Meet The Real "Fake News"

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In its attempt to redirect the public's attention from its historic failure to deliver unbiased, objective, factual reporting in the context of the presidential election in which virtually every single mainstream media outlet was revealed (courtesy of the hacked Podesta emails) and acted as a Public Relations arm for the Clinton campaign, said media has opened a new can of worms by ushering in the topic of "fake news" - a purposefully vague, undefined term meant to deflect and scapegoat by "exposing" propaganda websites, which in the latest incarnation of the narrative, are now allegedly serving to further Russian propaganda in the US.

As we reported earlier, none other than the Washington Post - a company owned by Jeff Bezos, who for the past year has been involved in a famous media spat with president-elect Donald Trump - pounced on a list created by a website that was created (according to its whois profile) on August 21 using as registrar and had its first tweet on November 2, and which among others, lists Drudge Report and Zero Hedge as representatives of "Russian propaganda." This is how the "scientists" at the Goebbels-esque "PropOrNot" describe their qualifications in determining and recommending which websites are fit to be burned (starting with a plea for investigations by the Obama administration) in a post "fake news" world:

PropOrNot is an independent team of computer scientists, statisticians, national security professionals, journalists, and political activists dedicated to identifying propaganda - particularly Russian propaganda targeting a US audience. We collect public-record information connecting propaganda outlets to each other and their coordinators abroad, analyze what we find, act as a central repository and point of reference for related information, and organize efforts to oppose it.


We work to shine a light on propaganda in order to prevent it from distorting political and policy discussions, to strengthen our cultural immune systems against hostile influence, and to improve public discourse generally.


Many of our contributors wish to stay anonymous, in light of possible Russian retaliation, as has happened in Finland and elsewhere.

In other words, while attacking the anonymity of so-called "Russian propaganda" websites (websites which chose to remain anonymous knowing this kind of retaliation was inevitable), the public servants and experts devoted to rooting out Russian propaganda in the US opt, themselves, to remain anonymous.

To be sure, we have no interest in uncovering who may be behind this particular organization (which conveniently stepped in after a similar list was floated last week by a discredited liberal professor, who likewise defined Zero Hedge as "fake news"). We do, want, however to warn readers about who the real source of documented fake news in the US traditionally has been. The US government itself, through its vast espionage and counterespionage apparatus.

But please don't take our word for it.

Back in 1975, the United States Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities found in 1975 that the CIA submitted stories to the American press, and that as part of the CIA's playbook was the usage of disinformation tactics against America's own population:

Question: "Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to a major circulation — American journal?"
Answer: "We do have people who submit pieces to American journals."

Question: "Do you have any people paid by the CIA who are working for television networks?"
Answer: "This I think gets into the kind of uh, getting into the details Mr. Chairman that I'd like to get into in executive session."




Question: "Do you have any people being paid by the CIA who are contributing to the national news services — AP and UPI?"
Answer: "Well again, I think we're getting into the kind of detail Mr. Chairman that I'd prefer to handle at executive session."

One can imagine what was said later during the "executive session." Then-CBS President Sig Mickelson goes on to say that the relationships at CBS with the CIA were long established before he ever became president, and that "entirely in order for correspondents to make use of CIA station chiefs and other members of the executive staff of CIA as sources of information."

"I thought that it was a matter of real concern that planted stories intended to serve a national purpose abroad came home and were circulated here and believed here because this would mean that the CIA could manipulate the news in the United States by channeling it through some foreign country," Democratic Idaho Senator Frank Church said at a press conference surrounding the hearing. Church chaired the Church Committee, a precursor to the Senate Intelligence Committee, which was responsible for investigating illegal intelligence gathering by the NSA, CIA and FBI.

This exact tactic — planting disinformation in foreign media outlets so the disinfo would knowingly surface in the United States as a way of circumventing the rules on domestic operations — was specifically argued for as being legal simply because it did not originate on U.S. soil by none other than CIA Director William Casey in 1981.

