Trump Victory Leads To Biggest Surge In Dallas Fed "Hope" In Past Decade

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Dallas Fed business outlook survey soared to 10.2 in November (smashing expectations of +2.0) - the first expansionary print in 22 months


Across the board exuberance was evident with 11 of the 15 components soaring double-digits. However, it is the post-Trump victory "hope" that really spiked - six month ahead expectations for increased business exploded by the most since 2007.


But gains were seen across the entire survey..


We leave it to one of the Dallas Fed survey respondents to explain...

We are looking forward to the end of the disastrous socialist policies of the last eight years. Please reduce the regulation, taxes and government interference so we can compete globally. We hope the new administration makes good on its promises and, if so, it will increase our business expansion, hiring and investments.

But, not everyone is happy...

The recent devaluation of the peso will make our products much less competitive in Mexico and much of Latin America. We could see a double-digit decrease in exports to this region. Tight labor in Texas continues to make staffing second and third shifts problematic. We have had two 10-percent increases in wages the last 18 months in order to remain fully staffed. We have also had challenges in the quality of candidates as well.

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Captain Chlamydia's picture

Now there are no more barriers for a rate hike. 

dimwitted economist's picture

Hope and Change...

I'll BELIEVE it When i SEE it.

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Personally hoping for less change and more constitution

Hohum's picture

Hope is a fool's errand.

ajkreider's picture

Yeah, I'm sure prices paid, hours worked, and capex all went up 15% in the last two weeks because of a Trump victory.  "Trump won, so go ahead and charge me more".


Journalism at its finest.

PontifexMaximus's picture

Are they kidding us? Are they paied for this nonsense, after all this time?

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

The best way possible - pensions on our dime

whatamaroon's picture

Right down the street from me National Semiconductor built a chip manufacturing plant. It closed a few years ago, Now they are building a huge whaerhouse, to bring in goods made in China. All along the I-20 corredor in the DFW aera they are building wherehouses out the ass.  It's too fucking late!

hotrod's picture

I would much rather have Trump than anyone from the GOP or DNC.  BUT  how you bring back manufacturing and jobs from low wage countries is a mystery to me.  My daugher;s large IT company out sources to India tons of their IT work.  When a project is started they decide how much is internal and how many to engage in India.  THAT WONT CHANGE.

whatamaroon's picture

Slash the fucking feral goobernment in half, lower the tax rates, get rid of many of the stifiling rules and regulations stranginling our Country. Then maybe we can get some 'Real' growth.

SheepDog-One's picture

But wait I thought Wall St told us for months if Trump even looks likes he's winning it would be certain market bloodbath like nothing we'd ever seen before?

BlueSceptic's picture

Don't worry my young padawan. The destruction of the US economy is coming. Trump will see to it.

hotrod's picture

Dollar rises from 72 to 102 on the back of nothing except Nirp around the world.  How come Volcker had to actually raise rates to save the USD?

darteaus's picture

WOW - even higher than when The Halfrican was elected!

Grandad Grumps's picture

There are only two ways to control a population: Hope and Fear.

Since the current herd of corrupt parasitic elitists have no interest in building the world into a better place and have no interest in sharing, they have consistently chosen fear as the way to control people. They suck.

It would be good to have a president and other world leaders who are interested in the benefit of all people and not just their crony group. This would inspire much hope.

... and yeah a much larger percentage of people can now tell that they the pols say all those pleasant sounding words, they are simply lying and unworthy of respect or the positions they hold.