A Month Of Multiculturalism In Germany: Child Marriage, No-Go Zones, & Gang Rapes

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Submitted by Sieren Kern via The Gatestone Institute,

  • Residents of Essen complained that police often refuse to respond to calls for help and begged city officials to restore order. One resident said: "I was born here and I do not feel safe anymore." City officials flatly rejected the complaints.
  • The Sarah Nußbaum Haus, a kindergarten in Kassel, said that "because of the high proportion of Muslim children," and because of the different cultures of the children, the school was "renouncing" Christian rituals.
  • During the first six months of 2016, more than 2,000 migrants who requested asylum were found to be carrying false passports, but German border control officers allowed them into the country anyway. Migrants with false papers could be linked to the Islamic State, security analysts warned.
  • German President Joachim Gauck said he believed that Germany will eventually have a Muslim president.
  • Muslims are attacking Christians at refugee shelters throughout Germany. "The religious minorities in refugee accommodations are now experiencing the same oppression prevalent in their countries of origin," according to the NGO Open Doors.
  • The Federal Statistics Office reported that the birthrate in Germany reached the highest level in 33 years in 2015, boosted mainly by babies born to migrant women.
  • A 49-year-old Syrian refugee in Rhineland-Palatinate is seeking social welfare benefits in Germany for his four wives and 23 children.

October 1. Two migrants raped a 23-year-old woman in Lüneburg as she was walking in a park with her young child. The men, who remain at large, forced the child to watch while they took turns assaulting the woman.

October 2. A 19-year-old migrant raped a 90-year-old woman as she was leaving a church in downtown Düsseldorf. Police initially described the suspect as "a Southern European with North African roots." It later emerged that the man is a Moroccan with a Spanish passport.

October 2. Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble called for the development of a "German Islam" to help integrate Muslims in the country. In an opinion article published by Welt am Sonntag, he wrote:

"Considering the diverse origins of Muslims in Germany, we want to promote the development of a German Islam, the development of self-assurance of Muslims living as Muslims in Germany, in a free, open, pluralistic and tolerant order, according to our laws and the religious neutrality of the state.


"There is no doubt that the growing number of Muslims in our country today is testing the tolerance of mainstream society. The origin of the vast majority of refugees means that we are increasingly dealing with people from very different cultures.... In this tense situation, we should not allow for the emergence of an atmosphere in which well-integrated people in Germany feel alien."

October 4. Münchner Merkur reported that the 2016 Munich Oktoberfest recorded its lowest turnout since 2001. Visitors reportedly stayed away due to concerns about terrorism and migrant-related sexual assaults.

This year's Munich Oktoberfest recorded its lowest turnout since 2001. Visitors reportedly stayed away due to concerns about terrorism and migrant-related sexual assaults. (Image source: Flickr/Sergey Zhaffsky)

October 6. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported on a German intelligence study which found that almost half the German Salafists who left for Syria or Iraq were active in mosques. "The mosques continue to play a central role in the radicalization of Islamists in Germany," a spokeswoman for the German domestic intelligence agency, the Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz (BfV), said. The ongoing study analyzes the background and course of the radicalization of persons who left for Syria or Iraq. The study has collected data from 784 Islamists who left Germany or were actively trying to leave the country. The BfV estimates that there are 9,200 known Salafists in Germany.

October 6. More than 400 residents of the Altenessen district in Essen met local politicians in a televised "town hall meeting" to discuss spiraling violence and crime perpetrated by migrants in the area. Residents complained that police often refuse to respond to calls for help and begged city officials to restore order. One resident said: "I was born here and I do not feel safe anymore." City officials flatly rejected the complaints. Mayor Thomas Kufen said: "Altenessen is not a no-go area, the people here are just angry." Police Chief Frank Richter added: "I am sick and tired of hearing about no-go zones in Essen." He insisted that Essen und Altenessen are perfectly safe.

October 7. The Sarah Nußbaum Haus, a kindergarten in Kassel, announced that it would not be celebrating Christmas this year, "because of the high proportion of Muslim children." According to local media, there will be "no Christmas tree, no Christmas stories and no Christmas spirit." Non-Muslim parents said that celebrating Christmas is a normal "part of the integration process to get to know the new culture." School officials responded by saying that because of the different cultures of the children, the school was "renouncing" Christian rituals. They also said that teachers at the school are now required to ensure that the children do not exchange their sandwiches, to prevent Muslim children from eating pork.

October 8. Welt am Sonntag reported that during the first six months of 2016, more than 2,000 migrants who requested asylum were found to be carrying false passports, but German border control officers allowed them into the country anyway. Migrants with false papers could be linked to the Islamic State, security analysts warned.

