Trump Bypasses Media With Direct YouTube/Twitter Distribution As Feud With Mainstream Outlets Rages

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For the past year and a half the Trump team has played the mainstream media like a fiddle.  During the republican primary, he was granted millions of dollars of free air time as the unwitting mainstream outlets thought they were boosting one of Hillary's chosen "pied piper" candidates that could be easily defeated in the general election.  Then, after helping to catapult him to the republican nomination the media predictably turned on him in a blatant effort to elect their chosen candidate.  Unfortunately for the mainstream media, none of their plans to destroy Trump came close to working and, in fact, he used their corrupt, biased coverage to rally his supporters which is likely a big reason for his ultimate victory.

Perhaps no one has summarized Trump's relationship with the media and establishment institutions better than Michael Moore who famously predicted two weeks before election day that Trump's election would be the "biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history":

"They [working class voters] see that the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump.  Corporate American hates Trump.  Wall Street hates Trump.  The career politicians hate Trump.  The media hates Trump, after they loved him and created him and now hate him.  Thank you, media.  The enemy of my enemy is who I'm voting for on November 8th."

But now that the campaigning is finally over, the true panic is setting in for the mainstream media as Trump is threatening to cut off the one thing they have left:  access.

While Trump's decision to bypass the media in recent days (starting with the message below posted on YouTube which has received millions of views) by speaking directly with the American electorate through direct distribution outlets like YouTube and Twitter may not seem like a big deal, it has the potential to be quite revolutionary.  After running a campaign that proved that blatant, and frankly insulting, pandering to various minority groups and endless cash hoards weren't necessarily direct determinants of election success, Trump seems intent upon proving that the mainstream media can be completely bypassed in the modern world...and it is glorious to watch.


Of course, we suspect this is part of the reason for the mainstream media's recent crusade against "fake news" outlets, of which we're apparently one.  To the extent they can discredit competitive news sources then they get to maintain their monopoly on ideas and information, and the blatant manipulation of those ideas into their own customized narratives.

As The Hill points out, Trump's distaste for the media is starting to sow fear and panic in the mainstreamers.  For evidence of that fact, one has to look no further than the outrage expressed when Trump decided to ditch the press to have a steak dinner with his family.  Where was that same outrage when Hillary ditched the press on 9/11 because of her pneumonia?

White House reporters are worried about access to Trump, who didn’t allow reporters on his campaign plane and ditched media staking out Trump Tower last week to have dinner with family at New York’s 21 Club.


The president-elect’s frequent threats to the press have added to a sense that the rules for covering this White House might be different.


“Every incoming president has basic, generally agreed upon rules of the road,” said Joe Lockhart, who served as White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton.


“The Trump team has decided they’ll blow up and the road and build a new one. Where it goes from here will be a test of how far the new president and his team want to push things, and the strength and will of the press to push back.”

As The Hill further notes, Trump has little incentive to go through traditional media outlets.  Not only have they proven time and again to be an extension of the democratic party but with his social media following, Trump's direct distribution of his message gets just as much coverage as a press conference would.

But Trump has little incentive to go through traditional media channels, some experts say.


Facebook and Twitter combine to give him one of the most powerful social media presences in the world.


He has former Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon at his side in the White House, giving him a powerful ally in the massively influential world of right-wing news.


And when Trump releases a straight-to-camera video to announce his 100-day agenda — as he did this week, in lieu of a press conference — it elicits the same volume of coverage as a press conference would.


Trump was lavished with billions of dollars worth of free airtime and exposure during the campaign, irrespective of how he chose to engage.


Press advocates are worried that the president-elect appears to be holding all the cards.

As the head of the advocacy group Free Press points out “over the last 20 to 30 years, each White House has thrown up more obstacles and become more obsessed with controlling their own message, but this is a new apex, and it’s really dangerous."  While we tend to agree that the disintermediation of the corrupt media may be dangerous for their employees...we suspect the rest of us will be just fine.

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junction's picture

Obviously, the New York Times, MSNBC and CNN will now include as "fake news" all Trump YouTube videos.

GreatUncle's picture

This is deregulating the system :-) cut to the chase, get the job done.

I just emailed the link to people so they get to watch it.

Supafly's picture

Excellent move.  Desperate times call for a measure of desperation, or some shit like that.

Larry Dallas's picture

The new Fireside Chats.

And I'm fine with that.

Make America Great Again!

RiverRoad's picture

 Cold fish lame duck Prune Face barely held any chats with Mr and Ms. America in the Oval Office. 

Trump has already demonstrated that he can run circles around the MSM, communicating directly with the American people with no need for farcical "MSM translations". 






ebear's picture

Does he have an actual fireplace behind him?

That would be awesome!

Oh, and bring the dog as well.  That would be perfect.

Long-John-Silver's picture

Steve (Commander) Bannon has said he was going to destroy the MSM. That Missle has already left the tube.It was fired the moment CDR Bannon took the Helm of the Media Destroyer USS Trump.

Trump will install a new head of the FCC. He or She will institute rules that will force the Satellite and Cable TV company's to provide A al cart subscriptions to customers. No longer will they be able to force subscribers into "100 plus Packages" of channels they must buy to get the 5 they watch.

