This Is The "Most Dangerous Moment In Human History," Stephen Hawking Warns

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The majority of people are sick of the status quo and feel they have been "abandoned by their leaders," writes renowned physicist Stephen Hawking in a recent Guardian op-ed warning that the rise of Donald Trump and Britain's Brexit vote come at "the most dangerous time in the history of the human race."

Having previously referred to the president-elect as "a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator," Hawking appears to blame the ignorance of the people for Trump's victory...

“It was, everyone seems to agree, the moment when the forgotten spoke, finding their voices to reject the advice and guidance of experts and the elite everywhere.


“For me, the really concerning aspect of this is that now, more than at any time in our history, our species needs to work together,” he added.

As RT notes, Hawking says the world is facing crippling challenges, including climate change, food production, overpopulation, the decimation of other species, epidemic disease and acidification of the oceans.

“Together, they are a reminder that we are at the most dangerous moment in the development of humanity.


“We can do this [overcome the challenges], I am an enormous optimist for my species; but it will require the elites, from London to Harvard, from Cambridge to Hollywood, to learn the lessons of the past year. To learn above all a measure of humanity.


"We now have the technology to destroy the planet on which we live, but have not yet developed the ability to escape it.


“Perhaps in a few hundred years, we will have established human colonies amid the stars, but right now we only have one planet, and we need to work together to protect it.

And finally, Hawking also warned that artificial intelligence and increasing automation is going to decimate middle class jobs and worsen inequality, and risks creating significant political upheaval.

The automation of factories has already decimated jobs in traditional manufacturing, and the rise of artificial intelligence is likely to extend this job destruction deep into the middle classes, with only the most caring, creative or supervisory roles remaining.


“With not only jobs but entire industries disappearing, we must help people to retrain for a new world and support them financially while they do so,” he added.

Still there is some good news. Hawking notes "we could find aliens within a generation"...

Which as we previously noted would be a boom for the global economy according to Krugman.

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Tallest Skil's picture

Fuck off, cripple. Go back to working out if vacuum energy can be harnessed. Ethnonationalism will resurge peacefully or it will resurge correctly. Take your pick.

Who's to say that he even holds these positions? It is the machine talking, after all.

VonPumperDic's picture


Despite being a sex-crazed Atheist, Captain Pike can’t even tell if it is raining outside…fuck him!

letsit's picture
letsit (not verified) VonPumperDic Dec 3, 2016 5:01 PM

Industry destruction of Ozone layer. Global Warming. Overpopulation destruction of the earth. Computer wiping out paper industry. Now this crap.

Pseudo-scientists and their unsubstantiated THEORIES.

letsit's picture
letsit (not verified) stizazz Dec 3, 2016 5:04 PM

Not just puzzled, I'd say. They need to get out in the real world and away from their cubicles.

stizazz's picture

I know. Everything is a theory with them. Just like economists. All theories with no real world application.

letsit's picture
letsit (not verified) stizazz Dec 3, 2016 5:06 PM

I wouldn't put an economist in charge of 1 McDonald restaurant.

Arnold's picture

Give the whole menu away for free.

That will increase business.

knukles's picture

So Stevie's been readin' ZeroHedge, has he?
Middle Class.
Been gone a while now Bucko. 
About as aware as the Democrats not accepting the election.

Now, if there is a recount that sends it to ....

macholatte's picture


Having previously referred to the president-elect as "a demagogue who seems to appeal to the lowest common denominator," Hawking appears to blame the ignorance of the people for Trump's victory...

Hawking sounds like the perfect offspring of the Soros Fake News Propaganda Machine. Junker would be proud. Maybe he should offer Hawking a job at the EU where the professionals know what's best for the Sheeple.


Manthong's picture

I don’t give a good goddamn about string theory, particle physics or the Whoever the F’s cat is.

All I know is that I am sorry Professor Hawking is stuck in a wheelchair and I wish to F he would shut up about morals and politics.  

Stick to the basics… particles…

Got Higgs Bosons anyone?

BaBaBouy's picture

Has Anyone asked Hawkins what Football team he Cheers For... Really curious...

Manthong's picture

“Hawking sounds like the perfect offspring of the Soros Fake News Propaganda Machine.”

“Junker would be proud. Maybe he should offer Hawking a job at the EU where the professionals know what's best for the Sheeple.”


..even Hawking is not so stupid as to be a Soros stooge.. Junker on the other hand has a whole EU audience and he won’t soon be reduced to the rubble that Trump will soon do to Soros with construction machinery.

