The Real Reasons Why Another American Civil War Is Possible

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Submitted by Brandon Smith via,

You have to hand it to the regressive left, when they conjure propaganda they really know how to run with it. When their indoctrination doesn’t take, and the public stops them cold with a wall of skepticism, they don’t give up! No — the little buggers double down and go for broke!

I would point out, however, that this seemingly boundless drive to forsake all logic and reason in the name of ideology is not due to these people being special in their ambition. Rather, they are following a somewhat successful historic model; the model of communism. And by successful, I mean successfully destructive.

With Donald Trump on the way to the White House in January, along with a Republican majority in Congress and the Senate, leftists long accustomed to dominating the public narrative through the mainstream media have found themselves without leverage. Now, they must resort to ankle biting with efforts like the “fake news” meme, which is designed to undermine the alternative media through ad hominem.  Obviously this will fail.  It is far too late for the mainstream media to gain back any social capital, and they will have to adapt or die out.

With this avenue closing for the left, the next stage will be direct asymmetrics; they will use subversion at a more localized level; working to provoke “marginalized” groups into taking extreme action in order to illicit a negative and totalitarian response from conservatives.

I am rather well versed on the history of communist insurgencies, and one simple reality that consistently stands out to me is that wherever communist movements exist, war follows.  They may claim to be peaceful in their aims and methods, they may claim to want what is best for society as a whole, but when these movements are denied access to social evolution, they almost always revert to violent means.  The primary reason for this, I believe, is that they really do assume at their very core that their ideal is the ONLY ideal.

They think they are heroes, awakened to a world view that the rest of us are incapable of comprehending. In their minds, anyone seeking to obstruct them is either dangerously ignorant or a fascist hellbent on sabotaging humanity’s “natural progression” into the leftist utopia.   Therefore any and all actions are justified on their part.  They are fighting “evil.”  And, of course, conservatives like you and I are the physical manifestations of that evil.  We are the super-villains that must be destroyed at all costs in the leftist fantasy world.

As I noted in my last article, Order Out Of chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost, regressives in the form of social justice warriors are currently more cute in their provocations than dangerous, but this is only an early stage of their movement.  When these people do not get what they want, when they realize that propaganda methods are not effective, they will inevitably turn toward militancy and aggressive mob action.  This is the problem with zealots: they are infinitely capable of moral relativity.  They are monsters in people suits just waiting to be unleashed, but made even more dangerous by their self-image as guardians.

There is nothing worse than a psychopath with a desperate desire to nurture you.

After my last article, some readers responded that they understood my basic premise — that the left versus right dynamic is being instigated by global elites, and that this could result in both sides moving to opposing extremes of the political spectrum; communism versus fascism.  That said, they also wanted to know what I thought should be done about the left in particular?  Sure, the elites are the root cause of the threat, but what about all the crazed leftists the elites hide behind and exploit?  Don’t we have to deal with them at some point as well?

I would say yes, though our reaction must be measured or we risk falling into the paradigm trap the elites have constructed for us.

So, here is the reality — when a movement like the social justice cult reverts to zealotry, there is nothing that can be done to persuade them otherwise.  Some will leave the movement behind, but the majority will refuse to acknowledge that their ideology has failed to sway the masses, and that this might be due to the fact that their ideology is highly flawed. They will seek instead to FORCE us into compliance. This ensures that a violent conflict will eventually arise.

The danger is that while conservatives now appear to hold the keys to the behemoth that is government after wrestling it from the left (again, at least in appearance), we will be tempted to swing the cannons of the bureaucratic battleship towards our foes and in our favor.  I’ll have to use the old Lord of the Rings analogy once again here — big government is like the “one ring;” it will always result in evil, no matter who is wearing it.  Good people will take hold of it thinking they can resist abusing it and that they will exploit its incredible power to help others; and they will fall into darkness like everyone else.

The solution?  Conservatives must face leftist extremists on equal ground. We must avoid the temptation of using government as a weapon to extinguish them.  We must avoid stooping to their level.  Otherwise, there is an serious risk that we will falter in our principles and become just as bad if not worse than the regressive left.  And yes, this means a decentralized civil war — a war in which government is denied as a player.  As long as conservatives refuse to wield government as a sword in our arsenal, we will win against all enemies.  The second we wimp out and beg government to aid us in our fight, we will be co-opted and assimilated by the elites.