Former President Harry S. Truman, who oversaw the creation of the CIA in 1947 when he signed the National Security Act, later wrote that he never intended the CIA for more than intelligence gathering. "I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations," Truman penned in 1963 a year after the disastrous CIA Bay of Pigs operation.

Of course, there was also the whole "Operation Mockingbird" fiasco:

"After 1953, the network was overseen by Allen W. Dulles, director of the CIA. By this time, Operation Mockingbird had a major influence over 25 newspapers and wire agencies. The usual methodology was placing reports developed from intelligence provided by the CIA to witting or unwitting reporters. Those reports would then be repeated or cited by the preceding reporters which in turn would then be cited throughout the media wire services. The Office of Policy Coordination (OPC) was funded by siphoning off funds intended for the Marshall Plan [i.e. the rebuilding of Europe by the U.S. after WWII]. Some of this money was used to bribe journalists and publishers."

As contributor "George Washington" adds,  In 2008, the New York Times wrote:

During the early years of the cold war, [prominent writers and artists, from Arthur Schlesinger Jr. to Jackson Pollock] were supported, sometimes lavishly, always secretly, by the C.I.A. as part of its propaganda war against the Soviet Union. It was perhaps the most successful use of “soft power” in American history.

A CIA operative told then-Washington Post owner - yes, ironic - Philip Graham the following, in a conversation about the willingness of journalists to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories:

You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.

Famed Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein wrote in 1977:

More than 400 American journalists … in the past twenty?five years have secretly carried out assignments for the Central Intelligence Agency, according to documents on file at CIA headquarters.




In many instances, CIA documents show, journalists were engaged to perform tasks for the CIA with the consent of the managements of America’s leading news organizations.



Among the executives who lent their cooperation to the Agency were [the heads of CBS, Time, the New York Times, the Louisville Courier?Journal, and Copley News Service. Other organizations which cooperated with the CIA include [ABC, NBC, AP, UPI, Reuters], Hearst Newspapers, Scripps?Howard, Newsweek magazine, the Mutual Broadcasting System, the Miami Herald and the old Saturday Evening Post and New York Herald?Tribune.




In November 1973, after [the CIA claimed to have ended the program], Colby told reporters and editors from the New York Times and the Washington Star that the Agency had “some three dozen” American newsmen “on the CIA payroll,” including five who worked for “general?circulation news organizations.” Yet even while the Senate Intelligence Committee was holding its hearings in 1976, according to high?level CIA sources, the CIA continued to maintain ties with seventy?five to ninety journalists of every description—executives, reporters, stringers, photographers, columnists, bureau clerks and members of broadcast technical crews. More than half of these had been moved off CIA contracts and payrolls but they were still bound by other secret agreements with the Agency. According to an unpublished report by the House Select Committee on Intelligence, chaired by Representative Otis Pike, at least fifteen news organizations were still providing cover for CIA operatives as of 1976.




Those officials most knowledgeable about the subject say that a figure of 400 American journalists is on the low side …. “There were a lot of representations that if this stuff got out some of the biggest names in journalism would get smeared” ….

How ironic that in the end it was the Washington Post itself which would get smeared.

* * *

An expert on propaganda testified under oath during trial that the CIA now employs THOUSANDS of reporters and OWNS its own media organizations. Whether or not his estimate is accurate, it is clear that many prominent reporters still report to the CIA.

A 4-part BBC documentary called the “Century of the Self” shows that an American – Freud’s nephew, Edward Bernays – created the modern field of manipulation of public perceptions, and the U.S. government has extensively used his techniques.

