From Bush To Trump: Culture, Economy, & War - The Pillars Of The New World Order

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Submitted by Federico Pieraccini via,

Looking at US history over a fairly long period of time, it is easy to see the destructive path that has accompanied the expansion of the American empire over the last seventy years.

While World War II was still raging, US strategists were already planning their next steps in the international arena. The new target was immediately identified in the assault and the dismemberment of the Soviet empire. With the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet economic model as an alternative to the capitalist system, the West found itself faced with what was defined as ‘the end of' history, and proceeded to act accordingly.

The delicate transition from bipolarity, the world-order system based on the United States and the Soviet Union occupying opposing poles, to a unipolar world order with Washington as the only superpower, was entrusted to George H. W. Bush. The main purpose was to reassure with special care the former Soviet empire, even as the Soviet Union plunged into chaos and poverty while the West preyed on her resources.

Not surprisingly, the 90's represented a phase of major economic growth for the United States. Predictably, on that occasion, the national elite favored the election of a president, Bill Clinton, who was more attentive to domestic issues over international affairs. The American financial oligarchy sought to consolidate their economic fortunes by expanding as far as possible the Western financial model, especially with new virgin territory in the former Soviet republics yet to be conquered and exploited.

With the disintegration of the USSR, the United States had a decade to aspire to the utopia of global hegemony. Reviewing with the passage of time the convulsive period of the 90’s, the goal seemed one step away, almost within reach.

The means of conquest and expansion of the American empire generally consist of three domains: cultural, economic and military. With the end of the Soviet empire, there was no alternative left for the American imperialist capitalist system. From the point of view of cultural expansion, Washington had now no adversaries and could focus on the destruction of other countries thanks to the globalization of products like McDonald's and Coca Cola in every corner of the planet.

Of course the consequences of an enlargement of the sphere of cultural influence led to the increased power of the economic system. In this sense, Washington's domination in international financial institutions complemented the imposition of the American way of life on other countries. Due to the mechanisms of austerity arising from trap-loans issued by the IMF or World Bank, countries in serious economic difficulties have ended up being swallowed up by debt.

Too many nations have experienced the tragedy of an economic collapse due to the obligation to privatize or grant to foreign corporations the rights to exploit their primary resources - the long arm of Western governments. Such an economic model has generated an epidemic of predatory finance and speculation, enormously strengthening the domination of the capitalist system on the rest of the globe. It is not a coincidence that in 1995 the WTO was founded, which imposed conditions of trade that strongly favored the European powers and the American empire.

In the event of a failure of cultural or economic pressure, Washington has often opted for real military aggression. An act of war is the most explicit form of abuse and is normally reserved for nations that refuse to comply with Atlanticist directions. In this sense, towards the end of Clinton's term, the tone of the presidency shifted from a predilection towards focussing on the economy to aggression against sovereign nations. The first victim was Somalia, then in short order followed by the bombing of Serbia and the breakup of Yugoslavia. A relatively new phase in the recent history of the United States began, whereby economic and cultural expansion gave way to the reign of destructive bombs and missiles.

Although the disintegration of the former Yugoslavia was successful, the US image in the world began to be diminished, including its cultural leadership. Military action always produces consequences in the functioning of international relations, although history is often written by the winners.

By the end of the 90's, although no country was in a practical position to oppose a cultural, economic or military resistance against Washington, the first thoughts of an alternative alliance to the Western bloc were beginning to emerge. The United States, while sniffing the danger, did not change direction, committed as it was to the idea of a ??cultural imposition, which became even more pronounced as a result of the expansion of the Internet as well as the effects of economic globalization.

The decision to shift gears, accelerating the triad of cultural, economic and military pressure, was eloquently expressed by the elites with the controversial victory of George W. Bush in 2000.

The successor to Bill Clinton had necessarily to be a president with a strong military angle, a high capacity to expand the capitalist globalization model, and a huge sense of patriotism to spread American propaganda of every possible cultural form in every corner of the planet. The ultimate goal was to surround the Heartland (China + Russia + Eurasia generally) as was expressed by MacKinder, to control their resources. Thus began an uncertain mission, requiring the election of a president friendly to the project of a unipolar New World Order created by the elite.

