Kellogg’s Pulls Ads From Breitbart for ‘Not Aligning’ With Their Values

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Let's put this into perspective. The maker of poisonous breakfast cereals pulled their ads from Breitbart, a very popular news site associated with the Trump campaign, because it didn't align with their values -- set forth in their advertising guidelines.

They said associating with brands like Breitbart wasn't 'consistent with their brand or corporate image.'

In a scathing report on child labor violations for procuring palm oil in Indonesia, Amnesty International lays waste to corporate giants like Unilever, Colgate, Proctor and Gamble and you guessed it Kellogg's.

Amnesty has testimony and video of children as young as 8 years old, pulled from school to work on a slave plantation to endure 'back breaking labor',  exposed to harsh chemicals and very heavy materials.

Let's be clear, placing ads on pro Trump site is not conducive with Kellogg's corporate image, but buying palm oil from a slave plantation that works 8 year old children is.

The human rights organisation traced a range of well-known products back to the palm oil company Wilmar, which it alleged employs children to do back-breaking physical labour on refineries in Indonesia.
Singapore-based Wilmar counts multinational companies including Kellogg’s, Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Reckitt Benckiser and Nestlé among its major clients, according to Amnesty.
In a 110-page report accompanied by a video, Amnesty alleged products sold by those companies were “tainted by appalling human rights abuses ... with children as young as eight working in hazardous conditions”.
“There is nothing sustainable about palm oil that is produced using child labour and forced labour. Something is wrong when nine companies turning over a combined revenue of £260bn in 2015 are unable to do anything about the atrocious treatment of palm oil workers earning a pittance.”
She said allegations of child labour at Wilmar were not “isolated incidents but are systemic and a predictable result of the way Wilmar does business”.
In the report, Amnesty alleged that children aged from eight to 14 were carrying out dangerous work without safety equipment, were exposed to toxic pesticides and regularly carried sacks of palm fruit weighing 25kg.
One 10-year-old boy, who claims he started working for a Wilmar supplier aged eight, said he gets up at 6am to gather fruit and works every day but Sunday. “I don’t go to school ... I carry the sacks with the loose fruit by myself but can only carry it half full. My hands hurt and my body aches,” he said.

In response to this report, Kellogg's said "any supply chain violations of our global palm oil principles, we work with the supplier to understand corrective actions and ensure they understand our commitments. If the concerns are not adequately addressed, we take action to remove them from our supply chain.”

The joys of globalism.


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...and their stock drops about 2% in two days.

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So corporations have become social engineers,  shareholders fire them. Last I heard some 17 million conservative viewers on  Brietbart news site.

newworldorder's picture

Well we all know Corporations have values and "principles" untill the mighty dollar of profit speaks. Then values go out the window.

But like the hoodlum said on the Godfather movie, - "they got buffers." In this case the bufeer is a company named Wilmar Corp.

FreshOutaSumfinForNufin's picture

Same corporate principles that informed Kellogg's decision to move production from Battle Creek MI to Mexico.  They don't need no steenking child labor laws in Mexico.  Too bad, Battle Creek is turning into a great big ghetto (like most of Michigan)

RichardParker's picture


+10,000 for the Wilmar reference.

z89101's picture

GMO Globalist mutant food producer relies on slave wages.. Yup they are correct that we do not share their values. 

pc_babe's picture

Brilliant ... LIBTARD families have fewer kids than Repub families ... hey genius boardroom execs, "who you planning on selling to?"


LIBTARDs ... ya gotta luv 'em

bankerssuck's picture

It is truly amazing to watch these demoncrats self implode, it's a beautiful thing though.

Just like oshmama, this demon followers say and do things more stupid, everyday.....  how stupid can stupid go?  We will see tomorrow.

konadog's picture

Two for one. Support your health and Breitbart.

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Kellogg's can do whatever it likes with its ad budget (not that I eat that shit anyhow: I don't eat packaged shit because I'm not a fucking retard).

Breitbart doesn't pretend that it endorses the labour practices of every firm whose ad appears in their ad space (not that I see that shit anyhow: I have ABP installed because I'm not a fucking retard).


