Why Some "Flyover States" Switched To Trump

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Submitted by Ryan McMaken via The Mises Institute,

In recent articles and interviews, David Stockman has noted the divergence between economic indicators in large coastal urban centers, and those in the so-called Flyover States. The "flyover zone" constitutes those parts of the country outside the handful of major cities that benefit directly from the Fed's easy money policies and the ongoing financialization of the economy at the expense of ordinary "main street" industries. 

But just how big is this difference? Looking at median incomes can help expose some of the divergence. 

In the past, we have looked at median incomes in the United States overall and found that, by several different measures, that median incomes (both household and individual) are declining in the United States

But what about growth when measured on a state-by-state basis

When we do this, we do find some very real regional trends, not surprisingly. In the US overall, median houshold income fell 2.2 percent from 2000 to 2015. Meanwhile, while household incomes have been either flat or growing throughout most of the Northeast and the West Coast since 2000, it has been a very different story in the Deep South and the industrial Midwest. Measured for the period from 2000 to 2015:

Outside the wealthy coastal areas, states with oil and gas wealth — at least as of 2015 — continued to see substantial gains in many cases. North Dakota, Texas, Wyoming, Louisiana, and even Arkansas, have noticeably benefited from the resource-extraction economy. 

Not surprisingly, the largest amount of income growth is found in Washington, DC with an increase of 23.5 percent from 2000 to 2015. Over the same period, oil-booming North Dakota came in a distant second place at 15.9 percent. Growth has been more ordinary in the Northeast, although solidly in the positive column, with gains of 5.5 percent in Massachusetts, 4 percent in Pennsylvania, and 5.6 percent in Connecticut. 

Other parts of the country fared less well. Nevada has still not recovered from the blow inflicted upon it by the housing bust and the turn away from low-skill service jobs in that region. Their median income fell 17.4 percent from 2000 to 2015. Mississippi, Kentucky, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin all show median income declines of more than ten percent during the period. 

Of course, none of this matters for a media and investors who only pay attention to data in the form of huge national aggregates. After all, the national data shows the economy is growing. So everything must be fine. 

For millions of people outside the coastal cities where powerful investors and media figures live, however, things are not fine. 

Indeed, no one should be surprised that on election day, it was voters from Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin — states that have favored Democrats in recent presidential elections — handed Donald Trump his victory. Even Minnesota, which reliably votes for Democratic presidents, was shockingly close, with Clinton winning by a less-than-two-percent margin. 

It remains to be seen if Trump will do anything to rein in the Fed and ease the ferocity of the wealth transfer from ordinary working class households to wealthy Wall Street investors. In any case, the past 15 years have been something of a lost "decade" for many in the flyover states.

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All you Progressives  Listen, I got a cause for you.


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They may gloss over the 'voluntary' part, and aim that thing at us!

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Sorry, but many states didn't 'switch' top trump in the traditional sense. He only got the same amount of votes as romney in places like Michigan and several others. The different is, clinton got a lot less votes than obama. What does that mean? Not as many black people in inner city shitholes bothered to show up to vote for clinton as they did obama. Lesson to be learned? next time have a black nominee, or at least make sure the next dem nominee picks a black VP, which they will, probably corey booker. All the dindu nuffins won't bother to show up unless there is what they think is one of their own on the ticket. Lesson learned.


Not trying to be a pessimist, just pointing this out. Trump didn't win so much because he 'turned blue states red' but because a lot of blacks, which many of you may have noticed are a lot more racist than any other race, won't show up these days unless there is one of their own on the ticket.

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He won.

Schlonged it, actually.

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45% of electorate dindu nuffin...must be all those voter ID laws...

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Bill Burr on Post Election 2016 - Full Interview

Hits it on the head. 

He even talks about Clinton - Bilderbergs.  Flyover states.  Racism. 

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Here's a Vid of a couple douche bags that are great examples of why we voted Trump.

Eric Holder and Bill Maher discuss abolition of Electoral College...

Sorry that I can't give out Barf-Bags with the link...


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Hate spam - but the David Wilcox article (Chicago carjack) got pushed back to the 2nd page, here's the GoFundMe link:



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Thanks for the link, just donated $50 anonymously.

