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With raw newsflow in the financial, political, economic and geopolitical realms hurtling ever faster - scrambling toward some yet unknown climax - facilitated by a world that has never been more interconnected, and where the noise to signal ratio (especially over the past few months courtesy of certain... events) has hit unprecedented levels, sometimes we get so focused on trying to share our own, unique (we hope) vision and take on things, that we lose connection, and direct communication, with the only thing that really matters for this little project: our readers.

That would be you.

Without you, dear reader, this website would not exist.

The truth is that while we always try to represent, interpret and explain events as they happen objectively and in real time (a challenge which at times is literally painful) we may not get everything right or accurate, but we try.

We try to do as well as we can within the confines of our modest staffing, infrastructure and financial capabilities. Unlike media behemoths and "titans" of industry, many of whom have infinitely more in resources and outside "access", our growth is only possible if you - dear reader - keep coming back. Incidentally, and contrary to various amusing rumors, Zero Hedge does not, and has never had any financial, political, or any other affiliation or relation to an external entity or organization; no we are not funded by the KGB, no we are not on Trump's secret payroll, no we have never raised one dollar of outside funding. From day one, all our revenue has been through advertising, and your kind donations.

Which, simply stated, means that we write what we believe in, even if it is ultimately proven to be dead wrong. And always remember: there is no such thing as "absolute truth."

Which is not to say readers should accept everything, or anything, at face value. Quite the contrary: as we have warned since the very start, our main intention, while informing readers, has been to make them think critically - to present a different side to things, even if it is ultimately dead wrong. For pete's sake, this a blog after all, not some established pillar of the fourth estate with editors, sub-editors, reporters, journalists, crossword puzzle makers, back office, and so forth. 

This should be nothing new: for those still unfamiliar, here is a brief excerpt from our "full disclosure" policy, which we hope most of you are familiar with:

The reality is, critical readers should read analytic posts and the rest of Zero Hedge with the blanket assumption that the author is totally "conflicted."  (Phrased more logically, that the author stands to benefit from being right- imagine that).  This turns the conversation to the content, and away from the author, the author's biography and the contents of their IRA account / blind trust.  This (the content) is, of course, where the focus should be.  If you think otherwise you might be one of those people who thinks it was a good idea for a news program hosted by Dan Rather, and where viewers spend 66% of the non-commercial time watching his mug, to be in HDTV.  If you still get something out of our writing with the assumption that we are invested in our position and stand to gain personally from you believing us, well, we've done our job.  If not, then our being "unconflicted" isn't going to change the fact that we have a weak argument or poorly reasoned prose.  At least, if you're not one of the "optics" idiots.


People, you don't test a safe under ideal conditions for the safe and call it good.  You test it with all the advantages to the burglar.  And then you let the burglar cheat.  If it still remains closed after that, then it's secure.

We wrote the above in 2009. In light of the recent unprecedented implosion of trust in the "mainstream", it has never been more relevant, and we bring it up because in recent weeks the tension between the so called "mainstream" and "alternative" medias has never been greater.  Perhaps that's a good thing.

However, no matter how the growing conflict within the fourth estate turns out, we would like you - our reader - to know that we have survived this long, nearly eight years since our modest start in January 2009, in the process clocking in nearly three billion page views, because of your faith in us and the fact that you - for whatever reason - keep coming back.

And for that, from the entire tiny staff here at Zero Hedge, we thank you.

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Lynx Dogood's picture

Cheers! You do us deplorables a great service.

Much Thanks!



Truther's picture

Way to go Tylers.... Great job keeping us all informed.

Thanks to you.

max2205's picture

Mucho grasias!    Big fan

----_-'s picture

i forgive tylers endless clickbait shitposts. at least it keeps this site free

MANvsMACHINE's picture

Thank you Tylers. I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.

1) how many of you are there?
2) what is the criteria for blocking an ID? My first ID got blocked and I didn't say anything that warranted a ban.

Thanks again.

