Clinton & Trump Aides Forum Devolves Into Screaming Match - "I Would Rather Lose Than Win The Way You Did"

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How was this ever going to end well? An election post-mortem forum erupted into a shouting match as top strategists of Hillary Clinton’s campaign accused their Republican counterparts of fueling and legitimizing racism to elect Donald Trump. Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri exclaimed "I would rather lose than win the way you guys did," to which Kellyanne Conway, Trump’s campaign manager, fumed "I can tell you are angry, but wow... Will you ever accept the election results?" And it went down-hill from there...

As NBC News reports, a Harvard panel that traditionally writes the first draft of presidential campaign history devolved into a shouting match between Trump and Clinton aides on Thursday in a raw, emotional display echoing the divisive campaign.

 Jennifer Palmieri, who was Hillary Clinton's communications director, zeroed in on Steve Bannon, the incoming chief strategist for President-elect Donald Trump who once ran the web site Breitbart.


"If providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, I am proud to have lost," said Palmieri, one of six Clinton aides who sat across tables from top Trump campaign staff at a forum moderated by three journalists, NBC News' Andrea Mitchell among them. "I would rather lose than win the way you guys did."


Kellyanne Conway, who managed Trump's campaign, was visibly angry and indignantly interrupted. "Do you think I ran a campaign where white supremacists had a platform?"


"You did, Kellyanne. You did," Palmieri said, as other Clinton aides chimed in in the affirmative. With only two microphones allowed to be open at any given time, the shouting match was so heated it became difficult to follow.


"Do you think you could have just had a decent message for white, working-class voters? How about, it's Hillary Clinton, she doesn't connect with people? How about, they have nothing in common with her? How about, she doesn't have an economic message?" Conway said.


"There were dog whistles," said Clinton strategist Joel Benenson at one point.


Said Conway: "Guys, I can tell you are angry, but wow. Hashtag he's your president...will you ever accept the election results? Will you tell your protesters that he's their president, too?"

Exposing a somewhat stunning level of cognitive dissonance, seemingly blaming the media, The Washington Post reports that Clinton’s campaign aides insisted, again and again, that their candidate had been held to a different standard than the other contenders — as evidenced by the controversy over her use of a private email server while secretary of state.

Palmieri said that many political journalists had a personal dislike for the Democratic nominee and predicted that the email issue will go down in history as “the most grossly overrated, over-covered and most destructive story in all of presidential politics.”


“If I made one mistake, it was legitimizing the way the press covered this story line,” Palmieri said.


Mook added that Trump deftly used his rally speeches to “switch up the news cycle.”


“The media by and large was not covering what Hillary Clinton was choosing to say,” Mook said. “They were treating her like the likely winner, and they were constantly trying to unearth secrets and expose.”


For instance, Mook posited that the media did not scrutinize Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns as intensively as the issue of Clinton’s private email server.


Conway retorted: “Oh, my God, that question was vomited to me every day on TV.”

Joel Benenson, Clinton’s chief strategist, meanwhile, served notice that the election may be over but that the battles it spawned are not.

“You guys won, that’s clear,” Benenson said. “But let’s be honest. Don’t act as if you have a popular mandate for your message. The fact of the matter is that more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump.”


At which point Conway turned to her side and said: “Hey, guys, we won. You don’t have to respond. He was the better candidate. That’s why he won.”

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crybaby bitchezzz ......thats what ya get for runnin' a glue horse in a derby

BaBaBouy's picture

Drain The Swamp ...Drain Harvaard...

JRobby's picture

Not news.

These punks will never get over losing because they have gotten reinforcement for their behavior all along the way (trophy for showing up)

spastic_colon's picture

ya i love the way they played the soundbites of the actual exchanges and then Williams has a panel to dissect commentary and suck Mook's ding ding........too bad it was a panel of women and Mook had no interest.........FAIL!

Handful of Dust's picture

Another member of that generation that can't tolerate anyone else's opinion except his own.


He better get to a safe space before some punts him into outter space!

TeamDepends's picture

Tyler, polish up yer shitgums the commies are coming! The House of Reptiles just passed HR 6393 on 11/30, which deals with "intelligence" issues such as "Russian propaganda". You can't make this crap up.

manofthenorth's picture

“But let’s be honest. Don’t act as if you have a popular mandate for your message. The fact of the matter is that more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump.”

A fraction of one percent of the American population and many if not most of the differential number were not even American citizens.

TeamDepends's picture

No, we must never let them get away with this false claim. Illegals voting for your president = Banana Republic. Also, Dims have been caught red-handed in massive fraud over and over: Dead folks voting from beyond, people voting multiple times, bags of ballots "found" etc etc etc. And always FOR Dims. No, you DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE!!