That ends the MSM's cash cow.

Local On Air TV Stations will be mandated to provide their programming on Internet Streaming channels.

That allows Airports to stream local stations with local infomation to patrons instead of CNN or other MSM Channels.

Internet Streaming is already taking a huge bite out of Satellite/Cable TV, Trump is going to finish it off.

By the time the next election rolls around in 2020 the MSM will only be a bad memory.

kochevnik's picture

Such drastic measures for a president to communicate with his countrymen?  TB channels should be overtaken immediately until they can fix their priorities.  Same thing happened in Moscow in 90s.  Licensed stations could not decide between Kremil or Jacob Rothschild's directives

KickIce's picture

According to the Ghostbusters that's bad.

FatTony7915726's picture

A big fuck you to Jeff Zucker and his shitty CNN

dark fiber's picture

CNN: The news network you can fap to.

Keyser's picture

Yep, Faux News has the hottest on-air hosts, except in HD you can see the 10 lbs of makeup slathered on...

CNN should have known better than to put Homer Simpson in as head of the network... Jeff Zucker is a deluded clown, just like Homer... 

migra's picture

Fuck Zucker and his transender queer porn.

JoeJitsu's picture

(((Jeff Zucker))), that is.

larz's picture

There are always three points of view:   mine yours and the truth

Spungo's picture

Pwning the media is why the internet loves him. The fucking media said 4chan was just for pedophiles. They are the least credible people on earth.

Kidbuck's picture

Trump is smarter than the media. What is worse for the MSM is that they cannot comprehend this simple truth.

south40_dreams's picture

The media doesn't even begin to get it.  People are going to need to learn to ignore these assholes.  There is nothing that says you have to watch/listen to propaganda and lies. 

Supafly's picture

I just have to wonder how they will frame all this.  Playing YouTube and editorializing like it's an actual interview.  Yuuge fucking losers.

The-other-Gandalf's picture

And I expect he will find people much smarter than the media to deal with them, if at all.

orionstarman's picture

To the left anyone who is not a leftist is a knucle dragging neanderthal and like the neanderthal of old should be extinct.

bobbbny's picture

CNN can still compete with youporn.

nmewn's picture

Awww, the preening, smug, overpaid, egostistical teleprompter readers seem upset.

Its like someone kicked the plug out of the wall...or sumpin ;-)

GreatUncle's picture

Lol now we know there is a plug ... keep ripping that plug out.

Fore decades you were told do not rip that plug out of the wall bad things could happen ...

LOL BAD FOR THE MSM, fucking great for the people.

Mike in Tokyo Rogers's picture

As a person who is working and has worked as a professional at major broadcasting stations for nearly 40 years (including a short stint at CNN Japan) - and even been general manager at a major Tokyo broadcasting station - all I can say is, "Good! The main stream mass media is full of lies and liars." I've been fighting with the lies and BS for well over the last twenty years (a bit slow. Didn't figure it out for the first twenty). The mass media is corrupt and won't change until they have to. Never forget my old saying, "90% of everything you see/hear on TV or the mass media is bullshit. The other 10% are commercials."

OverTheHedge's picture

You work in mainstream media, yet you post (and therefore I would assume read) zerohedge?

It was my intention to write something sarcastic, but actually, this is possibly the best news there is. We do NEED a competent fourth estate, but they need to be independent, unbiased and without agenda,as much as possible. How we get back to that (did we ever have it?) I don't know, but the government excesses without oversight have already proven to be more than the world can afford. If we can use you to infect the MSM with a nasty outbreak of objectivity,I'm all for it. Think of yourself as a virus, and it is your DUTY to replicate. Go forth, and multiply (and I mean that in a good way, I promise).

orangegeek's picture


Thebighouse's picture


I thought this would be an excellent idea to communicate to America and providing that Youtube leaves censoring to a simple categorization of content,

so that you can have child safe (and me too....I don't want to see 90 percent of the junk out there....I love classic music videos!!) zones and then snowflake zones,

how to zones, communication from the President and Congress, 


That is the most denigrating, narcississtic aspect of these talking heads.  F You !

I have my ears and eyes and like to make my OWN judgements.


Great for Donald!  I can't wait until he is actually President and we get a REAL man who understands that his election was for the good of the country and

not the personal embellishment of the elected.   THIS IS PUBLIC SERVICE, NOT A GRAVY TRAIN.

Rescind all public pensions and put all OUR MONEY TOGETHER.   WE ALL LIVE WITH SOCIAL SECURITY.



Use all that pension and foundation and library crap  to retire the national debt.


ebear's picture

Shut down the medical monopolies.  This is imperative.

BabaLooey's picture

Think about that.

Pasta with walnut sauce. (no pedo horse shit code)

For real? That sounds fucking awful.

StychoKiller's picture

Yeah, sliced almonds is a lot better!

Neochrome's picture

Funny thing is, their list of fake news sites reminded me of some sites that I used to visit, like Antiwar, but then forgot about them. All I can say is thank you for broadening my horizons...

