French PM: "Europe Is In Danger Of Falling Apart"

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Ignoring years of stagnation, economic deterioration, and an unprecedented unemployment rate, which remains stubbornly in the double-digits for countries like Greece, Spain and Italy, Europe appears to have finally woken up, shocked by the reality of Brexit and the Trump election, and has started with the fire and brimstone warnings. Case in point: French prime minister Manuel Valls, who speaking in Berlin, said that the European Union is in danger of breaking apart unless France and Germany, in particular, work harder to stimulate growth and employment and heed citizens' concerns.

"Europe is in danger of falling apart," Valls said at an event organized by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper. "So Germany and France have a huge responsibility."

Translation: confirming what we have said for years, the ECB did nothing for the economy while propping up markets, refuting the long-running official narrative, and now it is time to actually focus on the people, ideally by launching a massive fiscal spending stimulus.

French Prime Minister Manuel Valls

As Reuters reports, Valls said it fell on Germany and France, for decades the axis around which the EU revolved, had to help refocus the bloc to tackle an immigration crisis, a lack of solidarity between member states, Britain's looming exit, and terrorism.

He said France must continue to open up its economy, not least by cutting corporate taxation, while Germany and the EU as a whole must increase investment that would stimulate growth and job creation, as well as boosting defense.

Taking a stab at the UK, Valls said that as Britain seeks to negotiate its post-Brexit relationship with the EU, hoping to restrict immigration from the EU while maintaining as much access as possible to the EU single market, it must be prevented from cherry-picking.

"If they are able to have all the advantages of Europe without the inconveniences, then we are opening a window for others to leave the European Union," Valls said. Immigration was one of the main drivers of Britons' vote to leave the EU, and Valls said the bloc, which more than a million migrants entered last year, had to regain control of its borders.

Still, confirming that the lessons of Brexit and the US election are finally seeping through, Valls said the Brexit vote and Donald Trump's election victory showed how important it was to listen to angry citizens, and that "politicians scared of making decisions were opening the door to populists and demagogues."

In France, opinion polls suggest that the far-right, anti-EU, anti-immigration National Front leader Marine Le Pen will win the first round of the presidential election next April, before losing the runoff according to polls. However, if there is anything the past 6 months have demonstrated, it is how wrong they are at predicting black swan events such as a possible Le Pen presidency.

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Looney's picture

"Europe Is In Danger Of Falling Apart"

Wrong! It’s not Europe falling apart, it’s your elitist Ivory Tower crumbling!

Go get yourself a glass of Jizz Juice, asshole!

Looney   ;-)

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

"Europe is in danger of being SAVED."

FIFY, you dipstick politician.

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Islamist Violence Will Steer Europe's Destiny

The influx of non-integrating Muslim peoples raises the profound question whether Europe’s civilization of the past millennium can survive. Will England become Londonistan and France an Islamic republic? The Establishment castigates, dismisses, sidelines, ostracizes, suppresses, and even arrests those who raise such issues, demeaning them as right-wing extremists, racists, and neo-fascists.


The greatest question facing Europe is who, establishment or populace, will steer the continent’s future.

Ecclesia Militans's picture

Europe today is one giant museum and cemetary.  Past is passed peeps.  Just like Jim Morrison said: "The West is the best" but not because of things that happened centuries ago.  Innovation, real progression, and risk management are the keys to individual and national sovereignty.  Get on the bus already.

Draybin Deffercon III's picture
Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) Ecclesia Militans Nov 17, 2016 11:14 AM

Notice all teh "good guys" in this thing are equally as clueless as the bad guys? They think building bridges to nowhere and hiring people to move dirt from pile A to pile B is going to "stimulate" something?

August's picture

Taken from a serious publication:

3% of the USA's entire GDP is due to traffic accidents. 

Now, each of you... I want you to each go down to your vehicle tomorrow morning.

I want each of you to go down to your personal vehicle... take your vehicle out on the road, get it up to 35 mph or so... and ram a bridge abuttment.  For America!  And for Krugman!

chubbar's picture

Listen to what this asshole actually said. The UK left primarily because of Immigration concerns, it didn't want to become the toilet that Paris has become. Then, almost in the same breath, he says that the EU must control immigration. Essentially saying that immigratiion is a huge concern and it needs to be tightly controlled (like the fucking UK told you it wanted), you know, like they did before the fucking assholes in Brussels yelled "Ollie, Ollie, all come free" and flooded the EU with 3rd worlders who are shitting on the sidewalks and raping the women of the EU.

So, to recap, the UK is cherry picking by not wanting a bunch of muslim fucktards with no social and job skills imported but are still wanting to trade with the countries making up the EU. Yeah, those are some real outrageous demands they got there!

Vatican_cameo's picture


"So Germany and France have a huge responsibility."


As long as the US doesn't have any responsibility in this Globalist Shitshow, I'll be fine (but thanks for asking).

Faustus's picture

"So Germany and France have a huge responsibility."

Spoken from the mouth of a French politician, those words simply translate as:

"So Germany has to pay."

CrowTRobot's picture

Sort of too late isn't?  I'll see your Toilet Paris and raise you a Londonistan and a Manchesteristan.  They only way this plague is going to be cured is by violence.  Modern Euros simply don't have what it takes anymore.

shamus001's picture

 "politicians scared of making decisions were opening the door to populists and demagogues."

