Martin Armstrong Warns "We Are Spiraling Toward Civil War If This Is Not Stopped"

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Submitted by Martin Armstrong via,


Dear Marty,


The computer forecasted perfectly the Trump victory. Now some people are trying to prevent a Trump presidency. Is President Elect Trump going to be impeached or obliged to resign ?


What does the computer is forecasting and what do you think about it ?


Thank you very much,


No. Trump cannot be impeached.


There is an attempt to create a socialist revolution in this country led by the youth and Obama and Hillary seem happy with that. This is a very dangerous situation and the computer does show rising civil unrest.


The Democrats seems to be intent on burning down democracy if they do not win. I have never seen this get so out of hand in my lifetime.


There is a lot of evidence surfacing showing that these protesters are being paid by organizations alleged to be funded by George Soros, which is why Hillary remains silent. Ads recruiting these people are appearing on Craig’s List around the country.


Clearly, this is an anti-democratic movement to reject the election and take government in a unilateral move producing anarchy. We are spiraling toward civil war if this is not stopped.



Between now and January, this may get serious.


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You just wait until you father gets home!!!

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WOW... Markets Major Fuckup ?
USD Mega Selling Op ???

Safety GOLD & SILVER ...

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ABsolutely dick is going to happen. 

You cannot have a revolution with faux-angry hipsters looking to earn some easy beer money. 


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this guy is a total pumptard.....CONartiste........sellin' snake oil to the peeps with his "computer"

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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) kliguy38 Nov 16, 2016 2:14 PM

Not enough FREE $HIT FOR EVERYBODY(!!!!), damn it.

They don't want anarchy, they want FREE $HIT.  "Gimme me your income and pay my student loans or I riot and loot."  Fuck you.  Get a job.

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Everybody needs to chill the fuck out.

There's no revolution. These guys are gun control nuts. The worst they every did was the Occupy hippie circle. 

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MOVEON.ORG and other Soros terrorist organizations need to be declared the terrorist organizations they are. Step 1.

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Chris Dakota (not verified) strannick Nov 16, 2016 2:24 PM
Police: Drunk Driver Blames Crash on Anger over Trump Victory A drunk driver with a BAC of .33 crashed into two vehicles at a traffic stop in Minnesota Wednesday and told police officers she was drinking to drown her sorrows about President-elect Donald Trump’s victory, authorities said.
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Only two things I know for sure:

1.  Never start a land war in Asia.

2.  Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line.

All else is fair game.

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Geez, I need another case of popcorn already.

The last one only lasted 7 days.

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) Manthong Nov 16, 2016 3:27 PM

No formula could determine this, and a neural solution would require training data for an event that is not comparable to any that has already occurred.  So, I call BS.

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3. Never take meds and an iPhone away from a millennial.

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#1 worked out quite well for the Soviet Union!  And, more recently, for America!

#2 worked out, but only for Westly.

But there is a phrase from the movie that keeps coming to mind, everytime I see liberals rioting for peace and physically attacking others in the name of diversity, or tolerance or unity...., take your pick of the nouns herein and apply it thusly....

" keep on using that word.  I do not think it means what you think it means."  --Inigo Montoya

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Shame she survived. Anyone who can get pissed over someone they hate based purely on rumors and chopped-up, edited soundbytes doesn't have the IQ to deserve to live anyway.

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Hopefully she's an abortionist, has kept her genes outta the pool, and she dies the next time she pulls this.

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Well she's got some more sorrows now--funny how that works.

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It'll probably be accepted as a legitimate defense.

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That is correct but the fact that there is ample proof that and Soros have conspired to incite violence at both the Trump rallys and now these protests, but nothing official is being done to stop them, is telling. Is this sanctioned at the highest levels? Why wouldn't the FBI arrest the executives of MoveOn and Soros when it wouldn't take but 2 days to get all the proof they need to convict? The fucking ads on Craigslist are right out in the open, what the fuck are they waiting for? Either the FBI is the most politicized organization in the world or the most inept. When something like this is obvious yet being ignored, it tells me that something else is afoot.

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anyone got legal connections to ask and know whether we can "force" the FBI to investigate?

Anonymous tip line to the tune of "[Organization] paid me to incite riots in Dallas but I didn't"?

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Yeah, they'll get to it right after they act against Creamer and Foval (and Clinton, and Podesta, and Weiner, and Abedin, and Mills).  Why bother when Obama will pardon them all--let's see who's left without out in the cold after January 20.

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  America is getting a "color" revolution brought to you by....?

   When you find something foul;  when you peel back the layers,  more often than not you find the same maggots underneath.

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Once Obamatron gets back from his whirled tour, he'll put a stop to this, yessiree! :>D

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Colonial policies coming back home?

See, Hillary is too stupid and Soros too senile to embrace their most recent colonial Failure, the "Arab Spring". To them, it worked, to them it can therefore work at home too. Well, it can - it will work out the very same way it did on the "test sites". Libya is coming to a town near you, isn't that Progressive and Soo Inclusive?!

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I'm suggesting conservatives back a counter political group called: You guessed it:


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Main_Sequence (not verified) strannick Nov 16, 2016 3:20 PM

Agreed. How is this not classed as domestic terrorism?

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Certainly a Fifth Column anti-American organization. You called it! And you have more credibility than the SPLC.

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with money.

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Why don't we start by cutting the head off the snake?

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Yep, when they start demanding free guns, then we can worry.

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They gonna demand free shootin lessons also?

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Yeah while they fight with trigger warnings and safe spaces the conservatives fight with actual guns.

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Here's a scary article about how the DHS and Soros and the Clintons have planned a reign of chaos for America: Basically, the puppetmasters want to do to America what they are doing to Europe.  Gangs like MS-13 will be the main element but there will be Muslim terrorists thrown in for good measure.  They have already been shipped in to Mexico.  Some already got through.

SJWs are known pussies so they will not be doing the actual fighting.  They will be providing safe houses, logistical support, and propaganda.

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I guess they forgot there are half a billion guns, and trillions of rounds here. It will be a rout. LOL

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The Swiss Response -"Shoot twice and go home."

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You need at least mortars, better artillery to get at the fenced compounds where the instigators live ...

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LOL - Let them tear down their own cities. They are all Blue. I have no problem ignoring them and watching the police stand down in these libtard urban zones.

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The elections are over, and bowl season doesn't start for a few weeks - there's only so many as-seen-on-tv hour long infomercials to fill those cable channels.

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You should prove you have held a full-time job for a year before you can vote and are not on EBT, SNAP.

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The people with all the weapons, are the people who voted for Trump.  Knocking over garbage cans and breaking store windows aren't going to "Win" you a Civil War.  Neither is a Temper Tantrum.  Go home and bite your pillows because it's all over but the crying.

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Why hasn't Soreass been arrested for inciting riots?

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That's it. No one, not even a complete retard could think that socialism could lead to an increased standard of living for the people; history proves that so many times no one could deny it. They just ignore the fact it will all go south at some point in the future, they just want something now. That is as far as their mind goes.


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Actually the oligarchs that are funding them want the free shit. The plebs get crumbs. You people falling for this Bolshevik class warfare shit never cease to amaze me.

Get rid of the oligarchy, people might be employed again and we can stop the looting by the financial sector and the MIC.


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I truly pity the poor foolish "youths" who haven't the years nor developed brains to appreciate their own duplicity in Soros' evil plans.  If civil war does come, we who know must strike at the head of the snake... not its tail.