Anti-Trump Protests: Proof Of Professional Activist Involvement

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In a story from November 12, USA Today writes an article to discredit the idea that the professional activist community is involved with organizing anti-Trump protests. They invite you to meet the protesters. USA today presents them as ordinary people. However, WikiLeaks exposes them as experienced protest organizers and activists.

USA Today presents the protests as spontaneous, involving people from “all walks of life” – certainly not professional protesters. If anyone in the crowd has protest experience, it hasn’t been since the Vietnam Era:

They come in all ages and walks of life, unflinching and determined to be heard.


Mothers with young children, hoping to impart an up-close lesson in history. Animated college students stretching their political vocal cords for the first time. Aging Baby Boomers who haven't toted a protest sign since their anti-war days in the 1970s.

Ben Wikler, Washington director for the professional activist group MoveOn, is quoted – only to insist that these are not organized protests but an “enormous outpouring of spontaneous energy and concern.”

MoveOn urged Americans to gather peacefully to "take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia." Within hours, about 275 protests and vigils had been organized nationwide Wednesday, Wikler said. "There was an enormous outpouring of spontaneous energy and concern."

So should we expect that everyone quoted in that article is there out of spontaneous concern? Would a reputable newspaper properly identify its sources, noting if they were known activists and organizers? Let’s meet USA Today’s first protester:

Yong Jung Cho, 26, who organized a candlelight vigil in front of the White House on Wednesday night, said about 2,000 people showed up. "Together, we sang, we cried and we marched" to Trump's hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. "In this moment, the protests are showing the people, the country and the world that we are here for each other."

USA Today presents Yong Jung Cho without any introduction. Is she an average citizen, or an experienced protest coordinator? In a February 2016 email from the Podesta files, Yong Jung Cho is described as “350 Action Campaign Coordinator”.

On twitter, she claims credit for organizing the protest in an offhanded way that shows she does not consider herself to be a rookie:

The profile for this promising young activist at netrootsnation highlights her experience as an organizer on the protest scene and her involvement with the presidential primary at the state level:

So USA Today’s first person from “all walks of life” is an organizer who has experience on the activist circuit, and in that capacity she worked on the presidential primary. Not exactly the “spontaneous concern” presented by the newspaper.

How about another source, someone that USA Today introduces by more than just a name? Here’s Phil Roeder, a public school official with no disclosed interest except the welfare of his students:

"The majority of students at Des Moines Public Schools are students of color," Phil Roeder, the district's director of communications and public affairs, said in a statement earlier this week. "The rhetoric of this past election has caused many concerns and divisions among them, their friends and their families. The school district will not stand in the way of our students peacefully expressing their concerns."

So: Phil Roeder, concerned public servant without a partisan agenda, or veteran Democratic activist? Once again, WikiLeaks can shed some light on that question.

In the same 2014 email from the Podesta collection, we find that many of the activists in the Iowa organization had private meetings with Obama and Clinton, and that Phil Roeder was prominent in the group. It is not surprising that he would want to be quoted in an anti-Trump piece after Clinton’s defeat, but it would be surprising for an honest newspaper to fail to disclose that connection to the readers.

Phil Roeder is well-enough connected in Democratic circles that he merits more than one mention in WikiLeaks. In May 2015 in the Podesta emails – some years after Roeder became a prominent political organizer in Iowa – we find a Hillary Rapid Response document on Iowa, in an attachment for Iowa flagged “Do Not Distribute”, including this press clipping:

So the Iowa Daily Democrat recognizes Phil Roeder as a Democratic strategist, but somehow USA Today didn’t.

USA Today cites an academic who reassures us that these are not professionally organized protests:

The demonstrations have not been "premeditated,"  said Kari Winter, a University at Buffalo professor of American studies who has researched protest movements.

If the demonstrations aren’t premeditated, then why are all these average citizens actually well-connected activists and protest organizers? USA Today has misrepresented its sources in a way that falsifies their own narrative that the closest we have to protesters are old-timers who “haven’t toted a protest sign since their anti-war days in the 1970s”. USA Today has instead helped demonstrate that the professional protest community is in fact behind the current political protests.

Though seen as a reputable newspaper (if biased, recall its editorial board declared "Trump is 'unfit for the presidency') USA Today should have identified at least some of its sources accurately. Is the quoted academic Kari Winter “professor of American studies”? That’s not quite how her employer describes her.