Draybin Deffercon III's picture
Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) MANvsMACHINE Nov 24, 2016 7:36 PM

Thank you for not banning muh and sending muh back to teh retard-0-sphere.

Joe Davola's picture

You guys 'fake' it pretty well!

Keyser's picture

ZH provides a glimpse of truth in a sea of lies told by the MSM... Long live ZH  and keep up the good work... We are with you... 

SafelyGraze's picture

"there is no such thing as absolute truth."

wow. that is absolutely true.


NoDebt's picture

"In light of the recent unprecedented implosion of trust in the "mainstream", it has never been more relevant, and we bring it up because in recent weeks the tension between the so called "mainstream" and "alternative" medias has never been greater.  Perhaps that's a good thing."

It is a good thing.

I believe in anthing that rougly resembles "stand and deliver", which you do, Tyler.  

I don't always agree with you.  I probably never will.  

But for a site that's basically run/overseen by two guys (used to be three, but we won't get into that again), the level of objectivity, thoroughness and attention to detail is professional in ever sense of the word.  I don't know how it works as well as it does, frankly, but it still works.  You punch way above your weight class.

Suggestion: Reply more to readers' posts in your own articles, take commeters to task like you did in the old days.  Bring back "fight club".  Be more invested in what you post, defend it, explain it, advocate for it, kick some ass down in the trenches with us plebes.  You posted up some replies in a thread the other night and it was... refreshing.  Felt right.  Been a LOT of years since I've seen that on ZH.  Do more of that.  DO.  MORE.  OF.  THAT.




Arnold's picture

In general terms, I agree with NoDebt.


If you are making some coin with it, keep up the good show.ald

balolalo's picture

this post sounds like a hedge. 

especially when the TYLERS backed who might be the biggest charlatan in history. 

TRUMP, an oligarch about to have a four-year American Fire Sale for other oligarchs.


Mr. Universe's picture

Yes Sir, because those other choices were sooo good. Think about it, the entire GOP having several years to come up with a plan to retake the White House and they get out maneuvered by Donald Trump, WTF?

balolalo's picture

yeah the GOP got outmaneuvered...   reince priebus is the chief of staff.

naive.  so naive. 


nmewn's picture

Lets not turn a note of appreciation from the Tylers to the fans of ZH and their message of, we should always at least try to think critically, even though its highly likely that will impinge on our own comforting cognitive dissonance into yet another political spat BUT...

...you just witnessed the implosion of the two major political party's (LBJ's dimocrat party and JD Rockefeller's rethuglican party) as viable national forces over the span of a mere eight years.

This is not to say that the people died and are no longer among the living (only those party's died) because they betrayed the trust of the people who were loyal to them for a variety of reasons. 

For that you should be eternally grateful, I know I am as there is nothing more revealing or satisfying than seeing Keith X Ellison (lol) being touted as the newest messiah to replace Debbie Wassername-Schultz in leading those particular stray dogs & cats out of their political wildernesses ;-)


EscapeKey's picture

what is all this faggot talk

get back to work, tyler, bringing us more news fused with glorious entertainment value

(thanks, though!)


on a related note - what haoppened to ghordius? i rarewly agreed with him, but we had some good debates

AmandaFawndel's picture

Trump voters are just too smart to be fooled by the ashkeNAZI jew run media!

MANvsMACHINE's picture

I would add that annoying fuckers who use multiple aliases like...

Aristotle of Greece
Yippee Kiyay
SumTing Wong
King Tut
Holy hand grenade of Antioch

Need to be banned for life.

* credit to philipat for the list.

Tall Tom's picture





Francis_Sawyer never runs multiple accounts. He reincarnates...What an idiot. He is on incarnation Number 27 by my count.


espirit and rp2016 do not run multiple acciunts. Neither does InTheLandOfTheBlind. i can tell you more about these people than you will ever know.


Tyler...Free Frrancis_Sawyer and please put that issue to rest. Thanks.

