Dear US Mint, We Gave You The FOIA Funds, Now Give Us The Fort Knox Audit Documents!

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Submitted by Koos Jansen from

Interim research update.

As readers might have seen on these pages, since 2014 I’ve been investigating the inventory audits of the US official gold reserves, which should proof the existence of the metal that embodies the credibility of the world reserve currency. My first article showed the official narrative: all the bars of in total 8,134 tonnes of gold spread over depositories at Fort Knox, West Point, Denver and New York, have been carefully counted, weighed, assayed and inventoried in between 1974 and 2008.

In subsequent posts I’ve exposed there is a vast array of problems to be found with the physical audits. Through several Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) request, I had obtained information that severely damaged the integrity of the official narrative. Example given, one of my FOIAs that requested the audit reports drafted in between 1974 and 1986, when 7,504 tonnes was audited, revealed the US government had “lost” nearly all documents.


Start of the alleged Fort Knox inventory audits 1974.

To get to the bottom of this I filed countless new FOIAs in the past months at the legal owner of the gold, the US Treasury, the custodian, the US Mint, and the head auditor, the Office Inspector General of the Treasury, in order to obtain every single piece of documentation I could think of that is related to these audits. Pretty soon, by putting all pieces of new information together I realized I was entangled in a conundrum of giant proportions as many documents contradicted each other. Eventually I submitted a request for a publicly unknown report, which I read about in a document I had obtained by another FOIA. I asked the Mint for “the [US Mint] Director’s Representative … written report to the [US Mint] Chief Financial Officer (CFO) notifying the CFO of the completion of the verificationfor the years in between 1993 and 2008. Surprisingly, the US Mint wrote me my request would cost $3,144.96 dollars!

This amount of money is ridiculous. First of all, the documents should be readily available. Perhaps any digitalization costs would incur a few hundred dollars at most. Second, the Mint wrote the estimate of $3,144.96 dollars “includes 40 hours of … search time”. But how can it take 40 hours to find a few pieces of paper? It also wrote, my request would include an estimated 1,200 pages of documentation. But how do they know there are 1,200 pages if they first have to search 40 hours for it?

In any case, I decided to start a crowdfunding campaign last August to collect the money. After I tweeted about the campaign it quickly went viral. The news was spread on websites such as TFMetalsGoldMoneyGATA and GoldChartsRus – among others – and within a few hours the funding was completed, which shows to the power of our gold community.

After I received the money from the crowdfunding website I asked the US Mint for a bank account number to wire the funds. But the Mint replied I could only pay by check! Check? I was born in 1981, I have never seen a check in my life. Was this another way to obstruct my investigation? Most likely. It’s impossible the US Mint does not have a bank account, and every account has a number.

I still can't see why they don't accept wired money. But I had no option to go to a branch of my bank located in my area. When I walked in explained and the situation, the gentleman that helped me told me he never handled a check neither. This gentleman was replaced by an older one. There was a slight possibility he could create a check for me, but he had to look into it somewhat. Two hours later I walked out of his office carrying a promise the dollars would be transferred within a week.


A few days later the funds had been subtracted from my bank account, and I asked the US Mint for the first time (that was 11 September) if the check had arrived, but they replied it hadn’t. For weeks, mysteriously the check was “missing”. Only when I emailed the Mint with the email address of my local bank employee included, to have my bank and the Mint work it out together, the Mint confirmed on 28 September 2016 the funds had been received:

We have received your check and are now working to get the requested documents out to you.

That was 28 September, it’s now 15 November! I still haven’t received the documents from the US Mint. Naturally, I have sent more emails to ask what’s the status of my request, but no reply until now. Or the Mint will have to confirm at some point they can’t deliver to me the paper work – maybe they got “second thoughts”. In that case they have to wire back the funds and I will have all funds send back to everybody that donated. Or they will honor my request in the coming weeks and I will include the findings in a very very long read I’ve been working on.

