Drugs Are Killing More Americans Than Road Crashes

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So much for the so-called 'war on drugs'... The United States has been gripped by a heroin and opiate epidemic with user numbers recently hitting a 20 year high.

In 2014, the number of U.S. heroin users passed the million mark with deaths from overdoses rising steeply. And as Statista's Niall McCarthy writes, drugs are now killing substantially more Americans every year than car crashes.

In 2004, 30,711 deaths were drug related compared to 42,836 in
motor vehicle accidents. A decade later, drug-induced deaths reached
49,714 while road crash deaths fell to 32,675.

Infographic: Drugs Are Killing More Americans Than Road Crashes  | Statista
You will find more statistics at Statista

As well as the cheap suppy of heroin, legistlation aimed at eliminating prescription opioid abuse has actually added to the problem. It involved changing the texture of the pills to make them more difficult to crush and inject into the bloodstream. That move made people shift over to heroin in droves. New and deadlier drugs such as Fentanyl are also adding to the overdose epidemic. 50 times more potent than heroin, Fentanyl has created an overdose spike in several north-eastern states and has been named as the drug that killed pop singer Prince earlier this year.

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turnball the banker (not verified) Nov 20, 2016 10:35 PM

Anyone that takes drugs are a simple weak minded imbecile

Au_Ag_CuPbCu's picture

Hmmm, there is a very convenient and simplistic view....oh and "Anyone"..."is"...not "are."

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Auto accidents are probably down because traffic is so bad no-one can go over 15 milesper hour.

Dug deaths are probably up because more people are using them because of the stress of traffic.

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So much for the US military being directed to help Afghan farmers grow poppies to "stop the Taliban".

Manthong's picture

It’s indeed a good thing that Bush and the CIA reestablished the poppy business in Afghanistan so that more Americans can space out and get addicted to quality heroin at an affordable price.



armageddon addahere's picture

Don't forget to thank Obama for pardoning his drug dealer friends. Nearly a thousand pardons so far, more than any other President, many of them convicted of selling drugs.

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this one is so easy it's laughable there is still discussion: portugal did away with all criminal prohibitions on drugs and its death rate went to zero.  a better way, imo, is treat them all like alcohol, a pretty nasty drug as drugs go.  regulate quality and strength, tax, still prohibit to the underage and no overuse with vehicles, etc.



mr. president elect?  here's some really bad government regulation to repeal.

put the dea in charge of bankster related crime.  or 9-11 investigations.  or littering.  serious offenses.


MonetaryApostate's picture

If you actually take the time to observe what goes on in and around major retail stores (like Chinmart, Cosco, Dollar Generals, etc), you'll find that the women seem to be coming and going continually, also watch those Vietnamese nail salons, same story, and the zombie cokehead women are a plenty I tell ya!  You can see it in their faces, I'd say at least 90% of the women I see are doing that sh!t!

Joe Davola's picture

Clearly shows there aren't enough people using the autopilot feature on their Tesla!

CNONC's picture

And store front churches, African hair braiding shops, and used tire dealers.

JRobby's picture

The DEA are not sophisticated investigators.

wren's picture

There was NEVER a war on drugs. War implies we went in and blew away the dope dealers. No, we had a police action against drugs. Now name one police action we ever won in hostile territory?

Also, the real solution is outlawing the manufacture of the drugs used to make meth, and alternative drugs to heroin. God forbid pharmaceutical companies get shut down for killing thousands to millions. I wonder how much Sudafed has made off of meth cooks.

There never was a war on drugs, but there needs to be a war on pharmaceutical companies that supply the drug trade.

disc_golfer's picture

Let me get this straight... So we are willing as a nation to trash the constitution, bring in NDAA, create Homeland Security and the TSA, and go to endless war in the middle east, over a few thousand supposed deaths in the faker-than-hell 9/11 story.  How then are we willing to allow 30,000-40,000 road deaths per year without completely shutting down our highways? That over 1000% more preventable deaths than 9/11 and it happens every year!

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

I read recently that 98% of all deaths occur within 25 miles from home....

So I'm moving.

[Badabooom! Tish!!!!]


My house goes into escrow tomorrow here in SoCal. Just in time too. Obama is moving to Rancho Mirage.

There goes the neighborhood.

[Da-Boom!] Thankyou,thankyou.


 I'm planning on moving to the Florida "Big Bend" area.

I wonder if I qualify for the refugee resettlement program.

[smattering of polite applause]

Thankyouthankyou.., no please, you're too kind! Thank you!