I'm not that much of a Brietbart reader - from what I've seen, it's only about five base-pairs away from being a clone of FreeRepublic... so it's massively unlikely that they're ever going to run a story that will interest me ex nihilo (of the ten or so things I've read there, none of them was as good as the bad shit on ZH).


inb4 "Breitbart should not weant to be associated with Kelloggs, given what we know about Kelloggs".

If media companies were forced to investigate everybody who offered sponsorship to make certain the potential advertiser was behaving above board in all important aspects of its corporate citizenship, advertising would cost more than it brought in. Due diligence is resource-intensive if done properly.

Think about all those TV commercials for tobacco companies for decades, and for shit like Vioxx: nobody claims that the TV networks were morally required to determine whether or not RJR and Merck knew that their product was harmful.


As to why Kelloggs did what it did: it's the rational response if you don't understand game theory, and you're getting pressure from one side of a contentious issue and zero pressure from the other side.

The Crybullies' main card is the victim card; their second go-to is ruthless suppression of opposing viewpoints. The Crybully playbook also hugely favours attacking the livelihoods of people they disagree with - they think it's not 'oppression' if it's a SJW orchestrating the oppressing.

They know how to exert pressure on the Marketing (and Customer Service) departments of major corporates - they scour the web for the marketing and customer-response contacts at site advertisers, and then send a hundred complaints about how they were triggered by some shit somewhere.

This works because the Marketing (and Customer Service) departments of major corporates are staffed from top to bottom with fucking morons whose entire schtick is 'the squeaky wheel gets the grease'. Put simply, they think that if they get complaints about issue X, and no advocacy for X... then there is no cost to doing shit that favours those complaining about X.

Rinse and repeat.


The SJW crybullies have the same view of free expression: they are "free speech BUT..." - in other words you're free to express viewpoints with which they agree, but if you go off the reservation, woe betide you.



But anyhow...

The chutzpah of Kelloggs trying to piss on the carpet as they were leaving Breitbart is fucking hilarious, given what the world knows about Kelloggs' actual values ("We're OK with getting inputs from firms who use child labour" is never going to be a Kelloggs slogan). It's Shkreli-level fucktarded.

absente reo's picture

Like the sound of your own voice much?

Blah.blah blah.

ali-ali-al-qomfri's picture

Kellogg's Frosted Snowflakes.

they just melt when exposed to milk.

NoWayJose's picture

Plenty of alternatives from Quaker, Post, General Mills, Malt-O-Meal and others. I will boycott if for no other reason than to punish a company that lives by selling a product or service sticking their political agenda into the spotlight. They join Ben & Jerrys and others on my "No Buy" list!

gmak's picture

The unfortunate part of child labour, is that if the kid isn't working, the family slides and maybe even starves. The kids work because it is survival.

Benjamin123's picture

Its probably illegal tho. All of these third world hellholes have legislation protecting children, women, whatever. They are fast to sign anything the UN ask them to without ever reading it.

gmak's picture

Dear Kelloggs.  Snowflake cereal and other products doesn't agree with my constitution (pun intended). I guess I won't be buying your products anymore.

gregga777's picture

Inexpensive steel-cut rolled oats without any poisonous additives are far better for your health. You can still overdose on sugar if you want to destroy your pancreas.

Criminal crony capitalist conporate giant Kellogg's takes healthy grains and makes grossly over-priced poison laden with toxic additives and massive doses of pancreas-destroying sugar. All for a massive profit of course.

T.N. American Historian's picture

......who eats this shit??

gregga777's picture

The ENTIRE underlying reason that conporations overwhelmingly embrace Globalization is that it enables them to practice naked, predatory Capitalism in poor, weak countries which would violate all existing Developed Market laws, rules, regulations, ethical standards and best practices.

Conporations employ slave labor including children. Conporations violate sustainable forestry practices by clear cutting vast swaths of forests. Conporations expose workers, including young children, to extremely hazardous and dangerous working conditions including toxic substances. Conporations overfish the territorial waters of desperately poor nations.