In the following years, thanks to the September 11, 2001, Washington had a perfect way to expand its wars and terror to every corner of the world. Economic aggression experienced a further boost with the creation of the EURO, a maximal expression in the financial domain. The Internet and increasing growth of interconnectivity ended up accelerating globalization, centralizing even more decision-making power into a few hands. The sum of these factors made it possible to fruitfully continue the devastating work of evangelization according to the Western economic model.

Yet despite the apparent economic and cultural expansion of the United States, as well as an incessant war operation in Iraq in 2003 and Afghanistan in 2001, the dream of a triumphant march towards global hegemony began to suffer the first setbacks.

The economic or cultural factor began to no longer be sufficient, requiring the opting of an armed solution as in Afghanistan and Iraq, demonstrating in practice how the American empire was serious about expanding eastwards, expanding its ambitions and influence. In this cultural, economic and military march, Washington often ignored or underestimated the consequences of its actions thanks to its unique position as the world superpower. This is a strategic mistake that will cost the United States and its utopian dreams of global domination.

However, the earliest forms of Eurasian resistance already began to emerge in the mid 90’s, first with the creation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in 1996 and then with the Eurasian Economic Union in 2000 (the first discussions began in 1994), two factors that changed the course of history several years later.

The Republic of China, thanks to the pressure resulting from globalization, became the global farm, accumulating wealth and rapidly becoming over the coming fifteen years the first global economic power. The Russian Federation, on the other hand, after a decade of hunger and hardship, elected Putin, a strongman emanating from the intense nationalistic view. Thanks to a protectionist attitude towards the economy and a strong determination to reinvigorate the military role of Russia, in the space of 15 years he brought Moscow to be global power status.

In the end, the Bush era, degraded by destruction in Iraq and Afghanistan, has brought more harm than good in Washington. Bush laid the foundation for a process of unification of the opposing powers to American imperialism and forced them into each other's’ arms (BRICS) to mount an effective counter to the cultural, economic and military action of the euro-American elites.

As well as unifying the enemies of Washington, the American home front was beginning to show signs of unrest, both economically and militarily. The two wars deeply shook Western public opinion, forcing the elite to propose a candidate representing rupture who was focused on internal needs. Obama has been the perfect representation of this intent.

Elected with less warlike intentions of Bush and the clear need to reform a financial system that was out of control, he has failed in both cases, dragging the world into an unending conflict while giving high finance absolute control over the levers of economic power. The Fed and the private banks have increased their power enormously under Obama, coming to determine directly the democratic order of even allied nations with mechanisms such as spread or the ability to print money at zero interest. Instead of regulating the perverse financial mechanisms, their influence has increased. Instead of trying to mediate with hostile nations, Obama embarked on a mission of nation-building, regime change and color revolutions, using the whole arsenal of soft-power at his disposal. these were of course intentional and deliberate choices.

Obama was forced to adopt new destabilization techniques to obscure their purpose in the eyes of the population without losing sight of the objectives of the elites established in the early 90’s. Drones, economic manipulation, TTIP, TTP, special forces, color revolutions, the Arab Spring, sanctions and cyber warfare - these have become the Obama administration's modus operandi.

The key factor remains the possibility of denying direct involvement in wars harmful to the image of the United States and its continuing economic, cultural and military expansion. From here these techniques can be seen in 2010 in the Middle East and North Africa, the spread of speculation in some European countries, and drone attacks in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen and Somalia. This is not to mention the hundreds of troops belonging to special forces spread over five continents and the coup financed and organized by the US government organs in Ukraine.

The Obama administration has been accelerating global hegemony by swapping tools, but the effects and causes have remained the same as, or even worse than, previous administrations.

Meanwhile, the economic unions, cultural and military between the three nations pioneer of anti-imperialism, Iran, China and Russia, have accelerated their strategic alignment as an instrument of deterrence against advancing American hegemony.

The war in Syria, combined with the worsening of the crisis with Russia, tensions with China in the South China Sea, and the aggressive posture toward Iran's orbit of Shiite nations, have accelerated the erosion of American power. The main causes are the failed cultural model imposed through the Arab Spring; the economic coup in Ukraine (the nation is on the brink of bankruptcy); and the military impossibility of direct intervention in Syria. The United States, in the space of a decade, has found itself facing a reality no longer compatible with the plan of global hegemony.

