Trump Bypasses Media With Direct YouTube/Twitter Distribution As Feud With Mainstream Outlets Rages

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For the past year and a half the Trump team has played the mainstream media like a fiddle.  During the republican primary, he was granted millions of dollars of free air time as the unwitting mainstream outlets thought they were boosting one of Hillary's chosen "pied piper" candidates that could be easily defeated in the general election.  Then, after helping to catapult him to the republican nomination the media predictably turned on him in a blatant effort to elect their chosen candidate.  Unfortunately for the mainstream media, none of their plans to destroy Trump came close to working and, in fact, he used their corrupt, biased coverage to rally his supporters which is likely a big reason for his ultimate victory.

Perhaps no one has summarized Trump's relationship with the media and establishment institutions better than Michael Moore who famously predicted two weeks before election day that Trump's election would be the "biggest fuck you ever recorded in human history":

"They [working class voters] see that the elites who ruined their lives hate Trump.  Corporate American hates Trump.  Wall Street hates Trump.  The career politicians hate Trump.  The media hates Trump, after they loved him and created him and now hate him.  Thank you, media.  The enemy of my enemy is who I'm voting for on November 8th."

But now that the campaigning is finally over, the true panic is setting in for the mainstream media as Trump is threatening to cut off the one thing they have left:  access.

While Trump's decision to bypass the media in recent days (starting with the message below posted on YouTube which has received millions of views) by speaking directly with the American electorate through direct distribution outlets like YouTube and Twitter may not seem like a big deal, it has the potential to be quite revolutionary.  After running a campaign that proved that blatant, and frankly insulting, pandering to various minority groups and endless cash hoards weren't necessarily direct determinants of election success, Trump seems intent upon proving that the mainstream media can be completely bypassed in the modern world...and it is glorious to watch.


Of course, we suspect this is part of the reason for the mainstream media's recent crusade against "fake news" outlets, of which we're apparently one.  To the extent they can discredit competitive news sources then they get to maintain their monopoly on ideas and information, and the blatant manipulation of those ideas into their own customized narratives.

As The Hill points out, Trump's distaste for the media is starting to sow fear and panic in the mainstreamers.  For evidence of that fact, one has to look no further than the outrage expressed when Trump decided to ditch the press to have a steak dinner with his family.  Where was that same outrage when Hillary ditched the press on 9/11 because of her pneumonia?

White House reporters are worried about access to Trump, who didn’t allow reporters on his campaign plane and ditched media staking out Trump Tower last week to have dinner with family at New York’s 21 Club.


The president-elect’s frequent threats to the press have added to a sense that the rules for covering this White House might be different.


“Every incoming president has basic, generally agreed upon rules of the road,” said Joe Lockhart, who served as White House press secretary for President Bill Clinton.


“The Trump team has decided they’ll blow up and the road and build a new one. Where it goes from here will be a test of how far the new president and his team want to push things, and the strength and will of the press to push back.”

As The Hill further notes, Trump has little incentive to go through traditional media outlets.  Not only have they proven time and again to be an extension of the democratic party but with his social media following, Trump's direct distribution of his message gets just as much coverage as a press conference would.

But Trump has little incentive to go through traditional media channels, some experts say.


Facebook and Twitter combine to give him one of the most powerful social media presences in the world.


He has former Breitbart executive Stephen Bannon at his side in the White House, giving him a powerful ally in the massively influential world of right-wing news.


And when Trump releases a straight-to-camera video to announce his 100-day agenda — as he did this week, in lieu of a press conference — it elicits the same volume of coverage as a press conference would.


Trump was lavished with billions of dollars worth of free airtime and exposure during the campaign, irrespective of how he chose to engage.


Press advocates are worried that the president-elect appears to be holding all the cards.

As the head of the advocacy group Free Press points out “over the last 20 to 30 years, each White House has thrown up more obstacles and become more obsessed with controlling their own message, but this is a new apex, and it’s really dangerous."  While we tend to agree that the disintermediation of the corrupt media may be dangerous for their employees...we suspect the rest of us will be just fine.