Doña K's picture

8 out of 10 commercials on TV are for new drugs turning Americans into hypochondriacs and addicts.


bobert727's picture

and why is it that the names of all those drugs end in a vowel?

Ignatius's picture

There's a marketing reason, whatever it is.

Oh regional Indian's picture

Because the tribe controls the drug trade, legal and illegal and a Vowel is a VOW to EL....check out who said EL is....

CNONC's picture

vocalis, vocal letter.  Does history come from "his story"?  Does picnic come from "pick a nigger"? 

Ex-Oligarch's picture

The data in the article above come courtesy of final-voweled Statista, which definitely sounds like it should be a drug.

Shropshire Lad's picture

Hundreds of thousands die in the US every year from the poisonous side effects of pharmaceutical drugs.  This is the major cause of "avoidable" deaths. 

SilverSavant's picture

Allmost all prescrption drug use is a mistake.   Do these drugs work?  Yes, like using a Chainsaw to cut butter. These drugs kill the great majority of the elderly and ruins their health while it kills them.   But what is the alternative?   That requires education and discipline, two things the drug manufacturers do their best to prevent.  Your body has a built in doctor that works best.   As long as you eat what it needs to effect repairs and then don't do other things to interfere, it will keep you in perfect health as much as is possible when living in a world of changing conditions.   One then has to learn what the nutritional needs are and what are the things that interfere with health.

ut unidentif gs


Fish Gone Bad's picture

I thought he bought a couple $kazillion mansion in Dubai as well.

Perimetr's picture

One trillion dollars worth of heroin comes out of Afghanistan every year.  Zero tons came out before the US/NATO took over the country.

This is an industrial level of production, which is being run by the CIA.  The drugs are shipped to NATO bases in Serbia and Turkey.  From there they go all over the world, including to the US; most of the heroin coming here originates in Afghanistan.

The big banks launder the money and get their cut of $200 billion a year.  

The CIA uses the rest to run its wars, to buy politicians, media, arms, etc etc.  

It is not the war on drugs, rather it is 

War funded by drugs.

Treason Season's picture

"One trillion dollars..." Where do you get that figure from? Are those HK $'s?

Ex-Oligarch's picture

"Zero tons came out before the US/NATO took over the country"

This would only a slight exaggeration if you refer to the CIA covert operations beginning in 1979.

However, it is wrong if you refer to the 2001 US/NATO war.  

A Nanny Moose's picture

A bigger cause of traffic accidents is shitty, government built roads.

perikleous's picture

traffic death was going down due to safety measures on vehicles (airbag/anti crush zones/HSS)

Drug deaths rising due to War on Drugs!

Yes its the WOD that makes natural plants (natures medical remedies for ailments) being banned/criminalised is forcing the dependence on black market and research chemicals to be used to "cure their issues"

If natural plant remedies (cannabis/poppy/coca/cactus/mushroom etc etc) were allowed and supplied/taxed by govt around the world, the issues would fix themselves!

The "fake drugs" synthetic RC "spice,meth,syn fentanyl,bath salts, syn LSD substitutes etc etc" would not excist

If these markets were created the crime rate to obtain drugs would end and massive jobs would be created and filled which would eliminate much of the pain people experience (financial depression)

The taxes and cost cutting of DEA/FBI/local police/prison-probation system would ease the budget of govt and people would be better off

perikleous's picture

I haven't even touched on those murdered in drug war by each other,police and cartels/gangs

not dead yet's picture

Nice bunch of crap there. Most people do drugs for recreation just like the morons who like to go out and get drunk. Then they eventually get hooked and they need the booze and or drugs just to function. That old saw that people are hurting so they turn to drugs is out of the drug dealers play book for getting all drugs legalized. Same with the pure crap that most of the drug problem is big pharma and the docs writing too many scrips. Americans want their recreational drugs and booze. They want to party and get laid like there is no tommorrow. We rank colleges for their parties. I'm sure the snowflakes are doing plenty of drugs as they they have this aversion to even slightest bit of reality they need something to keep them in lala land in between having tantrums over nothing. Most people who are hurting financially are that way because they spent all their money on booze and or drugs. With all the food stamps and other assistance available, especially for kids, there should be no kid going hungry. It's either complete bullshit or their parents took their food stamps and other assistance and bought booze or drugs and the kid should be removed from the household. So what we really have in the US of A is millions of people people wanting to get high, stoned, or drunk while having a good time and eventually turning into addicts. Legalizing drugs will make the problem far worse, history has shown us that, but we have no choice. Americans want their drugs so let them have them and let them pay the piper when the time comes. No cash no naxolene for your overdose. Cold turkey or die. Realize you have a problem but can't afford rehab suffer and die. You thought it was fun on the upside so suffer the downside. Of course the politically correct SJW bleeders will call these idiots victims and we should feel sorry for them and use our hard earned tax dollars to help them so they can go back to drinking and drugging. Clint called it, a nation of pussies.


