Devastated Left Calls For An End To The Electoral College

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The disaffected left is increasingly lashing out at the foundation of American democracy by calling for the electoral college system to be abolished.  Over the weekend we noted that Michael Moore had seemingly lost his mind after visiting Trump Tower and leaving a note for the President-elect which read: "You lost. Step aside." 


Moore also tweeted out a "to-do" list for democrats which included a suggestion to "abolish the electoral college and electronic voting."


But calls to abolish the electoral college system aren't just coming from the far-leftists like Moore.  As Politico pointed out, failed 1988 presidential candidate Michael Dukakis, is also calling for the system to be scrapped saying it "should have been abolished 150 years ago."  As a side note, Dukakis lost both the electoral college and popular vote in a landslide victory for George H.W. Bush in 1988.

“Hillary won this election, and when the votes are all counted, by what will likely be more than a million votes. So how come she isn’t going to the White House in January? Because of an anachronistic Electoral College system which should have been abolished 150 years ago,” he wrote Sunday in an email to POLITICO.


"That should be at the top of the Democratic priority list while we wait to see what a Trump administration has in store for us. So far, all we know is that dozens of lobbyists are all over the Trump transition — a strange way to drain the swamp."

Meanwhile, Hillary has also called for an end to the electoral college in the past:

“I believe strongly that in democracy we should respect the will of the people, and to me that means it’s time to do away with the Electoral College and move to the popular election of our president,” she said at the time, shortly after her own election to the Senate. “I hope no one is ever in doubt again about whether their vote counts."

Of course, with a 2016 electoral college map that looks like the one below, it's no wonder that Democrats would want to abolish a system that provides influence to people outside the major metropolitan areas of the Northeast and West Coast.

EC Map


But despite what the disaffected left now says about the "outdated" electoral college system, there was and still is solid reasoning behind it's existence.  The power of the individual states weighed very heavily on the founding fathers who created the electoral college system specifically to avoid the mass centralization of power in high population density areas.  And, while we certainly understand why the left would look to now discredit such a system, the fact is that there would be no United States of America without it as smaller states simply never would have opted in to the union. 

Pop Map


Per the map above, absent the electoral college system, presidential elections would be almost entirely determined by a handful of cities including New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.  And while the left would prefer to ignore the opinions of those in the "fly-over" states, we would suggest that their representation in the electoral college is a vital underpinning of American democracy...without such representation we're not sure why the fly-over states would choose to remain a part of a union where they had no say.

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90's Child's picture

They'll keep crying until they can just select their president.

Serfs up bitchez.

TeamDepends's picture

Sorry snowflakes, you lost the EC AND the popular vote. Get used to it!

WestVillageIdiot's picture

This is like a football team losing and then crying like little bitches that "field goals should have counted as 5 points.  Field goals should have counted as 5 points."  As if the rules weren't the same for both sides.

Michael Moore is just proving that he is the biggest little bitch in the world of liberal fascism. 

The Merovingian's picture

NEVER going to happen, as it would take an amendment to the constitution requiring 2/3 of the states AND the same majority in both chambers of congress. The 'fly-over states' will NEVER go for it. So, this is just mental masterbation.

NoDebt's picture

Maybe the World Series should be decided by which team scored the most runs in 7 games instead of who won the games, too.  

Or we can all play Quidditch to decided it.  Or ask Dumbledor who the next president should be.  And if he says Trump we'll go with whatever Voldemort says.  And if that doesn't work we'll decide by painting horses purple and having a contest which one looks most like a unicorn.  

We can scratch out what's written in the Constitution and put all that bullshit in real quick, right?


TeamDepends's picture

Yahtzee. Yahtzee winner take all, it's the only way to be sure.

NoDebt's picture

In the end, the Ds want a system where only Ds can vote.  This half-assed eclectoral college vs. popular vote thing will survive only as long as it serves their immediate desires.  Mock me at your peril.


Stuck on Zero's picture

The Left didn't go into the election demanding the abolishment of the electoral college.

Occident Mortal's picture

Voters actually have more power when they are grouped together in blocks.


When a 2% swing can swing 100% of the block then it amplifies the value of your vote by 50 fold.


When you have the popular vote then all voters are equally powerless.

JamesBond's picture

And with 15 million illegals voting, why not?



PrayingMantis's picture


... "devastated"? ... RETARDED snowflakes ... all of them ... no exceptions ... here's proof >>>

Manthong's picture

The state map above is the map the MSM is using to dilute how massive the victory was.

Take a gander at this one, which is by county…



tmosley's picture

Shit yeah, let's get rid of it! There are a lot more conservatives in blue states than there are liberals in red states. No place for the scum to hide in the country. No gay nightclubs where they can give each other AIDS. No pretentious "art" galleries where they can paint with menstrual blood. Just farms, and small cities. They'll take places like Austin and Dallas, but in exchange we get upstate New York, The Inland Empire, etc. All the places overwhelmed by one of their nearby cities.