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ichan's picture

Happy Thanksgiving MSM. xD

booboo's picture

and it is a custom for the Fake MSM to give the President elect a "Honeymoon" as well.....still waiting so go fuck yourself

hedgiex's picture

Yes the world has to get the raw direct speech from the President. The presstittues can then give their slants. This is the First Amendment where People decide. 

skunzie's picture

There is a MSM saying that it's tough to win an argument with people who buy their ink and paper by the boxcar load.  Well that notion worked very well in the past when the news was printed and people actually read newspapers, but today that no longer applies thanks to the Internet and electronic media.  The world is changing in that regard and The Donald and his team understand that VERY WELL.  He is using the electronic media sources which HE selects as the means to getting out his message to the people.  The MSM are pissed because his bypassing them spells doom for their businesses.  What business in it's right mind would spend one red cent on advertising which literally NO ONE will read?  They too are moving to the future and the future will be those Internet sources which have readers.  For the next four years, that means alt-right media sources will be growing exponentially whilst the dinosaur MSM will wither and die off.  I'd go short on newspaper ink and paper suppliers!

lakecity55's picture

CNN Reporter: "Brother, can you spare a dime?"

just the tip's picture

For the next four years, that means alt-right media sources will be co-opted by the growing number of liberally biased reporters seeking employment, as the dinosaur MSM will wither and die off.


there is a saying about animals and spots and stripes and changes.

NobodyNowhere's picture

The singlemost thing that proved to me HRC was an oligarchy candidate was the blatantly biased coverage across all MSM.

I mean, if anyone knows what journalism is, it is these guys.  So there is no chance that their coverage was unwittingly biased - it was biased with a motive.


DeathMerchant's picture

That's the only photo that I have ever seen that says, "Fuck you!!" Awesome!

StreetObserver's picture

Every serious patriot should have their own, or multiple, twitter and reddit accounts. Sign up for Trump's tweets, even if you don't read them. Use social media to hammer home our short, sweet and common sense messages.

Avoid Google's datamining and maintain your privacy. Open a free email account at Protonmail. Check the reviews and get  your own. It's free, has no ads, is much more secure and is owned by CERN, an scientific organization operating under Swiss secrecy laws.

RedDwarf's picture

MSM is as dead as the buggywhip and black and white television sets.  Even Fox News, the biggest of the cable news channels, is dwarfed in terms of views by dozens of youtube channels.  The hard facts of the difference in views are staggering.  A few hundred thousand to a couple of million tune into the biggest of the MSM's broadcasts.  That is NOTHING.  The 500th largest youtube channel has over 3 million subscribers.  Not a direct comparison, but close.

Twitter, youtube, facebook, reddit, buzzfeed, 4chan, drudge report, even zerohedge, the list is endless of the sites and feeds that are bigger than the MSM.  Now perception is catching up to reality and fast.  Soon the stupid advertisers will realize they are throwing their money away, then 'poof' the MSM as we know it will cease to exist.  A few will remake themselves, most will die.

just the tip's picture

MSM is not dead and will not die.  it may morph into a shell of it's former self, but there are just too many SJW out there that will not let it die.  the SJW will of course begin referring to MSM as "ministry of something meaningful" of some shit piece like that.

LA_Goldbug's picture

Trump should avoid YOUTUBE (Google owned) and go with something like Vimeo.

" In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion.[4] YouTube now operates as one of Google's subsidiaries.[5] "

messystateofaffairs's picture

No use utube, they can't spin the content of his own vid, it would kind of be like fucking them over with their own tool. The only downside is Trump would bring traffic to the site and help keep them floating.

wwxx's picture

Personally I prefer to get important messages via Utube, but they must be linked or reposted at ZH, because I don't hang out at Utube all day, nor twitter, nor facebook, [yes I'm from fricking nor-way] nor TV, nor newprint, nor radio.  I think some reasonable & even some unreasonable viewer opinions & questions, should have a blog like ZH to post into, and if The Tyler, tends to deal with that, that would be a good enough direction.



just the tip's picture


that's a good one.  consider it plagiarized.

lakecity55's picture

And, why, exactly, should Trump be obligated to give the .msm the time of day?

