Lone Blogger Rages Against The Washington Post's Russian "Hit List"

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Submitted by Mike Krieger via Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I have to admit I’m quite honored to see that Liberty Blitzkrieg was recently included on a list of some of the most illustrious, impactful and successful alternative news websites on the planet.

The list was created by an anonymous group of status quo crybabies who simply can’t handle the fact their beloved chosen oligarch was defeated in a democratically held election by Donald Trump (who I didn’t even support). As such, they are lashing out at alternative news outlets deemed most effective in countering the smothering and nonsensical pro-Hillary narrative tirelessly propagated by the fake mainstream news media.

The group in question calls itself PropOrNot, and self-describes in the following manner:

PropOrNot is an independent team of concerned American citizens with a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, including professional experience in computer science, statistics, public policy, and national security affairs. We are currently volunteering time and skills to identify propaganda – particularly Russian propaganda – targeting a U.S. audience. We collect public-record information connecting propaganda outlets to each other and their coordinators abroad, analyze what we find, act as a central repository and point of reference for related information, and organize efforts to oppose it.


We formed PropOrNot as an effort to prevent propaganda from distorting U.S. political and policy discussions. We hope to strengthen our cultural immune systems against hostile influence and improve public discourse generally. However, our immediate aim at this point is to empower the American voter and decrease the ability of Russia to influence the ensuing American election.

Unfortunately, this is apparently all we know so far about this shadowy organization, which is simply hilarious considering the group deems any alternative news source that does not agree with the U.S. government narrative to be either outright Russian propaganda, or “useful idiots.”

Here’s “the list:”

What’s particularly interesting about this list, isn’t the fact that a bunch of anonymous whiners decided to demonize successful critics of insane, inhumane and ethically indefensible U.S. government policy, but rather the fact that the Washington Post decided to craft an entire article around such a laughably ridiculous list. This just further proves a point that is rapidly becoming common knowledge amongst U.S. citizens with more than a couple of brain cells to rub together. The mainstream media is the real “fake news.”

Let’s take Liberty Blitzkrieg for example. Despite the fact that my site is mentioned on “the list,” nobody from PropOrNot bothered to contact me while doing their “research.” They could’ve asked very simple questions about how the site is run, who owns it, and who makes decisions about editorial content. Furthermore, I doubt they did any such research with regard to any of the mentioned sites before slandering them.

Since they failed to do any real work, let me answer several of these questions. I, Michael Krieger am the 100% owner of Liberty Blitzkrieg. I, Michael Krieger am the only person who makes decisions on what to publish and when. I have absolutely no connections, financial or otherwise, to the Russian government, Russian interests, or the interests of any other government or government related group. Moreover, there is simply nobody on planet earth who has any influence on what I write or what I publish. I left a very successful and financially lucrative job to do what I do now because my passions and ethical grounding pushed me in this direction. If I was interested in making enormous sums of money, I could’ve easily stayed on Wall Street.

Moreover, I rarely write about Russia, with the exception of trying to prevent insane neocons and neoliberals in our government from actively seeking a military confrontation, because I — like most normal human beings — would prefer not to contribute to the manifestation of World War 3. Likewise, I try to prevent war breaking out in all circumstances where I think it can and should be avoided. I intentionally almost never use RT as a source, and I’ve never quoted anything from Sputnik. Unlike The Washington Post, I try to be extremely diligent about not publishing fake news, but I am a very strong critic of U.S. government policy, because much of U.S. government policy is certifiably insane and unethical. You can disagree with my opinion on that all you’d like, but I challenge anyone to find anything that could reasonably be considered pro-Russia propaganda on my website. If Liberty Blitzkrieg really is a Russian propaganda site, this should be easy to do since I’ve published thousands of articles over the years.

