Kremlin Gains Two More European Allies As Bulgaria, Moldova Elect Pro-Russian Presidents

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The good news just keeps going Putin's way. Just days after Trump defeated the Kremlin's nemesis Hillary Clinton, and at the same time as NATO is panicking over a potential shift in strategy and funding by the Trump administration and as Russian forces prepare for another blitz assault on Syria to cement their hold over Syria, on Sunday pro-Russian candidates won presidential elections in Moldova and Bulgaria on Sunday, giving Moscow new allies in its efforts to regain influence in parts of Eastern Europe it regards as its backyard. And while Russia is the clear winner, one loser to emerge bruised from the two votes is the European Union.

In the former Soviet republic of Moldova, Socialist party candidate Igor Dodon won 55.5% of the vote, according to preliminary results from Moldova’s electoral commission, beating his pro-European Union rival, Maia Sandu, in a second-round runoff.

In Moldova, Socialist party candidate Igor Dodon won 55.5%
of the vote, according to preliminary result

In Bulgaria, Socialist-backed Rumen Radev secured 58.1% of the vote, according to an exit poll by Alpha Research released on national television, seeing off the center-right government’s favored candidate, Tsetska Tsacheva. Prime Minister Boiko Borisov said he would resign, possibly opening the way for a snap election in the European Union’s poorest member state.

In Bulgaria, Socialist party candidate Rumen Radev won the

presidential election.

According to the WSJ, the results are a shot in the arm for those in Moldova and Bulgaria who want to see their states warm up relations with their large Eastern neighbor, reversing years of westward drift they say has yielded too few rewards.

“I will dramatically improve the relations between Moldova and Russia,” Mr. Dodon said in an email to The Wall Street Journal ahead of the vote. “These relations are very important for the citizens of the country.”

The two elections confirm the growing cracks in the European Union cement that helped reshape Central and Eastern Europe after the downfall of Soviet Union; to some they are a harbinger of more prominent elections coming in the coming months, most notably in Italy where PM Renzi's day may be numbered should a constitutional referendum not go his way as polls indicate.

As the WSJ adds, since the U.K. voted to leave the EU in June, government leaders in Poland and Hungary have been calling more loudly for refashioning the bloc into a much looser union. In Moldova and Bulgaria, the tone of the two new presidents’ campaigns has been warmer toward Russia and more critical of the EU, which they blamed for slow economic progress.

Moldova and Bulgaria, which was a member of the Warsaw Pact, had decisively shifted toward the EU in recent years. Moldovan lawmakers signed an agreement with the European Union in 2014 which deepened economic and political ties. Bulgaria joined the West’s military alliance, NATO, in 2004, and the EU in 2007.


In Bulgaria, however, Mr. Radev has talked of a need to lift EU sanctions on Russia in place since Moscow annexed the Ukrainian region of Crimea. In Moldova, Mr. Dodon wants to revoke the 2014 EU pact and rebuild trade links with Moscow as part of a loose trading union which links Russia and a handful of other former Soviet republics.

Bulgaria's recent anti-Russia hard line stance cost the country millions in revenues associated with the South Stream gas pipepline which was supposed to take Russian natgas from across the black sea and into Europe. However, in the aftermath of the Ukraine conflict, the EU pressured Bulgaria to halt discussions, terminating the project and forcing Russia to seek a different passage, which has now been formalized in the form of the Turkish Stream pipeline which crosses Turkey and Greece.

Meanwhile in Moldova, Dodon’s campaign material ahead of the vote mourned the loss of access to Russian markets for important exports like fruit. Because it backed European sanctions on Russia, Moldova has seen some food exports banned from Russia, and that has damaged the economy of some regions.

“The current government has destroyed our friendly relations with Russia,” one of his promotional videos said. “Igor Dodon is the only politician who can rebuild them.”

The votes in Bulgaria and Moldova were held in an atmosphere of widespread voter skepticism of the countries’ political classes. Lawmakers in both countries have been accused of moving too slowly on public sector reform and allegations of corruption are common.

Moldova is still reeling from a bank fraud in 2014 which saw $1 billion disappear from three lenders in an elaborate misappropriation. The authorities have been seen as slow to bring the culprits to justice, leading to large street protests. Dodon pushed an anticorruption message during his campaign.

“As president, I will do everything possible to restore confidence in the Moldovan state,” Mr. Dodon said.

We expect more of the poorer European states, disenchanted with the chaos that has emerged in Europe in recent months and certainly since the Trump victory, to favor a return to their old, familiar, friendly relations with the Kremlin in coming years as the Warsaw Pact is gradually rebuilt, much to the humiliation of Brussels.

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Zero-Hegemon's picture

I didn't now Bulgaria and Moldova were battleground states.

Was that a picture of Putin or Ragnar Lothbrok?

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Zero-Hegemon Nov 14, 2016 10:41 AM

Putin will run Eurasia with the help of China.

America will rebuild itself

Trump will close many overseas bases like Ron Paul wanted to do.

Freddie's picture

Trump can turn those old bases into hotels and shopping areas. The US military and Pentagram have not protected the American people from the banksters and elites since 1860.   When they arrest Soros and his vile sons then maybe they will be worth a shit.