So, that’s all I know at this stage. Please have a little more patience. Thanks again everybody that donated. Either way, I will publish an article to reveal the results of all my FOIA and the many “problems” I found in the official narrative.

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Ok so in the US people still use checks. Well, in the Netherlands we do not any longer - since the eighties I guess. 

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Shlomo Schwartzman (not verified) Nov 16, 2016 5:37 PM

How bout we audit the 12 Fed governors by tying them to chairs and using electrodes on their genitals?  Then when they don't cough up the 2nd sets of books we move up the torture chain to bacon torture!!

"Oy vey, anything but bacon!!  The books are in a vault in Haifa!!"

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Make sure you check that it's not tinfoil and you have very expensive chocolate.


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Your next "inquiry" should be from your lawyer in the form of a notice of intent to sue for failure to deliver. They accepted the funds and have an obligation to produce the documents, which it seems they acknowledge they have control over.

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One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Nov 16, 2016 2:27 PM

... and it's gone

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No gold, otherwise the USD would not be ready for a giant collapse as the new USD is introduced.

Maestro Maestro's picture

Worse than the bankers rigging gold and silver prices and not having the gold they sold you (or selling gold that they don't have via fraudulent COMEX Futures contracts), is the fact that we don't even have MONEY today.  Therefore all financial transactions and economic numbers predicated on the existence of money are FRAUD and FORGERIES currently.

The electronic digits and paper fiat currencies in use today are NOT money, according to the law of the country that issues the reserve currency of the world, the US Dollar (Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution); or by the tenets of the science of Economics (i.e., fiat currencies are not money because they are not a store of value nor a unit of account due to the fact that NOT ONE fiat currency's value is determined or stipulated in concrete legal terms).  Dollars and Euros and Yens are not even lawfully DEFINED as to what they are, what their economic worth and transactional value is, hence they cannot constitute the legal foundation of any lawful contract!

(Also, there cannot be either inflation nor deflation in the ABSENCE of money.  Both inflation and deflation are monetary events hence cannot take place where there is literally no money.)

What we have today is massive GLOBAL FRAUD mascarading as a monetary system based on the (fraudulent) US dollar -- all fiat currencies are basically a derivative of the US dollar, including the Euro, the Yen, the Yuan, the Rouble, the Shekel and the Riyal.


Why do a few people get the right to print fake fiat money out of nothing and buy your goods and  services with it, whereas you have to WORK to obtain the same worthless money created out of nothing?

THAT is the question at the heart of the matter.  That the bankers manipulate interest rates or the price of gold via fraudulent Futures trading (by selling gold that they don't have) with fiat money is a moot point.

To put it differently: why do the bankers get to have anything that they want without working for it and you, you don't?

All this talk about market rigging, monetary theory and fraudulent (paper) gold trading is a cover-up for INJUSTICE.

The US Constitution FORBIDS the use of debt as money; the US Constitution proscribes (debt) notes which is what the US dollar is presently.  Think, all other currencies are just another name for the US Dollar.

What passes for money today is a CRIME, no more no less.


you are all aiding and abetting crime every time you buy, sell or get paid.

And then you ask, Why our leaders, the politicians, the bankers, and our military men and women are EVIL?

The answer is, because YOU are feeding the enemy!

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This is certainly a worthy undertaking, but seriously Koos, don't you know anyone over 60?

Don't know about checks?

Registered mail?

Maybe you live in a country where these things don't exist, but in America.....

Best of luck with a genuine answer.

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"After I received the money from the crowdfunding website I asked the US Mint for a bank account number to wire the funds. But the Mint replied I could only pay by check! Check? I was born in 1981, I have never seen a check in my life. Was this another way to obstruct my investigation? Most likely. It’s impossible the US Mint does not have a bank account, and every account has a number.

