Sidney Blumenthal: "Cabal Of Right-Wing FBI Agents" Took Down Hillary In A "Coup D'Etat"

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After weeks/months of the Hillary campaign bashing Trump for "irresponsibly" questioning the legitimacy of the election process, Clinton-insider, Sid Blumenthal, is apparently making the media rounds in Europe attributing her loss to a "coup d'etat" organized by "a cabal of right-wing agents of the FBI in the New York office attached to Rudy Giuliani."   

“It was the result of a cabal of right-wing agents of the FBI in the New York office attached to Rudy Giuliani, who was a member of Trump’s campaign.”


“I think it’s not unfair to call it a coup.  Yeah, a coup d’etat."



Of course, Blumenthal is well known within Clinton world for his wild conspiracy theories as John Podesta pointed out he is "lost in his own web of conspiracies."

"Sid is lost in his own web of conspiracies. I pay zero attention to what he says."

Sid Conspiracies


It would probably be pointless to highlight for Sydney that there would never have been an FBI investigation had Hillary not blatantly violated multiple federal laws for her "convenience"...details.

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Coup d’etat or not Trump is not going to audit the FED so he's not any different from the other 'Establishment' puppets.

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Dt to Fed ' what's the damage, the truth, gimme a figure '

Yellen 'we're working on it and will have a figure to the nearest 17 decimal places, just before the end of your tenure'

DT 'that soon'

Let's not kid ourselves not even kim kardashian's silicon ass cheeks can turn this shit show around with all the goodwill in the world.

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Squidbilly (not verified) me or you Nov 12, 2016 6:07 PM

you should be forced to eat hillary's pussy

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He'd probably do it voluntarily. He'd be violently vomiting after 5 seconds, and would contract a very bad cases of herpes- but it wouldn't matter. Hillary supporters are zombies. They have no capacity for rational thought. 

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Yet he offers no explaination for how this "Cabal of Right-Wing FBI Agents" did this? So what they rigged the election? No can do that's what the democrats are the experts at. Disrupted Hillary campaign rallies? No again it was the DNC that was disrupting Trump rallies. Okay ass hole just what did these FBI agaents do? This guy is fucking nuts!! What a fucking moron!! Maybe he's a.k.a. MillionDollarBonus?? Huh. Yup I think so. Sounds just like milliondollarasshole.

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Nothing a new purple velvet pantsuit, $500 million from George Soros and a generation of gullible snowflakes can't fix. 

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Libya - SB - HRC


Appropriate meme:




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sidney blumenthal - a disgusting jew - has just confirmed that the deep state and shadow government are very call the loss of the c%nt a coup d'etat is proof positive that she was the reigning dictator of the usa although she certainly reported to her jewish handlers like the rothschilds and soros.

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Before they try to regroup, there must be a cull, damn, too late Soros has dorned the purple cloak, aarg we're done for, bury your dead!

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Despite finding this laughable, if you really do believe it, Sid, you should be glad. With the FBI performing a coup, you get to live. If the people had done it themselves, you'd be swinging from a lampost.

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Hey Syd, you think your connected because you did the bidding of mossad. Your just their little bitch and of no use now. Hillary is being thrown under the bus, so where do you think that leaves you? 

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She's under the bus? Quick, open the shit tank valve!

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This is why we need a full investigation.  Charles Ortel has sufficient evidence of trust fund crimes to put away allot of shitty people and make sure that Webster Hubbles daughter never runs for congress.

It has to be made clear to the grifters and the Clinton Crime Family and their ghetto minions in crime that there is final accountability.

There is certainly other charges that are possible.

I'm glad that Comey did not indict Hillary, Obama cannot parodn her for a crime she is not convicted of or charged with.  I'm all for an independent investigation by somebody like Joe Arpaio so there is no confusion on the part of Hilllary and a discredited press that it was a coup by right wing FBI agents.

Charles Ortel and Joe Arpaio could put the Clinton Crime Family out of business and then after the perp walk, then the charges of treason and exchanging classified data for direct payments from unregistered foreign entities.


But lets lock this bitch up, lock her up, lock her up, lock her up so it is historically a FACT the crooked bitch lost the election because she was a fucking crook.

Thank god that despicable cunt is just another criminal citizen and I can speak my mind, if she was say: future POTUS i'd have to consider the mantle of the office.  but no.. that stinking ridiculous criminal cunt belongs in jail.

Nice to be able to say that because we almost lived in a nation that despite the obvious corruption the laws are written were you could not.





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Wrong. Remember Ford pardoned Nixon before Nixon was charged with anything

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The chief executive can't pardon someone for a violation of state law or nullify a civil ruling, and his power doesn't extend to convictions handed down in an impeachment proceeding.

Any of the 50 states or nations where the Clinton Crime Family committed a crime can bring charges.  Any state where funds were solicited can bring charges.