October 10. Jaber al-Bakr, a 22-year-old refugee from Syria, was arrested after police found explosives in his apartment in Chemnitz. He was suspected of plotting to bomb an airport in Berlin. Two days later, he hanged himself in a jail in Leipzig.

October 14. German President Joachim Gauck, who is stepping down for health reasons, said he believed that Germany will eventually have a Muslim president. Of the eleven German presidents so far, nine have been Protestant and two have been Catholic. Gauck's statement caused a stir in Germany. Some said that all German citizens are eligible for the position, regardless of confession, and others said a Muslim president would further divide society. Vice President of the European Parliament Alexander Graf Lambsdorff said: "A mullah with a turban would be impossible, but a representative of modern, enlightened Islam, such as the mayor in London, of course." The Office of the President told Bild that the oath of office would never be changed from "so help me God" to "so help me Allah."

October 14. Green Party politician Volker Beck called on Germans to learn Arabic so that they can communicate with migrants who do not speak German. When asked on NTV how migrants can integrate if there are no German speakers in many parts of German cities, he replied: "Other countries are more relaxed about the fact that, in some areas, a different language is spoken by a migrant community. In the US, you will find your Chinatown, you will find areas where Mexicans live, or whatever community is strong in a city." He also said it was good that German is not spoken in many German mosques. "Arab sermons are a piece of home," he said.

October 14. Volker Kauder, a key member of Chancellor Angela Merkel's party, threatened internet giants such as Facebook and Google with fines up to 50,000 euros ($53,000) if they fail to tackle online hate speech. The move comes amid a rise in anti-immigration sentiment in Germany.

October 15. A Syrian migrant disrupted a wedding at the Karmel Church in downtown Duisburg. He burst into the building and began fondling a statue of the Virgin Mary while shouting "Allahu Akhbar" ("Allah is the greatest.") After undergoing a psychological evaluation, the man was released. The incident is one of a growing number in which Muslim migrants have disrupted or vandalized German churches.

October 16. A 16-year-old boy and his 15-year-old girlfriend were walking along the banks of the Alster, a lake in the heart of Hamburg, when a stranger ambushed him from behind and plunged a knife into his back. The attacker then pushed the girl into the water and walked away. The girl survived, but the boy died of his wounds. The suspect, a "southern-looking" (südländischer Erscheinung) man in his early twenties, remains at large. Police say the victims were not robbed and there is no evident motive for the crime: The suspect appears to have randomly stabbed the boy just because he felt like it. The Islamic State later claimed responsibility for the murder, but German police cast doubt on that claim.

October 17. The German Press Council reprimanded the weekly newspaper, Junge Freiheit, for revealing the nationality of three Afghan teenagers who raped a woman at a train station in Vienna, Austria, in April 2016. The press council said the nationality of the perpetrators was "not relevant" to the case, and by revealing this information the newspaper "deliberately and pejoratively represented the suspects as second-class persons." In the interests of "fair reporting," the council demanded that the newspaper remove the offending item from its website. The newspaper refused to comply, and said it would continue to publish the nationalities of criminal suspects.

October 17. The German branch of Open Doors, a non-governmental organization supporting persecuted Christians, reported that Muslims are attacking Christians at refugee shelters throughout Germany. The NGO documented 743 incidents between May and September 2016, but said they were only the "tip of the iceberg." The report said:

"Many of the refugees concerned have previously been persecuted and discriminated against in their Islamic countries of origin and have therefore fled to Germany. The religious minorities in refugee accommodations are now experiencing the same oppression prevalent in their countries of origin."

October 17. The Federal Statistics Office reported that the birthrate in Germany reached the highest level in 33 years in 2015, boosted mainly by babies born to migrant women. The rate was 1.5 births per woman in 2015, up from 1.47 births in 2014, and the highest figure since 1982 when it was 1.51. For German women, the birth rate increased only slightly from 1.42 children per woman in 2014 to 1.43 in 2015. For women of foreign nationality, the rate increased from 1.86 to 1.95 children per woman.

October 18. Sigrid Meierhofer, the mayor of Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in an urgent letter (Brandbrief) to the Bavarian government, threatened to close a shelter that houses 250 mostly male migrants from Africa if public safety and order could not be restored. The letter, which was leaked to the Münchner Merkur, stated that local police had responded to more emergency calls during the past six weeks than in all of the previous 12 months combined.