Former Newsweek and Associated Press reporter Robert Parry notes that Ronald Reagan and the CIA unleashed a propaganda campaign in the 1980’s to sell the American public on supporting the Contra rebels, utilizing private players such as Rupert Murdoch to spread disinformation. Parry notes that many of the same people that led Reagan’s domestic propaganda effort in the 1980’s are in power today:

While the older generation that pioneered these domestic propaganda techniques has passed from the scene, many of their protégés are still around along with some of the same organizations. The National Endowment for Democracy, which was formed in 1983 at the urging of CIA Director Casey and under the supervision of Walter Raymond’s NSC operation, is still run by the same neocon, Carl Gershman, and has an even bigger budget, now exceeding $100 million a year.

* * *

Perhaps the most damning evidence, as highlighted by @pierpont_morgan, can be found inside the Final report of the abovementioned Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, published in Aptil, 1976, in which several sections stand out.

One admits explicitly how the press had been extensively captured by the CIA and how dozens of American journalists collaborated with the CIA to fabricate, create and distribute dake news:

The Committee has also found a small number of past relationships that fit this category. In some cases the cover arrangement consisted of reimbursing the U.S. newspaper for any articles by the CIA  agent which the paper used. In at least one case the journalistic functions assumed by a CIA staff officer for cover purposes grew to a point where the officer concluded that he could not satisfactorily serve the requirements of both his (unwitting) U.S. media employers and the CIA, and therefore resigned from the CIA. He maintained contact, however, with the CIA and continued, very occasionally, to report to the CIA from the countries in which he worked.


(2) Of the less than ten relationships with writers for small, or limited circulation, U.S. publications, such as trade journals or newsletters, most are for cover purposes.


(3) The third, and largest, category of CIA relationships with the U.S. media includes free-lance journalists; "stringers" for newspapers, news magazines and news services; itinerant authors; propaganda writers; and agents working under cover as employees of U.S. publishing houses abroad. With the exception of the last group, the majority of the individuals in this category are bona fide writers or journalists or photographers. Most are paid by the CIA, and virtually all are witting; few, however, of the news organizations to which they contribute are aware of their CIA relationships.


(4) The fourth category of covert relationships resembles the kind of contact that journalists have with any other department of the U.S. Government in the routine performance of their journalistic duties. No money changes hands. The relationships are usually limited to occasional lunches, interviews, or telephone conversations during which information would be exchanged or verified. The difference, of course, is that the relationships are covert. The journalist either volunteers or is requested by the CIA to provide some sort of information about people with whom he is in contact. In several cases, the relationship began when the journalist approached a U.S. embassy officer to report that he was approached by a foreign intelligence officer ; in others, the CIA initiated the relationship.

Another section of the report focuses on how the CIA co-opted academics, reporting that "the Central Intelligence Agency is now using several hundred American academics who in addition to providing leads and, on occasion, making introductions for intelligence purposes, occasionally write books and other material to be used for propaganda purposes abroad. Beyond these, an additional few score are used in an unwitting manner for minor activities.

These academics are located in over 100 American colleges, universities, and related institutes. At the majority of institutions, no one other than the individual concerned is aware of the CIA link. At the others, at least one university official is aware of the operational use made of academics on his campus. In addition, there are several American academics abroad who serve operational purposes, primarily the collection of intelligence.

There is also the admission that the CIA used books explicitly for propaganda purposes:

The Committee has found that the Central Intelligence Agency attaches a particular importance to book publishing activities as a form of covert propaganda. A former officer in the Clandestine Service stated that books are "the most important weapon of strategic (long-range) propaganda." Prior to 1967, the Central Intelligence Agency sponsored, subsidized, or produced over 1,000 books; approximately 25 percent of them in English.... The Committee found that an important number of the books actually produced by the Central Intelligence Agency were reviewed and marketed in the United States.

Oh, the CIA particularly enjoyed using the NYT and Washington Post for "repeat propaganda" (from page 200 of the report):

CIA records for the September-October 1970 propaganda effort in Chile indicate that "replay" of propaganda in the U.S. was not unexpected. A cable summary for September 25, 1970 reports: 


Sao Paulo, Tegucigalpa, Buenos Aires, Lima, Montevideo, Bogota, Mexico City report continued replay of Chile theme materials. Items also carried in New York Times,  Washington Post. Propaganda activities continue to generate good coverage of Chile developments along our theme guidance. . .

