NATO-Member Turkey In Talks To Buy Russian Anti-Missile System While Erdogan Slams Obama

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While Europe is busy telegraphing to Putin that Russia remains a political outsider, with the most recent example coming on Friday when Swiss fighter jets shadowed a Russian government plane flying over the country, Turkey has been actively seeking to distance itself from the west and to gravitate toward a sphere of influence dominated by Russia and China. To this end, the NATO member announced it is in talks with Russia to purchase advanced S-400 long-range air defense missile systems.

Ankara previously backed out of a similar deal with China, citing Beijing’s reluctance to transfer technology although it appears Russia would have on such qualms if it means solidifying the relationship between Putin and Erdogan.

The negotiations were confirmed by Turkish Defense Minister Fikri Isik, who said on Friday that Russia’s attitude toward the potential deal was positive. Undersecretary of Defense Industries Ismail Demir had earlier said Turkey was prepared to work with “any interested party,” including Russia and China, on developing its long-range air defense capabilities.

“We have already made clear that we will be in cooperation with countries and companies that would lend support to us throughout this process. We have said our doors are open and that we are willing to cooperate,” he said, as cited by Hurriyet Daily.

According to RT, Turkey intends to spend $3.4 billion to develop a domestic long-range anti-missile shield. In a similar tender in 2013, Russia’s S-400 system competed with US-made Patriot PAC-3, European SAMP/T Aster 30 and China’s FD-2000 systems – the export version of HQ-9 – was won by the Chinese bid. However, the deal which sparked concern among other NATO members over compatibility issues and potential ramifications for Turkey’s contribution to the alliance, stalled and was ultimately cancelled in 2015. The contract discussions reportedly broke down because Ankara and Beijing couldn’t agree on the transfer of technology, which Turkey sees as crucial for having a domestic defense industry capable of servicing all national needs independently from foreign nations. Furthermore, at the time some alleged the China deal was meant by Turkey as a strategic ploy to attain a more favorable position in negotiations with European and American suppliers.

Other critics said that “To expect a country that relies on NATO for more than half of its radar data to invest billions in a missile defense system that is not compatible with this infrastructure was not sensible,” researchers Mustafa Kibaroglu and Selim Sazak wrote on

However, the impetus to launch another push for a missile shield was prompted in August of 2015 when Ankara was angered by the US decision to withdraw Patriot missiles from Turkey’s border with Syria - a move which some speculated was in retaliation for Turkish attacks on Kurdish militia forces which remain US allies in the war against ISIS - which had been deployed in 2013 to protect Turkey from a possible cross-border attack. That, and having to rely on other NATO members for anti-missile protection, forced Erdogan to once again seek military cooperation with either China or Russia.

* * *

Meanwhile, the deteriorating relations between Turkey and the US was put on display once again, when Turkey's leader Erdogan slammed the Obama administration, accusing it of failing to take the threats Turkey is facing seriously, including the war in Syria and resulting inflow of refugees, adding he has become “disillusioned’ with US policy in the region.

We have addressed these issues; discussed them with President Obama and Vice President Biden. They failed to rise to the occasion and handle these issues seriously. This is quite upsetting for us,” Recep Tayyip Erdogan told CBS' 60 minutes in an interview which will be aired later this week.

“Let me be very frank in my remarks. I’ve been known for my candor. I wouldn’t speak the truth if I said I was not disillusioned, because I am disillusioned,” he added.

This latest attack on the Obama administration took place as Turkey announced it would scrap the office of prime minister in a historic switch under a government-backed proposal for a new presidential system, in which Erdogan is effectively the only center of political power. Forestry and Water Affairs Minister Veysel Eroglu said there would be one and possibly two vice presidents under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the new format, which is expected to be submitted to a referendum next year. "There won't be prime ministry in the new system," he told the state-run news agency Anadolu.