But what would this conflict look like?

I could see an insurgency versus an insurgency scenario, but this is only if the right refuses to join with government to exact its goals.

In the meantime, I welcome you to look at theories on this from the left side of the spectrum. Check out this article, referencing military “experts” from the ever regressive and dwindling Cracked Magazine titled 6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying, published at the beginning of November.

While Cracked does briefly address the notion that a civil war could be triggered by the left in the U.S., their article was published before the election, clearly with the assumption that Donald Trump was bound to lose and that “right wing extremists” were the greatest threat to peace and stability in the wake of a Clinton presidency. The majority of their list is composed of scenarios in which “anti-government” right wingers could undermine social cohesion and was no doubt supplemented thoroughly by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

I also want to quickly point out that the No. 2 threat on the Cracked list of civil war threats was the Thermal Evasion Suit I designed!  Or at least, the notion that we have the ability and knowledge to build these kinds of countermeasures.  Here’s a quote from the article:

"But in my lurking on militia sites, I did occasionally run into information that looked like it had its basis in something other than a manual. Take this guide to evading drones published by the Oath Keepers, an anti-government group made up of former military and police veterans."


[Cracked never actually links to the video, they just show a still photo.  Clearly they did not want people watching it and deciding for themselves what my intent was.]


"I had a former drone operator review the video. He said their “thermal evasion suit” was based on a “decent premise”, although he said it would only work well if the shooter was stationary. It’s impossible to know if the info in this video came from someone with direct (albeit outdated) drone experience. In his time among America’s many militias, Bill said, “…I’ve probably ran into direct training” of groups by military veterans, “…five or six times, in five different states. It’s incredibly prevalent."

I’m not sure exactly who their “expert” was.  Apparently he thought I was building an invisibility suit because he mentions the problem of “movement,” which no suit I know of can hide. They also state something about “outdated drone experience,” yet don’t actually qualify that with anything of substance. Finally, they insinuate that I somehow received help from military insiders with top-secret knowledge, and this is how I managed to design a thermal evasion system.  In fact, I came up with the design and materials on my own and brought it to Oath Keepers, who aided in the testing phase.  Not one drone expert was on hand to feed me design information.

The point is, these people have no idea what they are talking about. Cracked never contacted me about the suit even though my face and email address are all over the video. It was not “impossible to know” if I received insider information; all they had to do was ask.  The left in their zealotry likes to jump to conclusions. They also assume we are a bunch of dumb hillbillies, when we are in fact much smarter and more innovative than they are.

While Cracked and their so-called “experts” are hopelessly naive in many respects, they do make a few solid observations.

First, they present the issue of lack of trust in government and police forces on the part of the public. They seem to suggest this is a bad thing by claiming that distrust of government leads to insurgency.  I would say distrust of government is the healthiest state a society can exist in.

That said, I would remind readers that conservatives will take over the helm of the government ship as of 2017.  And, as I warned when I predicted a Trump election win back in June, the elites have allowed us into authority at a time when trust in government is at historic lows.  We have been handed the reigns of power, but I say this is not a cure, but a curse. We will no longer be considered freedom fighters.  We will be considered the jackboot stomping on the face of America.

Second, Cracked brings up the problem of infrastructure interference, such as highway bombings and other methods of breaking down travel and supply routes.  They mention this based on the premise that we right wingers might set up IEDs using tannerite to terrorize road networks.

We’ve already seen something like this, but not from the right wing.  Leftists are notorious lately for building human walls across major roads in order to shut down movement.  I would suggest that they will do this with more frequency (and with more violence) once winter winds down (leftists can’t stand the cold, which is why most of them live near beaches). Communists like to disrupt supply chains and production; they know this is the quickest path to instigating mass panic.

Third, the Cracked article argues that right wingers might adopt the methods of ISIS in our bid for supremacy, which is extraordinarily absurd if you know anything at all about conservatives.

