be the leading and bleeding edge. Second reason is the white women mixers, they did this mostly for the number 1 reason above but once they realized that no white man would ever want them again they became totally invested in their mixed kids. Imagine being the white girl that dreamed of being Cindarella, but having that dashed by having to wear the boot of despair and drive around in a pumpkin coach because you weren't smart enough. Truly we conclude that they are really not the sharpest gals in the tool shed. They also have reason to make sure the punitive relationship of redistribution continues from the white working man to their hybrids. The third reason is drugs, most of these people have been raised on ritalin, since their brain IQ was lowered by usage of these drugs in childhood they really don't have the capacity to take an educated position on things like immigration. Most of the school ritalin drug pushers fully get their desire of making these young zombies in the illegal variety of drug users afterwards. The final reason is a lack of male daddy figure in their lives, the girls even more than boys need that male role model to help them grow up confident and true to who they are which all was sowed by Lyndon Johnson great society.

So that leads me to wonder why a black man would shoot at protesters of Trump? True he wasn't moral for doing it but he must be pretty smart to know the true enemy of civilization. Again it's really sad that smart people are sometimes born in the uncivilized pack, and dumb ones born in the civilized ones. Usually they exchange places in life just on life choices. I certainly discourage genius black men from doing this to these rat packs, simply because it does us no good if they get incarcerated in the process. Such a black man could better be utilized in the civilized world.

Again I'll summarize most these people should be directly driven across the border. Some of them should be put into an opium den. For the mass mixers who like sexual entropy and kids that look nothing like them, the punishment is already served and just take them home. They're the ones that have to deal with their own poor choice making, but yeah we need to cut off the sugar juice from the white daddies that have their own pretty daughters they want to put in college and get a degree while marrying a european prince charming to continue forward the civilized world.

Short answer is the skooools and welfare create such a blight and conjuctivitis on society. And no I'm not a racist because I don't believe any race is more superior as we have to ask if one race can be simultaneously more advantaged in every single category of traits and the answer is no. But still there are differences in races and some of personality is also genetically predisposed along with a myriad of other physical attributes. Since whites and Asians have a tendency to form capital intensive societies really it should be us that decide who and what belongs in that society. But even derelicts in those groups shouldn't make the decision, it should be the man paying the final tax bill really. Otherwise you get into the positive feedback loops of stupid.

7thGenMO's picture

Excellent analysis, especially regarding busing back the illegal protesters. 

I would add that, with regards to the level of mixing, the media sets the standard for what is "cool".  Based on a recent Stefan Molyneux broadcast, the number of interracial marriages in the media is overwhelmingly biased in showing a black man, white woman.

It is media mind control to destroy Western civilization/heritage as per the following plan:

"Take away the heritage of a people, and they are easily persuaded." - Karl Marx



roddcarlson's picture

My views on interacial marriage have varied through my life, early in my life I was a big TV and movie consumer and was much more liberal on these values. As I've gotten older and had to deal with the clientelle and outcomes of real life, I think I've became much sophisticated and idealist when it comes to mixing races.

I consider it of something divine intervention that I didn't end up a victim of multiculturalism, I've only been seriously involved with women of my own race. But I cannot credit that with intelligence and good choice making on my own part, because I like many of the girls and boys of these times was just as convinced and brainwashed by MSM on the ideal being mixing. The movies still hadn't proceeded to pump the crap full content like today though.

Fact is that I studied in college with a very attractive and nice black girl, we were good friends but never went any further than that thankfully. Both of us never even kissed once though I drove her home everynight after studying together, so I can say that it's not something compelling even with all the pushing in MSM nor is it that we can't find other races attractive or nice people. Also no I wasn't rejected because of an advance, neither of us ever made such an advancement because I'll be honest we liked our own kinds. But yes I do know how easy it is for both races to be convinced that mixing is the best outcome, it simply isn't and that's without all the cultural differences included. I won't condemn mixed children, nor even those who make them, but I will say it's the most undesirable outcome using science of entropy alone. And the nagging problem is why people aren't wanting to have children that resemble them and carry their heritage? I mean isn't there any pride in our genetics? Black and white and other ethnicities included?

It's not that I dislike children of mixed heritage, it's that the confusion and entropy it creates is disasterous. Then I started to really think about entropy and the ideal is too keep two things maximally different and separated for the highest order.

That led me to realize why all the dreams of uniraces like in Brazil falls short of the advanced society they promote, it's because if you take two unique races and create a mix you have averaged the traits. For example the average IQ is higher for caucassion (this is a fact and many people moan about reality instead of face it), while the atheletic capability of say blacks in running is greater. People say things like that isn't true, but that is because people lie to themselves. There is lighter muscle and darker muscle and the predominance of one or other create a different capability.