In the event you do not know it was Ortel who brought down GE (general electric) the guy is not a politician he's an accountant

The rancid criminal goes to prison

I hope Obama does do a pardon for the Clinton Crime Family, that way he is that convenient footnote in history as a lawn jockey of the Clintons.

The bitch needs to be prosecuted so we don't hear forever from the democrats BS.  The democrats are infighting so sure some will make claims trying to push the prosecution, there is certainly those democrats who would climb Hilllary's corpse up the political ladder.




honest injun's picture

Obama would have to enumerate all the crimes that she, her husband and their daughter, are pardoned for.  That would be a very long list.  So. either Obama tells the world what this crime family was doing or Trump/Congress will.

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Berspankme ia correct. Obama can and will pardon her. 

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mountain99889 (not verified) Raging Debate Nov 12, 2016 8:20 PM

Well, then unpardon her

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Shlomo Schwartzman (not verified) Nov 12, 2016 6:00 PM

Get in the fake shower, Blumenthal.

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like brexit  - many Americans dont want more muslims ... 10%

Americans are sick to death of  the NYT , Washington Post , CNN , Maher,  and the media bombarding them with biased opinions .. 10%

  many  bankrupt Canadian  chains did the same  - NP , Globe, Free Press - if you cant run your business you should report , not advise 

FBI , Wikileaks exposing HRC as a liar  re emails  .. 10%

Blacks rioting all the time .. 20%  - now the black democrats rioting ..  time to shoot a few rioters and send the rest  home 

SLIMEY OVERPAID  celebrities giving their ignorant opinions .. 10 %

Clinton Foundation fraud and corruption ... 10% 

Michael Bloomberg ...10%

A wall is WAY OVERDUE  10%

Hillarys voice - 10%

Huma and weiner boy  - disgusting ... 10%

Yappy women talk shows -  wopee ( get a makeover woman!) , and the yappy others .. 10%

DNC   - lying chairwoman giving her questions before debate .. 10%

DNC   - rigging against Bernie ...20 %

Snowden 10%   - hero spills the beans 

Bengazi... 10% 

Obama and the wife - phonies ... 10%

$22 trillion in debt  .. 10%

90 million unemployed  ....20%

70,000  factories in mid america closed .. 25%

Democrat support by Walmart , Apple ( owe $200 billion in taxes ) , and MANY MANY others 20%

HRC hiding for a month several times ...10%

HRC health issues.... 10% 

49% republicans and 49% democrats and 2% undecided morons.. 10%

fear of rigged voting machines and busiing voters ..10%

fear of her starting war with Putin...  30% 

the other 10% - too many dumb things they did to list 


just my opinion 

ciao, cheers , asta la vista 
















Who was that masked man's picture

This guy just stuck his own head so far up his own asshole, he's on the verge of disappearing.  Come on Sid, just one more inch, you can do it.

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Squidbilly (not verified) Nov 12, 2016 6:04 PM

Hey Sidney, go fuck yourself, this is the end of the jews running the country, your done for. Take a good look at the map of RED, and that's a rigged map. That means your going to be out on your asses. As far as we are all concerned, the majority of people in the USA are WHITES, not jews, blacks, hispanics, asians, etc. No more jews in banking, education, media or government. We are watching all of you jews, in fact we are watching all of the minorities. Step out of line, the man l'come, and take you away.

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Aaaannd they’re back. All the controversial, high risk Clinton supporters like Sd who the Democrats strategically kept hidden behind the curtains during Hillary’s campaign. Now, when they’ve got nothing to lose, they reappear like cockroaches.



No doubt, Sid was in line to receive a cushy post in the Clinton Administration as compensation for keeping a low profile during her campaign. No wonder he’s pissed off that she lost.




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Pleading to Europe Sid? Go and live in Germany, its going to become an awsome place to live. Or try Davos. 

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Assuming that were true, I have only one thing to say to those agents:

"Gentlemen, Thank you for your efforts to help save the republic."

If that were true, I guess it would partly make up for the slothlike activities of Eric "Place" Holder who never met a TARP'd banker he didn't hand a stay out of jail card to, or, the machinations of Loretta Lassez Faire Lynch.

BidnessMan's picture

Maybe - other than grandchildren - that was the topic of the Slick and Loretta chit chat on the runway in the private jet.  Slick's back-up plan for a pardon in case Hillary had a stroke or seizure before the election and lost.  They need a pardon for the Clinton Foundation pay for play if Hillary is not in the WH.

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Sidney, we plan to hold off until January 21 2017. Your entire pack of lying bastards will see jail time. Will collect information. File criminal activity on January 20, 2017. That includes Barry Soetoro. 