Son of Loki's picture

Hitlery Clinton, Obama and the MSM still cannot stand to utter the truth, words, "islamic tearrist."


San Bernardino recalls terror attack with silence, speakers

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. — At the moment when shooters unleashed terror on San Bernardino a year ago, county employees will remember their fallen colleagues with silence.

Later on Friday, community members will gather to remember the 14 people killed and 22 wounded with speeches from religious leaders and law enforcement.

tazs's picture

Drunk on the Kool-Aid, ugh.

You mean the Israeli Mossad disguised as "Muslim" terrorists.

letsit's picture
letsit (not verified) tazs Dec 2, 2016 1:43 PM

There has not been peace in the MidEast since Israel stole Palestine and moved in the neighborhood.

Mano-A-Mano's picture
Mano-A-Mano (not verified) letsit Dec 2, 2016 1:44 PM

Israel does want peace.

A piece of Palestine.
A piece of Lebanon.
A piece of Syria.
A piece of Jordan.
A piece of Iraq.
A piece of Saudi Arabia.

MagicHandPuppet's picture

Every time I hear one of these people cry "rathizm" I jump in joy that these morons lost.  I have been happy every day since these losers got bitch slapped by reality.  Their inability to accept it gives me even more joy, as it ensures their future losses.  Rejoice!  It's glorious!

Manthong's picture

You gotta’ love MSNBC.

Thank God it is now politically correct be a white supremacist who feels free to grab women in their genital area.

Manthong's picture

Scott Pelley:  Have you told him being president is not being CEO of the United States, that the Congress is going to have a say?


WTF planet am I on??

The US Constitution is a BUSINESS PLAN and the President IS the CEO (not to mention CIC of a hugely fearsome military).

 That does not mean to say that he is king (unless be buys over 50% of the operation) but the congress and the court is just like the shareholders and board of directors in a business.

So, is this the level of FREAKING IGNORANCE that the “universities”.. colleges and J-Schools are inflicting on the public?


Period. .. Full Stop… End of Story


Liberal bastards...............


Manthong's picture

You gotta’ love MSNBC.

Th.ank God it is now politically correct be a white supremacist who feels free to grab women in their genital area.

I guess there might be a friend or two out there that does not appreciat mass9ve immersive sarc when it is smothering them.

kochevnik's picture

Correct.  Only zionists such as Vice President Joe Biden or Weiner can fondle breasts of preeteen film during photo opportunity, and invite them to make film with their daughter.  If caucasian man looks at female, even female plant, it is automatic rape

Omen IV's picture


NYP: 12-02-16

Anthony Weiner is apparently so broke that he had to cut short his rehabilitation for sexting addiction at a Tennessee ranch.

“His family wanted him to stay 90 days, but he had to leave because he ran out of money,” one source told me.

It is believed Weiner — known as Carlos Danger by some crotch-shot recipients — was billed $25,000 for the 35-day program at the Recovery Ranch.

“His parents took out a mortgage on their house to pay for his rehab,” my source said.

The former congressman is unemployable and potentially in debt. The Post reported Friday he’s been hit with $65,000 in fines for improper use of campaign funds — money it sounds like he doesn’t have.


so chant the DNC slogan: Racism / Sexism / Homophyobism


sunnyside's picture

Think of how much he could make if he wrote a tell all (if they don't kill him).

NumberNone's picture

Racism...we've reached a point where the overt examples of actual racism are so few that they had to invent something to give them to scream'micro-aggressions'.  What a joke.  

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) letsit Dec 2, 2016 1:47 PM

I don't know what Clinton's aids are crying about.  They got their wish - they LOST!

Now run along lefties and SHUT YOUR MOUTHS.   Maybe we'll send you all to the coming Moon Base.

Pickleton's picture

Imbecile.  There's never been peace in the Middle East, and it has nothing to do with your lil boogey man

flapdoodle's picture peace in the middle east since 1948. There, corrected it for you.

Pickleton's picture peace in the middle east ever.  There, corrected your idiotic anti-Semitic assertion.

Things that go bump's picture

They've been fighting among themselves since Islam divided into sects. They fought among themselves before that, as well, but it was tribe against tribe, and that's not even mentioning blood feuds. 

kochevnik's picture

Correct.  Britain did not have claim to the annexed Palestinian land, but transferred claim they did not have to Rothschild under Balfour Declaration

philipat's picture

Dear mofio, santafe, Aristotle of Greece, Gargoyle, bleu, oops, lance-a-lot, Loftie, toro, Yippee Kiyay, lonnng, letsit, Mano-A-Mano, techies-r-us, beauticelli, stizazz, Nekoti, SumTing Wong, King Tut, Adullam, espirit, rp2016, Holy hand grenade of Antioch, lock-stock and tazs, amongst others.I wonder why you continue to talk to yourself? When you use honest disclosure of your Biblical site (Even though the site has no connection whatsoever to your comments) I will  not respond with a SPAM alert. So there is no need to talk to yourself to prevent my SPAM alert appearing right below your fake links. Unless you see the need to congratulate yourself on your clever comments, knowing that nobody else will? Alternatively, it can only mean you are seriously mentally ill. Talking to yourself is not good; you MUST remember to take your meds.

