The End Of Empires: Rome Vs. America

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Submitted by 'Jeremiah Johnson' (nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne)), via,

The year was 451, and the battle of Chalons (also known as Catalaunian Fields and Campus Martius) was fought between a coalition of Roman legionnaires, Germanic Visigoths, and Gauls against the Huns.  Flavius Aetius was the Roman commanding general, and he led his forces to defeat Attila, king of the Huns and commander of the Hun armies.  The loss caused Attila to withdraw and skirmish into Italy, but again (this time through diplomacy and concessions) he withdrew in 452, returning into what is now modern Hungary.  Attila died in 453, and the Hun menace to Europe had ended.

Aetius had been the declining (and fragmented) Western Roman Empire’s best chance to restructure itself.  He had fought in Gaul and throughout Italy and Europe for decades, sometimes even with support from the Huns before Attila began his quest for empire.  A master strategist, tactician, diplomat, and warrior, he effectively stemmed the collapse of the Western Roman Empire for another 25 years.  In all probability, he may have been able to turn things around for a longer period of time.

This was not to be, as he was assassinated by none other than the Emperor Valentinian III and his henchman Heraclius on 22 September 454.

The emperor killed the very man who had protected and assured his throne, and worse: now there was no true strategist to take the reins of military command.  The last great Roman general was no more, and the Western Roman Empire continued to decline and fragment.  Odoacer, a half-Hunnish barbarian general rallied forces to mutiny against their (and his) previous commander, Orestes, the Roman Senior military general, in the Battle of Pavia on August 23, 476.  Orestes was captured and killed.  Less than two weeks later, on or about September 4, 476, Romulus Augustulus, the last Roman emperor and the son of Orestes was deposed by Odoacer.

Less than 25 years after the battle of Chalons had given it a fighting chance, the Western Roman Empire was no more.

The city of Rome had formerly been sacked by the Visigoths in 410 after they had originally arrived outside of the gates in the year 408 and roamed the surrounding countryside.  Although the city had been taken, it had not been burnt to the ground, with the Senate being the only edifice of note that had been razed.  This was because the Visigoths were Christians and held reverence for the churches and the city’s predominance as the center of the Christian church.  The legions had already been withdrawn from Brittania (Britain) and interaction and mutual commerce there had ceased by the year 410.

The period that Aetius drew the Western Roman Empire from the brink of collapse occurred during the years of 424 – 450, when for the first two decades he battled the Gallic and Germanic tribes throughout all of Europe in various calculated, surgical campaigns.  The culmination of his efforts came at Catalaunian Fields in 451, but most historians agree that although a decisive battle and turning point, Aetius’ main work had been accomplished in the two decades prior to it.

And here we are, as history repeats itself, in the last days of the American Empire.  Now ready to assume the Purple and ascend to the seat of power, Donald Trump is going to command and lead (we hope).  The campaigns for the midterm elections will begin in November of 2017, therefore Trump has less than one year to begin to reverse the devastation wrought by two consecutive Obama terms that have, in eight years, placed the country on its deathbed and measured it for burial.

In a four-year term of office, Donald Trump has to do the job that Aetius did for Rome in two decades, with the last year of that term being wasted on the primary focus of his reelection.  What is the difference between Rome and America?  A vast geographical area, influxes of alien migrants, an economy that is faltering, a military less than at its best, immorality, vice, and corruption at every turn, societal degradation and a welfare state, and foreign nations ready to pounce characterize both empires.

Because in order to restore the United States, there is one thing Trump will have to do that Aetius could not do for Rome: change the mindset of society and propel the people into a consciousness of individual control…over themselves…and the reversal of the moral and community decline of their own accord.  What do the odds makers in Vegas place on this being able to be accomplished, your guess is as good as mine.  I’m betting against, because as long as money and power back the throne, the throne can never be fully effective.  As long as the populace can be bought off with their own money and welfare exists, the public will stagnate and never reach their full potential to rejuvenate the failing society.

To bet “for” such a restoration is to bet against human nature, the very thing that can prevent it.  Will we go the way of Rome?  We already have, in most regards.

The spectacles of the Flavian Amphitheater (the Coliseum) and the Circus Maximus have been supplanted with the reality TV shows and Monday Night Football.  The populace is just as stultified and easily distracted now as it was then, with everyone looking out for their own interests instead of the nation’s.  When the population degrades morally, socially, and intellectually, then any nation truly dies and fades away, sometimes long before the actual date of collapse.  The cycle continues, and America is not immune from it.  Rome had its twilight period and staved off the fall for 25 years; America is in its twilight period now.