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All of this starts with Hitlery. She takes no responsibility for her own actions. She is the problem, not rogue FBI agents. The Clintons are toxic and destroy everything they touch.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

Sid actually jumps through time and that is actually an interview he gave in 2021 on his death bed from being raped by inmates.

Duc888's picture



Thank God they did, considering the pile of shit the Clinton foundation is.  Fucking ANYONE running against Shitlery would have been better than seeing that corrupt psycho in office.

CHoward's picture

Hey Sidney you dick - I wondered what the hell happened to you!! 

Bear's picture

I really hope, with the election of DJT, we can stop talking about the Clintons ... Let them retire and get $1,100 per speech 

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He's fallen for an InfoWars piece, and believes every word.

He needs a tinfoil hat.

konadog's picture

For the first time in his miserable life, Blumenthal is on the right track.

There is always a degree of corruption within any executive branch that's expected and tolerated; however, the Bush-Clinton-Obama globalist crime confederacy had taken it so far that many within the US intelligence agencies had grave concerns about a Hyena Rotten presidency. H Rotten could have incited a very bloody civil war when she tried to eviscerate the Second Amendment through executive fiat or when she allowed thousands of Wahabi Jihadists into the country. Even worse, she could have incited a nuclear war when she foolishly pushed Russia one step too far. Had H Rotten simply been a kleptomaniac and a crime boss, it would have been tolerated. The tipping point was that Hyena Rotten was delusional with power and her extremely poor judgement could have brought about the end of civilization. A few brave souls risked prison or worse (if caught) to leak enough emails to Julian Assange to sink Hyena Rotten. I generally don't agree with the actions of the alphabet soup agencies and I deeply mistrust them, but in this case I think they did the right thing.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik explains what happened here:

Sergei Glaziev comments here about humanity may have sidestepped WW3:

Russia was likely bluffing about a nuclear strike, but I wouldn't have bet the survival of humanity on it. If Hyena Rotten had kept pushing them and pushing them, Russian warhawks might have been able to successfully argue for a first strike. Thank God that didn't happen and that Trump wants to normalize relations with Russia. Now let's hope he doesn't allow the neocons and Bush-Clinton-Obama co-conspirators back into the nest.

cage123au's picture

Really needs to be a law to stop idiots like this spreading accustations. Fine, if you have the facts, then present them and go from there. Otherwise STFU.

navy62802's picture

He is an utter piece of dog shit.

skunzie's picture

It is better to keep quiet and thought an ass rather than open it and remove all doubt--Abraham Lincoln.

Pay attention sidknees.

Downtoolong's picture


He’s certain of this, because, he read it in a Russian hack of FBI servers that Donna Brazile leaked to him.


R19's picture
US Takeover May Be Near  
Steve Pieczenik
smacker's picture

OMG, another right-wing conspiracy. What's the world coming to ,,,

This one was the dirty work of those deplorable deplorables in the FBI.

theBBD's picture

If true, then I just want to say; "Thank you Cabal of Right Wing FBI Agents!"

blindman's picture

coup d'etat (n.) Look up coup d'etat at
1640s, from French coup d'étate, literally "stroke of the state" (see coup). Technically any sudden, decisive political act but popularly restricted to the overthrow of a government.

Hulk's picture

How about all 16 intelligence agencies and DR Steve Pieczenik...

Thank You !!!



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Squidbilly (not verified) Hulk Nov 12, 2016 6:47 PM

pipe dream, but it sounded good while it lasted, for about 20 minutes, same goes for his appearance on Infowars which was a bit longer. Point is it took the nation rising up and voting in mass to send a message to the crooks. They are all going to pay eventually because the more the word gets out via the internet, the worse it's going to be for them being exposed in all the corruption. Yes we needed Trump but he's one man, we are a nation. I've heard many so called specialists talk about reversing the course of TPTB and it just leaves you empty, just like he did. Again, he's one man, even though he said he was part of a group, he never detailed it. Oh yeah, he couldn't reveal them...

Hulk's picture

The intelligence communities were the source of the wikileaks. Not 100 percent sure, but pretty sure that without the wikileaks we would all be nuclear shadows in the not too distant future...

R19's picture

Not sure what news the rockets quants here are following, but Steve and Alex Jones, etc. were discussing this as it was happening.  Where does everyone think all the sources for the Wikileaks came from? Putins crack commando hack teams?

1stepcloser's picture

Get the Fuck over it .... Our peeps Fucked over your peeps

HeyThere's picture

Exposing a master criminal = "coup d'etat?"
Hillary knew she'd eventually get busted -- this is her plan to vanish....


Golden Phoenix's picture

“I think it’s not unfair to call it a coup. 

Yeah, a coup d’etat.



Hopefully old SNL references aren't entirely lost on people these days.

Berspankme's picture

Blumenthal? That name sounds jewish. A criminal