The Trump victory fits into this decadent scenario. Are we facing a true revolutionary who intends to rid forever global hegemonic aims, or is he simply a well-thought-out pause, created by the elites to revitalize the economy, arrest the internal discontent in the country, and rebuild the army to resume the march toward global hegemony in 2020?

This is the typical million-dollar question that I tried to give an answer to in a previous article. At the moment, it is difficult to interpret and predict which path will be taken by the elected president. Both have many arguments to support them and can easily be disputed or accepted. Only time will tell if the reality around us is already now placed in a multipolar world order, or if we are in a convulsive transition phase in which the United States remains anchored to the role of global power hoping to preserve the 'unipolar moment' it began in 1989.

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runningman18's picture

There's not going to be any "rebuilding" of the economy, that's for certain.  The sucker has to crash and the dead weight removed before anything can be rebuilt.  If anything, Trump will probably be the last U.S. president.  The S will H-T-F, and the banksters have been staging this for a long time. 

fukidontknow's picture

More articles promoting the cashless society in the Accredited Times - they seem to want it badly

Truly shocking what these idiots believe - f$$K MDB f$$k Pbier and f$$K richandrenee 


Oh regional Indian's picture

All hard core trumpers, please watch this video...ignore the flat earth name....I found it chilling...

Ask yourself, do you trust this man?

Do you believe his words?

How does it make you feel watching this video?

Genuinely curious.

Because I think you are fucked...

jeff montanye's picture

we may be.  

but the choice was binary: hillary clinton or donald trump.  the former had three personally started wars under her belt and almost universal support from the legacy media, neocons, military industrial complex, and the banksters.  she was financed by big money donors two for one over trump.

trump was viewed with deep disdain by the neocons and their media and most of the rest above.  he was self, small donor, and free publicity financed (more interesting than clinton).  he has said some possibly helpful things but he is a pig in a poke, an unknown quantity.

and although much of what the article above describes is accurate, the one gaping hole is the failure to mention the neocons, the likud/mossad zionists who came/come very near to controlling the legacy media, the two national major political parties and the u.s. government.  the article treats 9-11 as if it were an act of god.

it was not:

this perspective explains much of why the, especially military, strategy of the u.s. doesn't seem to benefit the u.s.

it wasn't supposed to.  those that designed it owe their first allegiance to israel.  it may sound hard to believe to some but it is the thing that actually makes sense of the events of the twenty first century (and a good deal of the latter twentieth).

try it.


Orly's picture


Hillz and the DNC went out of their way to make certain Mr. Trump won the nomination, as stated in the Molesta email dump. There was no way they could have calculated the sheer silliness of her campaign and how angry people were about the continuing lies coming out of government.  "Oh, you mean like with a cloth?"  Just juvenile.

And far from being an act of God, 911 was plotted and planned for years and there is no level of "incompetence" that can explain how it was done.  911 was an inside job.  That's all you need to know.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) jeff montanye Dec 1, 2016 7:53 AM

This is going to be the bunker Presidency and Trump is used to it 30 yrs of living in Trump Tower not walking around on the street or anything.

The dinner with Romney was motorcade from Trump Tower basement into parking garage at a restaurant he owns.

When I first looked at him as candidate my vibe was "General" and that is spot on.

Later I read he is a military history buff, why all the generals including Petraeus whom Trump was very impressed with.

He expected violence, it doesn't and didn't phase him at all.

FlowerofLife's picture

I watched this video and found it interesting, but not necessarily chilling. Trump is firmly behind Israel, but I suspect some of what he said at AIPAC was mouthing off, as is his wont. That three of his kids are married to Jews, I think is beside the point.

The Deep State has always been Israel-centric because it’s the archetype that engages most us, for better or worse. It’s been that way since before the time of Jesus. It’s the overriding paradigm or rallying cry of our era.

I agree with the author of this article that we’re witnessing a shift in power within the Deep State, imo, brought about by a signal from the deepest levels of Deep State, or Beyond the Deep State. Ultimately, we’ll see a paradigm shift or change in archetypes that govern the subconscious behaviour of the masses. Power is shifting to the East, but we aren’t there quite yet. 