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trump saved america

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"Are you not entertained!?"

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Well, after eight years of Nero, what do the citizens of Rome have to lose? ;-)

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like they say, when in

I agree, when trump got in, it was dicey but this guy accuratly called TRUMP getting, in and the market RALLYING and made some Massive profits. See here => he called it very accurately. 

I really think, obama is in shock trump is in, and cannot deal with it, so his getting lazy in office the last few months. 

I think by people picking TRUMP they are sick of hillarys lies, and deception and bull-fuckin-shit.... and they are after not a CHANGE< but a revolution....well with TRUMP now in, holy shit, that is what they are going to get.....BIG TIME!....will it work....i dunno, but big things will happen. 

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The ONLY revolution I support is one with the following characteristics:






(im sure there's more, but this is a good start!)

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letsit (not verified) shamus001 Nov 29, 2016 11:45 PM

What the demise of Rome and America have in common: Israel.

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If I reply to your spam, Phillipat doesn't need to. Spammer.

I think the author has picked the wrong period of history. Originally, Rome was a democratic republic - a representative democracy in modern parlance. Then Caesar crossed the Rubicon, and instigated the original military coup. I would expect that to be the next phase - can't have the people in control, they obviously don't know what's good for them.

I posted yesterday the idea that Hilary and Donald could head up their own armies and fight it out across the heartland of America. Is that a believable scenario? Frankly, I don't see either of them having the charisma to do it, although I could accept Hilary believing that she has charisma, charm, and a following. Would snowflakes be prepared to die in large numbers for their queen? I just don't see it. So, probably just an internal coup, and the sheep grazing on contentedly, on a diet of Kardashian buttocks and celebrity snake-eating.


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Actually, when the pleasure barge of Comet Ping Pong comes to light, Obama will be considered our Caligula.

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Comet Ping Pong is sthe harbinger of the complete downfall and destruction of the Elites.  The only way to stop this is to shut down the internet.  Trump will let the investigations go forward.

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Well, "Rome" was pretty much a basket case preying off of others so...what goes around comes around.

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When the savage rampaging Canadian hordes sack Washington, DC.

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Donald Trump is the Muslim in Chiefs legacy... enjoy it, boy...

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"Every student gets a trophy" in bin Bama's Common Core schools. The results?

USA students rank lower then Kazakhstan




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Obama checked off the baths for America.

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Bring back the big block Chevys , fords , and molars , we need to burn gas, and make shit again.tell the insurance co to eat shit and die,

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For some unknowing reason your comment reminds me of Sigmund Freud’s “Life’s an illusion”.   


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Hell yeah. Sure, the new rides make power in a sissy kind of way. Have real brakes, real suspension and stuff, but, none of the younglings understand the pants pissing and gratifying violence of a big block 4 speed B-body Mopar coming off the line.

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"Less than 25 years after the battle of Chalons had given it a fighting chance, the Western Roman Empire was no more."


A cycle turns one degree at a time and once 90 degrees is reached, the declining phase of the cycle commences. Specific details will be different, but all empires have fallen once they reached their zenith.

A Trump bounce, just as a stock bounce in a declining market, only delays the inevitable further decline, as downward pressure  of the cycle continues.

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The question then is: What is creating the downward pression?

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Comment under construction. 



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The human capital of an empire in decline is very different than it was during the growth phase, owing to dysgenic breeding of the founding stock and mass immigration (see Glubb's "Fate of Empire"). Millions of useless parasites now stand between America and greatness, and they are not eager to lie down and die so that the nation might survive.

They will die in any case when the dollar collapses and the EBT cards stop working. The survivors may once again rise to greatness, but their country won't be "America" in the same way Renaissance Italy was not Ancient Rome.

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Visigoths at the gates, hide your daughters.

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I highly recommend everyone here read the books by the late CIA and Navy officer Chalmers Johnson.  He only just died in 2011.  He was a prolific writer during Obama's reign comparing the US and Roman empire.  We are quite far along the road to collapse of empire.  He also has many great videos on Youtube that capture many of his ideas. 

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I checked out a video of his on your recommendation, and as soon as he said he recieves royaties in Euros because it is a stronger more stable currency, I abandoned the video.

SgtShaftoe's picture

He wasn't right on everything, but he was right on principle for other things.  Don't let that little bit dissuade you from the good stuff.