And when caught in the act the Conporation pretends to be shocked. The Conporation claims, "We know nothing!" It's all very deliberately based on cold calculations of pure profits versus loss of human life and environmental destruction.

A fundamental tenet of human nature is that the "haves" always seek to feed off of and dominate the "have nots". Historically predatory Capitalists paid starvation wages for workers doing dangerous and unhealthy jobs. A few examples:

That wasn't the government doing that though they did nothing to protect the workers lives or to improve their real wages. It was rich, predatory Capitalist factory owners that were behind such appalling working conditions. But, at their request, the government did use their military and police forces to violently suppress worker strikes.

Universally Conporations like Kellogg's want to return the world to naked, predatory Capitalism. That is ENTIRELY what Globalization is all about.

messystateofaffairs's picture

Kelloggs cereal, people still eat that overpriced outdated shit?

RichardParker's picture

If you give a shit about property rights and civil rights, avoid palm oil as much as possible.

It's hard to do this when using dish soap or laundry detergent, but it's fairly easy to do (at least in The US due to labelling laws) when they put that shit oil in foods.

Bear's picture

One set of kids is worked to death so another set of kids can die from eating

Bear's picture

"we take action to remove them from our supply chain.” ... Only if they can find someone cheaper

shimmy's picture

Maybe I'll look to boycott them, not for this ad pulling thing (I really couldn't care less) but the child labor aspect.

tarabel's picture



What is needed is a conservative visionary with lots of money to start a line of competing products.

Republican Ketchup or Heinz 57 on your fries?

Oh, and a Ben & Jerry's-style promise to donate a portion of the proceeds to hiring mercenaries and smuggling unregistered full auto weapons into the country. 

That you can only purchase with X number of UPCs from your favorite counter-revolutionary consumer goods.

Kaleb's picture

Well, we just scratched Kellogs products from the family shopping list.  Their values don't quite make it to the pre kindergarden level....we're kind of hoping for the big boy-N-girl stuff.

Geepers...when most folk shoot themselves in the foot, they use a pistol...and a small caliber one at that.

These folks are working with the big 8 Inch artillery. A wee bit of overkill.  Not only will they get that foot they're aiming at, they'll have parts of it scattered in the surrounding counties....multiple zip code effect.

Some things are fun to watch.....this is going to be one of them.  Love to see imaginative ways of consuming humble pie while trying to convince the world it is strawberry shortcake.

I'll bring the wings.  Who's got the drinks and popcorn?

AlbertthePudding's picture

Globalism equals manufacture where humanity is under greatest threat because that will be where costs are lowest.

If globalism meant everyone worked under western conditions no manufacturing would take place in many of these countries. they would remain rural in makeup and their culture would still be in tact.

AlbertthePudding's picture

I didnt know Kelloggs was weighed down by values. GMO corn refined sugars and fructoses..donations to people who prefer to sell out US farmers...How wrong can you be!

TommyD88's picture

Picking a fight with a social media jugernaut might not be in the best interest of a company selling to the retail public..


just a thought.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

Colossal merger between hypocrisy and irony - dumping Breitbart for 'fake news' - when it was Andrew Breitbarts 'Podesta is a pedophile ringleader' tweet from 2011 (a bit before he died ... and his coroner died on the day Breitbarts report was to be released') PROVES more than anything else that Pizzagate is real and not a recently cooked up fake news item

Grandad Grumps's picture

I will read Breitbart without Kelloggs. I have not eaten a Kellogg product in years ... mostly because Post Raisin Bran was better (when I was eating Raisin Bran).

rudyspeaks's picture

Their product is toxic garbage...both of them

harleyjohn45's picture

Yeah, right ?????????

DaBard51's picture

A disturbance in the Force I sense with this one, young jedi....





When nine hundred years old you become, look this good you will not.

nowhereman's picture

I watched a program on How It's Made where they showed how they make corn flakes. the first thing they do is remove the most nutricious part of the corn, then after processing what's left, they have to add artificial vitamins and minerals to be able to say it is food.