October 18. Süddeutsche Zeitung reported that during the first eight months of 2016, more than 17,000 migrants sued the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) for not giving them full refugee status. Most Syrian refugees in Germany receive only partial asylum status, known as subsidiary protection, which delays family repatriations by at least two years. According to Süddeutsche, 90% of the refugees who challenged the subsidiary protection status in court won their case and were granted full rights under the Geneva Convention. Refugees with full status are allowed immediately to submit applications to bring spouses and children to Germany. If all of the 17,000 migrants win their cases, hundreds of thousands of additional migrants would be allowed to come to Germany.

October 19. Bild reported that a 49-year-old Syrian refugee in Rhineland-Palatinate is seeking social welfare benefits in Germany for his four wives and 23 children. The man, identified as Ghazia A., told Bild that "according to our religion, I have the duty to visit and be with each family equally, and not show any preferential treatment." Local officials told the newspaper that the family is integrating well and all of the children are going to school.

October 19. A 29-year-old migrant from Syria appeared in court on charges of sexually molesting ten children in Freiburg and Müllheim. The father of one of the victims took a photograph of the suspect, but police waited ten days before acting on the lead.

October 19. A 16-year-old German-Moroccan girl appeared in court on terrorism charges. In February 2016, when she was 15, she stabbed a police officer with a kitchen knife at the central train station in Hanover. Prosecutors say she was conducting a "martyrdom operation" for the Islamic State.

October 20. Pupils at a grade school in Garmisch-Partenkirchen were required to memorize and recite the shahada, the Muslim profession of faith ("There is no god but Allah, and Mohammed is his messenger."), in both German and Arabic, for an interfaith chapel service.

October 21. In an interview with Welt am Sonntag, Islam expert and Green Party member Kurt Edler said that Syrian migrants should be allowed to set up their own city in Germany as a way to prevent radicalization. He said: "Why do not we set up a New Aleppo in Pomerania? Then we can show that what the British and Irish emigrants have done in the North East of the USA is also possible with us."

October 24. A group of Serbian teenagers in Hamburg were handed suspended sentences for gang-raping a 14-year-old girl and leaving her for dead in sub-zero temperatures. The judge said that although "the penalties may seem mild to the public," the teens had all made confessions, appeared remorseful and longer posed a danger to society. The ruling, which effectively allowed the rapists to walk free, provoked a rare moment of public outrage over the problem of migrant sex crimes in Germany.

October 24. A YouGov poll found that 68% of Germans believe that security in Germany has deteriorated over the past several years. Also, 68% of respondents said they fear for their lives and property in German train stations and subways, while 63% feel unsafe at large public events.

October 25. Seven migrant boys, some as young as seven years old, sexually assaulted three girls (ages 9, 11 and 14) at a public swimming pool in Berlin.

October 25. The German edition of the Huffington Post published an article by a Syrian migrant named Aras Bacho in which he demanded that all signs and products in Germany be translated into in Arabic to make life easier for migrants. He wrote:

"As a refugee I believe that in Europe the street signs should be translated into Arabic. Likewise, food packaging should be in Arabic. It should also be possible to take exams in Arabic.... Most refugees have been driving in Syria. It would be helpful if the road signs were in Arabic. We should help these people more, no matter what it costs."

October 25. Police in five German states raided a dozen apartments and a refugee shelter as part of a counter-terrorism investigation. Fourteen Chechens, all asylum seekers who arrived in Germany in 2013, are at the center of a probe into "terrorist financing." No one was arrested.

October 25. A group of Muslim children shouting "Allahu Akbar" threw stones at a visiting Ethiopian priest who was walking to a chapel in Raunheim. Police said the priest was targeted because he was wearing a cross.

October 27. A ten-year-old girl was raped while she was riding her bicycle to school in Leipzig. Police published a facial composite of the migrant suspect with the politically correct warning: "This image is to be published only in print media products in the Leipzig region. Publishing it on the internet, including on social media such as Facebook, is not covered by the court order and is therefore not allowed."

October 27. Officials in Monheim donated 845,000 euros ($890,000) of taxpayer money to two Islamic associations, to build mosques in the town. The money will be used to purchase land for the mosques, the construction of which will be paid for by the Turkish government. Mayor Daniel Zimmermann said he hopes the mosques will promote Muslim integration. "I hope the mosques will be city-shaping and also architectural monuments," he said. The grant is subject to only one condition: the minarets must not be more than 25 meters (80 feet) high.

October 27. Deutsche Welle reported that the parents of a German teenager face prosecution for refusing to allow their son to enter a mosque during a school field trip. The parents were fined 300 euros ($315) for their son's truancy. The prosecutor's office in Itzehoe is now reviewing whether or not the parents should appear in court because they did not pay the fine. The school's principal, Renate Fritzsche, said that there are no exceptions to Germany's mandatory school law. The goal of education, Fritzsche emphasized, is to teach children about other cultures so they will be able to interact and tolerate them.