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If you are a Christian in the west, the ecumenicals are coming for you. They probably have you already. And since you have not been taught about the reformation, you are unarmed. The Popes boys, the bachelor priest with no devotion to a family, are the ones who have the unending energy to undermine the family. The family is the most important political unit.

Following is a harlot of the whore of Babylon. He is one of many who seek to destroy God's people:

risk.averse's picture

 The Popes boys, the bachelor priest with no devotion to a family, are the ones who have the unending energy to undermine the family. 

relax, Crawdaddy, you're imagining an enemy that doesn't exist. The "Pope's Boys", as you call them, have made many many mistakes over the past years but that doesn't make them your enemy. Such is the sort of loose-minded hateful talk that fractured the Christian community for centuries and led to rivers of blood being spilt. And for what? Over pedantic interpretations of Biblical text and freedom from central (Roman) control. Bear in mind that civilization only survived -- against the forces of the Ottomon Turks, etc -- in Europe thanks, in large part, to the inspiration of the Christian faith.

A Christian *coalition* repelled the Ottomons at the Siege of Vienna in 1529, thereby saving Western Europe. There is power in unity, Crawdaddy. And we can respect our differences and still have unity.

The flickering flame of European civilization was kept alive by the only institution that survived and had the continuity through all those dark centuries. Yes, I repeat, it made mistakes and was all too-often the instrument of evil but such is the downside of every institution run by human beings.

I have an evangelical Protestant friend whose preacher seems equally obssesed about the "whore of Rome". Wow. It *is* the 21st century, right? It seems that his group dynamic is to rely on the unifying power of hate and fear against the Popish monster lurking in the shadows. What a weak and destructive philosophy. What would our Lord Jesus Christ think of such shenanigans?

Crawdaddy's picture

amigo risk.averse - It is not my imagination or yours that matters, the enemy does exist. I once ignored these ideological differences because I had no idea they existed.

Now I am aware.

Motive. Means. Opportunity.

The Roman Church claims to have existed since the time of Christ, falsely claiming jurisdiction over Christianity. Martin Luther correctly identified the RCC as the whore of Babylon. The RCC burned people who disagreed with their ideas. If you owned a Bible, you must die! If you disagreed with the State! You die!

And that is the theme that continues!

risk.averse's picture

sure sure...but let's keep this in perspective: you're referring to events that occurred hundreds of years ago. The church of Rome largely cleaned-up its act during the Counter-Reformation. Yes, Martin Luther was 100% correct to rebel against Rome -- but Rome AS IT WAS THEN. Rome NOW is not like Rome THEN.

Power corrupts. Protestants also killed those who they considered heretical. Labels change, human nature stays the same.

Yes. Malachi Martin has highlighted some dark recesses that need investigating. And Dan Brown has made himself rich exploiting these.

Never lose sight of the fact that 99.99% in the RC church are good people who are trying to do God's work.

bladrnr_2019's picture

Absolutley not true. The Pope is in bed with the Dahli Lama, Muslims and the apostate church. Ecumenicalism has nothing to do with God's Word. We are to be united in love and THE TRUTH. Not love for love's sake. Read your Bible.

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I agree it is important to understand the importance of the Reformation.  When I lived in Breslau, I saw an archive from the Middle Ages wherein local Roman Catholic parishes were overseen by a Protestant board.  The reason?  Catholics trusted the honesty of the Protestants over their own Catholic hierarchy.  Much distrust of the RC church today (as opposed to individual Catholic persons) results from the open borders facilitated by the current Pope.  His actions seem to run contrary to the ideals expressed by Pope Benedict in his book Without Roots -  a warning about multiculturalism and the decline of Europe.  Therefore, I think it is important to treat Catholics as individuals, but I'm unsure how to deal with organizations facilitating globalism (including the RC church). 







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The lifestyle you ordered is no longer available.


I am Entertained.

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Trump will take it down the same road for sure. Bring in the clowns and the oligarchs. The average person is fucked.

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Stefan Molyneux has a recent essay on this subject:

The Truth About The Fall of Rome: Modern Parallels

A bit long at 2 1/2 hours for those with modern attention spans (took me a few days to work thru it) but informative and entertaining.

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Molyneux LMAO really baahhhaaa   


"take your fist out of my wallet and put it in my ass"  The official Libertarian Creedo  

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Jermiah Johnson in this piece coupled with last week's Rome's piece has done more for my historical perspective than K1-12 of public schooling did. So thank yous all around.