I still can't see why they don't accept wired money. But I had no option to go to a branch of my bank located in my area. When I walked in explained and the situation, the gentleman that helped me told me he never handled a check neither. This gentleman was replaced by an older one. There was a slight possibility he could create a check for me, but he had to look into it somewhat. Two hours later I walked out of his office carrying a promise the dollars would be transferred within a week."


You might be an idiot.  Everyone knows about bank cashier's checks and money orders.  Nice try tin foil man.

Barry McBear's picture

Seriously.  This is a huge red flag.  Either this guy is lying for some reason or is, as you say, an idiot.  Either way, I wouldn't trust him with my money.

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Asking the US Mint to Audit Fort Knox is like asking NASA to stop airbrushing Moon photos.

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Who needs physical? Apparently no one at the Comex. I just read that 8000 metric tons of "gold" were sold the night of Trump's election. Anyone still up must have seen the metal skyrocket close to 1350. By the time I got up it had gone below the Election Day open.
We've known about the creation of paper gold for some time. It can be created to infinity. Investors who believed the Comex was an open market lost billions due to the sale of fabricated paper gold contracts. Simultaneously the entities shorted the metals and made huge profits.
This fraud is still going on at the Comex and the their liability is in the hundreds of billions for enabling the criminal conspiracy to defraud investors who believed they were buying physical.
So the Ft. Knox gold has already been redistributed. I bet much has gone into Asia. Demand there has been soaring.
I think the ratio of available physical gold in Comex depositories is a tiny fraction of the paper gold contracts which have been fraudulently issued as the equivalent of physical gold.
The constant contraction in price is a direct consequence of this conspiracy. It allows physical to be acquired at significantly below market prices.
The call here is to buy as much physical as you can and hold it until the Comex is forced to obey the rules (so you better not need to sell.)
Regulatory enforcement never would have happened under a CFTC dominated by New York money and its co-conspirators in government.

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The only tanks at ft Knox are at th pattton museum. They moved out the armour divisions to ft Benny back in 2006 , that alone should tell ya something .

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I find it extremely ironic that someone who knows nothing about a "check" to the point that it takes weeks for him to get one from his bank thinks he can find the actual tally of the US gold reserves anytime in his remaining life span.

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I was wondering about that. Tellers that don't know how to issue a bank check or a certified cashier's check? What bank was he at? Wells Fargo?

Or a check sent by his bank, like I do for any payment that I can't or won't make electronically? Where I have a record of the deposited check? Costs me nothing except a low minimum balance.

Also the fact he somehow sent the check without using proof of delivery signature required on a registered mail?

The dude does not know about snail mail either?

Does he ever physically get out of his parents basement?

A variation of a 419?

File another FOIA for the accounting for the $3K amount.

Rabbit holes.

1777's picture

I am guessing some folks might have been defrauded...

Have y'all heard the story of the Chinese getting Tungsten filled bars from the US?

Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez's picture

The first audit of Ft. Knox since 1953 will show that we have an inventory of 15 one gram credit suisse gold bars sans the assay cards.  What could happen in 63 years anyway!!??



1777's picture

True, I was guessing a family of Field Mice and LOTS of dust bunnies, but hey, who's counting right?

Its amazing to watch push back against this and MANY others! They can't STAND being held accountable because it reveals how INCOMPETENT they are!!!

So sad....

Yellow Zookaninnie's picture

Could a Tylerite journalist query the Treasury Dept for veriification of the contents of this article?

Slomotrainwreck's picture

I didn't see anything mentioned about getting assistance from a congress person, representative or other such government department. Hell, even Rand Paul might have a suggestion or two.

Jannn's picture

I dont live in the US. How do I contact Rand Paul? 

bluskyes's picture

I think you are paying for the documents to be authored, not found.

SAE6065's picture

I heard years ago that all of our gold is stored somewhere in the Philippines. Not sure where I read that, but personally I don't think we have that much period. We have enough to mint gold coins and other things, but overall we are BUSTED. IMO the .1% stole it and you won't see it again.  USA USA USA


Conax's picture

They don't have no stinking documents but they do have a nailgun they will be happy to send out. For the record I'm certain that there is moar gold there than there is in my hollow tooth. Not much more, but still.

