The Mysterious Case Of Jill Stein's Surging Recount Costs

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Just yesterday we noted that Jill Stein was acting on behalf of Hillary Clinton to raise money for recounts in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  As we noted then, we continue to be astonished by the amount of money flowing into the fundraising campaign and would love to see which of Hillary's mega donors have spent the most on the effort...somehow we suspect this isn't just a "grassroots organizing" effort as Stein described it.

So, in less than 1 day, Jill Stein raised over $3mm, which is more than the $2mm needed to force a recount in Wisconsin.  While she attributed the accomplishment to "the power of grassroots organizing," we would tend to be a little more skeptical and would love to see exactly where those donations came from.  Then again, maybe we're wrong and there really are just that many disaffected snowflakes out there willing to blow their money on an extreme long shot.

But, today a new mystery has emerged in Stein's fundraising efforts.  Apparently, the more money she raises the more expensive the recount effort becomes.  Courtesy of the Wayback Machine we have the following snapshots from her fundraising page over the past couple of days:

November 24, 2016 at 3:46AM - In the beginning, Stein figured she needed a total of $2.5mm to fund her recount efforts.  That figure included $2.2mm for the actual filing fees and presumably another $0.3mm for legal fees and other costs.


November 24, 2016 at 1:20PM - Then, just 12 hours later, after the cash just kept flowing in, Stein figured she needed at least another $2mm as her fundraising goal was raised to $4.5mm in total.  Of course, the filing fees of $2.2mm didn't change but the "attorney's fees" apparently surged by about 300% and the total costs of the effort skyrocketed to $6-7mm.



November 25, 2016 at 6:11AM - Now, just this morning as Stein approaches $5mm in total donations, her overall fundraising goal has surged once again and now stands at $7mm.



So, with nearly $5mm raised so far, the question is no longer whether recounts will occur in WI, MI and PA but just how much Jill Stein will be able to drain from the pockets of disaffected Hillary supporters to fund her long-shot efforts.

All that said, here is Jill Stein admitting to CNN that she has absolutely no evidence of election hacking....even though she asks that you please keep sending your money anyway.


And another where she says she would have challenged the election result even if Hillary won...though somehow we suspect she wouldn't have been able to raise quite so much money under that scenario.


And finally we leave you with this latest epic rant from PJW on the whole situation:

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Future Jim's picture

Thanks, but as for vote rigging, in addition to the absurdity of trusting exit polls in this case, I don't think anyone would believe that the Trump vote rigging machine is better than the Clinton vote rigging machine. Let's take your theory to its logical conclusion. If votes were indeed rigged for Trump, then that means it was done by those who had the most power to rig it, which means it was done by those who had the power to rig it for Hillary. If they chose Trump instead, then that means the riggers are not Democrats. It means they are at a higher level than the two parties - and according to your own theory of votes having been rigged for Trump, the riggers must have chosen Trump. In other words, what you are saying only makes sense if the globalists (a.k.a NWO) exist and if they chose Trump. If the globalists rigged the vote for Trump, then they could rig the recount too, which would cause insurrection, which would be an excellent pretext for more of a police state.

Oldwood's picture

If they were capable of rigging the vote, as black box voting suggests, then the election result would have to be assumed rigged....popular AND electoral. That tells us that this impending conflict was the desired outcome, NOT simply a Trump presidency.


They want NEITHER Trump nor Hillary. The want a constitutional CRISIS that they can use to impose unconstitutional measures.

It provides EVERYTHING they need, EVERYTHING their agenda proposed. A Hillary presidency would have surely advanced their agenda, but the coming financial doom will have been on THEIR balance sheet. With this, they can prevent Trump from taking office AND prevent Hillary as well. The coming chaos will give them the same opportunity as was given Ukraine. They now have an unelected leadership with absolute control.

By tarring Trump with the blame for wide spread violence, suspicion of vote fraud, AND economic collapse, even many Trump supporters will abandon him.

Future Jim's picture

I don't agree for two reasons:

  1. They would not be able to tar Trump and his supporters if he never takes office.
  2. Elections are how they maintain the illusion of legitimacy. They have been pretty patient in the past, and you would only be correct if they were so desperate and so impatient that they had no other choice, and you did not provide such evidence.
Oldwood's picture

1) They have already attempted to tar him with it while leading up to the election, with each and ever undeniable negative economic news. They begrudgingly half-heartedly conceal him credit for the current market run up. Let's not forget that Obama has effectively avoided blame for what we have now, with support from the media. It will be the MSM who decides the blame if a crash occurs.

