The 20 Most Sinister Psyop Leaflets Of All Time

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Submitted by Jake Anderson via,

Some of the weirdest and most disturbing advertisements ever created are done so for military campaigns. They come in the form of propaganda leaflets, which are dropped by air or otherwise disseminated into a country or territory that is being invaded. Virtually every war since the beginning of the 20th century has produced these leaflets, which are also known as psyops or psychological operations and can be divided up into three categories: white, grey, and black. The intention is to use psychology and symbolism to influence members of the general population, inciting fear and, ultimately, compliance.

Governments use psyops in a variety of contexts but the most common is during war, when entire populations must be convinced that killing in the name of God and State is not murder. Citizens also need an emotional impetus to grant their government the impunity to kill civilians and children in the most brutal of ways, including via unmanned drones. All but a few countries in the world are currently engaged in war, so there are a lot of psyops in progress as you read this.

The following leaflets come to you thanks to the incredible archives of They are, in this author’s humble opinion, the most sinister psyop leaflets ever dropped:

British leaflet produced by General Headquarters in France for German troops on the Western front 1915-1918


British balloon distributed propaganda leaflets for German troops on the Western front, 1918


World War 2 Germany to Allies – “While you were away”


“Waiting in Vain”


“Life is short – Death is quicker!”


Christmas message from Soviet Union to Germany 1941-1945


Japan to Allied Troops 1941-1945 – “CAPITALISTS DEMAND RED ENDLESSLY!”


First Iraq War – 1991 – “Adhere to the following procedures to cease resistance”




“Escape to Your Home!”




Operation Enduring Freedom – 2001-2002




Operation Iraqi Freedom – Coalition Psyop 2003-2004





Israel to Lebanon 2006 – “Your defenders are your destroyers”



These days, the internet has turned into a powerful new breeding ground for wartime psyops, but the psychological methods and imagery still follow the same tactics; you just have the added tools of chat rooms, social media, and forums as ways to manufacture consent.

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Killdo's picture

there is a great book about war propaganda posters called Windows on the War: Soviet TASS Posters 1941-1945 at Home and Abroad

I got it a few years ago from Chicago Art Institute - they had a great exhibition with the same name at the time. Russian posters were brave, proud and funny - the US were all about persuading sheeple to buy war bonds. The English ones were kind of abstract and totalitarian - fear mongering. 

I think everyone at ZH would enjoy reading it (it's a big, well-made stylish book full of great photos of posters from around the world):

"Their humor was a vehicle to mobilize a vicious antipaty, a technique unfamiliar to American audiences , as noted by MoMA curators at the time: "The insistance on humor and ridicule in these posters is a strange phenomenon. Humor is generally not considered the medium through which to inspire hate and arouse people to ation...Yet the Russians have proven the opposite."

"...The British and American ones I saw are pretty dull...American humor coudl not capture the antagonism and disgust, the enmity and scorn, conveyed by Soviet posters..."

El Vaquero's picture

I find propaganda to an enemy much less offensive than propaganda that a government pushes on its own.  The former is expected.  The former is a lot better than getting shot in a conflict where people are already dying  The former is generally a lot less effective.  It is the war itself that is the problem. 


The latter is betrayal. 

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Normally would let Phillipat do the words.  In his temporary absence, Please go fuck yourself letsit-mano a mano -blue -gargoyle of Grease etcetera etcetera. 

Clickbait idiot. 

SubjectivObject's picture

Agreed, this article is itself suspect as a psyopp.  Here the presented antagonists and intent are obvious, whereas our own main stream (and lately, the ostensible non mainstream media) abuse trust, confidence, and truth on a minute by minute basis with the result of interncine social confusion and polarized conflict.

Trolly McTrollface's picture

When the economy goes to shit that's when they start wars.

johnconnor's picture

Why is not Newsweek's "madam president" not on this list?

ebworthen's picture

Yes, and where is the Washington Post and CNN?  ;-)

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

And can somebody finally pull the plug on the show "Madam Secretary"?

Nice try, Hollywood, I refused to watch the show.

smokintoad's picture

Anyone remember former White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's home decorated with Soviet posters?

thethirdcoast's picture

I love the "While You Are Away" one.

What a fox!

boattrash's picture

Damn. I can repack peoples guts into them, peel off my gloves and finish eating lunch, but I can't make myself click on that link...

Ignatius's picture

It's not what you think, just a WWI propaganda film clip.

cossack55's picture

Maybe Hollywood WAS better before "talkies".

OverTheHedge's picture

There are things on the internet that I choose not to look at, on the basis that I will be a lesser human being afterwards. Seeing someone shot in the face, in slow-motion, is not something that will enrich my life, nor will it improve my outlook or my hopes for the future.

Just say no, kids.

(Which reminds me of something I saw recently about porn addiction, and how it causes erectile dysfunction - who knew?)


cossack55's picture

Agreed.  Seen enough in person to want to view in film.  Not interested.

SubjectivObject's picture

There are things on the internet that I choose not to look at because I don't want some violent psychological noise wafting around in my un/subconscious, or in and out of my conscious, awareness.  This a primary reason I no longer attend commercial cinema, because, no matter how bening may be the presented plot, I see, hear, and feel things that aimed at the nonverbal sentience in me, and with what seems to be a not beneficial effect.  These media producers are fully expert about the sub/unconscious psychology of the human animal, and the have little self restraint against using that knowledge to further their own subjective psychobiological agenda (yet another version of the alpa mammal's "me" on top).

detached.amusement's picture

It only serves the purpose watching things of that nature in slow motion, when it is part of a false flag operation that needs to be debunked.


e.g. the charlie hebodo attack where the "police man" was "shot in the head with an ak47" at point blank range (and when you slow it down you can see the blank skip off the sidewalk)

Dilluminati's picture

what no CNN "blame America first" material broadcast 24x7 with charges of racism?