The point is that if you take higher IQ and mix with lower IQ you get an IQ somewhere inbetween. If you mix higher atheletic ability with lower you get somewhere in between athletic ability. Is it desirable to halfway things? I mean does that create more genius scholars to advance the world of ideas? Does it create much better runners to break old world records? The answer is that it's entropy because it's averaging. People go around all they want and pretend we are the same, but simply it is not true. I'll be frank democracy sucks because it really is a feedback of stupid, and it's a placation of the masses of averages which means highest entropy since averaging is entropy. So democracy is the highest entropy creating organization ever. People like to feel good about things, and I'm not proposing that we should throw away our democratic republic. But's it's very scary when you start introducing people that have communist agendas because of their ignorance and in a lot of other cases because of low IQ. Give these people the vote of power and watch how fast it goes downhill. I mention South Africa as the template for Americans if white people don't start sniffing reality real soon. I'll say it again not everyone is adapted to freedom, really only moral people have the ability. And morality certainly is correlated but not exactly the same as intelligence.

Freedom isn't suited for everyone. Democracy isn't freedom either. Averaging is entropy and thus disorder. And feeling good about things because it makes everyone feel equal is pure evil. And from my own experience a person can love and even find attactive someone not of their race, but it's kind of forced to go further with that idea. One has to really be pushed by political correctness to want to avoid their own genetic inclinations, either that or just plain desperate.

roddcarlson's picture

Quite frankly if I was thegovernment and wanted a thriving and growing economy I'd do all I could to deport all the sinks out of society. I mean it's really too bad the central server at the SS office lost its records of who is an American, and you happen to appear to be a Mexican and at anti-American, mob assassination rally. That is reason to be deported from this land to the perfect land of manna you and your like come from. It's really that simple. No proof of record you come from here, being a unproductive and destructive slob with an attempt to overthrow the union democracy, and being someone that looks like a black snake eyed enemy gets you deported with no ability to re-entry.

Believe me we can even undo anchor babies that are treasonous and Mexicans at heart. They look and smell Mexican you get to go home to your heavenly land right now.

roddcarlson's picture

I suppose we could also ratify a legal exile amendment. People could say that isn't in accordance to our constitution and I agree it isn't in ordinary times, but we find ourselves being invaded by a Mexican country that is aiding and abbetting those people. Along with all the foreign interventions into American politics including the Soros and banker types, along with challenging the legitamacy and misuse of laws for things like anchor babies well I think we are firm to retroactively start removing peoples citizenry at will. We aren't exactly a republic at this point we have been infiltrated by a foreign army and really we are at war. When these foreign invaders start asking for the assasination of the original peoples true election wishes, it's time to start undoing the legal misinterpreations of what was considered a U.S. citizen in the past clauses. To help with the exile those families that have a kid that go out to these rallies, get all their extended and nuclear families exiled too if they find sufficient evidence that they are sympathetic to the Mexican invasion cause.

Again I'm not for blanket exporting each and everyone of Mexican heritage. But anyone suspected of aiding and abetting the Mexican state or who have desires to continue the uncontrolled and unfettered borders are actually enemy combatants and not citizens. They show up at rallies, they get revoked their citizenship and exiled eternally to their wonderous heavenly lands.

New_Meat's picture

apples and meatloaf in this particular anecdote.

nmewn's picture

A buddy of mine just texted me a peaceful way to stop all the leftwing rioting...just play the national anthem and they'll sit down ;-)

Normalcy Bias's picture

How about showering them with job applications?

nmewn's picture

lol...not sure these college brats can even read or write but I'm sure Soros has the money to print some up ;-)

effendi's picture

Here in Sydney (Australia) they had a problem with young riff raff hanging out late at night in the car parks near the beach. So the council played Barry Manilow songs over the PA system and the youths decided that it wasn't a place that they wanted to hang out. In the same way it would be hard for protestors to want to remain if "Mandy" was at 120db. Doris Day works just as well (or any showtune such as "Oklahoma" or "Three Little Maids From School Are We")

BeansMcGreens's picture


They might start jumping around like a bunch of Kansas City faggots.

SumTing Wong's picture

My son just finished reading Atlas Shrugged. He's 12. He understands all this shit. Too bad the protesters aren't as smart as my 12 year old.

He wants us to discuss Bastiat's _The Law_ and de Tocqueville next. Seems as appropriate of a time as ever.

I haven't convinced him to read Albert Jay Nock's, _Our Enemy, the State_ yet. 

Now that seems most appropriate as I look at the lawlessness and the military grade police out after the thugs. I'm just glad I live here in the middle of flyover country where people are too damned busy working to worry about the protests.

BrownCoat's picture

My son just finished reading Atlas Shrugged.

Albert Jay Nock was difficult for me to read and referred to events of which I had little or no understanding. Frank Chodorov's book 'The Rise & Fall of Society' was an easier read. It's my opinion that writers like Albert Jay Nock and Rose Wilder Lane rose up against the authoritarian forces that made the Great Depression. The Bush Junior/Obama years will go down in history as the second fascistic/socialistic Depression era. 

Vatican_cameo's picture


Is this a misprint or did they actually say they are looking for an "African American Male"?  This Never happens, the media usually tip-toes around it and you have to put to the pieces together and figure out for yourself that the perpetrator was a "Dindu-nuffin".  The MSM is so concerned about Trump, they don't realize they printed the facts.  They'll be sure that doesn't happen again.

