Jill Stein's Recent 'Grass Roots' Fundraiser to Recount the Votes Raises Many Red Flags

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The Jill Stein campaign prides itself for being anti-corporate -- only accepting the donations from the small people -- the disenfranchised folks who cannot afford to donate to her losing campaign -- but do so nonetheless to help Jill fulfill an otherwise pointless existence in the political landscape.

Thanks to her website and the Wayback machine, we can examine the donations and the rate by which they came in -- to see if they have a 'grass rootish' demeanor or not.

Here is the timeline on 11/23/16.

Upon launching the new fundraiser to help ensure the Russians didn't hack the Presidential election, Jill raised an immediate 87k.


The second update occurred at 21:13:23, funds on hand now $131,526. Money was being raised at about $2k per minute.


The third update occurred at 23:40:49, funds on hand now $626,916.47. Money was being raised at $3,370 per minute.


The fourth update occurred at 23:45:01, funds on hand now $646,386.47. Money was being raised at $4,867 per minute.


On November the 24th, 2016, there was 22 updates. I've chosen to analyze 3 time periods, every seventh update, in an effort to further analyze Dr. Stein's grass roots fundraising feats.



The fifth update occurred at 00:14:41, funds on hand now $780,759.00. Money was being raised at $4,633 per minute.


The sixth update occurred at 6:16:36, funds on hand now $2,315,213.66. Money was being raised at $4,250 per minute.


The sixth update occurred at 14:33:33, funds on hand now $2,929,566.10. Money was being raised at $1,236 per minute. Such slackers.


The seventh update occurred at 20:49:17, funds on hand now $4,005,993.85. Money was being raised at $2,862 per minute. Much better.


I'll summarize for the 25th and the 26th, in an effort to preserve brevity.

Here is the timeline of updates for the 25th.


During Thanksgiving, Jill Stein's grass roots campaign had $4,591,039.66 on hand at 06:11:44. By 22:52:24, that number swelled to $5,322,206.01. Money was raised at $730 per minute.

At 3:29:47 on 11/26, Jill Stein had $5,483, 727.60 on hand. As of right now, at 23:37, she has $5,532,782.53 on hand. Money is being raised at $40.87 per minute.

In summary, Jill Stein raised an enormous amount of money in the opening hours of her campaign to recount the votes in the all important swing states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Although she claimed her fund raising efforts were entirely grass roots, the facts suggest otherwise. By what I'm seeing here, big donors stepped in early to put her over the top -- then the grass roots plebs stepped in to toss nickels at her -- with donations shrinking from $4,800 per minute to just over 40 bucks now. Interestingly, the rate by which she's raised funds have an inverse correlation to the amount of press she's been receiving.

In other words, none of this makes any sense. Where did all of the early money come from?

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Better analysis (if he did what he says)...

Breaking: SOROS BOT Funding Stein Recount At Steady Rate $160k Per Hour



Jooooooooooo!!! Bitch!!!!

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While I try not to be anti"Semitic" Jill just blew that all to hell. The Tribe sticks together against the GOY, no doubt about it!! This greedy bitch proved all of us deplorable "Anti Semitics" correct!!!

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Definitely needs to be a lawsuit filed after this is over, and MAKE her pony up WHO and WHERE all this cash came from.(anything above $1,000.)

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I am sure she gets to keep part of it for shilling for Hillary.

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Jill Stein's amazing and very mysterious "Funding Bot":


Can anyone 'splain this?

Blanco Diablo's picture

Simp xplaination CASH IS KING!!

Honest Sam's picture

A magnifying glass on the contributions would likely show that hillary, Sid, George Stepinalotashit, bill, chelsea, Chuckie Schumer. George Soros, and some other aliens donated early and much.



So if foriegners arent allowed to contribute to the pres. campaigns then is it legal for them to donate to vote recounts? Seems kinda shady.

Then again all this will prove is how many corrupt votes hildabeast was gifted in the first place. And still lost! Im gonna lmao if trumpo ends up winning the popular vote too! That would be too sweet.

Guess we know how ass roots the joo bitch really was. No wonder nobody voted for her. 5.5 mn, is that more than she raised for her campaign? Loser!

