Anti-Trump Protests: Proof Of Professional Activist Involvement

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In a story from November 12, USA Today writes an article to discredit the idea that the professional activist community is involved with organizing anti-Trump protests. They invite you to meet the protesters. USA today presents them as ordinary people. However, WikiLeaks exposes them as experienced protest organizers and activists.

USA Today presents the protests as spontaneous, involving people from “all walks of life” – certainly not professional protesters. If anyone in the crowd has protest experience, it hasn’t been since the Vietnam Era:

They come in all ages and walks of life, unflinching and determined to be heard.


Mothers with young children, hoping to impart an up-close lesson in history. Animated college students stretching their political vocal cords for the first time. Aging Baby Boomers who haven't toted a protest sign since their anti-war days in the 1970s.

Ben Wikler, Washington director for the professional activist group MoveOn, is quoted – only to insist that these are not organized protests but an “enormous outpouring of spontaneous energy and concern.”

MoveOn urged Americans to gather peacefully to "take a continued stand against misogyny, racism, Islamophobia and xenophobia." Within hours, about 275 protests and vigils had been organized nationwide Wednesday, Wikler said. "There was an enormous outpouring of spontaneous energy and concern."

So should we expect that everyone quoted in that article is there out of spontaneous concern? Would a reputable newspaper properly identify its sources, noting if they were known activists and organizers? Let’s meet USA Today’s first protester:

Yong Jung Cho, 26, who organized a candlelight vigil in front of the White House on Wednesday night, said about 2,000 people showed up. "Together, we sang, we cried and we marched" to Trump's hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. "In this moment, the protests are showing the people, the country and the world that we are here for each other."

USA Today presents Yong Jung Cho without any introduction. Is she an average citizen, or an experienced protest coordinator? In a February 2016 email from the Podesta files, Yong Jung Cho is described as “350 Action Campaign Coordinator”.

On twitter, she claims credit for organizing the protest in an offhanded way that shows she does not consider herself to be a rookie:

The profile for this promising young activist at netrootsnation highlights her experience as an organizer on the protest scene and her involvement with the presidential primary at the state level:

So USA Today’s first person from “all walks of life” is an organizer who has experience on the activist circuit, and in that capacity she worked on the presidential primary. Not exactly the “spontaneous concern” presented by the newspaper.

How about another source, someone that USA Today introduces by more than just a name? Here’s Phil Roeder, a public school official with no disclosed interest except the welfare of his students:

"The majority of students at Des Moines Public Schools are students of color," Phil Roeder, the district's director of communications and public affairs, said in a statement earlier this week. "The rhetoric of this past election has caused many concerns and divisions among them, their friends and their families. The school district will not stand in the way of our students peacefully expressing their concerns."

So: Phil Roeder, concerned public servant without a partisan agenda, or veteran Democratic activist? Once again, WikiLeaks can shed some light on that question.

In the same 2014 email from the Podesta collection, we find that many of the activists in the Iowa organization had private meetings with Obama and Clinton, and that Phil Roeder was prominent in the group. It is not surprising that he would want to be quoted in an anti-Trump piece after Clinton’s defeat, but it would be surprising for an honest newspaper to fail to disclose that connection to the readers.

Phil Roeder is well-enough connected in Democratic circles that he merits more than one mention in WikiLeaks. In May 2015 in the Podesta emails – some years after Roeder became a prominent political organizer in Iowa – we find a Hillary Rapid Response document on Iowa, in an attachment for Iowa flagged “Do Not Distribute”, including this press clipping:

So the Iowa Daily Democrat recognizes Phil Roeder as a Democratic strategist, but somehow USA Today didn’t.

USA Today cites an academic who reassures us that these are not professionally organized protests:

The demonstrations have not been "premeditated,"  said Kari Winter, a University at Buffalo professor of American studies who has researched protest movements.

If the demonstrations aren’t premeditated, then why are all these average citizens actually well-connected activists and protest organizers? USA Today has misrepresented its sources in a way that falsifies their own narrative that the closest we have to protesters are old-timers who “haven’t toted a protest sign since their anti-war days in the 1970s”. USA Today has instead helped demonstrate that the professional protest community is in fact behind the current political protests.

Though seen as a reputable newspaper (if biased, recall its editorial board declared "Trump is 'unfit for the presidency') USA Today should have identified at least some of its sources accurately. Is the quoted academic Kari Winter “professor of American studies”? That’s not quite how her employer describes her.

USA Today may not have accurately introduced anyone quoted in that article other than a high school student and the MoveOn activist.

There is one more WikiLeaks connection for this article: USA Today appears in the WikiLeaks, and not always in a capacity different from the activists. In this leaked email, the DNC schedule for an upcoming “earned media” campaign shows complete confidence that the editorial board of USA Today and other organizations will coordinate their schedules and their editorial priorities to suit the DNC.

The DNC treats reporters, newspapers, activist groups and PACs as all part of the campaign. The DNC draws no distinction between key allies and reporters. This USA Today story shows that the DNC is probably right about that.

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Hapa's picture

USA promoting hate today on their front page(Sat). Picture of sign with swastika and white supremacy words, saying this is in reaction to Trump victory. They will stop at nothing to demonize Trump and create a climate of fear. Is it working?