This is so yesteryear 


truthalwayswinsout's picture

Where is the one with Trump dressed as a NAZI, or wait, child molester, or wait, killing and maiming the crippled.....

Bad Attitude's picture

The Democrats are working on it. Give them a little time to get over their grief from Hillary's loss and Castro's death.

Forward (over the cliff)!

OverTheHedge's picture

Serious reply - isn't PizzaGate exactly that, only aimed by the right against the left?

Or is it true?

My jury is still out on that.

cossack55's picture

The physical abuse of pizza is a crime against humanity and should be stopped by the UN

sarz's picture

"My jury is still out on that." 

Mike Rivero is also saying that, but I wonder why. 

It looks pretty conclusive that the Podesta brothers were in Portugal staying at the villa of Clement Freud, now known posthumously to be a pedophile, just a couple of kilometres away from where and at the time when Madeleine McCann was abducted. And their features match very closely with the two suspects that were never questioned at the time. Look it up on any search engine but Google. 

Or is Pizzagate mainly about something else? 

Ms No's picture

Thank God for the second amendment. 


navy62802's picture

Best psyop flyer ever ... picture of Trump's face on leaflets dropped inside enemy land. Because you know you're about to lose.

Ms No's picture

Did ZH just go down for a minute?  I got a "site down" deal numerous times.  I was about to have a panic attack.  Don't do that shit again. 

rich1657's picture

ZH went offline momentarily at my end as well.

Say What Again's picture

No worries, we were simply doing a backup of our click-stream database before we send the content off to various agencies in many countires.  We apologize for the disruption.

What -- How do you think we pay for this stuff?


Ms No's picture

A couple more minutes of that and I would have been calling the National Guard "Essentially what is left of US media has been captured!  Do something!"  Then they would laugh in my face and probably put me on a terrorist watch list, but that's okay.  Maybe it will be worth some street cred after the potential civil war when people are trading pit bull meat for scraps of paper to wipe their bum.  With enough cred maybe I could be Tina Turner in Mad Max.   

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

LOL.  If so, they'll really be confused by my votes.

A person could approve or disapprove for any number of reasons. Some people are more complex than others.

navy62802's picture

Well, ZH is "fake news" so you should expect a few hickups. Now that the fascists have put this site squarely in their sights, you should expect that there will be attacks.

otschelnik's picture

ZH-er's head's up.   US Army Special Ops contacted Marc Dice.  They want to send a team over to observe his daily routine.

Looks like they're trying to figure out how to place psyops in the internet! 


LA_Goldbug's picture

The WWI fliers are spot on in terms of truth !!!

That first one IS the naked truth,
"British leaflet produced by General Headquarters in France for German troops on the Western front 1915-1918"

WWI lives lost,

Tennessee Patriot's picture

Know what I really miss about the Cold War?  It was the really cool propaganda quotes the Chinese & North Koreans used.  "Running Dog Imerialists", "Lap Dog Lackeys", etc.  Them boys could really turn a phrase for your amusement.  The Russians were pretty good too, but not as good as the Orientals.  (sigh)  Good times, good times. 

SubjectivObject's picture

Now the Russians simply point out that the US elected Obama twice (admittedly because out other choices were sooo bad), and the re-realization saps our will to persevere.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Wow Jake:

Some of the weirdest and most disturbing advertisements ever created are done so for military campaigns.


Speaking English are done so for many articles?  It's the first friggin' sentance, man! 

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

I'm sure the Russians will come up with a novel flier that shows many interesting ways Americans will die in places like Syria and Eastern Europe when the likes of "Mad Dog" Mattis and Torquemada Flynn get comfy in their new digs!

And my God are we "RIPE"!!!

PoasterToaster's picture
PoasterToaster (not verified) Dec 2, 2016 10:15 AM

Some of the most disruptive and irritating crap on the internet targets the members of the 5 Eyes countries.  They contributed significantly to the decline of true social media (creating campaigns to destroy competitors to their house organs like Facebook), and probably destroyed forums as a means of communicating complex thoughts with other people.

For whatever reason, they usually assign someone foreign to the jurisdiction they target.  For example, if a website is US-focused you would have lots of Brits commenting in some cases.  You could also have Canadians and even New Zealanders, or at least people who claim to be while they write their divisive shitposts.

And that doesn't even get to the program they run on Youtube with their honeypots and limited hangouts.  Wouldn't it be nice to know their names, these people who think its ok to target us and stop us from coming together to communicate? 

Who are "they", really?

StreetObserver's picture

Who are "the 5 eyes countries"????



PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Mainstream view at

The Five Eyes, often abbreviated as FVEY, is an intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States. These countries are bound by the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.[1][2][3]

KenKenKen's picture

And none of it as powerful as the Western World governments' propaganda to get Whites to kill Whites because of "patriotism."

qwertyFUBAR's picture

HONORABLE MENTION for BERT IS EVIL, an inadvertent promotion of Sesame Street Bert as he appeared in posters celebrating Osama Bin Laden.  This caused extreme paranoia, even lockdown of schools in the US as paranoid folk imagined it was some sort of hidden message in plain sight.

The image on this satire page was co-opted by a graphic designer to whom the beloved muppet Bert was merely an incidental object of unknown purpose. Instead of brushing it out (proving that graphic designers are lazy the world over) it was left in, paving the way for a moment of extreme cross-cultural weirdness.

onmail1's picture

<-- This is no govt psyop

Its Vox Populi


moneylords == deathmerchants