The central planners's picture

Scoreboard this week:



HowdyDoody's picture

Technically the leaders are not-anti-Russia which is subtly different to pro-Russia as the Anglo-Zionist western MSM would have us believe.

Russia also also looking to a $10 billion arms deal with Iran and has recently supplied the latest S-300 air defense system to Algeria which should give the regime-change no-fly-zone warmongers pause for thought.

The globalist regime change artists are already out in Moldova, claiming the election was not valid. They flying the Romanian flag and the EU flag.





Ex-Oligarch's picture

"... battleground states"

It's more a matter of not wanting to be actual battlegrounds for WWIII.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

Of course not, it was a joke. And the comparison to Ragnar Lothbrok was based on that Cheshire grin

Amun's picture

And here is how they (president of Bulgaria) swing in a MIG-29

Moldovans sold their 21 MIGs for $40mln and no cookies (in total!!!) to US



HowdyDoody's picture

Nice. I wonder what he could do in an Su-30, a significantly larger plane.


Erek's picture

Don't let Nudelman find out or she will start peddling her cookies there too. But she will have to hurry because 20 January is not far off.

fleur de lis's picture

Too bad we won't be in the room when Trump tells Neudelmann "you're fired."

TheJewsDidIT666's picture

The reason the NWO/Jew World Order are so scared of Russia is because they are increasingly becoming a Othodox Christian nation again and they are far too white. Putin has also resisted many Jewish oligarchs in Russia and he obviously doesn't back down when it comes to war. Putin + Trump + Farage + Le Pen = end of Jew World Order

Equinox's picture

Putin + Trump + Farage + Le Pen + Geert Wilders = end of Jew World Order

The central planners's picture

Sanders+Maduro+Castro+WorldBanK= End of world hunger.

HowdyDoody's picture

You might want to reconsider - Wilders is an Israel Firster.

TruthHunter's picture

Perhaps this means the end of your illusions about the Jew World Order.

Look  a little deeper.


DaBard51's picture

It's the economy, stupid!

--Did I hear that phrase someplace, sometime else?





When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

back to basics's picture

I guess the Bulgarian people woke up and realized that losing out on $100 million a year revenue from Turkish Stream transversing their country because it was not allowed by their EU/US overlords was not a good idea.

WTFUD's picture

Yeah but if John McInsane knocked on your door with his al-nusra/CIAd'uh militia, one might shit one's pants.

The MSM/Establishment call President Trump a Loose Cannon when they have an alCIAd'uh Commander in the Senate. whu the fu?

zeroboris's picture

Bulgarian "brothers" are considered in Russia as ungrateful traitors. We freed them from the Turkish yoke, they betrayed us a day later.

Cundium's picture

Agreed! Sorry to be one of them assholes. What the last POS of bulgarin president was shitting everytime opening his fucken pie hole was really a shame! I am happy the bloody bustard goes to hell (or Brucels which is the same)

falak pema's picture

You know that shit would become priceless if humanity lost its pie hole.

What is rare is priceless.

StychoKiller's picture

"Well, if ya don't eat, ya don't shit.  If ya don't shit, you die!!"

LoveTruth's picture

I don't think you are right, Bulgarians were betrayed themselves by traitors. Sadly for all of us, traitors exist in every country including Bulgaria. All those traitors/Russophobes were supported, financed and installed in power in Bulgaria guess by who? ..... By Russia's enemies if you didn't guess it. Now Rumen Radev will make a U turn, and hopefully he does what a leader must do.


I know many, many Bulgarians who are grateful to Russia! No one can ever delete from Bulgaria's history who liberated Bulgaria from Turkey!

Bill of Rights's picture

The world is sick and tired of these Globalist freaks who are dead fast on destroying the human race...Key here is don't let them get away...HANG THEM!

ramius's picture

  I live in Romania, smack bang in the midle of the whole shit. Ukraine to the North, Moldava at the east, Bulgaria to the South, Hungary to the west and Serbia to the S-W. Our peacefull neighbour remains the Black Sea... I wonder what Motto to chose now. The one with "The poor bastards, they have us surounded. Now we can shoot in every direction", or the "Oh Shit "one. 

Amun's picture

You could start with dismantling the spanking new US Missiles you have put up at Deveselu

And don't say you have not been warned not to become a ZATO whore:



ramius's picture

We only leased the land, the construction, along with the troops are american. We installed nothing, just a big fat bullseye on our arses. Oh, and the lease was aproved by the former president, on trial on 7 cases , one being cooperating with the CIA when they had to smugle people from afganistan to guantanamo ( and maybe this is why he was considerred protected by the CIA, A.K.A, untouchable). Oh, fun fact, at Deveselu only the cleaning ladies are romanian, and even they clean under strict supervision. 

steaua's picture

ok, say Romania does remove the base, possibly exists / is kicked out of NATO. then what?

peace and happiness with the neighbors? let me check for 2 mins the history book aaaaaaand conclusion is it will not be peace.

neutrality? Romania was neutral in ww2 and? did that stop the friendly neighbors and orthodox "brothers"?