October 27. Berliner Zeitung reported that a 19-year-old Syrian migrant, identified only as Shaas Al-M., scouted out potential terror targets in Berlin for the Islamic State. He was allegedly actively recruiting assassins in Germany and was preparing to attack when he was arrested in March 2016. The man, who received religious and military training with the Islamic State in Syria, arrived in Germany in the summer of 2015 posing as a Syrian refugee.

October 28. Reuters reported that many Arab mosques in Germany are more conservative than those in Syria. The report states: "A dozen Syrians in six places of worship in three cities told Reuters they were uncomfortable with very conservative messages in Arabic-speaking mosques. People have criticized the way the newcomers dress and practice their religion, they said. Some insisted the Koran be interpreted word-for-word."

October 28. A mob of 17 Muslim migrants sexually assaulted two women in front of a church in Freiburg. Police arrested three of the men, all from Gambia, who arrived in Germany as refugees in 2015 and had previously been detained for other crimes.

October 28. Der Spiegel reported that Justice Minister Heiko Maas wants to make it easier for German courts to void child marriages. There currently are 1,475 married adolescents in Germany; 361 of them are younger than 14 years, 120 are 14 or 15 years old. According to German law, young people above the age of 16 may marry, but only if the other spouse is 18 and a family court gives a so-called exemption. Maas wants to tighten the criteria for this. The exemption is to be granted only "if the intended marriage does not affect the welfare of the applicant." Günter Krings (CDU), parliamentary secretary of state, said the measure does not go far enough. "For the sake of clarity of our legal system, we should consistently ensure that no marriages with minors can be concluded in our country, even in exceptional cases," he said.

October 31. A 53-year-old woman attacked two police officers after they entered her apartment in Mülheim. The officers were checking in on her after she had allegedly thrown furniture out the window. When she refused to open the door, the officers broke it down. Once inside the apartment, the veiled woman attacked them with a box-cutter while shouting "Allahu Akbar" ("Allah is the greatest.") Police said the woman was a Muslim convert and was already familiar to police after a series of earlier incidents linked with Islamic extremism.

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O/T A few hours ago, the following posts appeared on ‘Political Science Rumors’ (http://www.poliscirumors.com) in a thread titled: ‘One author of PropOrNot exposed (it's a political science)’ – within an hour the page was taken down (but it is still available in Google’s cache, if anyone wants to look).


- Evette  (47 MINUTES AGO )


- Evette (26 MINUTES AGO )





- Evette (22 MINUTES AGO )

CHARLES LEVEN - accused of stealing CIA payoff money meant for a Russian

JAMES BERGER - lies about his CV

Moar dirt is coming. These clowns f**ked up. 


Whether the above is fact or #FalseNews, I cannot determine but a quick check shows them to turn up on Wikileaks Intelligence Files.  Also, Fitsanakis  is senior editor at www.intelnews.org  and articles written by: Harding, Groves, Leven, Berger can all be found here: https://stopagitprop.com/page/3/ 

Harding has been called “Ukraine’s King Troll” and is quoted as saying: “propaganda is any news coming out from your opponent.”

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Stainless Steel Rat (not verified) EuroPox Nov 28, 2016 4:07 AM

Fuck you for shitting on this article.

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Fuck EML as well before he decries the article as it sheds light on his beloved third worlders.

Because, shitting in public fountains is very European.

Excited for the Italian navy to use the boats as target practice.

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blah. this article is an example of what I am starting to call "Trash News"

like Trash Food, it's purposes it's pure consumer satisfaction and that without nourishment, in this case informational

yes, there is a million more Muslims now in Germany then before. which was 4.5 million Turks, btw

meanwhile, the Great Turk is reminding everybody that he has three million more refugees. why?

oh, wars. don't mention the wars, don't mention the context of all this. don't mention a further dozen millions from Syria alone

instead, be a brave Christian Warrior, follow the Zionist trumpets of the Great Anti-Islam Crusade for... moar woars, of course

we really, really need to have one frigging billion Muslims to stop being peaceful or fighting mostly each other and concentrate on the West /s

btw, are Russians being targeted with "War on Islam" themes? no. why not? well, it starts with... Muslims in Russia, for example

nope, this call for arms against the Muslim invader has two sources: Zion and the US MIC. all the rest is collateral, including european extreme right-wing groups "liking" the "news"

the bashing of "multiculturalism" and other Left-Wing themes is just the cherry on the top of a poisoned cake of half-truths, complete fabrications and exploitation of the innumeracy of the target readership

forward, warriors

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Why? Ask Bibi !