“They’ve” been grooming Trump to be president since at least the late ‘90s when he briefly said he’d run as the candidate of the Reform Party. The Simpson’s episode depicting him winning aired in 2000. As John Robb of GlobalGuerrillas pointed out, all Trump had to say during the primaries to win was, “I’m not bought.” All he had to say during the election was, “I’m not her” and nothing else mattered. He was playing into a paradigm shift that was well underway.


It remains to be seen if Trump will guide the world to a soft or hard landing and whether or not we’ll avert WWIII. I should think the preference would be soft landing and no war, but as you descend down the levels of power, there are a lot of conflicting interests.

flapdoodle's picture

I think New York Donald Trump is smart enough to know that you must respect the tribe, but cannot trust the tribe. The fact that the MSM is entirely  tribe owned and 100% against him is not lost on Donald Trump. In their pocket? I think not but we'll see.

FlowerofLife's picture

I don't think Trump is in the pocket of the tribe, per se. He has to work within the reality that he's presented with.


Kobe Beef's picture

Don't obfuscate the issue with "archetypes... from before the time of Jesus.. govern[ing] the subconscious behavior of the masses"

This so-called Deep State is Israeli-centric because International Jewry owns the Federal Reserve. You can throw in the Dual-citizen Infestation of security chokepoints exhibited by Chertoff and Zakheim et al. and you don't need any metaphysical archetypes to name the Thing or its Tribal Affinity.





FlowerofLife's picture

Yes, true what you said, but you're focusing a step or two down down the "chain of command" so to speak.

1neworbit's picture

At some point the these U.S. will break up.   Been mentioned if you know where to find it .  The Division works still by those whom profit by the wars.   At some point too the requirement for travel will be restricted.  Trump will be President like no other.  We will see more disclosure.   Maybe even 911 stand down people go to jail?  It would change everything if the UFO-Alien connection was a full disclosure as seen in the pictures drawn in caves from the past.   

FlowerofLife's picture

I certainly agree that Trump will be a president unlike any other. He’s the first manifestation of, and his policies will be guiding the paradigm shift.


I don’t think the US will break up. That’s the opposite of what Trump and those above him are signalling they want. More like the EU will split up and other less formal alliances, imo.


Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) Oh regional Indian Dec 1, 2016 5:57 PM

What kinda indian are you, a skin or a dot-head? Just wondering. You don't hafta say if you'd rather not.

NewHugh's picture

MDB realizes that he's a total laughingstock these days after his clever predictions are all turning out to be wrong.  He now trolls as fukidontknow and pretends to be an MDB hater.  Yet still posts links to his moronic accredited times website.  What an imbecile!

Tarzan's picture

He's a pathetic sole.  When deception is your friend, it tends to reach around and bite you in the ass, eventually. 

When your psychotic, and have no credibility, adding "accredited" to your name quells the demons, until they drag you home.

Boygoy's picture

Theirs are the only acceptable opinions now. Best get used to it.

Hans-Zandvliet's picture

Indeed Runningman18,

And here are some more arguments for it. By 2020, we will have entered the era of declining oil supply. Not because we're running out of oil reserves, but because newly discovered oil fields are getting smaller, technically more difficult to drill and in ever harder places to reach, so oil production gets more expensive with each passing year.

As a consequence we already find ourselves confronted with the following predicament: oil prices above $70/barrel crashes the global economy and oil prices below $70/barrel bankrupts oil companies. For the best part between 2009 and 2014, oil prices hoovered around $100/barrel and that's why the economy didn't want to recover. Due to the low oil prices since late 2014, the US shale oil sector is now in deep financial trouble.

So there is no more common ground between the economies of the world and the fossil energy sector. And this situation will get more serious with each passing year. That's why I think that the US will not have sufficiente economic strength left by 2020 to resume its hegemonic ambitions.

Besides, if the US takes a 4-year break to regroup, China, Russia, Iran, India, etc. will use this lull to regroup as well and it will be much harder for the US to resume its imperial aspirations.

Let's hope that Trump will represent a pause in the US's global aspirations, because that just might result in a somewhat peaceful end to the US-empire (because then, by 2020, it will be clear that a resumption is pointless).

Orly's picture

The author should expand his lens a bit.  The red/blue paradigm has been dead since Eisenhower.



Soul Glow's picture

Oh Orly, it's been awhile.  I forget why I didn't like you.  Maybe we can start over.  I buy silver and work like a mule.  I like Neruda and long walks on the beach.  What are you like?