It is actually the left that has shown time and time again their affinity for Muslim extremism.  They defend it openly and publicly. You would think all the social justice feminists and gay rights groups would view the Muslim world as a carnival of horrors being that in almost any Muslim controlled nation on the planet they would be enslaved, stoned to death or thrown off a tall building. But no, instead, SJWs champion mass Muslim immigration without question.

Understand that forced Muslim immigration standards in Europe and in the U.S. are a product of global elitism under the Cloward Piven strategy.  The elites like to use incompatible cultures as a tool to destabilize target societies.  But, leftists are also more than happy to go along with this program.  I believe it is because the left is inherently weak when it comes to direct confrontation, and many progressives secretly enjoy the idea of having their own hitmen (Muslim extremists or Black Lives Matter) on speed dial just in case.

If any group has shown a willingness to work with the likes of ISIS, it is the left. Set aside the fact that the Department of Defense under Obama admits in its own white papers supporting the rise of the Muslim terrorist network.

Finally, Cracked and their experts suggest the idea that a second American civil war will not be two-sided, but multi-sided.  This is the only intelligent notion in the entire article and I agree with it wholeheartedly.

Here is the problem — multiple groups on the left and the right have entirely different concepts on what the final American product should look like.  Some on the left are anarchists, some are communists, some just want the continuation of the democratic process (but still think Trump should be supplanted). On the right, there are hardcore neo-cons and war hawks that want to nuke the Middle East into oblivion, women and children included.  There are libertarians that just want a return to small government and constitutionalism.  There are anarcho-capitalists that seem to want the erasure of government and the constitution entirely but live in a world of theory rather than practicality (I call them egghead libertarians).  There are even Christian factions that long for a Christian-based theocracy.

Then, there are people like me, who just want to get to the root of the problem and hang the globalists from lampposts (after a speedy trial of course).  We don’t necessarily have a beef with any other group as long as they stay out of our way.  We would like to circumvent the danger of a civil war altogether if possible.

Unfortunately, I think Cracked and their experts are right on this, and that a second American civil war will be multifaceted.  And, while we are all at each others throats, the elites will be lounging on the riviera sipping mojitos and laughing.  The most dangerous faction (besides the elites) will be the catalyzing faction; the regressive left.  They will be the group that initiates all other hostilities.

What leftists do not know is that they have always been useful idiots for the global elites, and, they will be thrown in the garbage once the elites are finished with them.  I hope that every leftist could watch the following interview with Soviet KGB defector Yuri Bezmenov, in which he examines the process by which free nations are brought to chaos by the elites through the exploitation of the regressive left in order to establish a totalitarian system.

I leave you with this thought — civil war is unavoidable. The left is too crazy, and the right has now been given the weapon of government too enticing to overlook. Consider for a moment which “faction” in the world benefits most from this arrangement and then you will understand that the left is ultimately a distraction from the greater enemy. Remove the globalists from the picture, and the left will sort itself out.

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wisehiney's picture

Easy as pumpkin pie.

Set up sniper nests around cities and dare them to come out and play.

letsit's picture
letsit (not verified) bamawatson Nov 30, 2016 11:44 PM

Let's not forget that there's a spiritual aspect weighing down on America as well.

stizazz's picture

There'll never be a civil war in America with fat, complacent Americans.

SafelyGraze's picture

"conservatives like you and I are the physical manifestations of that evil"

who said that non-democratic-partyists are conservatives??

the author means to say:

"green-party members like I are the physical manifestations of that evil"


"humanists like I are ..."


"new black panthers like I are ..."


"legal marijuanists like I are ..."


"totalitarians like I are ..."

the new progressive party of puerto rico  

runningman18's picture

If you are for small government then you are a conservative.  If you are for no government then you are an anarchist though a lot of anarchists are ironically also leftists these days. 

True Blue's picture

Thumbs up, but that buys into the false left/right paradigm of Statism.

Look, the 'political spectrum' is not the simple baseline some French leftist created in the 1780's; where one group of statists sat to the King's left and another group of statists sat to His right. The entire left/right thought trap is that it allows for nothing that isn't simply one preferred flavor of statism or another.