Erdo must make Lebensraum for Iranian refugees...coming soon to a theater near you...NATO...cuts both ways!



Go pull erdys dick out of your ass and clean the shit off it. Idiot.

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It's the Gatestone Institute. It's nonsense. Useful in itself to see what direction the propaganda mill is turning, but it has all the nutritional value of a McDonalds Value Meal (or whatever the cheap, nasty items are called - you know, the ones designed to convince you to order something more expensive from the menu).

It will be interesting to see if Germany follows the US's lead and descends into a full-blown left-right schism, or if this is just the ludicrous propaganda it seems to be. Left-wing hippy-dippy Germans (i.e. most of the younger ones) seem to think that this is all nonsense, and hard-core nationalists (older East Germans + Haus Targaryen) think the sky is falling. Not being German, and not being there, I wonder if, in reality, the vast majority don't care / don't notice, and it is only the very extremes that are causing all the fuss.

Time, and Soros, will tell.

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Perhaps Gatestone should write an arrticvle about ROOTS of the issue (sponsored invasion) and not about RESULTS of this, these are easy to figure out for ANYBODY... and about WHO is behind these ROOTS, THIS I would read  (well, and I DO KNOW!) until that a pure PROPAGANDA and I am deeplu saddened by ZH of being a propaganda agency mouthpiece!

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So you basically agree that if Europe kicked the Muslims out and everybody minded their own business then everything would be much better for everyone.  Glad to see you coming around.

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I agree with you on the thrust of this type of article it doesn't help anyone. Howver, I would ask whether you agree with the German government's mass admission of migrants using an obviously sloppy vetting process, and the forced integration of a wildy incompatible culture at the expense of the locals? How much right does a person have to expect his government to preserve his culture and home by simply leaving it alone to be enjoyed for what it is and hs been for centuries? I mean seriously, do you actually think European multiculturalism has any merit whatsoever?

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Hey, I don't want all my road signs in Arabic - whoever the scumbags at propornot are, we need to expose them.  What do you propose to do - learn Arabic?

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We and our allies drive them out of their own countries and funnelled them here.

Before Iraq 2003 they were perfectly happy in their own countries.

What don't you understand about this?

EuroPox's picture

Sorry but that is a non sequitor - I get it very well.

I also get that the globalists are fighting back against us with things like propornot; I get that they will not go easily and that the fight is only just beginning; I get that globalists in Finland are behind the refusal to debate a petition to withdraw from the Euro (despite the petition getting the required number of signatures); etc. etc. etc.

Propornot is a very dangerous organisation, hiding behind the curtains, resonating with the establishment and (no doubt) amply funded (by Soros et al) - I don't understand that you seem not to understand that.

P.S. not me that junked you

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I can somewhat accept that word, "globalist", if it's used by Americans to describe other Americans

but on europeans? like Finns? how does it make any sense? based on which definition of the word?

Finns are a nation. a sovereign nation with a territory, Finnland. a sovereign people that can choose... it's own national alliances

one of them is a monetary alliance, the eur. another is NATO, whereas Finns are discussing about joining NATO. another is the EU, mostly a "regulatory trade alliance"

national sovereignty is, among other things, the Freedom Of Choosing The Own Alliances

Go Tell The Spartans...

... that they have to forsake their alliances with the Peleponnesian League, with Thebes, with Athens... because the Kings Of Kings wishes so

the answer, was Molon Labe, remember?

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The EU is a trade alliance? Then why do they have the ability to dictate to sovereign nations how they govern their economies? I'd say that the EU is a damn site more than some alliance, it's a control structure very similar to the relationship between a state gov't and the federal gov't here in the US.

Ghordius's picture

exibit an example of this "economic dictat". I tend to write about the EU as an alliance (correct) of the "regulatory & trade" kind, of which it is a quite unique example

the comparison of the US and the EU is usually... well, just irrelevant. they are too different to be compared. it's only because people in the US need something to compare with that they know that they resort to comparisons to the US

take regulations. the full truth about regulations is that we had much more regulations. we had 28 different sets of national regulations, and they were practically all more "ill-fitting" and more restrictive to what we have nowadays

and actually, we still have now a kind of "EU regulation template"... whereas every and each sovereign country fills in the details, of the national persuation

BreXit. one Act of Parliament that the Brits have scheduled will be one huge aquisition of EU norms into the UK laws...