I buy Post Spoon Sized Shredded Wheat with Bran.  It even states it's non-GMO on the Box.

Dave Thomas's picture

Something strange going on when you literally beat, bleach and masticate every gram of nutrition out of something, then spray a bunch of stuff back on it and call it "Enriched" or "Fortified" Sometimes man is really fucking stupid.

Sam Spayed's picture

What company has done more to destroy the collective health of Americans than the purveyor of sugary crap, Kellogs?

Sam Spayed's picture

What company has done more to destroy the collective health of Americans than the purveyor of sugary crap, Kellogs?

Dragon HAwk's picture

Man the Froot Loops are really coming out of the Closet, now adays, and you can take it exactly as i intended the humor.

Joebloinvestor's picture

This will be a great 4 years.

CEO's announcing that politics rules their business's.

Boycotts & bankruptcies.

SmittyinLA's picture

Cue the voluntary Trump boycott instigated by Kellogg executive political acts with company

Shareholder lawsuit?
Does D&O cover economic sabotage?

not sure, gotta read policy but my guess is NO

ToSoft4Truth's picture

Kellogg's threatens to move offshore Trump will give them bailouts.   They'll probably get bailouts in the next downturn. 

virgule's picture

Hum, I tend to be normally receptive to harsh labor abuses (Bangladesh textile factories?), but on this one I really wonder if Amnesty has actually been to a palm oil plantation and tried to carry "sacks of palm fruits weightng 25kg". That's not how it's done. First of all, you'd have to be a pretty strong adult to carry sacks of 25kg for more than a few meters in a plantation. It's muddy, slippery, snake infested, and those palm seed balls are damm huge and very impractical to carry. Indonesians are generally small, thin people; the kids are not giants. Farmers have common sense and use lorries to pick up the seed balls from below the trees where they've been cut. It's a man's job, and a strong one at that. The baskets are just used to gather the balls by the track side. What does definitely happen, is that when Mum goes driving the lorry while Dad and the older brothers cut and pick the palm seeds, well, the 8 to 14 years old tag along. There is nothing else to do within a 20km radius! They might drive the lorry a bit, watch out for snakes, or even maybe carry one palm ball at a time to the baskets - but not the whole baskets. And, yes that is the daily life in a plantation. Now, has Amnesty asked how the kids would survive at all, if there is nothing in a 20km radius and no school and obviously no suitable jobs for 8-14 years old? It's a tough life in remote Indonesia on a plantation. Men would be pretty lonely out there without their wives...and so kids happen too! The farmers for sure hope they could make more money, but they're certainly not resentful of Wilmar for giving them jobs to survive out there. And it's a bit harsh to blame Wilmar for the overpopulation of Indonesia, who are so poor that they are quite happy to survive working there. Definitely better than sleeping on the sidewalks of Jakarta,at night among thousands of poort jobless adults who have been to school but who wish they had a job in a plantation...

And by the way, the amnesty report completely ommits the topic of price wars between Indonesian palm oil and US soybean oil...guess where that drives the plantation workers salaries - and why Kellogg prefers cheaper oil if they can get away with it? Oh, and guess which company has a very strong interest in seeing soybean prevail over palm, in order to sustain it's genetically modified crops? It's a short stretch to think that this amnesty report is politically biased...


Sir Edge's picture


Finally... The Boycott War Has Begun...   The Patriots vs The SnowFlakes... 

Bless All ZHedgers and Others Who Are Boycotting... Finally ... Finally.. Finally... It Has Begun...

We Can Finally Pressure With Real Leverage


Kellogg: For Supporting Fake News CNN
: For Tranny Bathroom Policy
Israel (BDS): Where should i start

Anybody got others to Add ??


truthalwayswinsout's picture

Don't forget any Warren Buffet company, Mark Cuban and Amazon. 


Jeffersonian Liberal's picture

I think we need change their name from



Frosted Flakes.

Sokhmate's picture

"Frost Yourself"

-Matthew McConaughey

jmack's picture

Progressive, Geico, wal mart, coca cola, pepsi, hollywood, sirius xm, Twitter, facebook, google, want more?