USA Today may not have accurately introduced anyone quoted in that article other than a high school student and the MoveOn activist.

There is one more WikiLeaks connection for this article: USA Today appears in the WikiLeaks, and not always in a capacity different from the activists. In this leaked email, the DNC schedule for an upcoming “earned media” campaign shows complete confidence that the editorial board of USA Today and other organizations will coordinate their schedules and their editorial priorities to suit the DNC.

The DNC treats reporters, newspapers, activist groups and PACs as all part of the campaign. The DNC draws no distinction between key allies and reporters. This USA Today story shows that the DNC is probably right about that.

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I'm sure it was, but this fuck needs to be stopped. He's literally a fucking terrorist.

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Exactly, just like the Bitch Hillary wanted to hold firearms manufacturers responsible when someone used them to comit a crime.

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Deep State, International Socialism, Saudis et al

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These protests will all blow over in a few weeks, especially as the weather gets worse.  Just let the idiots vent and shoot their wads.  The only ones to profit will be the non-political outsiders (thieves) who join in and steal shoes and tvs and other crap.  Black Lives Matter and Occupy are just a couple of protest fads that have faded away.

dark fiber's picture

This is a very dangerous assessment of the situation.  If this drags for long they will become a permanent pain in the ass.

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In 2 weeks the riots move into nice warm Walmarts for Black Friday.

Or is that raaacist now? Hard to keep up.

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This is the Otpor playbook, chapter 10.

Twatter's picture

How about deploying some water cannon trucks and attack dogs. Where are all the resources We paid for to deal with these fleabags.

Big Corked Boots's picture

0bama uses those assets on "us," not "them."

Let's hope for payback after January Twentieth.

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the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Nov 13, 2016 1:44 PM


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Let them protest! They are helping Trump and don't realize it. They are also protesting in Democrat States. If they want to shit in and burn their Nest, let them.

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And don't forget all the craigslist ads for paid "activists".


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This is what city based deplorables ought to be doing with their free time---take Soros's money and don't show up to the protest, or walk away, or whatever. But play their game, tie up their resources by getting them to make fake hires. O'Keefe needs to get on this and fill their ranks with his people.

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It looks like these ass holes are in for the long game, The following is from the craigslist add.


Our Paid-Training Program is the best around. We will teach you the skills you need to succeed. The combined experience of our management team is over 50 years.

At Washington CAN! you will work at our Home Office here in Seattle. You will regularly meet with our Organizers and Directors, and have a real sense of being involved in our work.

We provide benefits in Medical, Dental, Vision, 401(k), Paid Vacation, Paid Sick Days, Holidays, and Leave of Absence. Advancement and Travel Opportunities are available as well. Staff average pay is $15-20 an hour.

For Full Time Positions, please call 206-805-6686 and ask for Sol. If you do not reach Sol, please leave a message with your name, number, and a good time to reach you.

For Part Time Positions, please call 206-805-6678. Please leave a message if you do not reach him.

Students, women, and minorities are urged to apply.

francis_the_wonder_hamster's picture

Or better yet, let's get the addresses that match Sol's phone number and send over a few hundred pizzas, cash on delivery.

overbet's picture

Is there a way to DDOS a phone line?

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The word must be getting out: my friend clear over in Italy has also learned and seen these Craigslist ads.

Too bad, so sad, Soros.

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Would be nice if we crowd funded an assassin to take out Soros, that ad would get his attention. I don't see why that would be much different than Soro's paying hundreds of people to attack Trump supporters except of course he would be dead. Bu that death would be a bonus for mankind and actually improve the overall climate in the US. What a complete asshole that guy must be.

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Saul Alinsky's shade is smiling while his disciples follow his playbook.

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professional protesters should either find a new hobby with their free time or simply die. Talk about useless human beings.

This is especially true for that first Asian bitch. Seems like her entire purpose in life is to be a shit disturber and prove she should have been aborted. 

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They even had protesters in front of the Trump tower yesterday some were holding Trump is a sexist and some were hold up "Rape Melania" signs

 Ive said 1000 times, you can't even begin to converse with these idiots. You would not know where to begin.

Latitude25's picture

If they're paid, why even bother trying?

cowdiddly's picture

Well I know where I would start the conversation when they start that kind of shit with the First Lady in front of her house.

With about 1699 Irish beat cops with billy clubs upside the head and an armored car smashing through the front doors of the Move-on organization.