...because they are now all EU norms with British details. whereas the EU+UK norms are the lightest in the whole EU

so I ask you again: give me one detail. one of those "economic dictates", with number, then they are all numbered, in a very proper continental fashion that grates British nerves, of course

yes, it is a trade alliance. again, witness the British discussion on how they want to keep access to the "Single Market" of the EU

so no. every and each time you start with "federal gov't in the US"... fine, but if you then go over to Brussels, the "capital of the EU", sorry, you are in a world of not-applicable, in short N/A

OverTheHedge's picture

"the full truth about regulations is that we had much more regulations. we had 28 different sets of national regulations, and they were practically all more "ill-fitting" and more restrictive to what we have nowadays"

Actually, whilst "we" might have had quite a lot, "I" had only one set of regulations; the ones governing and governed by MY country. This meant that, theoretically, I had some semblance of a say in what was allowed or not. The EU is, I agree, a single set of regulations, but at NO POINT does the individual in any country get a say in what they will be. Not in reality, despite whatever "democratic" systems might be put in place to mollify the whingers. Too much horse trading by too many parties that are in no way answerable to my vote. Hence Brexit.

Ghordius's picture

"at NO POINT does the individual in any country get a say in what they will be". let me see:

in the UK, you can vote for Members of Parliament (MPs). whereas you might have voted for the Conservative Party, for example David Cameron

in the UK, you can vote for Members of the EU Parliament (MEPs). whereas you might have voted for UKIP, for example Nigel Farage

are you accusing UKIP's Nigel Farage of engaging in "too much political horse-trading"? I hardly think so

look, the way I see it is that your national parliament was not interested in anything "EU". your leaders were usually only about two things:

getting rebates and keeping access to our markets

Brexit, so far, is neither of them. hey, it's your national decision. have one

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You probably got multilpy junked bc of the blatant threadjacking.

Poop'a'nut is a fucking distraction. Malicious? Certainly. Relevant? Doubtful.

If the "contributors" hide while spouting their drivel and misdirection while actively working from a webshite that denies critical input then they have about as much relevance as The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights or the SPLC, or for that matter - "Media Matters". They might get a few likes on FartBook and gee-up the poor downtrodden Snowflake Slushpile, but one of the more aposite 'rules' of assymetric warfare is immediately violated, (being):

"If I determine the enemies disposition of forces while having no perceptible form, then I can concentrate my forces while the enemy remains fragmented.

"The pinnacle of military deployment is formless, if it is formless, then even the deepest spy can not penetrate it, nor the wise make plans against it."

Anyone who doesn't know the attribution of the quotes above ought to be ashamed (and possibly - not perusing ZH)

The "globalists", TPTB and more importantly the Deep State follow thes two axioms more comprehensively. They do not reveal themselves as a matter of course and work through proxies or subborn "useful idiots".

This is a distraction, possibly perpetrated (publicly) by pissed off Anonymous snowflakes, imho.

I hope I'm wrong on that last bit.

EuroPox's picture

I'm guessing it is from 2 main sources - people pissed that my post was not immediately related to Gatestone; and secondly, establishment bots.  I certainly don't mind getting downvotes but I would prefer people left a comment as well, if they have a point to make.

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CHARLES LEVEN and JAMES BERGER are the king US trolls. They were harrasing users so much that they were banned from both LinkedIn and Facebook. Can you imagine how insane they were that two US trolls where banned by major US social networks.

This article points that Charles Leven had pocketed some of the money Varenik was to be paid to pay off his KGB debts . I don't really u dershane why there were no open investigations on that. Here is the link


samjam7's picture

Don't we all love the GateStone articles on this site, pushing the Islam is evil card while distracting from the true evil of a small rogue state in the mid-east?

Why has Europe been flooded with migrants that do not belong there? Could it be that a small state is causing havoc in the region and destablizing it? Maybe that's what we should be focusing on instead of the clear consequences of these actions. We all know that these Arabs do not adjust to European norms, no surprise there.

Multi's picture

For "a small rogue state in the mid-east" you are referring to Palestine of course.

ali_baba's picture

All my life I was told this guy was evil. He may have been, I don't know. But if I agree with him TOTALLY, does that make me evil too?


Byte Me's picture
ali_baba Multi Nov 28, 2016 4:49 AM

All my life I was told this guy was evil. He may have been, I don't know. But if I agree with him TOTALLY, does that make me evil too?


Possibly. Depending upon your behaviour to other people; whether you treat them with honesty and honourably; whether you drown kittens by stuffing them into a sack and drowning them, or just club them to death; whether you denounce your chosen deity (if applicable) or not; could get you pilloried as an "evil" monster.

Alternatively. Leaving a post-it sticker with "Suck it up Pussies" in the vicinity of your nearest "liberal" crewmates, or even worse - an 'educator' - will permanently brand you as subhuman.

'Dolphie was a willing "useful idiot" who ended up becoming a monster and was responsible for hideous evil.

It's all psyop.