Keep in mind.. Soros has what.. a couple of five ten or twenty, sixty billion dollars (more?) and NGO’s and paid terrorists all across the globe?

Trump has a multi-trillion dollar operation at his disposal as well as folks who know the raw deal we all been dealt over the last few dozen years.

Mark these words… “Soros is Hungarian Goulash”.

macholatte's picture


Are you talking Celebrity Death Match?


Casey Stengel's picture

+100 for celebrity death match reference.

Ghandi, saying don't worry, I won't hurt anyone........... except you and you and you! 

Manthong's picture

You know, just this morning I was calculating the Co2 load and the atmospheric thermal differential in regards to full load on geospatial warming and consequences for future generations, especially considering solar minimums and fluctuations in orbital distances.

I came to an interesting conclusion after extrapolating all the math to 12 decimal places…

It's all bullshit.

Mr. Universe's picture

So what he is saying is we should all just leave everything to the elites because they know what's best for everybody?

Hawking appears to blame the ignorance of the people for Trump's victory...

“It was, everyone seems to agree, the moment when the forgotten spoke, finding their voices to reject the advice and guidance of experts and the elite everywhere.

 “For me, the really concerning aspect of this is that now, more than at any time in our history, our species needs to work together,” he added.

No mention or thought that Donald was the only alternative to a diseased ravaged pedo alien lizard satinist who runs a criminal empire?

Barry McBear's picture

Well said, the main reason Trump won: the liberal elites allowed that corrupted heinous woman to steal the nomination.  They could have run almost anyone, or even some things (you know, a toaster, old set of tires, etc), in her place and they would have beaten Trump.


Hey all you fathers of daughters out there should be ashamed.  The only way you could have given your daughter hope that she could truly be anything she wants was by voting for Hillary.  At least that's what Hillary told me.

philipat's picture

I don't agree with his political stuff, but I think the political stuff is somewhat irrelevant here. Philosophically, I believe there is a very large issue here and I have believed for a long time that humanity is facing an existential crisis. Machines and robots WILL take over from humans because, in a capitalist system, it is a cheaper and more reliable option, so it's inevitable. So there are two strategic options now facing mankind:

  1. Succumb to a communist or totalitarian system within which the sheep are fed Soylent Green and a diet of MSM/"Smart" Phone/Technologicall distraction s from Big Brother reality, which, incidentally, Einstein predicted would be the case.
  2. The capitalist model has to (very quickly IMHO) adjust to find ways to accommodate, feed and find a useful self-purpose for BILLIONS of "useless" human beings. The present crony capitalism/oligarchy model cannot survive and will result in revolution of some type and Item 1 (Above).


jbvtme's picture

this guy is obviously up to date on his vaccinations...

Manthong's picture

hmm.. the soylent green thing is looking a little more obvious each day. a note some might find interesting ... I first watched that movie sitting on a wooden bench a' la M.A.S.H. style in Souda Bay, Crete.

Curiously, also watched "Omega Man" in the same place.


veeger's picture

And it looks like he has exceeded the maximum limit of kelloggs corn flakes.

Bob's picture

My cynicism is nearly complete on this one.  I can't believe that the Capitalist system worshipping private ownership and control of most of the planet's resources (not to mention indirect control of militaries and governments) is going to become charitable toward the "useless" people who will become the majority, even in "developed economies" under the brave new world scenario of AI and automation. 

I'm guessing wars will be arranged, the proles will be inspired to represent their flags and motherlands, and many millions will die.  The resources consumed by war will, of course, result in many more starving and as bodies stack up disease will run rampant.  It has been a long time since a serious killer epidemic has come through worldwide.  It need not be anything exotic like ebola, but it will come.  Do I mean to say it will be yet another vehicle of mass murder by the rich--would they set such a thing loose deliberately?  Yes they would, absolutely. 

I think one way or/and another, the proles will be kept sufficiently busy to prevent revolutions on the scale that would be required to enable their mass survival.

Mr. Market will be given credit for the good, everything else gets blamed on the other God and the useless class themselves.   

FatTony7915726's picture

How does he get to the toilet bowl?

TuPhat's picture

DUH, he's aleady sitting on it.

0x445442's picture

This is on point...

The big problem is not all of humanity is "wired" for knowledge work and that's where the libral, ivory tower notion to just re-train the working class falls apart. The whole notion that all the men and women in this country who actually built shit were going to become IPhone developers, or baristas or Uber drivers was flawed from the get go. There's an excellent book by Matthew Crawford that covers this topic.

