Juncker Pleads With Austria's Hofer: "No Referendums"

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Submitted by Michael Shedlock via MishTalk.com,

European Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker issued a warning to Austrian presidential candidate Norbert Hofer, regarding referendums.

Hofer, an anti-immigration, candidate is in a tight race for the election coming up on December 4.

If he wins, Hofer said he would hold in-out referendums if Brussels seeks to expand it power.

Please consider European president Jean-Claude Juncker pleads with EU leaders not to hold ‘in-out’ referendums – because voters will choose to Leave.

Jean-Claude Juncker has urged EU leaders not to hold referendums on their membership of the bloc because he fears their voters will also choose to leave. The European Commission president said giving people a vote would be ‘unwise’ as they could seek to replicate Brexit.


His remarks come as one of the contenders to become Austrian president has threatened to hold a referendum if the EU integrates further.


Norbert Hofer, who will become Europe’s first far-right head of state since the Second World War if elected on Sunday, has promised a ballot if the EU becomes more centralised following Brexit.


Regarding referenda on EU membership, I think it is not wise to organise this kind of debate, not only because I might be concerned about the final result but because this will pile more controversy onto the huge number already present at the heart of the EU.


‘Besides, I don’t think the next president of Austria, whoever it will be, will launch themselves into this kind of escapade.


‘I have learned to tell the difference, between campaign promises and concrete policies.


Mr Juncker, who has faced blame for the Brexit vote, insisted ‘the existence of the EU is not in doubt’.


He claimed the EU’s weakness was a ‘lack of love’ rather than because of the actions of Brussels.

Lie of the Day

Juncker is a babbling, hypocritical fool, who was also sure Brexit would never happen.

Asked about the Freedom Party candidate’s pledge, Mr Juncker told Euronews: ‘We can’t deny or take away the people of Europe’s right to express their views.’

Got that?

Who Will Win?


Austria Betting Odds – Paddy Power

According to PaddyPower, the betting odds are 3/10 for Hofer and 11/5 for Van der Vellen as of November 29.


If you bet $5 on Van der Bellen you collect a total of $16 ($11 + $5).
If you bet $10 on Hofer you collect a total of $13 ($10 + $3).

Austria Betting Odds – Bwin

The sports betting site Bwin sees it this way.


In this case a bet of $200 on Hofer will return a total of $300 and a bet of $100 on Van der Bellen would return a total of $250.

Like Trump, Austria’s Norbert Hofer Attracting Disillusioned Working Class Voters

Breitbart reports Like Trump, Austria’s Norbert Hofer Attracting Disillusioned Working Class Voters.

The victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election has political analysts predicting a boost for Hofer and other populists across Europe in what they call the “Trump-effect.”

Hofer has extended his lead in the polls by another percentage point from his opponent, former Green party leader Alexander Van der Bellen.


Critics of the populist politician worry that Hofer will dissolve the grand coalition government in Austria, which consists of the conservative Austrian People’s Party (ÖVP) and the Socialists, if he becomes president. Despite the FPÖ leading in the polls, Hofer has said he wouldn’t consider such a move until at least the summer of next year.


“I’m not going to dismiss the government at every opportunity,” he told Austrian broadcaster ORF. However, Mr. Hofer did make it clear that if the government didn’t continue on the path of border security and integration legislation he would very likely consider new elections.

Austrian Poll


The above from http://www.oe24.at/oesterreich/politik/Hofer-zieht-in-Umfrage-davon/258808210.

Following Text Translation From German …

FPÖ candidate Hofer has 52% of the votes (with a fluctuation margin of 4%), independent candidate Alexander Van der Bellen has 48%. Compared to the beginning of the month, Hofer has thus increased the lead from two to four percent.

The race is, of course, still open. Because of the wide fluctuation range, Hofer moves between 48% and 56%, Van der Bellen between 44% and 52%.

Norbert Hofer extended his narrow lead over Van der Bellen (800 interviewees from November 14-16).

Final Comments

Polls and betting odds have been notoriously wrong lately. First came Brexit, then Trump, then a surprise in the French primary when Francois Fillon knocked off Nicolas Sarkozy in the first round.

This is the first time this year that polls and betting odds have had the anti-establishment candidate in the lead. Maybe the string of failures stops here.

A vote for Hofer would not only be a vote for common sense, it would be a good outcome for the UK as well.

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balz's picture

"The European Commission president said giving people a vote would be 'unwise'"

That's all you have to know.

