Nasdaq Tumbles Into Red Post-Trump As Bond Market Crashes

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It appears the growthiness of the new regime is not so friendly to FANG stocks and big tech as the Nasdaq just gave up all its gains post-election.While tech is the biggest loser in stock land, it's the bloodbath in bonds that is most worrisome as 30Y yields spike another 10bps today..

Nasdaq is the biggest loser post-Trump...


As FANG stocks slump...


But it is the bond bloodbath that is really notable...

In yield terms...


And in price terms...

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Selling Gold? Bad Bad Experiment...

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Jail Bezos.

NOBODY on this site should own AMZN, nor do business with it.  

It will take them a while, but they'll catch u p.  Its time to cut off the blood supply to the vampires.

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 Leave it to a member of the lineage of Trotsky to treat businesses and individuals alike, as subjects of State directives and Force.



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$COMPQ:$XAU on shows that the NASDAQ to the Philadelphia gold and silver mining index ratio will head down once again.

It is currently 66.4 and may head down to 5 or lower.

Does history repeat?

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Stock Charts is a good website. I have been using them lately. 


Can you explain in lamens terms if this is Bullish or Bearish for Gold? 


I am under the assumption of the Italian Referendum this weekend voting No, which should in return result in positive momentum for Gold.



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Stockcharts is good for looking at long trend lines and for comparing one asset to another using the ratio feature.

The NASDAQ to XAU gold and silver mining index ratio is above 66. It was this high in Aug-Nov 2000.

And you know what happened next to NASDAQ.

The gold and silver miners soared more than 1500%.

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Listen, don't try to predict gold based on news or events - it goes up when the guys at GS, JPM, and the central banks want it to go up, and it goes down when they want it to go down.

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A lot of the Wall Street guys needed to be bailed out or they would have gone bankrupt.

They, too, are fallible.

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But not the guys who control the money.

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Remember there are 600 paper gold ounces to every physical ounce of gold.  Gold prices are based on paper being bought and sold.  Real worth of the gold will come to light when those paper gold becomes worthless.

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The best way I explain GOLD to people is this.

Picture you are at a beach.

Out in the water is a big rock. As the tide comes in and goes out the rock will look big, small or vanish depending on the tide. However the rock is still there and stays the same size (I know over millions of years it will be gone, but not going there).

So that big rock is GOLD and the tide is everything else in the markets that makes golds price go up and down.

GOLD is always has a value of 100.

I am no expert, but that is my view and how I explain it.

So the tide is the illusion that makes the rock appear different.


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The sun doesn't rise in the east and set in the west. This is a common misconception.

It is Earth that is spinning on its axis. The sun appears to travel across the sky. It took centuries for people to figure this out.

Similarly, gold doesn't rise or fall.

It is the paper money that is rising or falling. Due to the fractional-reserve lending which is causing perpetual growth of paper money the value of paper money will continue to fall. There may be brief periods of rising value but don't be fooled.

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Why are financials melting up? All the money going to the banks before the dump?

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Everything else should get sucked into the Naz vortex

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+1 yup.  Where the Daq goes the Dow is soon to follow.

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Correction, this is post election.  It is still pre-Trump by about 50 days.  I think this uptick actually reflects just how depressed the ENTIRE nation/world was under the POS we've had for the past eight years.

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King Tut (not verified) skunzie Dec 1, 2016 1:15 PM

Obama's regime shoveled trillions in debt to prop the shit up- what in the hell more do you want?

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King Tut (not verified) skunzie Dec 1, 2016 1:16 PM


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Exactly. What has Trump got to do with the bond crash? And, the stock market going down a few points is NOT tumbling...

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Hey PPT, why you letting the bond market get out of hand?  Too big for you to handle?  Ha ha ha, impotent fucking losers.  

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King Tut (not verified) Dec 1, 2016 1:19 PM

Someone mentioned the PPT shifts from DJIA to NASDAQ top dogs and back again- must not be the FANG's day.

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IF long term interest rates have bottomed, the highest "duration" assets (growth stocks) have seen their best days. If we're beginning to discount the future at a higher rate, it means the assets with the greatest portion of their current value in the "out" years (again - growth stocks) have the most to lose. Similar to the late 1960s when the nifty-fifty or "ruler" stocks peaked out ahead of rising inflation and rising rates in the 1970s. A durable (5 to 7 year) switch from outperformance by growth to outperformance by value may be happening now.

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from an oldline bondman, we call that chart "the dog that wags the tail"

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Unicorn, it's what's for dinner.

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Gold is still heavily manipulated. You have to figure what the manipulators are going to do if you want to make money in gold. 

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My pet theory was the US was holding the economy together until after Clinton was elected. Then she would let the economy collapse, blame Putin and start WWIII.

Well Clinton didn't get elected, but propping up the markets is costing a trillion a year, so the rubber band will break soon.