I guess thats why Im not Mayor of New York huh. Ha.

In a  way its great. If these dumbasses kept it up, they will literally hand us the 2020 and 2024 elections on a silver platter. At this rate people will come out and vote conservative for the next 50 freaking years. They are not making any new friends or converts at this point. KEEP GOING MORONS burn your libtard cities to the ground.

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 Yo oathkeepers!  lol. When is payday?

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everyfuckin´ thing we have been told was a lie.





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Here is more:


Answer et.el. were also at the California Trump Rally where the shit hit the fan.


You also have 2 other pricks, Bill McKibben of 350 org and that useless cunt, Van Jones who both co-opted the occupy movement and spend their time causing serious problem everywhere. 

Lumberjack's picture To:  Date: 2015-03-20 20:19 Subject: Larry Tribe

Can you get your pall McKibben to organize Harvard student protests against him. I'm all for academic freedom when it's not bought and paid for by Peabody Coal.
Golden Showers's picture

I love the little line under your 1040 form signature line that asks your profession / occupation.

I wonder if people will declare that they are "professional activists" when they kickback some of the Schwartz's filthy lucre?

But then, I guess they'll just do what they're told and think as they're told. It's gotta be hard work. Especially for those MSM employees and History Professors and Archaeologists and Anthropologists and Economists and Mathematicians and Philosophers and Physicists and dumb assholes everywhere.

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The left is playing with fire and they might get burned.

Rufus_Shinra's picture

Corrupt media covering for DNC and Sorts again...Trump needs to drain this swamp as well...

Who was that masked man's picture

Guess what snowflakes, if Trump is "not your President" then, THIS is NOT your country.

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I suppose they will stop organizing protests once they stop getting paid. Very little momentum anyway since they don't even have a clear objective (force Electoral College hand? Reform EC, influence/pressure DJT, ask for free shit?) no one has a clue what these folks even want..... dumb shit for sure

niemand's picture

muahahaha...your nickname made my day..muahahaha

fuck the €UdSSR

HermanVanCuckold's picture

I suppose they will stop organizing protests once they stop getting paid. Very little momentum anyway since they don't even have a clear objective (force Electoral College hand? Reform EC, influence/pressure DJT, ask for free shit?) no one has a clue what these folks even want..... dumb shit for sure

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Avoid ticking Priuses.  And Anti-Trump folk using flip-phones.

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The leftist of the 70' were paid clandestinely by the russkies. So, now it is the anti-semitic soros, a serial liar and warmonger. Wish the russkie had got him in Budapest. His day will come when he is dead and gone to the 7th level of hell with his crony progs. 

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Trump and the the United states attorney needs to go after the ones inciting violence, like George Soros and seize his assets.

Vuke's picture

Yes.  I'm no lawyer but it appears this organized activity is very close to the definition of "sedition".





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Their name alone smacks of irony. "" Perhaps they should actually do what their own name says? I propose at this point they should be declared a terrorist organization and disbanded. Start arresting everyone who is violent, or identifies with them. Enough is enough. We all know who's getting the bill for all the broken shit.

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Fathead Slim (not verified) devnickle Nov 13, 2016 5:47 PM

That organization, "move-on": was formed to defend Clinton against all the criticism being leveled at him for his crimes. Their activists online would say something like? "So what if he did fuck his granny in the butt? That's in the past. Let's move on"

I remember them from the latter years of the Clinton co-presidency. They are, very likely now involved in espionage as well as being provocateurs. Soros has been funding them for years.

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Another community organizer. Now we know why 0bama is silent.

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That newspaper is nothing more than a free propaganda rag at hotels, only good for picking up dog shit.

Somehow I imagine that if the tables were turned, the allegedly peace loving special snowflakes would have us in prison by now for sedition, hate crime, etc... 

Country is FUBAR, I wish Trump the best of luck and hopefully he can shovel some of the beltway bullshit into an incinerator.


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President Trump - "How and Why"  by Jonathan Pie

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I'm eagerly waiting to see the result when they try to get violent with the wrong person.  Maybe they should try protesting in a rural red area of the map?


Let's get rolling.

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I find most of it (which I read entirely) just perfect. I'm sorry I'm kind of pesimistic though.

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How can rioting in downtown Portland be good for the State of Oregon which is already $1.5 BILLION in debt.

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But I thought the media was "soul" searching and becoming objective and accurate?

I guess the fuck not.

Oh yeah, fuck you USA Today.