For those who ask why I focus on the transgressions of the U.S. government as opposed to foreign governments, the answer should be quite obvious. I am a U.S. citizen. My responsibility is not to change the policies of foreign governments, but to make my own country as honorable and accountable as possible. As Noam Chomsky so eloquently noted:

One of the most elementary moral truisms is that you are responsible for the anticipated consequences of your own actions. It is fine to talk about the crimes of Genghis Khan, but there isn’t much that you can do about them. If Soviet intellectuals chose to devote their energies to crimes of the U.S., which they could do nothing about, that is their business. We honor those who recognized that the first duty is to concentrate on your own country. And it is interesting that no one ever asks for an explanation, because in the case of official enemies, truisms are indeed truisms. It is when truisms are applied to ourselves that they become contentious, or even outrageous. But they remain truisms. In fact, the truisms hold far more for us than they did for Soviet dissidents, for the simple reason that we are in free societies, do not face repression, and can have a substantial influence on government policy. So if we adopt truisms, that is where we will focus most of our energy and commitment. The explanation is even more obvious than in the case of official enemies.


Naturally, truisms are hated when applied to oneself. You can see it dramatically in the case of terrorism. In fact one of the reasons why I am considered “public enemy number one” among a large sector of intellectuals in the U.S. is that I mention that the U.S. is one of the major terrorist states in the world and this assertion, though plainly true, is unacceptable for many intellectuals, including left-liberal intellectuals, because if we faced such truths we could do something about the terrorist acts for which we are responsible, accepting elementary moral responsibilities instead of lauding ourselves for denouncing the crimes official enemies, about which we can often do very little.


Elementary honesty is often uncomfortable, in personal life as well, and there are people who make great efforts to evade it. For intellectuals, throughout history, it has often come close to being their vocation. Intellectuals are commonly integrated into dominant institutions. Their privilege and prestige derives from adapting to the interests of power concentrations, often taking a critical look but in very limited ways. For example, one may criticize the war in Vietnam as a “mistake” that began with “benign intentions”. But it goes too far to say that the war is not “a mistake” but was “fundamentally wrong and immoral”. the position of about 70 percent of the public by the late 1960s, persisting until today, but of only a margin of intellectuals. The same is true of terrorism. In acceptable discourse, as can easily be demonstrated, the term is used to refer to terrorist acts that THEY carry out against US, not those that WE carry out against THEM. That is probably close to a historical universal. And there are innumerable other examples.

The fake mainstream news media is completely failing. It is failing because rather than informing the public and criticizing the powerful, it has become merely a giant public relations organ for the U.S. government. The American public clearly sees through the bullshit, in large part due to the efforts of alternative news media. Think about it. Liberty Blitzkrieg doesn’t have a single outside employee. Other than the heroic efforts of my tech person (who spends very little of his time on this site), there’s really no one else contributing in any material way to the operation of this blog. So for a website run by a relatively unknown person to have made it onto this slanderous list (subsequently highlighted by the Washington Post), is not only a great honor, but a testament to the impact one person can have in an environment dominated by a transparently fake and desperate mainstream media.

As I noted on Twitter earlier today.


To further demonstrate how desperate the failing mainstream media is to demonize its scrappy alternative news competitors, here’s how The Washington Post “reported” on the PropOrNot list:

Another group, called PropOrNot, a nonpartisan collection of researchers with foreign policy, military and technology backgrounds, planned to release its own findings Friday showing the startling reach and effectiveness of Russian propaganda campaigns.


The researchers used Internet analytics tools to trace the origins of particular tweets and mapped the connections among social-media accounts that consistently delivered synchronized messages. Identifying website codes sometimes revealed common ownership. In other cases, exact phrases or sentences were echoed by sites and social-media accounts in rapid succession, signaling membership in connected networks controlled by a single entity.


PropOrNot’s monitoring report, which was provided to The Washington Post in advance of its public release, identifies more than 200 websites as routine peddlers of Russian propaganda during the election season, with combined audiences of at least 15 million Americans. On Facebook, PropOrNot estimates that stories planted or promoted by the disinformation campaign were viewed more than 213 million times.

Interesting. I’d love to see what their “analytics tools” say about Liberty Blitzkrieg. Furthermore, what about that “common ownership” claim. As I mentioned before, I am the sole owner of Liberty Blitzkrieg. It seems PropOrNot is merely making shit up about successful websites they consider a threat. If The Washington Post’s decision to highligh such a list isn’t “fake news,” I don’t know what is.