StreetObserver's picture

I hope that "demonstrators" don't trash their newsracks whereever they are.

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Friggin Soros. Scarey mo fo, for those that read.

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I hope AG Gowdy drags his ass to the US for trial

Chet Ricco's picture

Yong jung Cho's mommy and daddy should have been more attentive on what their daughter was being taught. (in public school no doubt.)

Bernardo Gui's picture

Same Commie front groups and agitators as always.

all-priced-in's picture

It was just pure luck that a bunch of the folks - that all of a sudden decided to take to the streets and protest were bus drivers - otherwise the other protesters would have had to rely on Uber! 

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Soros is a mortal last time I heard. Investigate him, bust him, take him down. He should be losing his air cover very soon. Start a cascade of lawsuits. 

LOL123's picture

Freeze his accounts ( clinton foundation first)for terroist activiy in a foreign government.

RightLineBacker's picture

A couple of GBU-43/B (MOAB)s released on some of the more violent anti-Trump mobs would quickly stop all the protests and rid the world of several of Soros paid professional domestic terrorists.
Followed with a public notice that the next one has Soros's name on it might just do wonders for a more peaceful world.
It would also be a much needed wake-up call for the snowflakes to realize what is and is not something to be worried about.
Kind of one of those win-win-win solutions.
Perhaps a bit severe, but I can dream...

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They say that depression is rage turned inward. Go with that my prog friends.

robertocarlos's picture

I just want to tell you that Trump is not my President.

LOL123's picture

Trump es mi Presidente!

Trump ist meine President!

Trump is my President!

Anyway you look at it ... Trump is President.

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) robertocarlos Nov 13, 2016 8:16 PM

That's OK. Your president lost and is going to prison.

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"..the nazi MOVEMENT ..had two faces ( didn't Hitlery say she had two faces.. Public and private) the street radicals and the establishment radicals. In Germany the two groups worked in tandem TO WEAKEN MIDDLE CLASS RESISTANCE to the Nazs' AGENDA." -liberal fascism by Jonah Goldberg.... Great read, you will NEVER be fooled again!!!!!

thebigunit's picture

How can you be so sure?

Great read, you will NEVER be fooled again!!!!!

I'm fooled very often, and quite easily.

johnwburns's picture

So what's the career path for the paid "activist" role? What goes on your resume? Your strengths, your weaknesses? What's your goal, senior agitator, community organizer, disability bum? 

johnwburns's picture

So what's the career path for the paid "activist" role? What goes on your resume? Your strengths, your weaknesses? What's your goal, senior agitator, community organizer, disability bum? 

gdpetti's picture

According to their Craigslist ad, they're paying #35/hr... pretty good for most of the students and unemployed in the area... maybe more than enough if they want to go to Hillary's friends pizza parlor, Comet Ping Pong:

dunce's picture

USA Today is part of the advance riot planning. News coverage is needed and provided, they may even show up before the paid rioters.

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I live just outside of a fairly big, about the size of Chattanooga. Our local "news"paper ran an article yesterday about our local protest. It was PATHETIC!

The pictures showed nearly 2 dozen angry liberals holding up looked JUST like one of Hillary's rallies before her embarrassingly complete and utter defeat!


SilvaDolla's picture

I'm guessing that exactly ZERO of the 17-19 jobless douchebags could even tell you what a "No-Flyzone" is.

dogismycopilot's picture

Trump is still only a Citizen. He has not been sworn in. He is at his most vulnerable right now and Soros/Clinton/Obama know this. 

We will see organized protests up to and on the day of Innaguration. The cost of 70 days of protesting is a rounding error to Soros.

Trump supporters: stop, take a few hours, and lay out a 90 day game plan. Prepare, train, network, get healthy, get ready. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. 

In the meantime, do NOT engage with any violent HRC supporters. Not yet at least. Wait til he is POTUS.

Timing is everything right now.



StreetObserver's picture

You can help President Trump by witholding all your discretionary spending until next February. Spend your money in the Trump administration, not the tail end of the Obama.

Educate and inform others about the perilous state of the current economy so that if  the bubble pops, they won't blame President Trump.

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We have them i Europe too. They are organized liberals who are called upon every time the establishment need them. Media will make sure their presence in the streets are fully covered and even if there are just a few thousand of them, the media will present  them as it should  be a huge national  riot.  If the police wants it gone, they should arrest Soros who have organized and paid for it all, if not we should just ignore them completely and let them protest to they drop.   

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The new administration should take note of who these people and organizations are and have the new justice department prosecute them under the RICO laws.

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......Ben Wikler, Washington director for the professional activist group MoveOn.........

another jew zionazi.

they never learn a lesson.

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 Bunch of Liberal tick-turds ! They all belong in jail !

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USA_TODAY  is providing cover for the underlying conspiracy.  full of bold faced lies. what next?

(after Soros gets his revolution here that he's been instigating and financing, they will change the name of the paper)


onmail1's picture

The zooish

money lords want their money back

They prob'ly create civil war like situation

promting theirUnHolinessObamma to declare emergency

to stop Trump from taking oath 

and to allow CabalA$$LickerObamma to continue 

forever & ever

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She lied..water is wet, the sky is blue....LIBERALS LIE...