And so on, and on, for over 670 pages of details how it was the CIA - not Russia, not Putin - that has been the primary creator and distributor of misleading, propaganda material in the US, also known as "fake news."

* * *

Of course, all of the above remains largely under the radar; it will never be branded "fake" news in a polite setting. Meanwhile, anyone who dares to challenges the status quo - as we have seen in recent days - is immediately labeled a purveyor of “fake news", or worse - a servant of the Kremlin.

Contributor "George Washington" has some topical thoughts on this particular issue, noting that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution protects the freedom of the press from censorship by government. Indeed, the entire reason that it’s unlawful for the government to stop stories from being printed is because that would punish those who criticize those in power.

Why? Because the Founding Father knew that governments (like the British monarchy) will always crack down on those who point out that the emperor has no clothes.

But the freedom of the press is under massive attack in America today. For example, the powers-that-be argue that only highly-paid corporate media shills who will act as stenographers for the fatcats should have the constitutional protections guaranteeing freedom of the press.

A Harvard law school professor argues that the First Amendment is outdated and should be abandoned. When financially-savvy bloggers challenged the Federal Reserve’s policy, a Fed official called all bloggers stupid and unqualified to comment. And the government is treating the real investigative reporters like criminals … or even terrorists:

  • The government admits that journalists could be targeted with counter-terrorism laws (and here). For example, after Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Chris Hedges, journalist Naomi Wolf, Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg and others sued the government to enjoin the NDAA’s allowance of the indefinite detention of Americans – the judge asked the government attorneys 5 times whether journalists like Hedges could be indefinitely detained simply for interviewing and then writing about bad guys. The government refused to promise that journalists like Hedges won’t be thrown in a dungeon for the rest of their lives without any right to talk to a judge
  • In an effort to protect Bank of America from the threatened Wikileaks expose of the bank’s wrongdoing, the Department of Justice told Bank of America to a hire a specific hardball-playing law firm to assemble a team to take down WikiLeaks (and see this)

* * *

With the (failing) mainstream media now desperate to focus the public's attention to the fake "fake media" to divert attention from the real "fake media", those Washington Posts and New York Times who have traditionally served as vessels for the government apparatus to brainwash the public, expect an even greater backlash as the American population realizes that none of this is actually new, and that it has always been the US government that was directly responsible for the blanket propaganda that has covered the US for decades: something which the government itself has confirmed on countless occasions in the past - one just needs to do the effort of stepping away from the information they are spoon-fed, and do their own research and analysis.

Which, incidentally, is what this latest round in the eternal war for information and influence, is all about.


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Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Truth is hard to find… in Amerikansky MSM.

FiatFapper's picture

Fake news this bitchez: Trump is John Titor, Shillary Cunton will be the next president after the 'funded' recount and Dec 21st 2016 will be epic.

y3maxx's picture

--Speaking of John Titor...who wouldn't like to time travel forward two years and see what has morphed with the USA?


john titor

El Vaquero's picture

Little known fact:  Operation Mockingbird was used to help take Joseph McCarthy down.  This is because the FBI and the CIA were in a pissing match.

Manthong's picture

It is relaxing to sit back with a full bottle of Maker’s Mark and envision Allen Dulles sharing space with all of the ISIS “martyrs”, Vlad the Impaler, Trotsky, Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao and the rest of the passed evil legions in the firebox of the main boiler for Hell.

Escrava Isaura's picture

Short and Sweet.

Control of thought is more important for governments that are free and popular than for despotic and military states. The logic is straightforward: a despotic state can control its domestic enemies by force, but as the state loses this weapon, other devices are required to prevent the ignorant masses from interfering with public affairs, which are none of their business…the public are to be observers, not participants, consumers of ideology as well as products. Force and Opinion.