Aloysius Snuffleupagus's picture

She had help from unnamed big donors and a wink and a nudge from Hillary.  Like that's so surprising or couldn't be seen a mile away.  It's politics.  *yawn*

Consuelo's picture



 I think it worthy to point out that None of this would be occurring without the supreme ignorance and gullibility of a Public School-educated and entertainment-addled electorate.

sun tzu's picture

There are plenty of public school educated people who are awake. It's a matter of integrity and seeking the truth. The lazy and stupid depend on the lamestream presstitutes to spoonfeed them. 

Farqued Up's picture

There are a lot of pussy commies with no real tolerance for bloodshed about to open a giant can of whupass on themselves. Once this shit gets started it will most likely engulf the perpertrators with the cushy digs underground and are promoting martial law and psyops against the people. I just don't se them being protected by the proles that don't have a cot provided with the elites.

The day is coming when the brainwashed zombies will devour the ones implanting behavior controllers through chemtrail cropdusting. Farfetched? Maybe yeah, maybe no. I always try to err on the side of safety.

anolmec's picture

seems to be an attempt to get your mind off pizza

Ned Zeppelin's picture

So I read yesterday the local newspaper in an upstate rural PA county which published a township by township vote, which was 80-20 for Trump. I vote in an exurban, agrarian location in a suburban Philadelphia county (the township went for Trump, but the more urban areas towards Philly had the county go about 55-45 for Cankles) and rhe voting is quite "small" and quiet. I have never waited in line, it's all very organized and simple, many eyes on the proceedings. So this tells me the only real opportunity for voter fraud is in the big cities with much bigger voter populations (dead or alive) - more chaos yielding opportunities for mischief. And these are the areas, at least in PA, that are controlled by Democrats, presumably in Hillary's corner.

Ergo, this is a waste of time and money on its face, but is there some other purpose?

g'kar's picture

We can be sure of one thing, Obola's IRS or FEC won't be scrutinizing the incoming funds

starman's picture

Stein, nothing worst then a,liberal Jew ! 


No no no. Shes an "independent". The newest play on words to trick people into voting for the progs. Typical commy bullshit. How did our cuntry become overrun with these scumbags?

OT: why are people so proud to be joooos? Wonder if they felt the same way back in wwll.

Sandmann's picture

She's doing a Bernie and being a shill for Hillary

Goldennutz's picture



She wants to live.

dexter_morgan's picture

(((banksters)))+(((media)))+(((common core)))+(((hollyweird))) = game over, or much bloodshed to come

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It is scary to watch but this may be another case of divine intervention occurring. Trump's peons who wanted to watch him walk on water before he was sworn into office may be jerked back into the reality of what he is really up against for the first time. Any Clinton worshippers who actually do have brains that aren't made of strawberry pudding and pink rainbows may see the challenges that the country is up against to maintain a fraud free election. It was reported in an article on Breitbart that there were 3 counties in Wisconsin that were claimed to have more votes for Trump than they had registered voters. My theory is that the illegal immigrants that were hired  to illegally vote for Clinton could not read or understand how to vote. In Florida Trump's name was the first one on the ballot which was quite crowded by state and local elections and amendments. I studied my ballot at home and read through the Amendments back and front of a sample ballot before going to the poll to make sure I put the marks where I wanted them to be. A person who can not read nor understand English might be led to vote for the first name they come to on the ballot. Here in Florida, we had people turning in ballots by mail who picked Hillary for President and indicated in writing in the margin that they wanted Jill Stein for Vice President. These votes of course could not be counted because the machine kicked them out. They were returned to the voter with a new ballot if there was time before 11/8/16. In my opinion the pressure was on to give the country results as fast as possible rather than as accurately as possible and the new counts may shore up Trump's win rather than leave any possible doubt hanging over the process. Just my Opinion.

lala189's picture

The plan is to force three swing states into forfeiting their Electoral College votes, stealing the presidency for Clinton and sparking a civil war.  Stein is tweeting about starting a revolution that only she can lead.