It's not who gets the most runs, its who wins the most games. If you make it just one big game, then advantages will be pressed where they appear rather than accepting a given state as "won".

webmatex's picture

Yeah i remember them - "Get of the stage you fat Fuck"!

A classic clip from a classic, chaotic election.

What a TYT.

devnickle's picture

Exaaaactly. They forgot about that part. Thanks Mr. President for letting Guatemala have a say in our Constitutionally provided privilege. It's great to be a CITIZEN isn't it?

SeattleBruce's picture

Right.  it's all they have left.  Does it matter to them that Hillary will most likely be in prison in a year, let alone the White House?

Grasping.  At.  Straws.

TeamDepends's picture

Okay, OKAY! Sheesh. Rs are handed a ballot, but it is on fire. As they race around trying to find a drop box a booming, sinister D bullhorn voice says, "Your ballot is coated with anthrax". Surely, this is fair and balanced?

Déjà view's picture

Real simple...all they must do is figure out a way to motivate 45% of dindu nuffins...

SWING STATES aside...Arizona (+4%) Texas (+9%) had lowest Republican margin of victory...slowly turning purple. Another 3-4 election cycles and they turn blue.

SeattleBruce's picture

Not so fast....if we and Trump really deal with voter fraud.  But yeah, the libtards are invading those states.

anonnn's picture

FYI-- where did "electoral college " come from?

The Constitution only mentions "electors".

There was a reference many years later of the "college of electors" meaning the group or association [college] as a whole, of electors having in common common the duty of voting for President;  no connection to an institution of higher education.

Still later, it was shortened to "electoral college".

Its purpose is to prevent domination by a/some large group[s], such as a small number of large cities or other factions.

Originally, it was used as a device to prevent domination of low-population slave-states by the larger-population northern free-states. Thus the other device of slaves being legally 3/5ths of a person in the census used to count persons and apportion Representatives to Congress.

Virginia was the most populous slave-state and had the most slaves. So it is no wonder Virginia furnishes the first 8 or 9 [?]  Presidents.


Dormouse's picture

We can end the Electoral College—next election—if we require voter ID and restrict filthy, disease-ridden illegal aliens from further exploiting our hospitality by stealing votes.

WarPony's picture

College graduate, land owners only because you are too stupid to know what you're doing and you really don't have a dog in the fight.  I know, it's rays ist.

ForTheWorld's picture

This assumes college graduates know what they're doing - in most cases, they don't.

not dead yet's picture

So what you are saying is that you want the totally ignorant snowflakes who have been indoctrinated their whole time in college to elect the president. Unless your comment is sarcasm you are deluded to think a college degree means one is competent and smart. Ask employers about those totally useless slugs with no work ethic other than doing emails and Facebooking on the job and can't make a decision to save their souls that have come out of college in the last decade or 2. Just look at all your "educated" people in the streets marching against democracy and not being smart enough to know it or smart enough to do their research to know most of the bad things about Trump were exaggerations manufactured by the Clinton crew and the Dems to keep anyone from looking too closely at Hillary and her dirty deeds. Nothing but good little mindless tools doing what they are told and led around by activists who could care less about them except for their presence in the street carrying signs. They are no better than the Hitler youth who were taken from their parents and indoctrinated to be good little Nazi's. Unlike the Hitler youth these American kids have a choice and chose the easy way out instead of doing the hard work of examining their candidates. Kind of hard to do locked into their safe spaces so as to not reality intrude. Notice a great many of the youth loved Bernie because of the freebies he was handing out and not being smart enough to ask where he was going to get the money. Other than that Bernie was just an empty suit yet if given a fair chance could have beat Hillary.


If having a college degree made one smart and rational Hillary, Bernie, and the Donald would have been gone from the race before it began. The best of the crew seemed to be the Jebster but in my opinion he ran one of the worst campaigns in history because he did not want to be president.

drendebe10's picture

Only US citizens who pay taxes can vote.

Secede Or Die's picture

Dumbass! There are hundreds of thousands of intelligent people like me that have withdrawn from the voluntary tax system. Ignorant cowards are still participating and supporting this theft of the wealth of the uS.

StychoKiller's picture

What, you ain't gonna anything about dead people voting?

SeattleBruce's picture

Right, they'll never agree to such logic.  Only would agree to count massive votes for the D party, regardless of legality.  And they think we're idiots, and will be shamed into agreeing with this just like they tried to mock and shame us into not voting for Trump.

perikleous's picture

Clearly we cannot rely on a throw of the dice, Clinton team "fixed" that before!

Would we be in this position had Clinton won the Electoral College and Trump the Popular vote? 