Join the dots.


PrivetHedge's picture

Yes, although they renamed it Israel.

Palestine were not harming anyone but they still suffered The Nakba when invaded by thieves and murders - whose own religion even banned them from Palestine (The Covenant bans them).

It's an ongoing tragedy as the invaders create their own small version of hell for everyone.

sharonsj's picture

I thought the Nabka was the result of five Arab armies invading Israel and telling the Palestinians to get out of the way, and when the Jews were killed, the Palestinians could come back and take over the empty homes and businesses?

The rest of your comment is nonsensical.  The Covenant gives Jews the land of Israel.

Icelander's picture

No fucking shit my man! Either they just blatantly fall for the jewish kool-aid (no I'm not gonna call it zionist or whatever) or it is deliberate.

That being said, these 'economic migrants' are nothing of the sort. They been steered here intentionally and the families who in fact seek shelter and want safety for their children are in a unimaginable minority. This isn't just my opinion it is what a 40year old Doctor from Damascus has told me personally. He's here with his wife and young child and I actually visited that shelter. My first thought was 'get that man and his family outta that zoo'!

The majority of these mostly single, young, make adults are scum in their country of origin and they continue to be that here - here meaning Western Europe. In Germany the problem is that the govt decided to spread them far and wide even into the tiniest communities. That is why Berlin, where I currently reside, still looks like Berlin and I cannot confirm any of the admittedly horrible accounts in the article happening here. But I will say I do not doubt their validity and there absolutely is a govt sponsored MSM aided and, worst of all, police force sanctioned effort to silence ANY report of a 'non-white-non-european' alien committing any crime of any sort anywhere.

And then the comments on here about some lack of German backbone or whatever. Are you fucking kidding me? I myself have dragged a guy who beat on his child out of his tinted windows station wagon and almost got arrested for it by the oh so nice and politically correct police forces - courtesy of the OCCUPATION authority. I will do the same to any guy or girl who I see getting on any innocent victim's ass. The fact is I just don't see what's being reported.

Everyone would be well advised to accept a certain duality at work here.


1) Western Europe is a bunch of pussy govt vassel states having abcolutely no authority over anything and being steered and guided by NATO or other mostly American (by extension zionist, jewish, dual citizen, israeli or whatever you care to call them) powers. They want tpo disintegrate the nation states and especially the eternal evil entity of Germany, latest way to achieve that goal is to flood the area with people fleeing the conflicts they started. European elites of course mostly in on it and following along the same route. By the way look at Paris, that video was actually authentic. France didn't spread them far and wide but simply put them all in Paris suburbs - not exactly the smartest thing.

Point to remember is the political correctness hammer (including the there are only white racists etc) keeps even well meaning politicians or media entities from being able to utter the truth about where they come from, why they're here and who they are because 'racist'.

2) All muslims and Islam is not all great but not all bad. They been undermined and radicalized and weaponized, mostly by Israel and the 'Greater Israel Project' proponents whether they reside in the ME or in East Coast Suburbia/Lower Manhattan. There's just gotta be a good and hard selection of who's who and who gets the fucking boot and not the welfare check.

3) There is a certain degree of unintended consequences and blowback. Especially in France I keep noticing that even the notion of you brought this shit on yourselves is not entertained at all. At the same time they don't realize that there's a certain agenda on part of Soros and the likes to flood France by migrants (mostly really human trash from Northern Africa, kinda reminds you of the beginning of 'Scarface') and why that is being done. In Germany the same thing cuz everyone seems unable to look past the cover to the backstory of BRD made in America by the same people who brought on WWI and WWII.

Downvote all you want this is what's happening.

Urban Redneck's picture

The Gatestone Institute is an entirely appropriate counter position to that of the German (and EU) establishment.  The alternatives are compromise, or torch all the mosques (and everyone in them) one Friday afternoon.  The former is more desirable, and the latter is inevitable if the establishment doesn't change its position.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

I was in your neck of the woods last weekend.  

Switzerland is stunningly beautiful and clean.  I kept getting myself in trouble every time they started talking though.  I had to suppress my laughter. 

Looking forward to the SNB bankruptcy, perhaps I can get some Immo up there at that point. 

samjam7's picture

Lol, we are too welcoming for strangers, the mood will change also, latest when the SNB goes belly up. I see rough times coming our way.

Switzerland has been changing, just slower than our neighbours but it is losing its liberal and freedom loving values that made it to what it is today. Regulations such as women quoats and other stupid ideas are now coming out of the capital, instead of trying to stay ahead of the curve. It is as if our government is trying to immitate our failing neighbours and not the other way round. 

I am glad you enjoyed our dialect though, it is what sets us apart from our northern neighbours after all. 

