Stocks Surge On Biggest Short-Squeeze Since Lehman As Bond Bloodbath Begins Again

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Before we start - this!!!


Trumponomics, a Hawkish Yellen, plunging jobless claims, and soaring housing starts sparked USD panic-bid, dumping US Treasuries, buying stocks and EM bonds, and dumping Yen and Yuan...


Some context:

  • USD Index Most Overbought since March 2015
  • USDJPY Most Overbought since June 2015
  • Dow Most Overbought since Nov 2014
  • Russell 2000 Most Overbought since Jan 2013
  • Financials SPDR (XLF) Most Overbought since April 2010
  • US Treasury Bonds (TLT) Most Oversold since June 2007

Russell 2000 (Small Caps) are up 10 straight days (since Comey 'saved' Clinton). The last time they saw a streak longer than this was June 2003 (after which it fell 6%) - Aug 2003 and Mar 2013 stalled at 10 days straight...


There's no volume now...


This is the best gain for Small Caps since the rip off the March 2009 lows...


Which is very odd given Small Caps' major sensitivity to credit markets...


This is the biggest short-squeeze since March 2009


Breadth remains dismal...


Stocks remain the only thing glowing post-Trump...



The USD Index pushed on higher after Yellen to new 13.5 year highs...


Offshore Yuan tumbled once again (9th day of last 11), falling just shy of 6.90/$... (biggest plunge in Yuan since Jan 2016)...


Yen dumped again to within a tick of 110.00...


Despite Banxico hiking rates, the Mexican peso plunged again...


It appears after a two-day respite, that the China-based selling of Treasuries is back as 30Y backs up over 3.00% once again...


Silver and gold are down post-Trump, oil is unch and copper holding gains...


As Futures roll to the Jan 17 expiry, Dec WTI tumbled back to a $44 handle into the close...

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Market meltdown Nov 16 or Nov 17
-Bo Polny


Kaiser Sousa Meltdown Moment in:



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I feel a d00sh coming on! Buy teh Bitcoinz to the m00nz birthers!



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No cuck you mothercucker! We was doing good on Bitcoin maintenance recovery program before you triggered muh!

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You've been RICK ROLLED...


TWICE in the first 10 comments

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i aint trippin...

cause its all an illusion...

just like "exceptional" quality of this DAMNED nation...


Damm, son, keep up the good work.

Only by keeping the adrenaline flowing will you be ready for what comes next, grasshopper.  

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Lots of carry trades blowing up right now along with off-book interest rate derivatives.

need lots of dollars to settle, will get much worse.

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In the near term we will learn (here on ZH) that fund managers got whacked a la the car trunk scene from God Fellas from the whipsaw moves in all the major markets as of election night.

Some how it will be bullish.

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So basically... If your life & net raison d'etre for living, depends on trading jew confetti (& thinking that qualifies as a LIVELIHOOD)


You're fucked... AGAIN!


did I leave anything out?

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I do not trade.  I do not recommend trading except for the top 10th percentile that make a living from trading.  I do buy and hold miners in the lottery ticket hope I can flip if for phyz in 2017-2018 (at 1 billion oz of silver per year I do not prescribe to the silver market drying up to zero overnight or any time soon).

as far as "jew confetti" Its easy to blame "the jews" on ZH. 

Problem -Jewish people!

It's not that simple. 

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture

If you narrow that down to delicatessens, I'll agree that it's NOT a problem... Outside of that, it's the 'ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM', and has been, across many countries, cultures, & civilizations, & has annotated history (which has not otherwise been whitewashed in the process), to prove it.

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Gold and Silver are outperforming the market YTD, especially silver... so KS got no reason to complain. 

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"Since Lehman"

"Heh, heh, heh............Hey!, That guy was on fire when he jumped!"

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They will wait until Trump is in office then pull the rug out and blame him and the unwashed masses for not listening to CNBS, PMSNBC, and Clinton News Network. 

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DryShips -84.5% on the day
Winning (not!)

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I guess those ships will stay dry for a while longer. 

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KOSHER pork chops... WHO KNEW?


That's why I come to ZH, to learn new things!

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What a waste of thread space. Totally irrelevant. Oh... this is just great (revisiting post 30 min later), and the entire page is now wasted. 

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Valid but not entirely true.  IMHO the market summary and market indicator threads here on ZH are mostly quiet and tame compared to threads related to politics.  So if there was a thread to taint make sure its the one that usually gets 50 comments or less was not a terrible strategy. 

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as bad as what you said is... the playing in traffic is CLASSIC.

had to upvote that. The rest, not so much but as a judge, the balance is UPVOTE!


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ugh. Wtf is it with zero hedge and ugly women today?

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