Bay of Pigs's picture

That's hilarious. Orly hated my guts.

Orly's picture

I never hated on anyone.  I just thought your ideas of "stacking" (at the exclusion of everything else...) to be rather silly.

Turns out, I was right about that.  But I wouldn't dream of gloating, for I have no reason to.  Beneath it all, we have had a common goal, which I believe was to expose the government for the lie that it is and to inform people as best we can that they need to wake up.

Now, we have the opportunity to monitor events as they unfold (and, boy, will they unfold...) and to reassure others that if we remain calm, everything will work itself out.

I'm sorry you thought I had something bad against you but its not true.  Fight Club...of ideas.


Orly's picture

I'm sorry, I don't remember you.  Perhaps you had another nick?

I don't believe in the collapse of fiat currency any time this century, so maybe that's why you didn't care for me.  It just doesn't make sense.  It's not 1283, you know.

Maybe you could change your nick to Still Losing Money, but I see that one was taken already.  I don't know what a Neruda is and I much prefer the forest.  The sun and sand dries my skin.


Golden Showers's picture

Hi. I don't remember you, either, Orly.

Perhaps it isn't even the year 2016. Perhaps it's closer to 1005.

Fuck what you heard, but it is impossible to "collapse fiat currency". It is worthless. But since you seem to like it, you can shove it up your asshole.

You're a fucking scarecrow and you suck at it.

Don't play with fire. Hope nothing happens to you.

Tarzan's picture

You keep hording that fiat Orly, I'll keep sinking my spare change into junk at sub $20.  When interest rates get back to 3%, we'll compare our stash. 

In the mean time, have a look at what's happening in India as we speak, where fiat is in collapse, as Indians convert fiat into physical assets as fast as they can, while dragging their bankers into the streets!

Bay of Pigs's picture

Ask people in India and Venezuela how gold is doing now. Perhaps your lens needs to be expanded?

Orly's picture

And with no cash...maybe cattle?

Here, I'll trade you my gold

Yeah.  makes all the sense in the world.


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Soul Glow Dec 1, 2016 7:23 AM

Pablo Neruda romanticized communism and Fidel Castro.

How many people were seduced by this serpent?

Naked you are blue like the night in Cuba, you have vines and stars in your hair, naked spacious and yellow as summer in a golden church.

DavyRoySixPack's picture

The systemic maturation of Military Industrial Complex includes a world consciousness ... that could select either Uni or multi or both all at the same time.

Orly's picture

I have no idea what that means.  Sounds like trading 4X.  It might go up, go down or stay the same.

Golden Showers's picture

You should change your name to Gump, miss 4X. I think 4X stands for foreign exchange and I think you need 10,000 collapsed fiat bucks to get to the table.

So since you know less than me, and since I don't even give a fuck, could you possibly tell us what you do know?

Do you know anything?

Is there anything you are good at?

I don't like adverbs, Bitch. Do you know what an adverb is? Surly you can tell us.

Here's my advice. Get a large tub of creamy peanut butter, and a pound puppy. There's your 4X.

holgerdanske's picture

You can judge a man on the company he keeps.

By that token, it is starting to get a bit murky.

Why on earth would one willingly appoint anyone who has had anything to do eith Goldman Sachs?


I'm getting seriously worried.

I hope to high heaven I am wrong, because there is nothing left between Trump and active resistance.

Soul Glow's picture

He's a billionaire Yankee Tycoon.  What could go wrong?

King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Soul Glow Dec 1, 2016 3:05 AM

Do you jerk off while thinking of A.P. Hill?

Golden Showers's picture

You mean Anita?

Shit yeah, I do. She even signed her book "Tyrrany of the Majority" that I bought at UC Bookstore after she spoke there. But now that I look for it, well, it's not around. Shit, I could have gotten me a buck for it on Amazon.

I guess they refine these things. Go look through a shit hole in North Side for the remains.

Actually, You may be referring to A.F.Hill.

But hold on a sec... Oh... A.P. Hill Confederate War Hero...

Well... yeah. Who doesn't. I named my rifle Anita Pf Hill. Her action is beautiful. Oooohh. Fucker bucks like a mule.