Erdogan’s mounting concerns may be addressed, however,  by the incoming Trump administration as some of the priorities voiced in the Republican president-elect’s campaign, such as stemming the uncontrolled influx of refugees and ramping up the fight against terrorists in Syria, are in line with the Turkish leader’s.

Finally, in what may be a watershed event for US-Turkey relations under Trump, Michael Flynn, who is slated to lead the Pentagon under President Trump, has also argued that the US should not provide safe haven to Gulen, whom Flynn has called a radical Islamist pretending to be a moderate. As a reminder, Gulen has been accused by Erdogan of masterminding July’s failed military coup in Turkey, while Washington has criticized Turkey’s crackdown on alleged members of the Gulen movement that has followed the coup.

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Dre4dwolf's picture

The last thing you want to do is arm Turkey, very mentally unstable country, they have never really evolved past the supremacist ideology of the 40s.

Griffin's picture

Obama has a arsenal of nukes over there. Hardly the most clever foreign policy in the history of the US.

Billy the Poet's picture

The despicable Erdogan who rules strategically important Turkey has brilliantly positioned himself so that both Russia and the US must play suitor to him. I believe that may explain why Gen. Flynn (who had outted Turkey as a sponsor of ISIS while heading DIA) has published this odd commentary:

Our ally Turkey is in crisis and needs our support

By Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (R), contributor - 11/08/16 05:46 PM EST

We must begin with understanding that Turkey is vital to U.S. interests. Turkey is really our strongest ally against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), as well as a source of stability in the region.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Shoot down one of their planes, then buy their missiles, umm, okie dokie

rmopf2010's picture

Vlad Putin saved Erdogan ass during the coup, you know who was behing it ??, don't tell you buy that expat old man story?

wolfnipplechips's picture

Guess what? Who cares! Trump is about to clue these fvks in that we don't give two shits about it anymore. Syria is tempting, but the smart move is to keep the fuck away.

francis scott falseflag's picture


The expat old man story is the same story as the CIA story.

BigJim's picture

It seems to me that Russia's SAM technology is one of the major stumbling blocks to the Anglo-American empire.

How's this for some tin-foil speculation... Erdogan stages a coup. He purges everyone who looks like he might stand up to him. He demands the US extradite Gulen, who is pretty obviously not guilty, and the US refuses. Turkey pretends to be anti-US. Turkey buys the S-400. Turkey then "remembers" it's a member of NATO... and lets them pull it apart and analyse it.

LiteBeeer's picture

ErDog did not stage anything. It was by CIA-Gulen, the sunni-islamist arm sharing the control of Turkey. ErDog is the official other arm, a crypto Sunni-Wahabi-SaudiArabic-islamist mixed with turkish-mohammedan-culture, who are 50% of the population. The coup failed, becuase the General in lead was shot right at the beginning and the infantry that is mainland sunni faction which ErDog is part of, did not support it.

ErDog was to be removed, since he did not live up to his contract. He failed in Syria, thus causing the refugee crisis, which was never intended, as it woke up Europe and the US to the islamic threat, thus BrExit, and now Trump-win. He is not controllable anymore. He caused damage to the cause of NWO.

After the failed coup things went more the opposite direction for the NWO (BrExit, Trump-win). Papa Bush was wrong. Now ErDog and his supporting folks are pumping themselves up uncontrolledly until self-destruction.

TradingTroll's picture

I like how he plays his cards.

Over to you Erdogan. Is the US as important to you?

Billy the Poet's picture

He's crafty all right. Can't say that I like the man.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Billy the Poet Nov 19, 2016 8:18 PM

As soon as Erdogan got the Chinese manual on their missile defense system he said, "We'll never figure out how to fire this thing if everything is written in these little chinc symbols!"


Griffin's picture

Turkey is turning into a Islamic state.

Hopefully the  Russians is smart enough not to sell Turkey any weapons of any sort. If they do, then they are not much smarter than Obama.