Kidbuck's picture

Real countries defend their borders or they cease to be countries. Applies to all times and all places. Those who can take or win often do. Those who lose become bitter clingers.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) TeamDepends Dec 2, 2016 2:49 PM

I'm a nationalist and I am white, so I guess that makes me a white nationalist.

I don't see how that is seen as a negative.

billwilson2's picture

Man must be fun to live in an alternate reality. Tell me what kind of drugs do you take. Trump will go down as the most reviled pres in US history by the time 4 years are up ... if he even last that long. What a loser.

TeamDepends's picture

Just a beer here and there bill, that is all. But you, on the other hand, need to put the hopium pipe down immediately.

Mike Ochisbent's picture

The "she won the popular" canard is so retarded and utterly irrelevant. It's lile some crybaby claiming they should have won the football game because they had longer time-of-possession. It's the touchdowns, baby. That's how we play the game. In this game it's called the Electoral College. A wise move by those dead, white slaveowners to put it into the Constitution.

TeamDepends's picture

Ah, but it is relevant because they feel it gives them a foot in the door. "More Americans voted for her, she won the popular vote." NO SHE DID NOT.

MCDirtMigger's picture

To paraphrase the chimp in charge "You didn't win that"

Bastiat's picture

"I'd rather lose than win the way you did"  -- Losers can't be choosers.

swmnguy's picture

Lucky thing Palmieri got her way, then.  Who knows how unhinged she'd be if she'd won the way Trump did.  Or lost the way...oh, never mind.  Just so she goes away and we don't have to pay any more attention to her, please.  And she can take the rest of the Mean Girls Club with her, please.

Mr. Bones's picture

So, supposing an alternate reality where 'conservatives' have been successfully shut out of office... (A goal that had been verbalized multiple times, and might be the source of some of the leftard terror) and suppose that legitimate hood wearing cross burning white nationalist domestic terrorists voted in every election they could...

Let's suppose our alternate universe election is held between Hrod and a progressive non-white transexual marxist.  Is she actually saying that Hillary would pack it in and go home if the racists went with Hillary instead of the amalgamation of the far left?

post turtle saver's picture

the fact of the matter is the Republicans hold majority in Congress and are cleaning your clocks in local elections and the mid-terms... who gives a fuck who won the popularity contest for US President, that's just one cog in the govt machine...

the Dems are done if they can't purge this thinking from their ranks...

Perimetr's picture

Nothing so refreshing as watching the neolibcon bitches at NBC fume over the Clinton debacle/defeat.

I love the comment from Katie *unt, that the Dems were there to "defend the honor of Hillary Clinton".

Honor?  that murderous, lying bitch from hell has as much honor as Satan himself. 

"We came, we saw, he died! heeheeheehee "

phaedrus1952's picture



Big part of the problem is ZERO liberals that I pointed that clip out to have any awareness of it, let alone recent US/Libya relations.

I do not know if attempting to enlighten these progressives with facts is effective as their emotionally-driven, ideological-rooted blinders are powerful.

Uzda Farce's picture
Uzda Farce (not verified) Perimetr Dec 2, 2016 5:37 PM

"The 11th Hour with Brian Williams", member of the Rockefeller/CFR along with Andrea Mitchell, Mika Brzezinski, Charles "Joe" Scarborough, Maria Bartiromo, Marvin Kalb, and Tom Brokaw. Also Bill Clinton, Janet Yellen, Lloyd Blankfein and George Soros. See member lists at cfr dot org.

soyungato's picture

Some of them are American citizens but they are dead. 

DuneCreature's picture

You mean check them shitgums for leaks, doncha?

Live Hard, Panic Diarrhea Is The Most Odorous Variety And The Hardest To Wash Out Of Your Socks, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

TeamDepends's picture

No, there was a story here a while back where "shotguns" came through as "shitgums".

Lumberjack's picture

And this wind scammer is solidly involved:


PS., This newspaper was owned by Donald can read about him in the wikileaks releases.

equity_momo's picture

This is to kill two birds with one stone.

1) The "anti-establishment" or REALer news/indie websites get shut down or dilute their truthfullness.

2) War drums still beating with Russia.