Further proving The Washington Post’s lack of any sort of journalistic standards, it highlights PropOrNot despite the fact that…

“The way that this propaganda apparatus supported Trump was equivalent to some massive amount of a media buy,” said the executive director of PropOrNot, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid being targeted by Russia’s legions of skilled hackers. “It was like Russia was running a super PAC for Trump’s campaign. . . . It worked.”

I mean, this is simply embarrassing.

To conclude, the mainstream media is getting exactly what it deserves. Its impact is spiraling into irrelevance, its “journalists” bordering on the comical, and its standards beneath those of individual bloggers with zero staff and no budget. To conclude, the only thing I can ask of readers is the following: Support alternative media now more than ever. Put your money where your mouth is and help defeat the fake news mainstream media once and for all.

To that end, I’d ask that you please visit the Liberty Blitzkrieg Support Page and consider contributing.

I’ve written on this topic on several occasions. For more, see:

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Hillary Clinton Enters the Media Wars

The Death of Mainstream Media

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Mr Pink's picture

KEK sure has stirred the pot up real nice

AlaricBalth's picture

It is no surprise that the website for ProporNot was registered by proxy on 8/21/2016

Showing results for: propornot.com Original Query: www.propornot.com

Registrant Contact Name: Registration Private Organization: Domains By Proxy, LLC


Come out from behind the curtain ProporNot.

Mr Pink's picture

Wikileaks??? Posting real hacked emails is now "fake"?

shimmy's picture

Yes! Showing real info means you are fake or are connected to the Russians. 

The stupidity with those people is beyond measure.

Future Jim's picture

I Work for Putin?! 



The Washington Post informs me that I am being played by Putin.

Bullshit! I’m not being played! I am one of the players!

It’s not just me. It’s the whole liberty movement. We all work for Putin (the former KGB agent). The socialists and progressives see right through us because they obviously have such a firm grasp on reality. That’s why they agree with their leader, Hillary Clinton, who says we are all deplorable and irredeemable. In other words, we are less than human – like how they see cannibals – like how their great grand father saw his famly’s slaves – and how their grand father saw Jews … So in touch with reality they are.

I was not aware of some of these sites, so I would like to say “Thanks!” to the Washington Post for telling me so many sites where I can find the truth. Saves me lots of time.

Although EndOfInnocence.com is not explicitly mentioned on their enemies list, many of the sites listed are on the same page as EndOfInnocence on most issues. Some of them are in the list of recommend sites on EndOfInnocence. In fact, many of them are less extreme than EndOfInnocence. Therefore, my main concern is … What am I doing wrong?! How do I get on that list?!

On a more serious note, at least one of these sites (Paul Craig Roberts) is indeed anti-American and pro-Russian. It is a fake anti-establishment site. It is a Psyop. It uses real conspiracies as bait while trying to make Americans feel bad about being Americans and while sutley promoting big government. It is like a sneakier version of the socialist and progressive sites.

While I am being serious, why would the Washington Post, which vies with the NYT to be the most important newspaper in America, make such an extreme credibility destroying move right after having lost so much of their remaining credibility after getting caught cheating for Hillary? Such an extreme move smacks of desperation.

From what could they be so desperate to distract us? Could it be Pizzagate, which by itself could set the globalist elite back 50 years?


azusgm's picture

While I am being serious, why would the Washington Post, which vies with the NYT to be the most important newspaper in America, make such an extreme credibility destroying move right after having lost so much of their remaining credibility after getting caught cheating for Hillary?

Because Jeff Bezos thinks he can sell you anything and it is especially important to keep your mind off pizza and related activities.

Manthong's picture

This is great!

Now I have tons of new links to review for valid news and insights all on two pages with three columns in a Word.docx

I can clear out a lot if icons on the desktop now.

Thank you very much, PropOrNot.



Manthong's picture


It’s just a shame Ann Barnhardt, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Michelle Malkin and Pamela Geller didn’t make the grade with them.

 WTF are they, misogynist sexists or something?