I was thinking thats exactly what theyre gonna get if they try to steal the vote from trump. Time to round up the ebt losers and hildabeast/bernie voters and make america great again. This shit has got to stop.

sekhars's picture

does name "Stein"  has khazarian roots ?

lala189's picture

She's trying to force the nullification of the electoral college votes for Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and steal the election for Hillary.  That will spark major social unrest and Obama will likely declare a state of emergency and remain exactly where he is.




ducksinarow's picture

Names no long mean much in terms of origins because you can legally file to be named Santa Claus if you want.

Consuelo's picture



 When a clear trend presents itself ($$$ and Bolshevism), 'names' become somewhat irreleveant due to the fact that one can easily deduce the 'origin' out of the actions of the perp...



Sid Davis's picture

What a waste of money.  If the recount fails, Hillary and she have gained nothing; if by some miracle Hillary and she get what they want, we will have the beginning of the violent part of the brewing civil war, after which there will not be much left for these psychopaths to plunder and control.  

Maybe predictions of gun sales declining were a little premature. 


DeaconPews's picture

Corrupt, lying, pieces of shit would burn it all down, as they would be the ones to lord over the ashes.

New World Chaos's picture

Maybe they'll just stall for time and postpone the inauguration, or maybe they're trying to get within range of fucking with the electors in the electoral college.  Agree that it's civil war either way.  Why wouldn't they just put Trump in a bubble, hobble him at every turn, crash the economy and blame it on him?  Are they stupid... or desperate?  Are they afraid a whole bunch of childrens' skeletons might come dancing out of the closet?

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Shlomo Schwartzman (not verified) Nov 26, 2016 6:09 PM

But her being Jewish was never a red flag. 

monad's picture

Just like the record breaking amount of funds laundered into Obama's 2008 campaign. That primary was bought by foreign banksters too.

exartizo's picture

I think what troubles me most is not that she and her ilk asked for the recount.

I'm more concerned that it was even POSSIBLE for her to ask for it.

Perhaps we could pass some really good legislation called something like:


I think THAT would be a step in the right direction in terms of credible, useful legislation because apparently our Seriously Dumbass government officials don't seem to be able to logically figure that out?

So if we legislate the pure unadulterated STUPIDITY out of this kind of mindless IDIOCY we might have some chance of being able to get something really meaningful done as a nation.

AngelaE8654's picture

I agree.  By law, they should be able to tell her to go pound sand since she got like 1% of the vote and was #4 of 4.  Why would they go to all that for someone like this??

any_mouse's picture

$4,800 per minute. Does Jill have a direct connection to the FED?

alexcojones's picture

"Raise a Stein of beer, boys, to the woman who single-handedly killed the Green Party!"

Cheer heard coming from Exxon-Mobil sports bar

gregga777's picture

No surprise here. Jill Stein has always been a tool of the KKK (Klinton Krime Klan) Pedophiles R' Us scumbags. Ultimately Jill Stein and KKK (Klinton Krime Klan) all emanate from the United States CIA (Central Insanity Agency) who are the REAL government controllers in the oh so exceptional United States of America. Exceptionally corrupt that is.

IronForge's picture

Why couldn't Ms. Stein raise this kind of Money - like, you know - DURING HER OWN PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN?


She's a Saboteur-Sellout-Whore who, most likely, will piss off enough people to kill off the Green Party; and probably get her backers and herself "Medieval'd"

Dave Whiteman's picture

Why couldn't Ms. Stein raise this kind of Money?    http://tinyurl.com/h54m698


The_Real_Fly's picture

This is a disgraceful display of avarice. She's preying on the hurt feelings of the Clinton sore losers, offering them a faux hope, just to raise money from them for her own political purposes,

evildimensions's picture

I don't think it's anywhere near that straightforward. This is much more nefarious. There's some seriopus grey-ops and black-ops shit going on here, starting with the steady stream donations.


Shes hoping for a place at hildabeasts table. Cunton promised her a spot in new admin. Why else?

Joebloinvestor's picture

If you really want to be suspicious, watch how many electoral voters are replaced or "retire" early.

The ones who suddenly have new cars or homes or debt erased I would suspect right off.


The groundwork for the next election will be laid early.

skunzie's picture

Great advice on the electoral college vote switches and the reasons for such.

SimianWrench's picture

I wonder if Jill got the same deal that Bernie got. Looks like she is cashing in all her chips.