BabaLooey's picture

Jean Claude needs to have 20,000 metric tons of shit "Junked" up his bony ass and set aflame.

eclectic syncretist's picture

Speaking of suppression, Shanghai is paying a 3.6% premium for gold over New York right now. This spread has been blowing out over the past couple of weeks and is now larger than ever.

Shanghai 11/30/16 AM gold fix = $1,213.66

New York    11/30/16 current price = $1,171.10

A $42.56 difference.





COMEX is risking becoming irrelevant to the gold market with this level of suppression. What miner is going to sell gold to the COMEX when it could make substantially more selling to Shanghai?

American Psycho's picture

When I saw, "Junker said" I immediately tuned out.

American Psycho's picture

the same asshat who is "Mouring Fidel's death." 

wildbad's picture

not me..i said to myself, oh! excellent! more running scared talk from the fraud who is being uncloaked publicly for his illegal and hidden agenda

Mountainview's picture

Juncker hasn't yet realized his efficency as negative publicity.

bh2's picture

I believe this is actually true. The more the EU poobah bureaucrats threaten to make life tough for the UK exit, the more they are revealed as exactly the kind of bully other countries will be more inspired to flee also.

When they openly claim a civil referendum is to be feared and thwarted, it's obvious to everyone that they've jumped the shark.

True Blue's picture

What's the current paper/phys ratio of the crooked COMEX right now? Still something like 350:1? What miner is going to sell gold to the COMEX when it could make substantially more selling to Shanghai? The paper 'miners' of course... or should I have said the (((paper miners))) ?

Citizen_x's picture


As goes Osterreich....so goes Deutschland...Aufwiedersehen E.U.

Allen_H's picture

Agreed, FUCK DRUNKERS! and Brussels.

War Machine's picture

Honestly, Europeans need to wake up and need to start disappearing guys like Juncker.

And Merkel.

And Barbara Specter, et al.

They think in ethnic, genocidal, nation-killing terms whether or not Europeans are prepared to accept that the Kalergi plan IS the plan.

it should also be clear that free speech and democracy are as despised by the ZioGlobalists and Banksters as majority white nations, sound money, and private property rights.

it's time to start playing offense, boys.

Malmo, Sweden is Specter's future for you... as Gatestone uses the invasion (((they))) foster to also villify all those eeeevil muzzies so belligerently living on top of Chosenite land.

And Vichy DC will be happy to send your money and your ass into the meat grinder for Oded Yinon and Coudenhove-Kalergi's vision.

and the European Leftist, statist, cucks... need an epic ass kicking... before they transform the Shire into a Mordor of Malignant Muslims

Jubal Early's picture

It will have to be members or recent members of their special forces.  They must be sick of seeing all the corruption and being required to be true.  At some point they will rise up, if they aren't rubbed out first.

Old Europe's picture

The Brussels-EU is a Golem preying on the European nationstates. It was created to annihilate both the European nationstates and the indigenous and homogenous white populations.

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) Nov 30, 2016 1:23 PM

Ah, the bitter taste of Socialism.


Spungo's picture

Socialism is fine as long as people voted for it on a local level, and moving to or from that area is possible without visas and paperwork. 

Ballin D's picture

That's what the pilgrims said right before they fucking starved and almost died off. Good thing they switched to a capitalist system in time to save some of the lucky ones.

silverer's picture

Nothing like a good old European Union Commission Dictatorship. As an unwilling participant, I would demand "EUCD" T-shirts for free.

gregga777's picture

T-shirt logos: "PRISONER OF THE EU"

SDShack's picture

Europe just cannot leave it's Feudal roots. All they have done is replace individual Feudal nations with a continental New Feudal World Order headquartered in Brussels. It's still just the same Elites versus Serfs and will play out as it always has throughout history.

Altesh's picture

He should change his name to Alexander van der Bellend. 

Kirk2NCC1701's picture


Ashki. Sayanim.

E.F. Mutton's picture

"Juncker Pleads"

Gimme a soldering iron, a bag of rats and a weed eater.  I'll make that Elitist fucker plead.

gregga777's picture

I suppose that I can imagine the uses for the soldering iron and the bag of rats. But, how does the weed eater figure into things? A haircut?

E.F. Mutton's picture

PPT: Precision Pube Trim

Well, I'm not that good on the precision, actually.  Still effective though.

KnuckleDragger-X's picture

I think that will be be closer to begging.....

Bemused Observer's picture

Slip some Antabuse into his morning coffee and wait for the fun to start. Shouldn't take long, I'll bet he's hitting it by 10 am most days.