Well, as the "working man" figures it:

If a wrench doesn't budge that nut, USE A BLOW-TORCH!

Cruel Joke's picture

These asshats always use the same rhetoric,

i.e. - "when we win it's democracy, when 'they' win it's populism."

donhuangenaro's picture

we came, we saw, it's falling apart...

ZH Snob's picture

last gasps of the dying globalists.

_mike123_'s picture

If left wing politicians are fearful of the voters moving to the right, they have no one to blame but themselves. The elitist have made the people desperate to rid themselves of the chains of tyranny and social destruction. Their media lapdogs failed in the UK with Brexit and in the US elections. We may not know what the outcome of this new wave of populism will be but we know what it wont be. The elitist have made their beds so now they will have to sleep in them.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

Too little, too late.


niemand's picture

let them talk. it´s like pouring gasoline into a fire.

these globalist puppets will be history by years end.

Rien ne va plus.“ 


NoDebt's picture

It's fun watching ivory tower types when they have an "oh, shit" moment.  They almost always react the same way:  They think talking about a problem is the same thing as fixing a problem.  Looking around the room like "somebody better fix this!"  This is, of course, because they themselves have no idea how to fix anything.


JohnGaltUk's picture

You will never get 27 countries to agree what the problem is, never mind a solution.

chubbar's picture

I'll bet you can get them all to agree that offering unlimited immigration to millions of poor, uneducated young muslim men from north africa, the ones that think rape is a social skill and that shitting on sidewalks is a great past-time, isn't a good fucking idea. Just puttin it out there.

any_mouse's picture

They will never acknowledge that reality.

Rearranging deck chairs on the Olympic (Titanic).

They have a problem. Inability to be honest is one aspect. Blaming others is another.

Their current coping mechanism is "The solution to any problem with the EU is MORE EU" (thank you Nigel Farage).

The nations of the EU are skidding to the right and the EU insists on turning the steering wheel to the left. That never ends well.

NoDebt's picture

Music.  Sweet music.

This is the kind of fear-mongering I hope is actually true.


niemand's picture

bring your safety pin and we can share a safe space together:-)


NoDebt's picture

There's a spare pair of scissors on the table in the kitchen.  Grab them.  I'm under the bed clutching my scissors already.  You're welcome to hide under here with me.  But no "spooning".  

CuttingEdge's picture

I really have no wish to know what "spooning" is.

I learned that particular lesson in the early days of spirit cooking.

Thank you Mr Podesta for attempting to warp my mind.


any_mouse's picture

An ancient (pre 1981) polite ('member that?) term for a male and female snuggling like spoons in the silverware drawer. That's all.

Dr. Engali's picture

"while Germany and the EU as a whole must increase investment that would stimulate growth and job creation, as well as boosting defense".


Translation: Due to globalization and aoutomation we know we are fucked so the final solution is the solution that's worked for centuries when economies are fucked....., build up "defense"and prepare for war.

NoDebt's picture

Do you think they even know how to defend themselves any more?  It's been a long damned time.

GCT's picture

Well NoDebt they are unionized!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tuetenueggel's picture

Just wait and see.

There are still msny of my kind, who had been fucked by this leftish garbadge and want nothing more, than see them hanging at some trees,

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And not because of Donald Trump...

You French asshole!

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Nov 17, 2016 10:44 AM

Fuck the EU!



Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Hey!... Where are the rest of us to counter the "paid for" that are doing this to Trump's transition team?

How many more of these are we going to take before we say we've had enough???!!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And oh by the way?...

If you believe these "code pinks" are genuinely anti-Israel I've got a "Temple Mount" to sell you cheap in the Old City!!!

Because if they were legit they would have done this for 8 long years against President "Frank-N-Furter"

I thought I saw Medea Benjamin wearing her "white helmet" in one of those "tweets"???...

scoutshonor's picture

When they leave their containment areas.

Bill of Rights's picture

I guess he hasn't been to Paris lately...That was the Globalists vision for America, till we stopped them in their tracks.

God's work's picture

I guess this dude is starting to get the point. It's amazing these people are just figuring out that serving international interests and a kleptocracy but not listening to the people in your own goddamn country is going to lead to a backlash at some point; especially when you cock the country up so badly that people are afraid in their own homes and can't get a freaking job.


So-Now-What's picture


The Buffoon speaks..

chosen's picture

Europe is a continent.  It won't fall apart unless there are some truly massive earthquakes.  The EU will fall apart.  It never made any sense, except to Germany's export market.

just the tip's picture

It never made any sense, except to the people in langley.


RockySpears's picture

"If they are able to have all the advantages of Europe without the inconveniences,"


  Is this not implicit acceptance that Freedom of Movement is an "inconvenience"?



just the tip's picture

mr. farage

paging mr. farage

pick up a white courtesy phone

mr. farage, a white courtesy phone please

Cruel Joke's picture

Fuck the EU!*

Make Europe Great Again.



*It feels wrong to quote Victoria Nuland, but yes - Fuck The EU!

QE49er's picture

The Kremlin will have to reorder a full truck load of popcorn this time around.

Mena Arkansas's picture

"Europe Is In Danger Of Falling Apart"

Should of thought of that before you weak, cucked, spineless, globalist scum decided to join the DC ziocons and blow up the middle east, murder Gaddafi and open the floodgates to third world savages. Is Greater Israel really worth it?