You don’t have any other society where the educated classes are so effectively indoctrinated and controlled by a subtle propaganda system – a private system including media, intellectual opinion forming magazines and the participation of the most highly educated sections of the population. Such people ought to be referred to as “Commissars” – for that is what their essential function is – to set up and maintain a system of doctrines and beliefs which will undermine independent thought and prevent a proper understanding and analysis of national and global institutions, issues, and policies. Language and Politics.



Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Escrava Isaura Nov 25, 2016 5:46 PM
The march to GLEXIT – Globalization Exit

Another important date for GLEXIT was November 13. With the globalists’ world still shaken from the election of Trump on November 8 came word that the pro-Russian former MiG pilot Rumen Radev, a political novice, won the Bulgarian presidential election. The election resulted in the resignation of Bulgaria’s pro-EU government. The same day, voters in Moldova elected Igor Dodon, who rejected a Moldova-EU trade agreement and favored joining the Eurasian Economic Union championed by Russia. The two elections in countries where Soros has infiltrated so much of the media and political infrastructures with pro-EU and pro-NATO acolytes were historic and another indication that the world was rejecting globalization.

The BREXIT and Trump victories have emboldened electorates in many other nations to reject contrivances that stymie national sovereign rights. December 4, 2016 represents a watershed date to reject globalist agendas. It is the date of the re-run of the Austrian presidential election of April 24, 2016, one in which the anti-EU candidate of the Austrian Freedom Party, Norbert Hofer, was narrowly defeated by pro-EU Alexander van der Bellen of the Green Party. It turned out that 77,900 absentee ballots were miscounted in what represented a typical Soros-manipulated election. The Constitutional Court of Austria ordered a new election. The outcome of the December 4 election is believed by pollsters to heavily favor Hofer, as Austria has been caught up in the anti-EU groundswell rippling through Europe. December 4 is also the date of the Italian constitutional change referendum.

There is a «New World Order», but not one envisaged by the globalists. This New World Order is one of renewed national sovereignty, cultural and religious identity, and rejection of dictates from unelected international bureaucrats.

Future Jim's picture


I Work for Putin?!

The Washington Post informs me that I am being played by Putin.

Bullshit! I’m not being played! I am one of the players!

It’s not just me. It’s the whole liberty movement. We all work for Putin (the former KGB agent). The socialists and progressives see right through us because they obviously have such a firm grasp on reality. That’s why they agree with their leader, Hillary Clinton, who says we are all deplorable and irredeemable. In other words, we are less than human – like they how they see cannibals – like how their great grand father saw his famly’s slaves – and how their grand father saw Jews … So in touch with reality they are.

I was not aware of some of these sites, so I would like to say “Thanks!” to the Washington Post for telling me so many sites where I can find the truth. Saves me lots of time.

Although is not explicitly mentioned on their enemies list, many of the sites listed are on the same page as EndOfInnocence on most issues. Some of them are in the list of recommend sites on EndOfInnocence. In fact, many of them are less extreme than EndOfInnocence. Therefore, my main concern is … What am I doing wrong?! How do I get on that list?!

On a more serious note, at least one of these sites (Paul Craig Roberts) is indeed anti-American and pro-Russian. It is a fake anti-establishment site. It is a Psyop. It exposes real conspiracies while trying to make Americans feel bad about being Americans and while sutley promoting big government. It is like a sneakier version of the socialist and progressive sites.

While I am being serious, why would the Washington Post, who vies with the NYT to be the most important nespaper in America, make such an extreme credibility destroying move right after having lost much of their remaining credibility after getting caught cheating for Hillary? Such an extreme move smacks of desperation.

From what could they be so desperate to distract us? Could it be Pizzagate, which by itself could set the globalist elite back 50 years?