IndyPat's picture

No shit. Some extremely powerful puss listed there. Like them all for different reasons. Well, almost all. Never got much chemistry from Malkin. Could be wrong, but she seems a little fickle on some of her stances. I dunno. Could be just not to my taste.

cheka's picture

ped-esta hillary pizzagate has the skype freaking out

letsit's picture
letsit (not verified) cheka Nov 25, 2016 11:50 PM

Don't cry when Trump sets the Middle East on fire. http://bit.ly/2flWnRK

Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) letsit Nov 25, 2016 11:51 PM

4 words: south of the border.

philipat's picture

SPAM ALERT: Do not open the fake links.tazs has now joined letsit as Spammer-in- Chief after Yippee Kiyay, lonnng was banned. This serial spammer previously known as: mofio, santafe, Aristotle of Greece, Gargoyle, bleu, oops, lance-a-lot, Loftie, toro, Yippee Kiyay, lonnng, letsit, Mano-A-Mano, techies-r-us, beauticelli, stizazz, Nekoti, SumTing Wong, King Tut, Adullam, jcaz, espirit, rp2016, Holy hand grenade of Antioch, InTheLandOfTheBlind, lock-stock and tazs (some still active for the purposes of talking to and congratulating himself) and others. He seems to have more accounts than all other ZH members combined. Beats me why The Tylers can’t just block his IP?

ignorethisuser's picture

You're doing good work, pat. He's been spamming here for ages. As a heads up, zerohedge comments section is being worked over by a variety of shills of varying stripes. You'll get better at recognizing them over time. Here's something that might help: http://cryptome.org/2012/07/gent-forum-spies.htm

williambanzai7's picture

Six weeks. What does that make you, a fetus?

Pop3y3too's picture

And abortable even into the third trimester.  Where's Planned Parenthood when you really need them?

PTR's picture

Selling babies and body parts to "pizza joints" on a certain strip in DC (and other elite enclaves across the nation, I'd bet.)

voting machine's picture

Obama/McCain/Hitlary already did with their Saudi allies~~~~wtf !!


Internet-is-Beast's picture

The researchers used Internet analytics tools to trace the origins of particular tweets and mapped the connections among social-media accounts that consistently delivered synchronized messages. Identifying website codes sometimes revealed common ownership. In other cases, exact phrases or sentences were echoed by sites and social-media accounts in rapid succession, signaling membership in connected networks controlled by a single entity.


To give an example of their "scientific methods", the following was discovered to have been written, using exactly the same syntax on several social media and blog sites at the same time.


"2 + 2 = 4"


Clearly, this untruth (the correct statement is 2 + 2 = 5) has a common ownership and syntax and is ergo of Russian origin.

BennyBoy's picture


According to Alexa 3 months ago WaPo site was ranked 176 in the world.

Now its 199.

Bezos: losing readers and money.


JoeSoMD's picture

It will not fail though... TPTB will continue to fund it.  Ditto for the NYT.  Does not matter who the pres is, or which way the administration or congress leans.  It will be funded so that their message has a channel.  It would probably be more cost effective for them to use alternate channels, but I don't think they are very tech savy... mostly old fucks I imagine.

PTR's picture

They'll have a hard time funding these if their petrodollar collapses.  =)

fukidontknow's picture

Hillary's little love team over on the Accredited Times are having a Spirit Cook 


F$$k you MDB and f$$k you John Podesta

New_Meat's picture


"F$$k you MDB and f$$k you John Podesta"

Not even with yours, big fella'

uniman's picture

Quick! You have to fuck one, marry one, and kill one. Which is it gonna be?

AViewFromDublin's picture

On the list is a site that I frequent a lot - TruthSeeker.co.uk. I recommend this to fellow ZHer's - always has great articles posted almost daily, excellent blogs and it lists all the contributers on the panel on the right hand side. Lots of archive material along with videos, podcasts and PDF books to download.



Paul E. Math's picture

They are doubling-down on a losing strategy.

These are the last gasps of a dying print media.

It's tempting to blame them and hate them but it's kinda like politicians - they have been corrupted by large monied interests.  Trump being the rare exception, politicians don't get elected unless they do what their large donors tell them.  Journalists don't work unless they print with the bias that their large advertisers impose upon them.

Love of money is the root of all evil.

newdoobie's picture

The goal is to keep any material from these sites off the mainstream sites IE;





TheReplacement's picture

Lose election.