Reagan went over the media's heads to the People. Trumpster is doing an even better job.

Even CNN has turned to weird porn to boost its ratings.

bada boom's picture

Right or wrong, here is my take.  He is using this as scare tactic to get the media in line, or at least a little more favorable towards him before taking office.  After Jan 21, the media will be a the white house and the press core will follow him.

No doubt, he knows how to handle the media.

ZoSo925's picture

I Canceled my DirecTV last week.  Screw the Corporate Media.  They are a bunch of Corrupt Criminals who Lie Lie Lie

LA_Goldbug's picture

I watch old movies and search out music I like. This way there is no more loud and long commercials disturbing my peace.

ZoSo925's picture

I Canceled my DirecTV last week.  Screw the Corporate Media.  They are a bunch of Corrupt Criminals who Lie Lie Lie

innertrader's picture

I ACTUALLY unplugged my tv once for 5+ years!  Fianlly plugged it back in on 9/11 when I received a phone call and was advised of the incident.  Yes, I STILL have it on, however, I do NOT have any paid service.  Hate most all the shows that are on, only like a few.  Thinking about unplugging again.  It truly is amazing how much happier I was with NO TV!

Fed-up with being Sick and Tired's picture

We did, too!   Canceled Directv when we returned from Europe.  We bought a ROKU3 Streaming box.  I cannot say enough about this streaming Box (it has a remote with a ear bud connection so I listen to Pandora on that and turn off the TV screen)....I am NOT affiliated with Roku.  I am sure that the Amazon or Google "sticks are fine"  - - but with this Tiny box, I can watch free Movies...we however decided to go with Netflix for now...we had a Free 30 day trial.  We really loved Breaking Bad which we missed in, best show ever.  We are also watching Marcos, etc.   We are only paying 10 bucks a month.  We have a Vizio TV but I would go with another better brand (Samsung, Sony?)...the Vizio is not great.   Sound sucks.  I bought external Speakers and the sound from the Roku is far better than the DirecTV box which was terrible.

messystateofaffairs's picture

But now you're going to miss all the Satanically inspired Happy Holiday ads.

Stan522's picture

Of all the pictures of Trump being use by the media, my most favorite is that one with his pointing finger in the air and his bright white teeth and lips forming what looks like the "F"  word....




tuetenueggel's picture

F ugg you mean like goatfuggers ?

Able Ape's picture

Reading is good; Reading AND thinking is SUBLIME and POWERFUL....

qwertyFUBAR's picture

"Putting up obstacles..."

By not returning their phone calls. Get ready for the Era of the Abusive Passive-Agressive.

angry_dad's picture
angry_dad (not verified) Nov 26, 2016 9:56 AM

Facts, truth, and accurate reporting are rarer than unicorns on MSM.

Welcome to N Korea where every main stream media story is written to glorify our deal leader.

Infinite QE's picture

Time for Trump to rollout TrumpTube and F the kike Google/Youtube shenanigans.

Occams_Razor_Trader's picture

I only read "Fake News"- you know, the only ones who said Trump had a chance of getting elected as President!

messystateofaffairs's picture

Nice. Also use Youtube, NOT Facebook or Twitter, because a lot of us don't want to become members of that drivel to watch any content put there. Youtube is like flicking on TV, anybody can do it.

Trump should set up a President Trump's news website to post unedited and unspun (by the MSM whores) Presidential releases. Actually ZH could reference Trumps news posts and we could comment on them here.

onmail1's picture

<-- Mainstream media 

Do as the Turkey did

pass a law that they cant be

affiliated to any biz house

either they stand alone or perish