Nero_Hedge's picture

Haha, same when I saw counterpunch on there...perhaps I will only refer to that list for my news from now on

brushhog's picture

Brilliant. Its what I would do. After the way they treated him, I dont know why they would expect anything different. With youtube, and so many other direct methods of communication brought foreward by the internet, we no longer need the media. They offer no value, in fact they offer time and again to devalue information streams through their corruption, bias, and propganda efforts.

BarnacleBill's picture

Right: TV and newspapers offer no value. Except some entertainment value - comedy shows, some of the music, the comic strips, sports... that's all I can think of, off-hand.

RafterManFMJ's picture

Visiting my mom in the hospital not 3 hours ago. Fucking "news" was on.

1. A nigger running from the cops drove into an intersection and t-boned a white family. Those not killled on impact burned alive, including a 5 year old.
2. The lottery is now up to 400 million!
3. NYC cops used a rope to rescue an old man from a burning building
4. The Steelers win! What does this mean to their playoff chances?!
5. A fat white woman mistakenly texted a dinner invite to a black man, but gamely allowed him to come to TanksGibben dinner.

What of the above is "news" and what is propaganda and bullshit? Seriously if you pay for cable you're a fucking retard.

DeathMerchant's picture

One of Trump's kids should buy a newspaper.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

The WaPo, when they file for Chapter 11.

hooligan2009's picture

and let's be clear, the truth is in this conclduing comment

"While we tend to agree that the disintermediation of the corrupt media may be dangerous for their employees...we suspect the rest of us will be just fine."

there may be just a hundred libtard reporters that think they have the god-given right to analyze, summarize and spin a presdients message, rather than just report it.

trump going direct to the people that voted for him to drain the swamp, EXPOSE THE CGI AS A RACKET, put forward rational, common sense ideas for running the country want to hear what he has to say, in Trump's own words, not those of the libtard press.

good on him, keep it up.

GreatUncle's picture

No interpretation needed ... direct from the horses mouth.


OverTheHedge's picture

Power corrupts: absolute power corrupts absolutely. Who will watch the watchers? Avoid cliches like the plague.

My worry is that whilst the media have failed, the President 's power to spread his propaganda directly, without any opposing voice, could lead to an eventual abuse of teleprompter privileges. A billion voices screaming out in pain, and then suddenly silenced......

back at the farm's picture

Yes, indeed.

While most all the peanut gallery is cheering, I for one am not.

A new leader is setting a dangerous path.

Sounds good, eh? Just issue edicts from the King's on mouth.

No need for any fake news sites.

Nor any alternative sites.

Here is the message.

Surely there are a few here with alarm bells ringing on overdrive.

Alt media seems to be dancing to a tune that will bring them to a frenzy.

All is not well for any media.

Not at all.

Mad Dog's picture

I certainly hope the President Elects' staff members realize how much his supporters want him to cut the MSM out of the picture, as it were. MAGA

Stone Junction's picture

He might not be holding all the cards -- but his name is Trump, for heaven's sake ... "Press advocates" just won't learn, will they ? Nomen est Omen, anyone ?

gregga777's picture

FU LYING LÜGENPRESSE! Trump has given them the same message!

Hit the LYING LÜGENPRESSE where it hurts the most: in the moneychangers moneybags!!! Cancel your cable TV and boycott the LÜGENPRESSE's advertisers!!! Don't buy their lying newsprint rags!!! The 6 conporations controlling 90% of all media and entertainment:

• Comcast,
• News Corporation,
• Disney,
• Viacom,
• Time Warner and

The various Feral gangster government's organs of state propaganda (mainstream media & entertainment oligopoly) propaganda mouthpieces:

* ABC (Always Boosting Clinton),
* Amazon.con,
* AOL (AllOutLibertards),
* AppleWorms,
* BloombergsGold,
* BuzzardFood,
* CBS (Clinton Butt Sniffers),
* CNN (Clinton News Network),
* Con Street Journal (WSJ),
* CrapNchat,
* DailyBarff,
* ESPeeiNg,
* FacePlant,
* Fox,
* GPG (Goebbels Propaganda Goons),
* GooglesPedophiles,
* HearstsHookers,
* HomeButtOrifice,
* Huffington Hoes,
* MOREClintonPropaganda,
* MSNBC (MS Nothing But Clinton),
* NBC (Nose up Butt of Clinton),
* NetFlux,
* New Porker Yorker,
* New York SlimeBalls,
* NPR (National-PropagandaRadio),
* PBS (Perverts Broadcast System),
* PEOPLEpedophiles,
* POLITICOpropagandists,
* PRIvateParts,
* Redbitch,
* ReutersRooters,
* SnopesNgropes,
* Startrash,
* The AtlanTicks,
* TIMEforClinton,
* Twitcher,
* USA TodayToadies,
* VICEsexCrimes,
* VOXpropagandists,
* Washington ConPostHeap,
* etc.

For that reason alone I would never pay for cable TV. I don't have cable TV because it's all propaganda. FU (f*** you) LYING LÜGENPRESSE*.

*Feral Gangster Government's LYING organs of state propaganda (mainstream media & entertainment oligopoly)

brushhog's picture

Thank you for that comprehensive list of Fake news organizations and outlets.