Reality is a political triangle, with left and right on the statist bottom, Monarchy in the statist 'center' and 31 flavors of statism between the extreme two base angles. The apex of the triangle is Individual Liberty, with anarchy forming its anti-statist extreme. The United States were originally composed of a government in the center, top third of that triangle; and we have since slid downhill to the statist baseline of every other corrupt, overbearing and draconian state in the planet's history.

runningman18's picture

The false left/right paradigm only applies to the top of the political pyramid.  At the bottom, there are people who legitimately believe in small government and individual freedoms and are conservatives, and there are people that legitimately believe in progressive big government and in a lot of cases communism - i.e. leftists.  The divide is real at the bottom, and fake at the top.  Yeah, there are some Republicans that want big government too, but they are not true conservatives.  What will kill is when the people at the bottom all become homgonized like the people at the top.      

Turbo_diesel's picture

I normally vote libertarian but this year living in CA I voted for Stein because I was impressed how she was intellectually honest about the media coverage of wikileaks et al and was surprised to see minimal government is a key tenant of green party platform as well as an informed anti-globalist current (I ignored that social justice was too)... point being many on the left (err well ~1%) are not statists in theory. My guess is if they
dropped the minimal goverment tenant they would be closer to 50% of population.

runningman18's picture

Voting for Stein because of a lack of other viable choices doesn't necessarily make you a greenie.  Also, the green platform is big government all the way, not small government.  They want the EPA up in everyone's grill.  Stein is a con-woman for the fraudulent global warming agenda.  You've been fooled.   

Turbo_diesel's picture

Well a key tenant is decentralization which makes it hard to have any big organization including the state:

I'm no convert, but voting for a candidate that I can get behind 50% of what they want to fix, was better than voting for the Clinton praising fake libertarian candidates. That said I held out hope that the recount request angle was secretly about exposing democrat fraud and you need them to go along to get it done, but it isn't going anywhere anyway and now the only optic is that Stein is a Clinton cunilingusator.

runningman18's picture

Green party supports global carbon taxation which is about the furthest thing from decentralization.  They are watermelons - green on the outside, red on the inside. 

WordSmith2013's picture

There's only ONE way to terminate the OBAMANATION!


2016 in the USA : A 2nd American Revolution, Civil War, or Both
Turbo_diesel's picture

Yeah... I heard a speech where she was talking about how she wanted to make the EPA actually work on environment rather than be a bloated bureaucratic tool used to mandate business and to create ineffective cumbersome regulations to limit competition that benefits big corporations...and I mean who can argue against that? Same thing with FDA and the healthcare industry overall. I projected some libertarian ideals from there. At any rate if I thought she had a chance in hell I wouldn't have voted for her, but there are a lot of intellectually honest, principled people in the Green Party which I respect and I wanted to give it a profile bump given the options. It appears Stein is not one of those intellectually honest and principled people.

Actually a party of intellectually honest, principled people most likely cannot exist without attracting more than >1% of population.

runningman18's picture

The EPA shouldn't exist at all, and Stein is definitely another communist/globalist posing as "environmentally conscious".  The carbon tax agenda is pure UN/Club of Rome evil.   

max2205's picture

Having a Marxist socialist prez for 8 years didn't help.... everyone is used to it....some are I guess.  12 yr Olds are now 20.  20 yr Olds are now 28.  28 yr Olds are now 36.....we've poisoned 3 generations 

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Turbo_diesel Dec 1, 2016 6:39 AM
Kellogg attacks Breitbart news removes all advertising. The Kellogg Company, famous for its breakfast cereals, is giving far-left activists hundreds of millions of dollars to promote left-wing causes and projects, including “white privilege” and “structural racism.”

The company’s project to promote “coming to grips with racism” was touted at its “American Healing Conference.” The conference promised to “move the conversation from hope to possibility.”

In an article on its webpage, the W.K. Kellogg Foundation (WKKF), the activist NGO sponsored by the Kellogg Company, states that “racial privilege and structural inequities have influenced” America and are at the core of nearly everything the country has done.