Nobody For President's picture

OT, but I have a T-shirt about another gubernmint agency, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that sez:

"FAA Mission Statement: We're not happy until you're not happy."

Sounds like it would work for the Mint, as well.

w a l k - a w a y's picture

Nobody For President

Until today that summed up my feelings as well, however I saw a post at State of the Nation earlier today:

Richard Dolan For President!

I haven't voted since 1984, but Dolan would get my vote!

bigkahuna's picture

Firstly, thanks for what you are doing! You are a front line information warrior.

They know that us who are interested in this are a "controllable" minority (for now) - and thus they will drag their ass whilst stealing the money. Well, you might get a refund.

Since they pulled 911 over - they pretty much think they can get away with anything. They will continue to piss on our backs and explain that it is raining until their heads are beneath the blade, on a pike, or they are swining from lamp posts  -  it is the way they want it.

milo_hoffman's picture

I was just there(at the Base, and went in the gate right next to the depository) last weekend.

Honestly, the Fort Knox Vault is hardly guarded, just a small handful of security forces and a couple of cars at the gate to the vault, and zero other security visable anywhere around the other sides of the vault, other than the fact that there is a coupe of levels of fence around it.... there does not even seem to be any visable security cameras or anything guarding the rest of the permiter of the vault other than technology that was available in the 30s (barb wire).  


Combined with the fact that unlike in "Goldfinger", there is now almost zero active duty military now left on the Fort Knox army base next door, its basically just the military HR department and mostly just civilian contractors.


More than anything to me, that says there is probably very little of value actaually in the vault.



RaceToTheBottom's picture

"mostly just civilian contractors....."

Ahhh, JPMorgan people....

any_mouse's picture

I was there one year ago for the Patton Museum. There were reservists raking leaves.That was the only signs of life.

The depository resembles a tomb. No active security measures. Layers of perimeter fencing. Assumed electronic surveillance monitored (remotely?) in some control room.

In the future it may be regarded like the Great Pyramids. They will marvel at the massive, empty building and wonder what religious significance it held in its time.

1777's picture

I went to Basic Training at Ft. Knox, you just brought back some memories! Left, right, 1, 2, 3 etc...

agstacks's picture

Can't wait for the "our dog ate the 1200 pages" 

KansasCrude's picture

Hey Koos you da man!  Thanks for all your efforts and the support of the groups you encouraged to crowd fund the requests.  Most of us anticipate a massive fraud here and thus the expect the incessant stonewalling and obfuscation of the truth.  IMO many of us have also been defrauded by the TBTF Banksters in collusions with the ESF operating under the Treasury Dept. as well as the FEDERAL RESERVE and Mr. Obama.   I and many others may never recoup the funds that have been looted from us by these governmental agencies and their proxies.   With a miserable $3000 a year write off allowance I must live for over a thousand years to recoup my governmental driven losses.   May all you miserable SOB's ROT IN HELL!

So It Goes's picture

Thank you for your diligence and perseverence.

WillyGroper's picture


the docs will be as fake as the gold.

hill, bill, reuben cleaned house.

undertow1141's picture

It's probably the redacting that is taking so long. Blacking out 90% of 1200 pages would take a awhile and a few boxes of markers.

Okienomics's picture

Hopefully Prez. Trump will clear this up, along with that longstanding nagging question, "what's really going on at Area 51?"

hxc's picture

I'll tell you what's there. Send me 50 BTC at fjdoznfnru48383nfjrifnfjei7474838fakenumber64848362648 ;)

Herdee's picture

It's real because lazy, stupid, lifetime government employees handle it.

IcarusOnFire's picture

Seb, we are dealing with the government here.  Of course it's real.


Seb's picture

Cool story. Is it real?