Place blame on Russian propaganda.

Recount swing states.

Investigate Russian propaganda.

...Call Trump a Russian agent.

...Call Trump's supporters traitors.

Anyone have a clue where this is going in the next two months?


floomby's picture

IF YOU CRITICIZE the establishment/democrats/state YOU MUST BE A RUSSIA PAWN.

The state entity is necessarily a demogogic machine which goes to all lengths to hold onto its grasp of power. 

A Nanny Moose's picture

MSM is using shoot the messenger variety of Ad Hom. Just means they have lost the argument, and are on their way out.

new game's picture

fuk walmart, bezzos/amazon and all these cocksuckers selling mass junk from slant eyed slave countries...

revjimbeam's picture

meh. the washington post is comprised of experts, who are concerned citizens, writing common sense articles for the greater good...

IndyPat's picture

Hang in there, Jim. I added you to my list of absolutely favorite fake news purveyors. I'll read up and comment when I can. So many wonderful new fake news sources to pick from now!
We will have you listed with the fake big dogs that form the base of Russkie infiltration in no time.

Looking forward to it. See ya soon.

Al Armed's picture

"On a more serious note, at least one of these sites (Paul Craig Roberts) is indeed anti-American and pro-Russian."  Bull shit.

MurderNeverWasLove's picture

we are less than human – like how they see cannibals 


Not so sure that cannibals are on their shitlist. . .

Future Jim's picture

No, it's just that cannibals are on everyone's list of subhumans. In fact cannibals never really existed in any meaningful way. There was never any culture that captured people for food. It is all hearsay and misunderstandings. For example, Europeans would go to Africa and be told by one tribe the tribe on the far side of the mountain were their enemies because they were cannibals, so Europeans believed them. Also, Europeans saw hands and arms hanging on lines with other meat in some tribes, but those were actually monkey parts. In order to justify treating a people like they are less than human, one people will often convince themselves that others are indeed less than human. Read The Man-Eating Myth.

IndyPat's picture

Eskimos will eat you. If it comes down to it.
It's really nothing personal.

Mine Is Bigger's picture

Thanks to the phenomenal stupidity of The Washington Times, now I have an easy list of trustable news sources.

These mainstream news media types are so stupid that they don't even realize how much they are hurting themselves with their temper tantrums.

Raymond K Hessel's picture

Seriously, how is this not libel?

Haven't they gone too far?

bh2's picture

I'm no lawyer, but if those who composed this list falsely accuse a publication of postings of an essentially non-public person, maybe yes.

The problem, of course, is that WaPoo has published a list authored anonymously. If the claims made cannot be proven in court, WaPoo itself could have a legal problem for having published "fake news".

Like revenge, karma is best served cold.

T-Wall's picture

just change the meaning of fake to without a lie, where is webster?

T-Wall's picture

just change the meaning of fake to without a lie, where is webster?

socalbeach's picture

Do we even know they were hacked?  What if someone with access to one of the servers copied the emails to a thumb drive.

s2man's picture

Exactly!  Leaking it doesn't surmise it was hacked.

TheReplacement's picture

Hence the murdered DNC staffer...

nmewn's picture

Yes...lol...and as Alaric points out above, the MSM has accredited & documented them to be "professional fake nuuuz reporter geeks" who wish to remain (for some reason)...anonymous...for their own "historical accuracy" no doubt ;-)

Escrava Isaura's picture

It’s thin line between…….. The Pretenders.

Everything that many say is parroting propaganda without even realizing it. Is that false?

Explanation, by Tanmay Saha: I will prove my point by contradiction....

Let us consider this statement is TRUE.
So "everything you say is lie" is TRUE.
So this statement is not a lie, which makes the statement FALSE.
So a statement becomes both TRUE and FALSE at the same time.
An absurdity. So not possible.

Now let us consider this statement is FALSE.
So "everything you say is lie" is FALSE.
So not everything you say is a lie.
Some are lies. Some are not.
But we are not bothered about other statements, are we?
This statement has one valid state. That is, it is FALSE.



Verlorenes Geld's picture

Escrava Isaura - Just one question for you ... When did you stop beating your wife?