“Since the birth of America, racial privilege and structural inequities have influenced the nation’s policies and social systems, from healthcare, education and child welfare to media, food consumption, justice and countless other facets of everyday life,” the foundation states. “In America, those who differ from the majority because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, weight and other characteristics face a deluge of outright discrimination and unconscious bias.”

The foundation goes on to claim that the nation is racist without even realizing it.

Soros main foundation which is the Tides Foundation is part of it.

Sign the Boycott Kellogg which wants to shut down the alt. right financially.

K stock was down 2.20% yesterday.


Cloud9.5's picture

Kellogg is suffering from the progressive disease of romanticism.  Progressives are romantics who have this Pygmalion narrative that every poor person can be turned into a lady or gentlemen simply by changing their environment. They subscribe to the failed logic that all men are created equal.  They absolutely refuse to admit that Danny DeVito could never be a professional basketball player due to genetic limitations.  They insist in spite of all evidence that with the proper upbringing and training he could have been equal to Michael Jordan.  They will argue until their dying day that the reason Danny DeVito could never succeed at basketball was not due to his personal limitations.  His in ability to succeed is because society has failed him.  You cannot reason with these people.  Progressivism is a religion

Spanky's picture

If you really want to attack the elite, go after their foundations... Revoke their tax exempt status, probe their "charitable" contributions with the IRS and use the FBI to investigate the operations they fund. 

Amicus Curiae's picture

thank you

signed n shared;-)

Tarzan's picture

The false left/right paradigm at the top has developed some cracks.  They're not so homogenized at the top lately, and the bottom is not as divided as it used to be either.  Information flows to easily these days to keep us all fearful of goblins.

The truth is, the American Civil war is already being waged by the divided elite, while the people, not the staged goons with spot lights on them, but the silent masses, are starting to peek behind the paradigm and take notes.

The script is being flipped.  If we ever take our eyes off left right politics and truly focus on our common National interests, the Globalist elite will be in deep trouble....

Braverdave's picture

... "political triangle" ... but more like 2 triangles ... making a square with a diagonal line.

Or two sides of the same coin.

Or new boss same as the old boss.

So if this was a Rorschach test then it would look like a vagina.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

The enemy is the elite. 

Left - right... blue - red... is all a distraction. 

Look behind the smoke and mirrors. 

Braverdave's picture

smoke and mirrors ... and shadows on the cave wall.

runningman18's picture

Correction - the enemy is the elites AND the useful idiots they use as a shield (mostly lefties).  The false left/right paradigm is not as simple as you seem to think it is.     

rmopf2010's picture

Couldn't agree more Left - right... blue - red... is all a distraction.

The real division that they don't want us to see is:

Group 1) Who lives by welfare state/big government

Group 2) Who pays the bills for welfare state/big government

This is the real division TPTB don't want us to realize because it can break the social fabric and polarize even more elections. For the last decades  welfare state/big government has grown imensely even fake right governments to gain more votes increased welfare state/big government.

It's easy to use money from Group 2 in order to buy Group 1 votes, Group 2 people start to realize they can have a decent life if they pass to Group 1. Now we reached a situation in the so called west countries that almost 50% of pupulation is in Group 1 (some cases like the PIGS countries outnumbers group 2), now that Group 2 can't generate enough wealth to sustain all the people from Group 1, governments resorted to debt to pay for the diference that is why almost every country in the west debt/GDP is bearing 100%~140%. That is why banksters to sustain this allowed NIRP/ZIRP and QE in order to this does not go down.

But they must people in Group 1 will have to face they've been voting in unreliable political promisses, and it is better to accept and 30~40% cut in income from the state than a major war outbreak. Won't be easy because people from Group 1 have a background of socialism/comunism so they are organized almost military organization through Unions with rigid marxism discipline.

Guess great leaders will have to tell the truth that welfare state/big government is dead broke to the masses in order avoid the final and last world wide confrontation.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." JFK


jeff montanye's picture

if you are for small government then you are a particular stripe of libertarian, imo.