Amun's picture

Romania was a Hitler ally and its army fought alongside Nazi's Wermacht

Did they falsify your history textbooks too? Must have been with George Schwatz money...

steaua's picture

no dork you don't know any history so let me teach you some: ww2 started in 1939 with Romania neutral. In 1940 mother Russia annexed Basarabia because Hitler said he has no interest in the area. That forced the Romanian government to collapse and the fascists to come to power, orientate the country to Germany and join the war together with Germany.

capisci imbecile?

1939 - 1940 Romania was neutral dumb ass

same as 1914-1916 in ww1 was neutral


Were not for Russia to annex Basarabaia, Romania would have stayed neutral.

Now go ahead dumb ass and tell your shitty story about Romanian tanks invading friendly Russia.


Volkodav's picture

polite correction:  Stalins Soviet, not Russia

from 1917 thru Stalin was never Russians in control

ramius's picture

And you americans fought alongside genocidal stalin, master of the holodomor. Sometimes we ca't realy chose our allies, rather we take what we get. 

WTFUD's picture

Oy Bucharesti , Boris wants your first born daughter! Clownwit.

Ecclesia Militans's picture

You want Peace for the long term?  Give Hungary back its land.   Your "country" is a contrivance courtesy of European globalists circa 1918.

ramius's picture

  Ok, right after you pack up, and give the native americans back they're land. The entire western europe is made up of conquered lands, the fanks conquerred the gauls , then the goths, visigots, ostrogoths, the huns came later, first with Attilla, then with king Istvan in 996. But they were conquerors. Acording to your logic, the turks should give istambul back to the greeks, the poles should give prussia back to the germans, not to mention Italy should get back north afrika, France , spain and half on the UK, since they are the successors of the defunct Roman Empire. Hungary can stay where they are, drooling for transilvania,which for the most part was an independent province, under Hungarian vasality ,  like a mad dog on a chain, we don't want another Horthy, or Bathory Erszebet. In 1918 we were tricked and betrayed, then occupied by romanian troops. Acording to the treaty of Budapest, transilvania should have been neutral under the protection of romanian and french troops until they mae up they're minds to join the kingdom of romania, or stay independent, like a switzerland of the east. But right after the treaty was signed, romanian troops occupied every city, replaced the public servants with they're own, brought from moldavia and muntenia, and many say, corruption and moral decay started aroud that time. his is when you replace the efficient , habsburg burocracy with a turkish stile, balcanic laisez faire ruling model. Please study some history before you condemn an entire people. 

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) ramius Nov 14, 2016 11:02 AM

"the corruption and moral decay started..."


That started when the jews arrived with the printing press & their slimy mitts involved in banking.


A study of history requires someone with the capacity to 'read between the lines' and not allow themselves to slop up the propaganda machine that's taken over during the late 20th & 21st century.


Here's what it looks like on a map (and NONE of that would have been possible if the Balfour Declaration hadn't been realized).

ramius's picture

Well, baxck then the jews were welcome here , kust like in poland. And marshal antonescu protected them as much as he could, that much was admitted by netanyahu himself . Only in the horty ocupied transilvania were the jews deported. By the way, habe you read " other losses"?

ramius's picture

Well, baxck then the jews were welcome here , kust like in poland. And marshal antonescu protected them as much as he could, that much was admitted by netanyahu himself . Only in the horty ocupied transilvania were the jews deported. By the way, habe you read " other losses"?

Gunga's picture

Brexit and Trump have been solid hits against the parasitic global elite. Don't be fooled by the fear mongering establishment media.

Miss Expectations's picture

Here's video you might enjoy.

Donald Trump's Victory Soulcrushed LA's Media Elite! LOL

cheech_wizard's picture

Please stop using this analogy. Not with your dick or anyone else's...

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Trump should make Russia his first state visit.  Shake hands, trade fat girl jokes, throw back a few caviar-covered little pieces of toast ('cause the Donald don't drink) and tell Vlad that we can shut down Syria, open up the Artic to renewed exploration and collaboration, and put a Russian instrument pack on our next Mars probe (since Europe can't land anything there correctly) and we can do this all TOGETHER.  just to get the ball rolling.

Batman11's picture

Eastern Europe was hoping for Western capitalism of the Keynesian type, what they got was Milton Freidman's shock therapy.

Western bankers found a market with no debt, they got in there straight away and started loading them up with debt and stoking real estate booms (with later busts).

They thought the good times would come, they didn't.

Maybe Russia wasn't so bad after all.


Amun's picture

Eastern Europe got stripped and raped by Western corporate raiders

Most major industries either destroyed to avoid competition or taken over by Western multinationals

Same with the banks plus debt loading as per your post

The elites who sold off their countries and peoples for nothing are sitting in high offices in Brussels

At the forefront of this Drang nach Osten Conquest was always the NATO 

Joining NATO, so as to protect future private property of Western corporations was always the first and foremost pre-condition of joining EU single market

In Eastern Europe, from a cold war tool, NATO was turned into a policemen for the great corporate interests