GreatUncle's picture

Arrest the one in the whitehouse for not even trying to stop this.

HardAssets's picture

Have your boy read 'Dishonest Money'. It condenses what's in 'The Creature from Jekyll Island'. Also have him watch the video (on YouTube for free) called 'The American Dream'. Its a very well done cartoon explaining the fiat money system.

Congratulations on truly educating your son. We need many more like you and like him in America. I have talked with many high school seniors and college kids. Their 'schooling' is atrocious - of course, that was intentional.

847328_3527's picture

Many blacks saw thier jobs disappear when Obama and Hillary sent their jobs to Indian. Mexico, Bangladesh, etc. That's why I saw alot of blue collar and middle class blacks voting for Trump who promises to create some solid paying jobs as opposed to the Democrats who destroy jobs.

My neighbor is an oil and gas engineer who was taking in $165k a year and thrown out of work by Soweto. Now he's scraping by as a waiter. Educated people, black and white, who read past the propaganda MSM headlines see what's happening and they want a change from the same old, same old DC Establishment. That's also why Jeb, Cruz, etc on the Republican side did not get elected.

Many black ministers endrosed trump. They see the problem with Hillary who only spoke to the FSA, Wall Street Bankers and the MIC. Bernie had a much better chance of beating Trump. The DNC did it to themselves. These clueless protesters should be protesting Hillary since she cheated their best candidate, Bernie Sanders.

ToSoft4Truth's picture

school to prison pipeline. 

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) 847328_3527 Nov 12, 2016 11:18 AM

I doubt Bernie could have beat Trump.

Bernie's real history is pretty scary.

He was never beat up the way Trump and Hillary were so nobody can say, not even The Bern himself.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Bernie would have been a bigger more pronounced threat to the Establishment than Trump.  one cannot say for sure, but I suspect the knives would have been out more for Bernie than for Trump amongst the ranks of the MSM.  It would be a case of the devil you know (Bernie) versus the devil you don't (Trump) and likely the Establishment would have had little choice but to back Trump then.

Then factor in Democratic party vote rigging (as tepid as it is) and large-scale Republican voter suppression (well documented) and it's doubtful Bernie would have won.

Tiwin's picture

dem vote rigging and repub voter suppression BOTH are red herrings.
Neither come even into the same universe as electronic voting machines
When the repubs had the machines , Obama would have landslided Mccain. They ran a shit candidate.So shitty even the machines couldnt hide the fact.
Dems did NOT learn that lesson. They ran a shit candidate, and without the machines flipping 10 percent of the vote it would have been the biggest landslide since Reagan. Once again even the machines couldnt hide the fact.

LBJ said the niggers will vote Democratic for 100 years.
50 down so far.....
This is an opportunity for the Republican party.
Toss em some scraps Mr. Trump. Even if it pisses of the more the term ...racist part of the party.
Toss em some swag , fuck Boeing and Lockheed.Fuck Israel.If you got the traditional dem feast of minorities, even half of em, you wouldnt need AIPAC.
Youre gonna need help. Next election the dems cannot do as bad as Hillary. It is mathematically impossible.If you toe the traditional Repub line and suck Bibi's cock weekly, you will be a one-term president, and the republican party can go silently into the night. Demographics assure this.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

8, I have three friends:

1) over 60 white male research mathematician who  has worked at the National Labs and a major university

2) Iranian born, French raised, with dual American/French citizenship mathematician at major university

3)  dual Egypt/American citizen engineer at National Lab


All three voted Trump

HardAssets's picture

In the 1950s there were strong black communities. Family and church based. Growing small businesses. The ratio of children born out of wedlock was lower than that for whites in America. - - And then LBJ launched his 'Great Society' programs which he said would "have those dumb n*****s voting Democrat for the next 100 years !" - - Single mothers got paid more to be on their own. Fatherless kids. Horrible schools. Drugs (CIA brought much of it in- research that for yourselves). Race baiting opportunists cashing in on egging people on. -- The ones at the top pushing the agenda that the lib-tards follow are hardcore racists. Oh, they don't like any of us 'useless eaters', but they particularly hate black people.

Bless the good black pastors who are telling people the truth and calling people out on their own responsibility for their circumstances.

Jon Rappoport mentioned a program where people were creating their own urban gardens. People get good food to eat, learn valuable skills, and develop a sense of accomplishment and pride. Some even use the experience to start their own businesses. This has been done with very minimal private money. With just the minimum of funding, such programs like this could help make very positive changes. Just don't let the grifters get in there and divert away big money. Keep things on a small, local scale operationally.

Vatican_cameo's picture


I still maintain that Fucktard LBJ has done the most damage to this country as far as a Presidency goes.  The Brown Clown may have wallowed in Stupidity, but the LBJ agenda has just made things worst over the last 50 years.

Tiwin's picture

To those with any desire to look at the fact that the CIA/Bush/Clinton cartel brought (still brings) drugs into this "dark Alliance" by Gary Webb, who was 'suicided" when he started another book about the Bush family.