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Some scholars think that the downfall of Rome started when Rome allowed goth immigrants to cross the Danube river to escape the Mongols. They rejected Roman culture and did not value the social contract and rule of law. But I'm sure mass immigration is fine today.

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"Rome had its twilight period and staved off the fall for 25 years; America is in its twilight period now."


Rome had its twilight period and staved off the fall for 25 years; America is in the twilight zone episode 27

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At which point in time there was a US equal to cry:

"Give me back my XVII, XVIII and XIX legiooooo...oons" ?

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Mass_hysteria (not verified) Nov 29, 2016 9:40 PM

real talk:


men are fucking men in the ass

trannys are changing bodyparts

what's next!? fucking animals in the ass is OK? 

marry your dog/cat? 

fuck your dog in the ass?


OFC america is heading the way of rome! the american people are MORALLY & SPIRITUALLY BANKRUPT

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The Romans were cool with gayness. They were brought down by an elite who refused to pay enough tax to maintain the army.

Resistance Is Hope's picture

Homosexuality is a burden on society because it is not reproducing children to support civilization, homosexual "families" via adoption/implantation produce on average worse children, it spreads diseases, sets a bad role model ( if everyone was homosexual, then society would die off in one generation) weakens the family, which is the foundation of the nation's strength, and causes digestive system damage through rectal damage. The statistics show that homosexual sex is extremely risky and tends to incorporate fetishes that make it more so.

It is also aesthetically disgusting. What do homosexuals call diarrhea? Lubrication.

Another thing that it does is weaken brotherly love, because now when men are being nice to men, there is sometimes that little voice in the back of your head that is wondering if he is a homosexual. In this way, it destroys trust between men.

Also when America pushes homosexuality on traditional cultures, it weakens our alliances and, in the case of Muslim nations, causes them to attack the West. One thing that incites terrorism (besides Muhammad the douche-cicle (a frozen used douchebag) telling his followers to kill infidels) is that American diplomats and Western ngos are actively pushing homosexuality around the world, even in Muslim nations. A nation's morals or lack of morals have geopolitical ramifications.

All that being said, homosexual behavior is not the biggest problem facing the West. The entire leftist worldview is. nonmonagomous heterosexuality is just as fucked up as homosexuality, if not more so, because it causes abortion and that devastation. But homosexuality is a big problem as I have just detailed. We need to control our sexualities for the good of society if we are to heal this diseased and crippled civilization.

Resistance Is Hope's picture

Very real, very true, so so true on every level. But these are only the later symptoms of a disease that has been brewing for decades. Pornography, infidelity, lack of Christianity, laziness, love of pleasure, selfishness, feminism, and more degeneracy. All of it traces back to Karl Marx and his disciples.

Read the essay the fate of Empires by Sir John glubb. Also, while I do not condone or support his actions, read the book 2083 An European Declaration of Independence. Can find online. This is important because it effectively and thoroughly deconstruct the cultural Marxist leftist agenda, shows where it came from and how terribly it fails.

Keep fighting brother. There are many with you. We can win if we find the will within ourselves and in God to win. While it may seem impossible and that Civilization is doomed to tyranny and ruin, through God all things are possible. The more we resist and the more effectively we do so, the more hope there is for the future. If Trump proved anything, he proved that the underdog can win.

beijing expat's picture

Fucking stupid. America is not Rome and Trump is not Caesar.

Trump was brought to power by a faction of the political elite who see the empire is doomed anyway, and want to wind it back before the Republic is destroyed.

Hillary was there to double down on the disastrous attempt to assure American primacy for the next 100 years that was started In 2003 with the disastrous invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Obama has faithfully followed the NeoImperial project but it involved strong arming the vassal states and offered nothing in return. It was a scam. A con. And that's why everything that's been said by the political elite these last 15 years has been complete bullshit.

The vassals with the exception of Merkel have left the reservation. Most will sign up for the multipolar world.

Trump will sign up for the multipolar world. The empire died over the last 3 weeks, and that's a good thing because the price of its preservation would have been nuclear war.

Rubicon727's picture

"Trump was brought to power by a faction of the political elite who see the empire is doomed anyway, and want to wind it back before the Republic is destroyed."

From all that I've read for the last 3 months, your observation is quite accurate except it's not just the political elite, but some of US & EU economists (and probably Russian & Asian economists too). "Financial capitalism" devours whole nations and societies, and the really smart folks know it's going to have to shift into a more industrial model......or else. 

As it stands now, it's probably already too late to make that shift because the financial/political factions gorge daily on immense luxuries and won't take kindly to down-shifting even a little.