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Holder is another Vile piece of Garbage that should be in Prison.  Let's hope the Statute of Limitations doesn't run out before the Justice Dept. gets to him.  I'd put him in front of the Firing Squad just on principle.  Does this Boot-lipped knuckle-dragger think he'll have any clout when the Brown Clown leaves the White House?  He truly is dumber than he looks (if that's at all possible).

MisterMousePotato's picture

Is it really necessary to convict him first? Didn't William Munny say something about some men just needing killing?

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Crony Clinton only won 18 states I think it was, so now I'm doubling over literally laughing my ass off at them getting 34 states to go along.

Not to mention, they've been so consumed with dictatorial power emanating from DC, the constitutionalists have been quietly increasing their grasp at the state level, which is the way it was meant to be ;-)

boattrash's picture

"Not to mention, they've been so consumed with dictatorial power emanating from DC, the constitutionalists have been quietly increasing their grasp at the state level, which is the way it was meant to be ;-)"

+100 I could not agree more, and that is one of the things I look Fwd to, as hopefully the Trump administration will shrink the redundant role of MANY federal agencies and return them to the states as per design.

NoPension's picture

What a great way to show your love for the planet.

Brought a tear to my eye, knuckles. There is no doubt in my mind that that could be a movement that would take off. No doubt.

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Cities have no upside, nothing to offer, and create nothing of value. Devoid of industry adding some/any value, they have become gangrenous cesspools of deviant behavior and moral, as well as mental, perversion. They are a weight and a drain on agricultural areas that raise animals and grow crops. To wit, producers.

To Hell with the cities and all of the freeloading slugs that infest them.

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They have Starbucks.

And diversity.

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The rural areas suffered miserably under Reagan, many have jumped on the easy money train. The farmers have done great in the last 10 years, cattlemen are having bad prices now, down 50%, Those fucking cities are exactly as you described them.  I worked as a field adjuster for 34 years, spent lots of time in the ghetto, yppievilles, if you asked them the definition of what "moral turpitude" was, they would think you were asking them the lengths of their dicks! The yuppievilles were the worst!

nmewn's picture

And in the words of Colon McGregor...

"I would like to apologize. For absolutely nothing." ;-)

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Our household income went up this year. After three years of looking, I found a job. At about 1/2 the salary of my previous job.

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Michigan was flipped by Ted Nugent himself



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In the old days, the Easterners used to joke that Phoenix was a suburb of Philadelphia.

"Useful idiots," as Saul Alinksky would have said.

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D.J. Trump, you just GOTTA get David Stockman on your team of Best & Brightest!  Was Reagan's Budget Director.

Smart, experienced, competent, proven. Not a debt or war monger. A Libertarian, of the Austrian school of economics.

MisterMousePotato's picture

I, too, approve of David Stockman's thinking on most things these days. The problem is that he made a number of really bad calls when he was advising Ronald Regan.

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What happened to million dollar buns on pay from DNC? Have they run out of funds for his despicable existence?

radbug's picture

If Trump doesn't try to appease the Coastals, they'll hate him & if he does try to appease them, they'll despise him. Stay on point, Donald, the Flyover people are your only friends. Look after them, Donald, treat them well, if you wanna see a second term.

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Ease up, anything is better than a golfing terrorist

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or Madam Oligarch in Chief. 

Google "prison labor+USA" - nice economic growth.

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Why ? Because Fuck YOU that's why

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Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) Nov 13, 2016 8:29 PM

Stopped reading when I saw (((Mises Institute))).

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Why Some "Flyover States" Switched To Trump

Why? Because...cunt...

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2/3 of state legislatures are repub and most people vote straight party ticket.  So why are the repubs just a wee bit better than 50/50 in the house and senate????  Do the Soros machines have anything to do with this???

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I see a problem with the theory that the states with declining income has elected Trump:  Delaware, Nevada, Hawaii, Virginia, Rhode Island, California, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey and Maryland all had declining income but all voted for Hillary.  Most of the states that had increasing income went for Trump.  Am I missing something?