Billy the Poet's picture

Withdrawing consent by acting outside their regulatory and financial networks is active resistance.  You can start any time you like.

Orly's picture

That one's easy and is testimony to how shrewd President-elect Trump is.  If you want to know all the machinations and behind-the-scenes stuff that you don't understand yourself, hire the guy who does know those secrets.

I see it as akin to Dr. Werner vonBraun leading NASA after WWII.  Think of it that way.

Mr. Trump also had a talk with COO Cohn and, while I would love to have been a fly on that wall, I bet he laid out his position that he expects help from Goldman-Sachs and the days of Wall Street running amok are over.  Everyone can make money.  Even mom and pop from Peoria.

Time to drain the swamp.  Help me or go down the tubes with the paedophiles and lobbyists.


House_Wife's picture

This was interesting. I feel that America has been the home to those who wish for global hegemony for some time and I doubt that such long-term plans will be unhinged by a genuine Trump. Judging from his cabinet decisions I have doubts that he is, in fact, genuine though. It may be more likely that he is a well-timed distraction, whether planned or not he could be said to be useful to the establishment. Time will tell, but I personally doubt that there are good times ahead for the younger American generations at the moment.

Mahatma Coat's picture

Interesting? Yes. Worth a quick read, but this article is really just conspiracy theory on steroids.  Some people get off on this sort of stuff.  

Never attribute to malice or conspiracy what can reasonably be explained by incompetence.

Orly's picture

The conspiracy he lays out doesn't go nearly deep enough.  And if you think it was "incompetence" that got us here, I am afraid you are surely mistaken.

Mahatma Coat's picture

More on Mr. Pieraccini is available here at Russia Insider:

Oh...look at that...a Russian Great Crested Grebe just flew past my window.

Anyway, his arguments are too fragmented to respond to in detail.  It's still incompetent foreign policy that explains things better than a conspiratorial master plan.

Orly's picture

It wasn't government but international bankers that have the master plan.  They have had lots of practice since the days of the Crusades and starting a "competing" religion.

----_-'s picture
----_- (not verified) Dec 1, 2016 2:25 AM

i dont think trump can save the dead fish.


intentions of dumb bushes was to create "growth" by expanding to the middle east.

what the bushes and the rest of the idiots fail to understand is that you cant have growth with shit skins.

(well if you mean "growth" like woman with facial hair you will probably picking the right choice)


white people are now 2/3 gone and the slimy anglo kikes shot themselves in the feet and are losing all their power now - like the CNN kikes themselves said: THATS A GOOD THING

i really like the idea of a planet where the kikes will have to share it with niggers and incest shit skins only. and the best about it is its not reversible. from now on the shit skins will have to deal with the kikes.

thats a double win

HRH of Aquitaine's picture
HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) Dec 1, 2016 2:44 AM

We are the many, they are the few.

They don't have enough LEOs or FLEAs to arrest everyone and put us in prison. If they decide to just start random mass executions in the USSA that would be a big red flag that all hell has broken loose and no one is safe. That is the deep end up the cray cray swimming pool and I stay outta that water. Infested with sharks,

cheech_wizard's picture

Ah, nothing like a holistic web search to reveal the web's deepest and darkest secrets.

Standard Disclaimer: I confess, I didn't know #50 was called the knee-trembler...

Wahooo's picture

DNA is the most powerful lifeless entity in the universe.

Alogon's picture

Jerusalem as the capital of israel is a pillar Trump supports.

The cornerstone of the temple would have been laid by now if Syria had fallen and US democracy had been dropped on Iran 


Orly's picture

I'm not sure about that.  He is very difficult to read.

I just have a feeling he is not as Zionist as people believe.  He also has stated that bringing peace to Palestine would be "nice."

It is hard to tell, that much is for sure.


King Tut's picture
King Tut (not verified) Orly Dec 1, 2016 3:22 AM

he's draining the swamp by hiring GS guys

LA_Goldbug's picture

"He is very difficult to read."
I agree and it will be interesting to watch him as he starts to work.

". The two wars deeply shook Western public opinion, forcing the elite to propose a candidate representing rupture who was focused on internal needs. Obama has been the perfect representation of this intent."

Son of Lolo was only an "image" (represent) which never fooled me. His glib talking style was a dead give away that he was a Shylock. Don could very well do it. Will see.