2) let's recall that while Trump called the system "rigged" it was the Democrats who suggested it was "hacked" by the Russians, a claim they are still hanging on to. Our system if "democracy", our "integrity" would remain intact if we're an attack from outside. Our integrity would only be damaged if the corruption was internal.

I'm not suggesting that this WILL happen, only that it IS a possibility and the perfect opportunity....and if fits nicely with their agenda of absolute government and social domination.

Future Jim's picture

1. I don't think the media have enough remiaing credibility and power to effectively blame Trump and anti-establishment types for an economic crash unless Trump has been in office for at least one year or unless he takes an extreme action once in office that they can plausibly spin as the cause.

2. You would be right that government would not lose much credibility if the election were hacked by the Russians, just as they lost only a little credibility for incompetence when 9/11 happened, but again, I think the media no longer have the credibility to pull this off.

jimfcarroll's picture

I don't understand your statement. Charnin thinks Hillary failed at a massive attempt to steal the election. This is obvious from a number of places but this comment is clear: 2nd comment

RopeADope's picture

Or how stupid Hillbots are.

Normalcy Bias's picture

She's just keeping it kosher!

TeamDepends's picture

Clearly, TARD has progressed (ha) from an annoying yet non life-threatening condition, to a pandemic capable of wiping out large populations.

halcyon's picture

Stop painting with an ideological wide brush. She is as much "the left" as Donald is "the right". Just another player. Understand the game. Blaming players will not make you money nor set you free.

JLee2027's picture

Jill Stein is the attorney mentioned, right?

BlueSceptic's picture

As opposed to Koch money the tea-parisites got and get? This is politics now, nothing new. So stop behaving like a stupid crybaby.

BaBaBouy's picture

Hey, Fuck, lets make some money ~~

Kayman's picture

Funds needed keep going up because they forgot the skim needed for the Clinton Foundation. 

Classic Clinton/ Dirty Noxious Criminals party move.  When you get stopped at the front door, use the back door.

Oh yeah, I forgot.  Donald- take Moron Mitt for a plane ride over the Atlantic.

Handful of Dust's picture

Whore Vord lawyers from Boston are expensive.

Crash Overide's picture

She is the green candidate after all...

Sofa King's picture

Classic...around 6:30 explains what would happen to this shriveled-cunt ass-hat.

Lumberjack's picture

Nah, she is getting a lakefront cottage next to Bernie's.

CAP is probably funding this.

boattrash's picture

Damn, you guys are too hard on Jill. I think Trump should give her an Ambassador in the Libyan Embassy.

chubbar's picture

Well, I don't see how we get to an inaugural if the recounts overturn the election, perhaps this is the motive? Also, I don't see how this country is governable if the election is overturned, also motive? This whole thing appears scripted to incite the most divisiveness and violence in the US.

To swing each state by several hundred thousand votes from the original count, especially when most uncounted votes tend to be military votes from overseas (i.e. Trump voters), would imply fraud in and of itself. Not sure under what circumstances the recount occurs but Trump had better have his representatives present because I wouldn't put anything past the fuckers currently running the show. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that since the election this assholes have been busy changing votes to do just that but make it look like they are re-counting original votes. I'll never accept a change in the original count just because I feel there are a lot of ways to cheat this recount when no one was looking. Who had access to these votes and how were they secured since the election day?

Byte Me's picture

Consult the link that Sofa King provided above.

FreedomGuy's picture

The first rule of recounts is that recounts continue until the Democrat win. All Republican wins are illegitimate. It is a subset of the narrative that all Republicans are sexist, homophobic, racist, blah, blah. It's never about fairness or ideas.

The Democrats are fully capable of mobilizing their city machines to suddenly produce more votes that the first time. They either have loyalist city clerks or they will produce hacked nude photos of them that will suddenly appear if more votes are not found.

We will be back to hanging chads, racist voting booths, microaggressive voter intimidation and so on. The snowflakes will eat it all up because they have no concept of law or liberty or even the connection between them.

land_of_the_few's picture

Perhaps then, Stein and Hillary are paid by the Russians to create maximum instability and loss of credibility. So, get to it, CNN and that fat bird with the fake news sites list, string 'em up!

Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

This is how the fascists on the left operate.

After Trump schlonged Hitlery in the election, Hitlery and Obammie the Commie go out and make magnanimous speeches about healing and moving forward and supporting the new president. This makes them look gracious and above the dirty politics and reinforces the lie they spread throughout the campaign that Trump plays dirty and they are as clean as the wind-driven snow.

MEANWHILE, they are orchestrating riots in all the major cities, their supporters are perpetrating fraudulent "hate crimes" to smear Trump and his supporters, and they were organizing a massive recount to try to turn over the election.