WordSmith2013's picture
FAKE News = MSM Reporting


The Mainstream Media Wages All-Out War On The Alternative Media
BennyBoy's picture


"News" is dying.

Its always been "managed" by the elite. By Politicals or to boost circulation. It's a business.

FEAR works the best. Thats why there's always a new BOOGEYMAN. RUssia stole the election, Bin Laden, Sadaam, Ho CHi Minh.....

YAWN....waiting for the next BOOGEYMAN from studio B....

This Might Hurt's picture

The fact that Slate is not on the list lets me know it is partisan period.

Chupacabra-322's picture

PropOrNot? Shouldn't it be PsyOp or Not? Bought & paid for by the "Operation Mocking Bird" Scum Fuck, Pure Evil Psychopaths at the CIA.

The fact that we all have to worry about the CIA killing a President Elect simply because the man puts America first, really says it all.

The Agency is Cancer. Why are we even waiting for them to kill another one of our people to act? There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.

Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

Arrest Hillary & Bill Clinton. Freeze their assets. RICO The Clinton Foundation & bring down the Satanic Global Crime Syndicate.

This will de facto Drain the Swamp. Then, immediately End the Fed.

These Scum Fuck Occultist have been "Illuminated" and forced out into the light. This opportunity to peacefully "Drain the Swamp" cannot be squandered.

DjangoCat's picture

It is a long road back from where we are now.  The banks need to be brought low.  Abolish the IMF, World Bank and BIS.  Jail the members of the Council on Foreign Relations and Chatham House.  Bury the zombie Soros.  Not to mention of arms warmongers, Monsanto et al, where to begin?  So much to do.

Open source the intellectual property.


nmewn's picture

Who are you and where is the real Escrava? ;-)

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture


you keep using that word.

I do not think it means what you think it means.

Escrava Isaura's picture

So, please summarize your meaning of neocon.


malek's picture

This is an example of the dead parrot defense:
Trying to defend an already uncovered lie with an even more outrageous one.

"It's pining for the fjords!"

Eager Beaver's picture

Yeah, you have to wonder if McCarthy wasn't on to something with his witch hunt for communists in Hollywood and within the CIA and other .gov agencies. Given that's he's vilified as much as he is by "history", I'm willing to bet that he and old J. Edgar were probably digging into something that "they" didn't want discovered.

JRobby's picture

Mind control - brainwashing 

Tool of the "shadow government" goes so far back. It is the basic premis of espionage, counter intelligence, etc.

Movies, TV and print are the primary mass delivery systems. The one on one, small group "Manchurian Candidate" stuff has never had the successes that mass media has enjoyed.

Was McCarthy on to something? He was later disgraced by the machine.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Project MK ULTRA alive & well.

Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

You only say that because Russia has been caught deliberately destroying the last hospital in Aleppo over and over again.

apparently babies in incubators had to be rescued by the White Helmets.

those brave, genuine heroes.

"1984" was *not* supposed to be an instruction manual...

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Snípéir_Ag_Obair Nov 25, 2016 5:48 PM

Back to the incubators of Kuwait.


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Hospital? No, that was secret headquarter of covert CIA operative. Do not believe all you are read, or even see in Amerikansky MSM!

Entire Vietnam War was start by false flag attack, remember Tonkin Gulf!

Lumberjack's picture

Fake news and protests sponsored by:


johnnycanuck's picture

Truth is hard to find everywhere Boris, it's not a commodity that sells particularly well. How's the market for truth in Russia going these days?

It's hard to gauge from where I sit in the cheap seats, as I don't speak Russian.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


How's the market for truth in Russia going these days?

I guess it depends on who is buying. If it is the US government and its affiliated NGOs, the market for Truth® is alive and well. The Russian media are certainly free enough to accept money from the kindly uncle from across the ocean in exchange for anti-Putin stories.

Cheka_Mate's picture

The press must grow day in and day out — it is our Party's sharpest and most powerful weapon.