Should make any afternoon public appearances a vomit-filled fun fest.

the.ghost.of.22wmr's picture
the.ghost.of.22wmr (not verified) Nov 30, 2016 1:27 PM

I guess one soon-to-be, far-right European head of state is tired of squatting on the ruins of a once-great civilization.

gregga777's picture

The European Union wardens won't allow the prisoners to vote on whether they want to leave the EU prison camp.

shamus001's picture

Who the F*ck does he think he is?  The "PEOPLE' Need to round up his collective Brussle hugging @ss" and drop him 10ft from a stage with a noose around his neck!

BabaLooey's picture

Piano wire...securly fastened to a meat hook - filmed for the enjoyment of all of Europe.

Dg4884's picture

LOL...  Norbert.  Parents must have loved him deeply.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Despite what he says publicly, Juncker knows the EU is on deathwatch - and he doesn't want to be buried with it.

I say kill it while you have the chance - you may not get another opportunity!

WayPastCaring's picture

Wow - I see the lesson of fraudulent and/or incorrect polling has not been learned. I suspect you're going to see a repeat of the Trump election in Austria on Dec. 4 and I welcome it. I think people are simply not admitting they're Hot for Hofer and I think that the Brexit and Trump outcomes are emboldening them, that they CAN seize control of their country back. I welcome ALL countries re-learning why they are countries to begin with and not states orbiting around some nebulous global authority whose only concern is its welfare and not those it rules.

GunnerySgtHartman's picture

Wow - I see the lesson of fraudulent and/or incorrect polling has not been learned.

In Juncker's insular world, the problem isn't the polling - it's the (great unwashed masses of) voters ... they aren't smart enough to vote for the "proper" choice.

orangegeek's picture

This is Europe defined.  Centuries of dictators/monarchs have never left Europe - they still run things while lying to the masses that there is some sort of democracy that exists  -  such euro-bullshit.

War Machine's picture

juncker is the baghdad bob of the EU.

and he deserves 2 to the head for his crimes against the native peoples of Europe.


Frito's picture

If you have to say "the existence of the EU is not in doubt" then it definitely is in doubt. 

TuPhat's picture

Vote a better government or vote for the EU.  I hope they choose wisely.

smacker's picture

Junkett still doesn't get it. He never will.

It's precisely because of unelected ruling elitists like him who display contempt for the very people they are supposed to represent that voters are turning their backs on old politics and electing alternative candidates who are not members of the ruling elite.

I hope Norbert Hofer wins the Austrian election. I further hope that he holds an In/Out referendun on EU membership. I further further hope that the Austrian people vote for AusExit. That would be a humiliating blow to the haughty unelected slimeballs in Brussels.

Then there's Italy ,,,

MEFOBILLS's picture

Junker's treatment of Greece is enough grounds to permanently dismiss him and his ilk.

Greek debt was housed in German private banks, and the IMF loan was to make good these debts.  The IMF debt hook was thrust into the mouth of unwitting Greek citizens, but the "credit" created by the instrument, passed through the Greek economy without creating any activity.  Said credit channeled straight to bonds held in german banks.

Also, prior to this, Greece was "convinced" to buy German submarines.

Viewing these facts::  1) Junker is monetarily illiterate  2) Junker is a parasite  3) Junker is clueless

This ignorance, parasitism or cluelessness is now manifested as Greece being subordinated- they cannot even stop their muslim invaders from traversing Greek lands enroute to Germany.

So, Junker is complicit in the Muslim Invasion of Germany, as well as being complicit in the destruction of Greece.

If ever there was a epitaph written on a negative human - he would be it.  Here lies a person for whom the world would be better off had he never been born.





Jubal Early's picture

And Israel got those same submarines for free.  You silly goyim, you will never stop paying for the holohoax.

The Count's picture

Time somebody cleaned out the pedophile center of the world, Brussels.


DetectiveStern's picture

I like how ZH always quote Paddy Power odds. They have by far the greatest most un-PC tv ads ever. Here's some of the most offensive they've done


johnwburns's picture

Jees, who would have thought that turning a million 7th century savages loose on the cities and villages of Europe would negatively impact the EU? 

Hofer was ripped off once, this time it'll stick. 

Freddie's picture

Also F Paddy Power bookies.   They paid out on Hillary.  Sadly that evil c*nt Madonna failed to pay out to Hillary voters with BJ's that she promised.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Move over all you budding comics...there's a new playa in town...Junker is hellarious....