"conservative" or "the right", whether you or i like it, means allied with the king, the aristocracy and, more recently, the owners of property and the means of production.  the main reason war follows communist movements is that communists want to take the wealth from the rich for the benefit of the communists and the poor (in that order).

but more importantly, this article has almost nothing to do with the reality of u.s. politics today.  it is all caught up in that left/right, liberal/conservative professional wrestling horseshit. if nothing else, the sixteen years of hell that was/is the bushobama administration has opened the eyes of all but the willfully blind to the bipartisan con game that is the u.s. political process now.

it is not what these "parties" disagree about (drugs, sex, what? religion, guns, race? do they? or do they just use them for votes, never really changing anything?) that is the problem.  it is what they agree on: more neocon wars, bigger, stupider military expenses, more restrictions on individual liberty for the prevention of "terrorism", no transparency, use of the espionage act to quell protest, immunity for all the really plugged in rich and all the too big to jail banksters for any and all crimes (cuts off just north of martha stewart and below jon corzine), absolute freedom to do whatever and however to the federal reserve, no matter the ultimate cost or crash, and the maintenance of a self-serving symbiosis of the legacy media and the power elite that makes the rich richer and the poor and working classes poorer.

runningman18's picture

Mmmm, no, there are legitimate divisions at the bottom of the pyramid.  To ignore this is to ignore reality.  You must be European because conservatives in the U.S. don't ally with a "king" or aristocracy in the slightest.  Conservatives in the U.S. want small government and individual liberty.  Period.  The article makes a good point:  that the banksters are the main threat, but it is stupid to underestimate the useful idiots they use as a sheild, and those people are mostly leftists.   

AVmaster's picture

I have come to the conclusion that, call me an optimist or something, but...


The internet will prevent civil war.

Even WW3.


The internet is more powerful than any government or nuclear bomb.

The internet prevents marxist propaganda from reaching full potential. The internet has eleminated the ability of marxists to get the general population to "rise up" and "take action" against "the man". Surpriseingly in two ways: One, educating the people that matter. Two, making people too lazy to go out and create chaos.

Notice that these riots and protests get smaller and smaller. Even compared to the 60's, the riots/protests of today are tiny! The last REAL "big" riot we had was back in the 90's with rodney king. Since then, the internet has taken hold and now riots and protests are something to laugh at on youtube.


The End.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

"The internet will prevent civil war.

Even WW3." 

I agree... because the internet gives us Pokemon Go and instant access to Kim Kardashian's latest bowel movement. 

Turn the internet off... and we'll have dawn of the dead zombie Armageddon, civil wars across the globe and WW III all together. 


AVmaster's picture

I guess you just stopped reading my post mid-first-sentence because that ADD kicked in....

Try harder next time, don't let the distractions get to ya, just hang in there till the end!

mkkby's picture

Stopped reading after seeing article by doom porn faggot brandon smith.  I'm sure he sits around imagining silly stories that will sell ads on his wothless blog.

WWIII or civil war -- I'll believe it's possible when you answer WHO CAN RAISE AN ARMY TODAY?

Europe is so broke they're all about to "go greece".  Most have no army or a few soldiers.  So how can they even attack each other?

Big bad USA spends a trillion a year for a 2 million man army.  What if we had to have 10 million again?  It's impossible in a debt maxed society.  After more than a decade we STILL can't chase a few goat fuckers out of Iraq.  It must be their toyota pickups.

A US civil war... same thing.  Who can raise an army of even 1000 men and feed/transport/equip them for even a week?  That's right.  Nobody.  NOW SHUT UP.

Cloud9.5's picture

Mk, you need to take the long view.  The civil war has been going on for generations.  There are many factions in this struggle.  Part of it is regional with the north, the south and the west each pushing their own agendas.  Part of it was racial with the rise of the civil rights movement.  Part of it was class warfare with the rise of the labor unions.  Part of it is religious with the ongoing conflict between the Christians and the Cultural Marxist.  Part of it is between urban and rural.  And part of it is between the new Muslim arrivals and the rest of us.

The glue that holds all these factions in place is the economic system.  Collapse that and the tensions between these groups will shred this country along every ethnic and ideological line imaginable.

The commonly held vision of civil war meaning lines of blue and gray forming up in corn fields and shooting at each other is a misconception.  Look at every economic collapse and what you see are food riots, robberies, home invasions, and murders.  The inner cities spill out into the hinterlands foraging to survive.  Many people will be taken unawares.  The most dangerous time occurs during the intimal phases of collapse.  People assume that the old rules apply and they inadvertently find themselves in the wrong demographic.