LiteBeeer's picture

Turkey is the biblical 8th beast (turkic-mohammedan). It's of the 7th beast that is islam (arab-mohammedans), which received a death wound by Ataturk abolishing the caliphate. The 7th beast remnant is still around, lead by Saudi Arabia spread across those many arab countries. Why do you think did Obama bow down to the now deceased king of the Saud? Moslims are the folks who are empowering both 7th/8th beasts. ErDog is the embodyment to revive the caliphate.

The 6th beast was the pagan Roman christianity, which today is continued by Vatican and the Pope. Catholics are empowering this one.

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Billy the Poet Nov 19, 2016 5:02 PM

Thanks for the link to that article written by Gen. Flynn.

I think Erdogan is a snake and should be kicked to the fucking curb by the west and by NATO, JMO.

I don't have a problem with Turkey, per se, but I have serious doubts about Erdogan who is working hard to consolidate power and become Supreme Ruler of Turkey (probably for life). This is not going to end well.

francis scott falseflag's picture


So you are arguing that the reptilian Erdogan have a snake fight with the reptilian Jens Stoltenberg and the 28


doo doos that follow him around.  


NATO is a million times worse than Erdogan and Turkey could ever hope to become.


I say all this as a fan of Russia and Putin, who has seen the NATO build up of 60,000 troops at Russia's western border.


Mr. Pain's picture

It seems Turkey is kicking our illusterous leader to the side of the curb. Can't say I blame him. The USA fucks up everything it touches.

francis scott falseflag's picture


Ah, Gen. Flynn's "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Coup."


A renown musical masterpiece.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

...'our strongest ally against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS)'

this is what you wrote you faggot. The US sponsors terrorists, get it into your stupid faggot head, your gov is THE PROBLEM.

LiteBeeer's picture

The Cabal is practicing satanic Kaballah. It is the Kaba and Allah. The kaba is the cube in english that every moslim is directedly bowing down to 5 times a day. All is Luciferian, satanist. They are all empowered by the devil and serve him. As Obama backwards said: "thank you satan, thank you satan", which for us sounded "yes we can, yes we can". Or he also said backwardly "serve satan, serve satan" as we heard "let me express, let me express".

Billy the Poet's picture

this is what you wrote you faggot.

But I didn't write that. I cut and pasted it from the linked article by Flynn. 

As for US sponsorship of terrorists, that was also revealed by Flynn in the 2012 DIA report. I've quoted it here often.

Regarding your assertion about my government being the problem, as a voluntaryist I often sum up a post with the words, "Government is the problem."


KimAsa's picture

Or past 1915 when they wiped out the Armenians. And still deny it to this day. Fuckers.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Sadly, the Kardashian's survived. Maybe some one can jump on that?

KimAsa's picture

Don't blame us Armenians for the Kardashians. That said, probably why its marital offshoot (Kanye West) would have voted for Trump. Every Armenian I know and every Armenian in my family voted for Trump. And they are life long Dems. They know what Heinous and company did to Syria and Libya. I still have relatives stuck in Aleppo. God bless them. :-(

Oushar toutyoonere Trump! Yes kizie g'sirem.

Seb's picture

Or when they used atomic bombs against some Japanese cities.

KimAsa's picture

Yeah. Million and a half Armenians died at the hands of the Turkish triumvirate. Nice try.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Turkey did not exist as a state at that time, the Turks were also fighting for independence from the ottoman empire. Wiped out eh? Sure are a lot of them around to tell you about it! Just like a certain other tribe, pre-war 15 million of them, 6 million killed, 15.5 million of them afterward, yes that makes sense.

Billy the Poet's picture

The Ottoman Empire was established by Turks, its heart was in Turkey and it is sometimes called the Turkish Empire or Ottoman Turkey. They controlled a lot of territory for people whose main ambition was to sit on the sofa with their feet up.

LiteBeeer's picture

Imams called moslims, who are deceived by satan, to kill Armenians. And likewise the Catholicos, the orthodox leader, called the othodox, who also are deceived by satan, to kill moslims. Sad that up to 1.5 million on both sides ended up dead for serving satan.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

What The Fuck Are You Talking About?

