CNN Anchor Suggests Women Should Wear a Symbol of Oppression to Show Solidarity With Islam

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The distorted minds of the illiberal left do not know boundaries. Their drug addled, satanic, lifestyles of decadence and hedonism have reduced them to feckless shells, idiots who advance via extortion, blackmail and other sorts of wanton corruption.


Here is a very rich and a very liberal woman -- who enjoys the many superfluities of western lifestyle -- blessed to be born in a nation that practices and promotes tolerance. But it's her deep seated hatred for Americana that leads her down the deep and very dark cavernous hole that bends her liberalism to accept oppression. 


Plainly, the hijab isn't a symbol of Islam, but a beacon of oppression of an entire gender. By promoting it and telling others to wear it in solidarity with women who are being oppressed is like saying we should all wear chains and carry around bushels of cotton, back in the days of slavery, instead of fighting to end it.


As I've outlined over the past few months, this is a trend by western governments to break the people's will -- heavily promoting this as something that is trendy. These people are fucking cucks.

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The blonde anchor looks real oppressed all right.

Why wasn't she wearing a hijab?

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Oppressed by her WTF emotional Blonde stupidity.

Because women can 'justify' and talk utter shite when their (stronger, even bi-polar) emotions override any rationality and they deceive themselves that something trivial that they heard or read, possibly via biased Chinese Whispers, makes them an expert ... not, just word soup!

I bet the male anchor is quietly thinking WTF, but let this entertaining nonsense continue!

Cheers, to Red Pill and Alt-Right sites.

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"Plainly, the hijab isn't a symbol of Islam, but a beacon of oppression of an entire gender." 


Not gender, sex.

Gender is a construction of language and sex is biology, (which is why idiots that think biology can be what you want it to be-elevating mental illness (dysphoria) to a benign attribute of humanity, in their incessant drive to make human beings fungible and malleable use it instead of sex) 

male/female = sex

he/she/him/her  =gender

If you want this noxious cult of Islam to propagate, keep insisting that sex is a matter of perception rather than a biological fact. They'll seem reasonable to people who aren't so "intellectual" that they'll believe the stupidest ideas, to paraphrase George Orwell.



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Make the filthy-leftist-liberal-progressives live up to the standard they wish to set for us.


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LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Nov 30, 2016 10:30 AM

Did CNN tell them to be sure to NEVER drive anywhere or they "deserve" to have the snot beat out of them as well?

To show solidarity with Islam, of course...

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plz remember:   things are not what they seem.   things are not what you think they are.   there is an agenda going on.   it is subtle, & it is real.   they want us old baby boomers dead or destitute whichever comes first.   "they" = the gov't & the private bankers who harvest us.   they want us dead & gone & they will asset strip us of everything that they can get their greedy little hands on (buy that gold&silver & bury it) .   

it is a deliberate looting process.   in the 1930's people's gold & (mortgaged) farmland was swindled, nowadays 401k's, bank accts & homes be harvested  by the SAME DAMN PEOPLE.   it is a swindle, protect yourselves against these people.   Thomas Jefferson warned us all about this central banking family.  

they are evil, they are real & they own the government.   WE ARE LIVING IN A GIANT BANK & that bank wants us dead & they own all the assets.   

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Wear a hijab...really?

I'd rather wear assless chaps to show my solidarity with the gay community.

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I also think they should wear a strap-on on their heads as a symbol to further their unicorn strategy.

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"But it's her deep seated hatred for Americana that leads her down the deep and very dark cavernous hole that bends her liberalism to accept oppression."


Is she accepting oppression or promoting oppression- of Christianity? What is her ulterior motive as a CNN propagandist?

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"CNN Anchor Suggests Women Should Wear a Symbol of Oppression to Show Solidarity With Islam"


CNN is a propaganda operation, not a news organization.



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Muhammad/the prophit of Islam/, married at the age of 54 tha 9 year old Aisha. Who will be the first brave big name politician to say it? Islam is not from God, and Muhammad is a charlatan.