Once the new reality is realized, the walls go up.  The green zones are created and the population adjusts.  The euphemism for this new reality is the Zombie Apocalypse.  Federal agencies ranging from the CDC to Home Land Security to the Department of Defense are training for it.  They have even written manuals to prepare for it.  Don’t take my word for it; do your own research.

Meanwhile, the body politic has also been preparing for the Zombie Apocalypses. Simply notice the rise of the prepper movement over the last several decades.  Look at gun sales.  During the eight years of this administration, every two days. the public has bought enough arms and ammunition to outfit an army of 50,000 men and women.  There is no need to transport ten thousand combatants anywhere.  They are in place.  That is precisely the reason that local police departments are receiving military equipment.

mkkby's picture

Then we agree -- it's rioting or simply unrest.  Stop exaggerating like a snowflake who wants more candy. 

If you live in black/mexican/muslim infested inner cities, you should have left by 1965.  That's all the prep a normal person needs.  Did you?


Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) SafelyGraze Dec 1, 2016 6:21 AM

The trigger will be the healthcare that Price proposes. You won't get free healthcare if you are able bodied, black sidewalk pot sellers will riot plus

legalizing marijuanna cuts them out I would think.

Gays have HIV and need all these expensive drugs to stay alive, which is why they fight for Obama, as if fighting for their lives, because they are.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) SafelyGraze Dec 1, 2016 6:49 AM

Top Obama Fundraiser Arrested for Child Rape

He is also a gay activist from Portland Oregon.

In San Francisco the campaign manager for our Chinese Mayor who stole the election right out on the street was arrested for child porn too, a gay online cybersex partner turned him in. Gays are pedophiles, it's just hidden from view, sometimes...


philipat's picture

Dear mofio, santafe, Aristotle of Greece, Gargoyle, bleu, oops, lance-a-lot, Loftie, toro, Yippee Kiyay, lonnng, letsit, Mano-A-Mano, techies-r-us, beauticelli, stizazz, Nekoti, SumTing Wong, King Tut, Adullam, espirit, rp2016, Holy hand grenade of Antioch, lock-stock and tazs, amongst others.I wonder why you continue to talk to yourself? When you use honest disclosure of your Biblical site (Even though the site has no connection whatsoever to your comments) I will  not respond with a SPAM alert. So there is no need to talk to yourself to prevent my SPAM alert appearing right below your fake links. Unless you see the need to congratulate yourself on your clever comments, knowing that nobody else will? Alternatively, it can only mean you are seriously mentally ill. Talking to yourself is not good; you MUST remember to take your meds.

Braverdave's picture

thanks for the update, philipat ... and the antonym of thanks to "troll with too many sock puppet names to bother to count" ... or maybe it should be "troll with the neverending roster of sock puppets".

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Pizzagate has uncovered a wide ranging problem throughout the west.  If Trump gives Sessions the go ahead to investigate and prosecute and the ability to steamroll over all corruption, two things will be achieved.  First the swamp will be drained, and second the NWO will cease to function.

Doubtful though, that he will even make it to office.

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Agree. If anyone needs a complete primer on Pizzagate, here's the link:

This alone will unite humanity against the globalists. Let it go viral.

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I figure a balkanization awaits America.  It is unlikely that it will be achieved peacefully, but there is more chance of it happening peacefully than America in its current incarnation 'staying' United (it is clearly already 'Divided and awaiting Conquest').

I welcome it, because the answer to many current problems is decentralization.  The wider problems will remain (primarily) fractional reserve banking, fiat currency, and usury (and of course, central banks).

Pizzagate is blowing open the connections and interdependencies between:

Intelligence agencies (really just armed thugs for international finance)

International finance (they give the orders, and launder the money, which puts them at the top of the Pyramid)

Drug smuggling/cartels (self-financing of black ops by the intel agencies)

Pedo rings/human trafficking and everything that goes with it, sweat shops, prostitution, organ theft...