The amount of recreational drugs consumed in this country is huge. The beer and booze makers are doing great. Same with the cigarette companies. Yet we constanly hear Americans have no money yet they have the cash to pony up for beer, booze, blow, and butts. Even the teeny boppers have plenty of cash for ecstacy and other drugs at their raves and concerts.

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turnball the banker (not verified) Au_Ag_CuPbCu Nov 20, 2016 11:05 PM

What about anybody?

wisehiney's picture

Sex. Drugs. Late nights.

You may be reading the first four words of my memoir. Or you could be simply listing three things that show signs of being a genius, according to various studies. 

Mustafa Kemal's picture

i like my coffee in the morning

and my whiskey at night

Elco the Constitutionalist's picture
Elco the Constitutionalist (not verified) turnball the banker Nov 20, 2016 11:14 PM

Considering your understanding of the Brain/Mind, it is apparent that you can be a weak minded imbecile without taking drugs. Congratulations.

turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Elco the Constitutionalist Nov 20, 2016 11:37 PM

Mind oer matter

Xena fobe's picture

Hope you never see an elderly relative live in constant pain because the DEA has terrorized MDs out of prescribing pain meds.  I have no use for druggies either but the feds go too far. 

Orly's picture

And by the way, there is a cannabis derivative that is completely legal in all states.  It is cannabidiol, or CBD.

The compound is extracted from hemp (the real reason the war on cannabis was started in the US...) and does not contain the psychoactve ingredient THC.  CBD attaches itself to the CB-1 receptors in the brain and CB-2 receptors in the gut the same as THC but not as strongly.  So, you get a lot of the benefit but none of the pesky side effects of having to get high from medicine.


This is an excellent product.

I am in no way affiliated with, nor will I benefit from this company.


AlexCharting's picture

The problem with drugs is the chamical compounds.... not who sells it. 

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

What I see day to day, prescription drugs are far worse.


SixIsNinE's picture

yes - noted the US actress & model, 52 yrs old, last week committed suicide, in the article it stated she was on prescription ANTI-depressants.


go to MAPS.org to listen to US veteran soldiers testimony of healing of PTSD with Ecstasy therapy. Very encouraging.
Billions of Human Experiences with this miracle nutrient and DEA/FDA still makes us go through their obstacles to get this to humanity.

Heavy's picture

There's that les claypool song about that...

Resistance Is Hope's picture

Ugh dude all the psychedelics and even the purest mdma have loads of  negative side effects. I know. I've done practically all of them. HPPD, holes in memory, attention span shredded, and so many neuroses.  I'm lucky, I got out. Ecstasy causes ptsd. the post drug experience is unbelievably horrible. I've seen ecstasy destroy the souls of better men. ecstasy desensitizes the brain to serotonin and other major neurochemicals. Absolutely addicting. once you tweak the sensitivity of the neurotransmitters, they never go back to normal. research HPPD. MAPS has an agenda as deep as the ocean, they are sneaky bastards who will never tell the truth about drugs.

If the veterans just live in the country, grow a little garden, have a good dog, work hard, pray, believe in God, hunt and fish, they will be absolutely fine with no side effects. It's the veterans trying to fit into the cities or suburbs in the dishonorable nihilistic consumerist self-destructive NWO-directedmatriarchy that pushes them over the edge. 

PacOps's picture
evidence-based approach to relieving symptoms of PTSD and major depression and developing greater resilience to stress. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26741477
espirit's picture

Dear Miffed,

You are allowed to be much more outspoken here at ZH,

but I'm also reticent.

Mediocritas's picture

"A Scanner Darkly" pretty much nailed it (with a little poetic license).

The real drug dealers are in NY & DC

not dead yet's picture

That may be what you see day to day but the amount of illegal drugs consummed in this country makes prescription drugs a drop in the bucket. It's illegal stuff like heroin and crack that has destroyed inner cities. I ran into a woman who worked in the cop shop in northern Wisconsin, not exactly mainstream, who said heroin was an epidemic up there. Plenty of accounts of heroin epidemics all over the country. What you see is just a tiny tiny slice of America in your job. Wall Street and the cesspool on the Potomic, Washington DC, are the cocaine captials of the US with the use by the educated and successful, until they burn out. Lately we have the press glorifying cocaine claiming cocaine makes you more creative and productive.