By this dirty political trick, they portray themselves as clean and above political warfare and at the same time use that cover to engage in the dirtiest of political warfare: stealing an election.

If they were to succeed in doing this, not only do they prove Trump correct that the entire election was RIGGED, but I fear a lot of random attacks on Hitlery supporters.

General Titus's picture

This is how communists/Bolsheviks act, those in the know should not be surprised but should be prepared to counter their moves as much as possible

SoDamnMad's picture

You can run but you can't hide for long. Every rock will be turned over until you are found. Then what.  Will you leave the country for your safety.

Don't come to Europe then.

GreatUncle's picture

1.) Stein can't win ...

2.) Clinto could win ...

You can count all the ballots you want ... verify the fuckers if the democrats were busing people around for fraudulent votes as per the veritas videos.

If you recount and Clinton is then the winner, all Trump supporters must then protest the fraud and demand the authorities to verify ALL VOTES.

demand = any way you want!



caconhma's picture

It was not Jill who is stupid. It is Trump who makes one blunder after another:

- Trying to be nice and compromise with low-life Hitlery and her supporters, Trump has opened a humongouscan of worms. Now, the real voter count falsifications will take place.

The old saying goes: If an enemy does not surrender then it must be destroyed

- He cannot assemble his cabinet. Specifically, the key security positions (DoJ, Pentagon, CIA, Home Land Security, FBI, etc.,) must be filled with people loyal to him personally and to his agenda going forward. By rewarding his enemies (like Mitt Romney), Trump created a situation of uncertainty and betrayal of his supporters. He also displayed his weakness and his inability to be a statesman. Trump does not have a choice: either he will destroy his enemies or they will destroy him and his family both politically and physically.

- Following the election, Clinton's supporters were committing very serious crimes attacking his supporters, conducting street riots and acts of vandalism, and what did Trump do? NOTHING!  He said, it was not fair. Gee. Trump, you promise to support Law and Order. So, show that you can keep your words instead of being a liar and a clown.

shovelhead's picture

What did trump do?

You're right. He should have jumped in his limo and made some citizens arrests.

kiss of roses's picture

My calculations indicated more like $110,000/hr but just as steady as it could be. Nope, no bots here. These are passionate grassroots efforts. The fact that she has raised in the past 2 days twice as much as her entire election campaign is just a coincidence.

Evil Peanut's picture

you missed this headline so your theory of Trump having his win stolen is not likely

Nov 25, It's OFFICIAL: Trump wins Michigan by 10,704

MFL5591's picture

This woman is a total fraud, time to take this whole group of shit out and rid this country of this Domestic  terroism!  Greenparty is a stooge for this criminal group!  I hope Trump has a plan to rid this country of the scum from Hungaria and the Bush/Clinton Neocon gangsters!  This reeks of Soros/Bush/Clinton!

Karl Marxist's picture

This abolutely reeks of Soros/Bush/Clintons. They must hush up Pizzagate at all costs. The only way to do that is to take over completely what they lost.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

if this is being done for hilarity, why can't hilarity pay for it? it is chump change for someone that rich.


researchfix's picture

"going up exactly 160k per hour like clockwork, nothing to see here:"

Especially no crowd to see, the crowd seems to be the 1 % crowd.

ZH Snob's picture

someone needs some laundry done.

lala189's picture

Interesting that she won't be refunding any contributions if her attempts to force recounts fail:


Wisconsin Elections Commission confirmed receipt of the Stein/dela Fuente petition to demand a recount half an hour ago.  It remains to be seen whether they agree as, apparently, electronic voting equipment is automatically audited after every election and an audit is already underway.  Chances are that WEC confirm that their equipment is in good working order and deny the petition.


It would be ideal if the petition is denied and Stein's donors sue for their money back.  Assuming that the regular $160K/hr donations came from someone other than George Soros.




Schwarze Tulpe's picture

Grifters are gonna' grift.    Sorry, unintentional double post.

AnngeloJamaica's picture

one needs to pay attention what funds go out the back door to her and her cronies.  Let us audit her ass.  

Safelyundergroundlul's picture

"mysterious". Just got off the phone with Soros. He confirmed

thethirdcoast's picture




spastic_colon's picture

hahahahahahaha................sucker libs again!


do ya think just maybe they WANT civil war.............duh.

withglee's picture

do ya think just maybe they WANT civil war.............duh.

I'm all for a civil split. It shouldn't take a war. I would recommend a split along the lines of the "anti-federalist" vs "federalist" papers split of the 1770's regarding adoption of our current constitution. I would be a serious "anit-federalist". Let "them" have their federal government.