SeattleBruce's picture

No, we won't be the ones challenging the Constitution at every turn.  As it stands now, and as one response to those challenging the Trump victory, .there are millions of absentee ballots that weren't counted in states with large victory margins.  And I've heard those fall 2 to 1 for Rs, but correct me if I'm wrong.  if that stat is true then all Trump needed would be about 3 million of those counted, and he'd have the popular vote also.

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) NoDebt Nov 15, 2016 4:46 AM

Crying and throwing themself on the ground in fetal position didn't help anyone EVER to overturn a defeat.

SoDamnMad's picture

It's why the Congress has a House and Senate. The Senate giving every state, large or small, 2 votes. The Congress giving states votes based upon population.   Does thismean we have to change our entire form of government.  How about the fly-over states just cut off the food supply and energy while we think about this. 

xythras's picture
xythras (not verified) Trogdor Nov 15, 2016 4:55 AM

We should all sign the petition under funny non PC names and leave acid comments.

Trolling became more fun than ever.

Billy cries a lot Beta just signed it !  MWEAHAHAHA !

SeattleBruce's picture

Yeah, let's see how that secession works for ya CA when they cut off water from the Co. River.

Mother Fletcher's picture

There are ways around it as Maryland is proving. They vow that their electors will always go to the winner of the popular vote now. Get enough states to do that individually and we're screwed.

larrygj's picture

Actually, it takes 2/3 of the states or 2/3 vote of Congress to propose an amendment, but then 3/4 of the states need to vote to adopt it. Just ain't gonna happen.

Ace Ventura's picture

It's happened before when TPTB wanted it to. For reference please research the history of the 16th amendment. Granted that was 1913, so perhaps modern tech could head off a similarly nefarious action by our noble elected representatives these days.....but you never know. Seems that no matter what, TPTB get what they want.

chiaroscuro's picture

Unfortunately the danger is real. They've found a way around a Constitutional ammendment. If they can get enough states to agree to simply give their electoral college votes to whoever the winner of the national popular vote is then they can bypass the need for an ammendment. And they've already got more than half of the votes they need to make this happen before the electoral college meets FOR THIS ELECTION.

Regardless of your opinion of the electoral college you can't just go around changing how votes are counted AFTER they have been cast!

SeattleBruce's picture

How can they know who won the popular vote when millions of absentee ballots aren't counted out of practicality?  Seems like you would have to count those absentees, anytime any national, state or local race dictated it.  So is the non-count of absentees an old wives tale?

In any case, we need to vigorously prosecute many cases of voter fraud.

chiaroscuro's picture

Hint: you can use the "Take Action" link on this site to delete their stock email and type in your own opposing opinion which they then conveniently forward to your legislators. It also has a handy tool for looking up the contact info of all your relevant state legislators.

ATM's picture

They passed the 17th Amendment (which should be repealed). 

Crawdaddy's picture

In TX the electoral college electors don't even cast their vote for president until December 19th! Strangely this has not been discussed on any news program I have ever witnessed.

As far as I can tell, the electoral college is shrouded in mystery. I have never met an elector. I couldn't tell you who my electors are. I can't find a list of the electors.

I gots a feeling we are being played boys! The older I get the more I realize this whole vote circus is a giant con game to fool us into thinking we have a say in who runs the shit show.

Electoral College

The electors shall convene at the State Capitol at 2 p.m. on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December following their election and shall perform their duties as prescribed by federal law.
The secretary of state shall arrange for the meeting place, notify the electors, and call the meeting to order.

The secretary shall act as temporary chair of the meeting until the electors elect a chair from among themselves.

If an elector is absent at the time for convening the meeting, the electors may declare the elector position vacant by a majority vote of those present at the meeting.

smithcreek's picture

A better anology is saying one team won the football game even though they scored less points, because they had more yards.  Your strategy is based on the rules of the game.  Rules say you win by getting points, not yards.  If the rules were different, both teams would play the game different.  Same with the elections.  So when someone wins the popular vote and loses the election it's nothing more than an interesting historical footnote.  Fucking idiots that can't understand that should be shot.

NoDebt's picture

Remember just 2 weeks ago when Soros said Trump would win the popular vote but lose the electoral college?  Fuck that evil fossil.  Nothing makes me happier than him being wrong not just in outcome but reason as well.


drendebe10's picture

That oldturd looks like an ugly klingon 

Donald J. Trump's picture

You have it all wrong.  it's the fans.  whatever team has more fans wins.  Proof Cubs win world series.  49ers suck cuz Kaepernig alienated all their fans.

NurseRatched's picture

Two weeks ago, Hillary was way up in the polls and all the smug people on TV went on about the "democrat ground game in the swing states". Hillary was a shrewd, seasoned pro who knew where to campaign and where to spend her time.

Suddenly the electoral college is unfair and racist and the smug people are pissed. So much for the 'get-out-the-vote" schemes in the swing states.

If the Democrats are so bad at something as simple as an election against an underfunded novice - then why should they run the country??