Haus-Targaryen's picture

haha perhaps.  

I am completely fluent in the German language.  I can understand Sächsisch, Plattdeutsch and a bit of Hessisch if they speak slowly.  

In the small dorfs I could only pick out a word or two and everything ends in "li"

If I hear the word "Mistkratzerli" one more time (although it is damn tasty) ...

I hope you Swiss can pull yourselves out of this mess the assclowns in Bern are trying to take you down.  We are experiencing it here in the Fatherland and its horrible.  Avoid if possible. 

samjam7's picture

Same as elsewhere, things need to get worse before they get better. One after the other sadly. But you and I know that change is coming.

Ghordius's picture

samjam7: "when the SNB goes belly up"

the Swiss National Bank is a national bank, i.e. a "central bank". check on which CBs ever went "belly up", and why, and how

and you will realize that they practically never do that. even in Zimbabwe, or in Hyperinflationary Germany or Austria, the national banks did not go "belly up"

so no, it's not the NB or CB that "goes belly up". it is the currency

now rephrase your statement into "when the CHF goes belly up". how does it sound, now? in the belly, where truthiness is found?

Haus-Targaryen's picture

A central bank goes belly up when it has to bail itself out.  It happens.  It will most definitely happen to the SNB. 

Ghordius's picture

"It happens" means you can deliver an appropriate historical example out of over one hundred NBs over one hundred years. can you?

samjam7's picture

Fair enough Ghordius I agree with your statement, but if the currency loses value, so does the credibility of the CB and all that it stands for. So would you at least agree with me that a Central Bank's credibility is connected to the currency it issues? This time round we may even reach a 'credibility low-point' where people question the very existance of the CB putting its future at risk. This didn't happen in Germany in 1923 or Zimbabwe/Venezuela in recent times, if I am not mistaken. 


Ghordius's picture

fine, but do you see the CHF losing value, soon?

"credibility" in the last ten years has meant something very different, in regard to CBs: their propensity of moar QE. the question, for example, was if Draghi was bluffing or if he had a loaded "bazooka". well, he is shooting, isn't he?

your scenario is that of currencies failing. at the moment, they were all racing towards competitive devaluation. eventually, they might change tack, like sailboats turning a point and having to race with a different wind. do you see the SNB in trouble, in such a scenario? a scenario where the question is: "how much, and what kind of FX reserves?"

samjam7's picture

Yes I do see the SNB in trouble, its balance sheet being larger now than the entire GDP of Switzerland. Its gold reserves slashed by 2/3s in 2007 now only account for a fraction to back up the currency in a true meltdown. 

Yes what will happen when the day arrives and either the Euro or Yen collaps is probably anyone's guess most liekly the Franc might even appreciate against them but that doesn't mean that it will be the safe haven it is (still) perceived to be, compared to gold. We had an opportunity to change that with the gold initiative and blew it. Now we will all go down together into that rabbit hole. 

samjam7's picture

The problem is not so much the position, but the way it's presented. It is not offering solutions or trying to analyze why we are in the situation we are in. People need someone to blame for their misery and the Institutue clearly points at --> Immigrant. And while yes they're the ones causing the crimes and troubles it's not the root cause of the problem. It's to distract the sheep. The powers that be know very well that the hate will eventually explode towards these migrants, I daresay this is all wanted.

Urban Redneck's picture

I don't see the point in attempting to reason or compromise until the intransigence of the establishment is overcome.  As long as the establishment are simply wagging their tongues with their fingers in their ears and calling ALL opposition names - what is the benefit, if, the moderates themselves have the common sense to seek more sensible solutions?  

If the migrant problem is not fixed then I don't see point in attempting to address the root causes.  Economics is about allocation and prioritization of scarce resources.  

Ghordius's picture

Urban Redneck, now this is utter bullshit

Russia has entire Muslim republics, like Tatarstan. Catherine the Great re-allowed the building of Mosques in all Russias, and that was in the 1780's

Crimea, btw, is the ancestral home of the Crimean Tatars, which are... Muslims, too. now, isn't that a funny thing? Russia annexed moar Muslims

that "establishment position" of German and EU politics is even more... despicable

the full truth of why Merkel had a weekend of "let's change policy" is not yet exposed fully. but it involved Hungary, remember?

a country that has a very forceful leader that was poised to become the "jailer in chief" for the EU

now, that would have been a great thing, eh? a new Hungarian economy based on great concentration camps and holding out hands for tribute

this just as speculation on the possibilities that were there in the last years

war. mention the wars. if you don't, you are picking cherries. we europeans are at war, and no, it's not against "Muslims, period"