EscapeKey's picture

was he the idiot who regularly compiled and posted his "best of my comments"?

i can think of few dipshits worse than him

Tall Tom's picture



Freedom of Speech and the Press is good.


Using it to libel...No...Liberty does not imply the freedom to wrongfully accuse.


Parrotting phillipat, another idiot who refuses to take warranted correction, just demonstrates an impoverishment of critical thinking. That is the difference between being ignorant, which is corrected by accepting valid information, and stupidity. You cannot cure stupid.


Oh I can think of worse too. This is a minor irritant.

44magnum's picture

You must be some type of a government employee(which government?). BAN, make a law, stop,prevent. Why don't you just pass over those users comments if they bother you SO MUCH? I'm sick of having to scroll through philipats Bull shit and his follows too they add nothing but more annoyance.

Zerohedge keep up the good work. Thank you

thistooshallpass's picture

Thank you, 44! The incessant whining and begging for bans has me wanting to fast pitch tissue boxes repeatedly at philipat and his fanclub. Their comments are far more worthless than those they point their crybaby fingers at.  Is it not paInfully obvious that the last thing this site's (politically aware) readers crave is more censorship?


Thank you, ZeroHedge, for  the difference of opinion. The chat crew alone has gotten me through some very long days. Hope the winter treats you all well.

Freddie's picture

Keep up the good work Tylers aka bitches!  ;-)

Thanks for all you have done in 2016 and in the past.  Keep trying to get the truth out there to the masses of people in many countries.

vato poco's picture

Cheers to the Tylers and many thanks for everything. Quick question, guys: por que no swag? I dunno, maybe you guys are all billionaires and don't need the cash/hassle, but....speaking just for my family & small circle of friends, that's 15? 18? T-shirts, sweatshirts, etc right there. With re-ups every couple of years. C'mon, guys: sell us some shirts & hats. We LIKE y'all. We LIKE the logo. If nothing else, it's an icebreaker for beginning the process of helping the scales fall from the eyes of the blind/uninformed/stupid. 

And if y'all don't need the money, well.....charity? fund to retire the national debt? college scholarships for particularly nubile strippers? There must be SOMEthing out there....

Nunya Bidness Gogl's picture

http://www.cafepress.com/zerohedge ("store" link)

http://www.zerohedge.com/article/zero-hedge-logo-tee ("T-shirt" link)

(found these under the "more" heading, above, along with the manifesto)

highly debtful's picture

Hear, hear, ND, couldn't have said it better myself. And, Tylers, if you ever start with that platinum readership shit, I've got a first candidate for you: recently, I've heard some crazy guy pledge he would invite your US based customers in his neck of the woods for an informal get-together should some other crazy guy win the US presidential elections. Talk about someone working on your customer loyalty. 

NoDebt's picture

I heard that.  I'm working on it.  That idea isn't dead.

Nobody For President's picture

No Debt has it right, Tyler(s) - thanks for the immense amount of time and effort, but I would like to see you down in the trenchs more often as well (and more technical how the market really works liken 4-5 year ago).

But ZH is on of the things I gave thanks for today...

Ghordius's picture

@Tylers: and thanks to you

@NoDebt: you just stated that ZH is "run/overseen by two guys, used to be three", and you seem to think that ZH is a "good thing". Fine.

but then, you ask for... moar

philosophically, I disagree with you. More of a good thing is not necessarily better. In fact, I always felt that ZH channels this feeling, too: MOAR, MOAR, MOAR is not better, just because. We all have to consume just to live, so that we all are consumers, in varying degrees (participating to an internet blog is that, too), but hyperconsumism is one of the scourges of the world. Moar, "growth", etc. can debilitate, can kill. Like a dozen bottles of spirits instead of one. Like moar spending because, just because. And so on

besides, Tylers showing up less gives you more space to kick ass, doesn't it? You don't need Tylers, imo ;-)

NoDebt's picture

Sometimes I think you just like to fight with me.  I could have taken the opposite position and you'd probably be here disagreeing with me.