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David Duke(PhD): CNN, Goldman Sachs & The Ziomatrix

Bill Warner(PhD): 1400 Years Of Islamic Conquest

Jews, Muslims Form Alliance Against Trump

Germany: World Jewish Congress And Official German Jewry Welcome Nonwhite Invasion

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Seriously Ragnar, you are promoting the views of KKK Grand Imperial Wizard David Duke here, who recently pled guilty to fraud charges?

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All of the  "we are a country of immigrants" bullshit: moral decadece, abortion, gay marriage, assault on Christianity, pedophila, homosexuality, beastiality, moral relativism, laws against anti-semitism, questioning the holocaust, criticizing Israel, pro white sentimint,  all come under the umbrella of the very broad term; MODERNITY.  So says my most Progressive Socialist Histoty professor.  Everyone gets this treatment in History class because it really is indictination.  WE HAVE SEEN THIS BEFORE:

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I remember in the 1980s in Iran, the women went to the streets protesting sharia, having to wear head coverings.

Thousands paraded down the streets. Then  the theocracy got in gear and sent thugs out to throw acid on the faces of the women. They still protested, but when their daughters got the battery acid, the women stopped protesting and started to obey the Imans.

Maybe liberals here, should fucking get their heads read. 

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Women are not considered as "equal" in Islam but the hijab (which covers the hairs, not the face) was never a symbol of inferiority or oppression. It's rather related to modesty, the same way than long skirts were the norm in the West 100 years ago. It probably derives from an old pre-Islam tradition, if you just consider the vestals in the Roman empire.

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sooooo......... you're saying the hijab is about a few hundred years (at least) behind the times??  I would agree with that

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There's a lot of open desert in Iraq and Saudi Arabia. Start a rumor that U.S. is opening a new colony. Open a Hijab fashion mall and a lot of mock buildings with infidels in the windows that suicide bombers can find their eternal reward in destroying. Muslims will flock to the new front. Then light the place up with Tomahawk missiles.

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I am not sure who those people are. It has been years since I watched CNN. But my thought is that maybe she should have herself circumcized in solidarity with Islam.

It is not clear what the facinations is with Islam for these people. So, I have requested a Qu'ran for Christmas from Santa Claus. What I can tell you though is that the crescent moon and star are not symbols of Islam but symbols of the pagan gods Osiris (Apis Bull/Crescent Moon) and Isis (star) ... Is it odd that these symbols are on many of the Islamic state countries?

... and yes they wen by other names in many of these countries., but the same "gods". Most likely they have great power, but they are not creators.

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I could never read more than 100 pages of the Quran. I fell asleep

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The look on the other anchor's face is priceless.

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Yawnnnn...most women (except the ones who are *really* good cooks) can be easily replaced with a jar of hand cream and a vivid imagination...

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CNN will be closed or bankrupt soon!  Cant wait to see this group of trash looking for a job in one of our new factories!

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They can get jobs washing Trumps limo...

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I've tried to study this Muslim world thing for a while now. Even read the Holy Koran. I still don't understand it. I read the Holy Bible also. I wonder if people really read these things, as they are chock-full of truly horrible stuff. There was a time, roughly up until the 60s when Christian piety was almost required right here. In those days you were either a believer or an atheist, with no in-between. That has changed.

I think the same thing is happening with Islam today. Religion defies logic. The greater the sexual repression, the more kids the women produce. I even think this happened with the branch of Catholicism that exists in Mexico, and that is why there are so many Mexicans. They suppress sex, then they breed excessively, then they become refugees.

Of course, nobody should listen to CNN. Why is it their business what we real people wear?

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If you really want to undersand Islam, read the Talmud.  The Prophet was a Jewish Wannabe.  They rejected him...because he wasn't Jewish.  


He modeled Islam after the Talmud.  The Koran isn't clear, at all, on purpose.  It matches the Talmud's approach to covering up your True Intentions.