Have you ever been there? A mentally unstable country?

Do you generalise much?

Mirror, look in in it sometime you 'exceptional' fucking prick(ess). What a fucking prick you are.

OliverAnd's picture

I have travelled to Turkey a few times.  I have driven throughout Turkey from East to West, North to South.  Konstantinople and not Istanbul is clearly not Turkish.  It's very Greek despite Islam trying to erase it.  In fact anything worth while visiting in Turkey is Greek.  Even the Mosques in Turkey are smaller replicas of Hagia Sophia.  Even the Blue Mosque's architect was Greek.  Without military training you do not want to travel east of Trabzon and south along the Iranian, Iraqi and Syrian border.  The country is divided into three parts.  Along the Aegean sea, including Konstantinople the Turks are more European friendly.  East of this Eskisehir things become very Islamic.  Very hard core Islamic.  It is no surprise that Erdogan gets most of his support from this region.  The third area lies south of Aksaray/Malatya where it truely is Kurdistan.  It is Kurdistan.  I haven't even touched upon the illegal occupation of northern Cyprus...  Yeah the country is unstable.

LiteBeeer's picture

Almost all of the biblical 7 churches are in Turkey. Ataturk is born from one of those, say Thessaloniki. He must have gotten some message from Jesus. Islam however is there to serve satan and to kill and destroy true christianity. That's why mohammedans hate Ataturk, who abolished the caliphate.

gladih8r's picture

These systems will be sold off to the CIA for "research" as soon as Erdogan gets all chummy with the CIA again.  Money talks.  I hope Putin knows that.

francis scott falseflag's picture


Whatever you know, figure Putin knows ten thousand times more.


I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Maybe he'll leave Russia open to attack from the war-mongering US pricks, yeah sure. Grow up, you stupid prick.

navy62802's picture

Another Obama foreign policy success!

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) navy62802 Nov 19, 2016 5:06 PM

Winner! Not!

Just saw a story about APAC and Obama is acting like TPP is still on the table. China is making their own deals. Obama doesn't even realize that much of the world views him as incompetent and irrelevant and is basically laughing at him either directly or behind his back.

Erdogan turning towards Russia, at this time, is not accidental.

Never One Roach's picture

The USA economy is in shambles and Hussein's foreign policy is a total failure.


Trump/Pence have a yuuuuge clean up job ahead of them.

VIS MAIOR's picture

Best news in last months..   i want see stoltenberg and others neo cons and slavic haters face )) YES!

blueRidgeBoy's picture

Kick Turkey out of NATO now before it's too late

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) blueRidgeBoy Nov 19, 2016 5:08 PM

I have been saying that NATO should kick Turkey to the curb for several years. There is no time like the present.

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Kick NATO out of Turkey yes that's about right. Cunt.

LiteBeeer's picture

It's obvious that NATO will have it's way with Turkey when Russia allows it, after having used it strategically against the NWO threat through NATO itself. Putin did not rescue ErDog for no reason.

Griffin's picture

It seems that Turks that rape children will be in the clear, as long as they marry them afterwards.



Billy the Poet's picture

This law applies to cases in which a male of legal age has consensual sex with a female not yet of legal age. In the US couples in such consensual relationships can be separated by the imprisonment of the male. If such a policy had been historically enforced in the US my grandfather and grandmother who married at the respective ages of nineteen and fifteen would have been separated by prison walls rather than having spent 62 years together and I would not exist.

OliverAnd's picture

Remember legal age in Turkey is 17 not 18.  So if a 13 year old gives consent to a 50 year old he can sleep with her and not go to jail if he marries her and continues sleeping with at 13 years old?  Seriously Billy you are smarter than that are you not?

LiteBeeer's picture

All preperations for sharia law in new Turkey. Afterall, mohammad fvcked a 9 years old after 3 years of "thying" her without taking her virginity.

BTW mohammad was married over 20 years to a catholic nun before that.