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I logged in just to down vote you and call you out..  You are a Cucking Funt.  ESADMF




Have a nice day..

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HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) bamawatson Dec 1, 2016 12:15 AM

No idea.

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re Matt Backens article - Matt is an ex Navy SEAL and his article shows how a SHTF scenario could expand in US cities.

His 3-book 'Enemies' series are a great read, along the lines of "299 Days" and the James Wesley Rawles books.

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HRH of Aquitaine (not verified) The Navigator Dec 1, 2016 2:50 AM

Read his fiction "novels" in a binge about two years ago. Couldn't put them down. Absolutely riveting.

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That didn't work out so well during the Serbian War, but I get your drift.

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Simply put, because people don't understand Liberty!

I challenge you all to listen to this, and more importantly, have any others listen to it as well....

"Thirteen Facts About Liberty" from Jack Spirko, circa 20fucking11...

bless y'all, and have a good night.

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Yeah I admit I said out loud all the insurgency things for our militia as a hypothetical model of how to get our freedoms back as patriots had Clinton became the President and decided to lay it thick on us rural types. That cracked guy probably read my statements how the inner rurals would be probably off a warlord models similar to ISIS controlling small areas of food agriculture and resources. Again it was simply all conjecture how a rural militia could win the war against a Federal Behemoth. In no way though did I desire that to happen, but yes as a patriot we'd probably been forced to that extreme to end the cities liberal communist despotism that Clinton was posturing. Fortunately, that conjecture has now been delayed 4 or more years. Which is good because I'd rather tend to making money making products than my guns killing bad guys that didn't respect individual rights.

As far as drones, those things are made for camel jockeys and sheep herders and mall walkers. No modern state or guerilla army would allow those slow pokes to fly in jerk circles near them. Seriously the slugs would be plugged with a very dumb SAM in two minutes and be a million dollar pile of junk laying on the side of the hill. The first point of detecting them would simply to make simple pseudo random radar pings to find them, where they couldn't pinpoint the radar pings but would be exposed. Then a SAM would follow up on its lethargic butt.

It's true that communist can become a major pain in the butt, but I seriously doubt they have the money or gunpowder or strength to stage a real revolution without a government subsidizing their bad behavior. The ignorant and immoral millineals that aren't of our nations bloodline are voting the communist in power long haul is a big problem though. Otherwise you see how Soros has to pay them above minimum wages along with bus them in? Come on these people are not a threat as long as they are out of power with the government. Now religious nuts like muslims are a threat. Religous zealotry is a big problem, especially if stoked by Soros but lazy bums fighting for communism I doubt. If they ever got hungry than the very same people that harbor them in the cities have a real problem! As the author said they live in warm climates on the coastal city beaches for a reason. If we ever had to cut these people down it would be like a warm knife on a cube of butter sitting at above room temperature. Yeah it would be costly to us, but thanks to them destroying our inner factories we have plenty of time and motivation to pursue such redress if need be. Fact is Trump won, so eat it beach snowflakes. You beach bums will melt on your own tarmac under your own filthy lies. Lifes a beach of melting for sensitive snowflakes that can't hear the truth, especially when God hates your ways. Oh before I finish who do you think God would side with us? Or the DC crowd that likes all their rainbow flags on government buildings? Who would the next nearest super powers side with? See if the liberals ever got their wish and did win to get the place to communism, they'd be the first people off to the gulags. They just can't win, because they are godless and immoral. Long as we stay with God and true patriots and armed, they lose if they take up arms against us.

As far as the government, I think it's appropriate to use it to establish law and order. BLM needs the national guard sent in to quell their republic smashing rebellion. Live ammunition would send a clear message and these snowflakes would go home crying to mommy. How else are you to deal with people shooting law enforcement at their rallies? These people are opportunistic immoral weaklings. If they saw a military of huge arsenal show up on their doorstep, they'd be on the first bus to the the capitalism and anticommunist reformation center. Thankfully we have all these FEMA camps ready for us to retrain and brainwash them from their marxist destructive satanism. All those bullets that Homeland Security had bought will be used to defend the homeland from traitors of the republic. See how God works and reverses the roles with a simple prayer? Thank you God!