Joseph Stalin 

drendebe10's picture

Fer cris fikn sakes... Russia ain't da fukn enemy... Gubmint, MSM, Wall St & ruling corrupt elected politucal turds as well as anyone trying to jam their bullsht progressive liberaldemocrap agenda down ur throat are all the enemy.  Fukemall.

sgt_doom's picture

Sure, their program ended, that's why Anderson Pooper of CNN interned at the CIA hq during his summers while attending Yale.

That's why David Ignatius gets a bonus from an unnamed source everytime he repeats the phrase, "conspiracy theory" . . . "conspiracy theory" multiple times in a row.

Sure . . . . .

buzzsaw99's picture

i haven't read pravada in years. maybe i should start.

Croesus's picture

Those pesky Russians are undermining democracy...please saves me Mr. Gubmint man!

taketheredpill's picture



They should have made that the first question in the "Real / Fake" determination.

Has the news source EVER accepted planted stories from US security organizations?


Kaiser Sousa's picture

always remember...

everything Lamestream Media & ur Banker controlled US goverment tells u is a FUCKING LIE...


cossack55's picture

Cool. You summed up the above article in less than 20 words.

My congrats

taketheredpill's picture



Also worth going to the 7:20 point in that video.

c2nnib2l's picture

Yeahh well.... George Orwell 1984 


If you think about it, they had this planned long time ago by Adam Weishaupt in 21 points one of the most important points controll the media, brainwash people by liberal slogans and then turn the brainwashed zoombies against free thinkers. 


There is 2 types of liberals

1) brainwashed zoombie 

2) zoombie master that is not a liberal himself 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Speaking of CNN journalist(s) with Langley badges?...
I just love oldies but goodies!...

Like I said elsewhere "here today"... This shit just keeps coming with or without "the fake news"

Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin better be planning big to expand the U.S. and Russian penal system(s) in both Countries

In the Russian Federation to house all of the "Fifth Column" starting with Dmitry Medvedev and Russian Central Banker Elivra Nabiullina...

As for Trump?... I don't think he will be living safe between now and inauguration or well after it (for that matter) until 2/3 of the GOP are locked up behind bars for giving President transsexual "cart blanche"in the ME and Ukraine these past 4 years and helping to author and sign the NDAA before his second term.

And as for the U.S. military and intelligence community "professionals"??? Kill all the senior and mid-level management and START OVER!!

And this last statement boyz and girlz are what Civil War's are and always have been about in order to make this kind of shit stop!!!

km4's picture

When It Comes to Fake News, the U.S. Government Is the Biggest Culprit via @NewsBud_

VWAndy's picture

 Yep modern day book burning.

Fireman's picture

Real Fake News you can believe in...if you already haven't

"We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false." William Casey CIA

essence's picture

Most people are slow to understand. 

Government is like a nuclear reactor in that it is always in danger of getting out of control.
Hence, it should be closely monitored at all times. Keep it in containment!

Fed gov --- a skeleton operation
State gov - a larger amount of power
City/County - greater still
Individual -- the bulk of decisions should lie with the individual (subject to not hurting others)

Anything else is asking for trouble.

"Absolute power corrupts absolutely"

And always keep in mind ... control of money & banking is the ultimate backdoor to tyranny.
To quote Lord Acton again ..."the question that has swept thru the ages is people versus the banks"


samsara's picture

THIS is why ZH is the best. When MSM bring up 'Fake News'. ZH writes a story like this with... Wait for it... Real documented (ie congressional transcripts, verified quotes, etc) information

Making MSM look like the corrupted, biased, infiltrated, Fucks they are.

I have ZERO(Hedge) Fucks to give the MSM

(I bet the ZH posters will augment the article with other background info links on this subject. Like a 'suggested additional reading')

bada boom's picture

Please read about Repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act

I doubt it ever really stopped even with the act in place.