The Wizard's picture

Truth by it very nature is absolute, the question is who has it and where is it? Because you or I may not have it doesn't mean it isn't absolute. It certainly is not relative. The truth is out there, Fox Moulder.

El Vaquero's picture

Back when I was trying to figure out how banks operate, I'd see something in an SEC report or a snippet of something somewhere, and a search on it would often lead me to ZH.  This place seemed nuts at first, but when I would verify the information that the Tylers presented, I began to realize that ZH wasn't crazy,  banking was batshit insane, and ZHs info almost always checked out.  The times that it hasn't I chalk up to mistake. 


I lurked on here a lot before joining, and also for quite some time.  I had to look up a lot of financial terminology when the Tylers were writing all of the articles about rehypothecation, reverse repos, backwardation, etc...  It's been quite an education, Tylers. 


Thank you for being here!

stormsailor's picture

i was on ticker forum for about 3 years there were some great people on there but i found that most of the ideas and articles were stolen from this place zero hedge so i lurked for about 8 months and finally signed myself up.


happy thanksgiving and one of my "blessings" is zerohedge.


ps vaquero, bring back the penguin.

El Vaquero's picture

You're lucky I  was able to find it in my massive folder of pics.

stormsailor's picture

cool, penguin is back  would you spend the money for the super match grade m1a1?   just bouncing it off a shooter. have the standard, and the hk91 with the extendable stock, but i keep looking at it on cheaper than dirt, it has gone up a grand since i started looking.

El Vaquero's picture

It's tough to go wrong with an M1A.  IIRC, the bolt is basically a shortened M1 Garand bolt.  It's been a long time since I've been into one, but I do recall that the gas system is a bit different.  FYI, if you reload, IMR 4064 is a really good powder to use with the gas operated 308s and 30-06s.  You will be warned with M1As and M1 Garands to not go above about 173grs in bullet weight because the port pressure might be too high and break things.  You can go up to 190s with IMR 4064 in either rifle based on Speer's tests from years ago.  There are a couple of other powders that work as well, but I really like the IMR 4064 for those two cartridges.

stormsailor's picture

have an older 7.62 a1.  been using imr 4895 for 30 years.  usually shoot the 168 grain sierra matchking. use 43.7 grains. federal bench primers.  i figure if it aint fixed don't broke it. lol  for heavier bullet weights i go to my old mauser action 7.62. i can't do drops and angles in my head like i use to i don't shoot as much and i guess i'm getting to much gray in my hair.  still i deburr my primer apertures, microtrim my brass and my handloads out perform most anything that you can get store bought.

have a browning a-bolt in .300 win mag with a bit of work done on it, it can get out there pretty good.  i'm not a good shot and i know it, but when i get in that zone where the world drops away i can hit milk cartons out at 750 yards with it. seems if you don't shoot as much it gets harder to get into that "place" or "state". 

might give that 4064 a try on, see how she runs, thanks for the tip


Tall Tom's picture





Cool. I am glad that you did.


Never argue with a fool. The foolish are not worth the time of day.



Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yeah, started by reading Global Economic Analysis back in the day, then some Ticker then found that the most information, the most freedom, and the most interesting/informed readership were here.  Been here ever since!

Thanks for everything, Tylers!

Tarzan's picture

Well El Vaquero, We're in the same boat.  I also lurked for a couple years reading Zero Hedge and learning this new language, constantly looking up acronyms, before joining.

More then anything else, I'm thankful for the education!

ebworthen's picture

Amen.  Thanks for all of your hard work, it is appreciated.

Tarjan's picture

Indeed. Thank you Tylers for providing us with Zero Hedge.

All the best to you.


wee-weed up's picture

Au contraire... We thank you!

forexskin's picture

add another measure of thanks from me. and, i'd offer one correction. this is far, far beyond a blog - in the arc of human events, this points to the future of free discourse, in the interest of learing truth.