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Or making women shave their heads and then wear wigs.  Or fucking through a hole in a sheet.  religion makes (some) people insane.

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I guess it outrages women.  Fine, I don't care.  As a man I like it when women dress modestly.  When America was Great, sometimes women wore scarves but we didn't think they were Muslim.

Now we've got spies like Huma and even Hillary, who are at least effectively Muslim and don't even wear the scarf.  I'd call that negative progress.

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1) Saves a ton on makeup

2) Hides face from face-recognition software ( makes robbing banks easier)

3) Eliminates 'bad hair days'

4) Gives  ugly hos like Andre Mitchell  a fighting chance with hot chicks

5) Covers black eyes & busted teeth when women (stupid enough to wear it) gets out-of-line

6) Cheep Holloween gig

7) Provides some  protection from killer bees & bird droppings

8) If a bee keeper job opens you already have the outfit


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9. makes quite clear that you must have many brothers and sisters.

One alone can´t be that stupid.

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And if they refuse to wear them we'll lash their ass.

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While they're at it, why don't they get a clitoride circumsicion to show solidarity. All homosexuals should throw themselves off of the roof of tall buildings to show solidarity. 


Peak SJW-stupidity.

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iAmerican3 (not verified) Nov 30, 2016 5:48 AM


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Thanks, that provided the context to explain the remark. Some Muslim women claimed they were attacked while wearing the head scarf.

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Maybe that they should wear coalbags instead.

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I've gotta flag for solidarity but oh yes it's been banned because some freedom fighters decided wait freedom don't include you? 

Whatever in God we trust!

God bless America 

Merry Christmas 

And I'm proud to be a white Irish Confederate 

Anyone else? 

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with every click on this piece of shit (the video, not the text) you are enpowering the idiots news network. Dont click, dont share, dont read... lets make the world a better place

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I suggest the willing stooge live amongst the animals in Saudi Arabia,Pakistan,Somalia, or any of the God forsaken raghead countries she so desires.

After one month there, I will then take her opinion seriously.

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OMG!......somebody send this blonde woman to anyone of these middle-east muslim countries (along with Dunham).

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how much did CIA, ehm Saudis, pay to her? or Soros is the sponsor this time?

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What a splendid idea. And while they are at it, they should also perform female genital mutilation on themselves to show solidarity with muslem woman in africa. Muslem woman also have no right to education, to drive a car , to vote, to go out alone or to seek a personal career and so on. I strongly suggest white woman give up these rights as well to show solidarity. They should also show solidartity with the those who are sick with aids. They can do this by having unprotected sex with aids patients so they can get infected as well. This is real solidarity that means that they mean business. I also suggest they paint their faces black with a permanent paint that doesn't wash away. Thay way they can show solidarity with the black. If they still lack ideas's of how to proceed, i will gladly help them to come up with new ideas.  
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Burn your bras and put on your hijabs ladies!!!!

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   Would someone PLEASE anchor the USS CNN-Tanic to an iceberg, and SINK it!?

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Solidarity with Islamic women? I don't see too many lining up for female circumcision ... it would be a much more appropriate act of solidarity.

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Maybe, maybe, maybe.... Maybe it's not too late for this woman to seek a proper diagnosis and appropriate psychiatric treatment. While she still has sense enough to wear her dress right-side-out.

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As a hetero white male, I'd throw that hijab on my own head and then run around the streets in my neighbourhood in complete mockery yelling out "Allah Snackbar, Allah Snackbar" like a fucking lunatic.

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I'm surprised CNN didn't run this segment...

Standard Disclaimer: "Make sure to use loose powder to fix the makeup, so if you have to work throughout the day, the bruises don’t show," the host said, cheerfully, before recommending the best beauty brands for heavy coverage foundations and concealers.

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Excuse me ?  

A female who would have only obtained the anchor spot was because of her looks rather than brains, and who also has a use by date for the job, wants other women to dress as slaves to a religion that they dont follow.


What am I missing here?