So what does that mean moving forward given your two alternatives? Well assuming a capitalist solution is desirable, I'd say the answer might be found in quality. Yes, robots can build goods which provide functional utility but I'm skeptical whether or not they can ever approach the quality that human hands can produce. The trick then becomes, how to stimulate demand for such quality?



Things that go bump's picture

You do know that Clinton is just the current face of that disease-ravaged, pedo-alien, lizard satinist don't you? 

Mr. Universe's picture

Indeed, Welcome to the Lizard Lounge.

PTR's picture

I don't know if you recall the old, old late 1989 video game "Nuclear War"I think it was called?  You could build missles, bombers and do propaganda?  The Ghandi character would use propoganda to steal the sh*t out of your population then nuke the hell outta what was left.

clade7's picture

If this palsied bastard fucker didnt have a microphone and wheels, he'd be a worhtless pile of shit nobody would give a damn about what he thought..


cheeseheader's picture

“Soros is Hungarian Goulash”.


Brilliant!   Slogan of the Decade.  Kudos Manny.


Spread the word.  Oh, paging WB7 for a visual....

BarkingCat's picture

Except that Soros is not Hungarian.

Calling him Hungarian is like calling a tape worm an organ that's part of your body.

In both instances what you are dealing with is an invasive foreign parasites.

Infnordz's picture

I'm not so sure, given several prior comments from him.

Greater intelligence is only like a higher power vehicle, driving and navigation skills must be learned enough for competence, so if you get distracted, aren't sufficiently observant or don't plan your journey with enough of the correct information, strategies and tactics, then you can be a nuisance, take longer, get lost or even crash.

Given his extreme disability and possible reduced energy, he may require others help to get/navigate information and this may introduce distorting bias into the choice of which information he sees, so bias his knowledge and options. It is probably also a temptation for some more intelligent person to stupidly speculate on just enough knowledge, outside their areas of competence/expertise, to be dangerous, but stupid.

Parrotile's picture

He is as entitled to his opinions as you are entitled to yours. 


He is just as entitled to publically air his views as you are. They may not co-incide with your views, but that's tough, isn't it.

kiwidor's picture

Everyone is entitled to my views and thoughts.  Note that I don't have opinions, which are the domain of the common muck, but THOUGHTS I have .  Your palsied mind gives equal value to the opinions of fools and gods alike...which is how we got into this mess. 


You have a bird-brain.



Manthong's picture


Not a bash on you, but your opinion has little weight in this deal.

Just because a guy has a fair understanding of physics and theories about the  cosmos, people should give him a big sway regarding  politics, morality and God?

Get Real.


Manthong's picture

and another thing... they are all theories.. we will not know if Hawking is somewhat correct and we might really be projections in some slab of the multi-dimensional conscience space until the big dirt nap happens to each of us.


willwork4food's picture

I think Hawkins carries a little more weight than the average person, so I wouldn't be so cavalier about dismissing his theories. "Big Dirt Nap" itself is a theory. I personally do not believe you will be taking a nap, which corrolates with one of the laws that energy cannot be created or destroyed-only changed.

Not a slam against you Manthong, just giving credit where credit is due.

PTR's picture

"It's just a game." -Bill Hicks

acetinker's picture

Ride- And Hawking is just a pity-envoking partial human who speaks for the borg thru electronic devices.  Did you ever ask yourself exactly 'who' is controlling poor Stephen?

Oh regional Indian's picture

Get a hint, he is HAWKING something.... basically a whole bunch of scientific mumbo-jumbo that the establishment wants believed. The fact that I used to believe this bullshit AT ALL is surprising to me....

acetinker's picture

Reality's a real bitch ain't she?  Be well, Vivek!

Dick Buttkiss's picture

“It’s not artificial intelligence I’m worried about, it’s human stupidity.” — Neil Jacobstein, Singularity University

kiwidor's picture

Actually, ORI, i'm more surprised than you, that you used to believe his/this bullshit.  I recall reading, at the impressionable age of 21, a brief history of time in a brief moment of time in a Picton, NZ, bookshop, and as soon as i saw the two-dimensional dog diagram I knew I was being played, for at the even moar impressionable age of 17 an angel appeared to me and explained the follies of euclidean geometry and imparted in its place the wisdom of ancient egyptian mathematics.

Allow me to help you with an aphorism; no wait, let's call it a sweeping generalisation, and as we know, all generalisations are false, including this one, unless it's the right one.

When you see/hear the words "time" and "dimension" in the same sentence, paragraph, chapter, or book, you should reach for your colt 1911.  or Sig P226, or S&W 627 or ruger GP100, and thence hunt down the author or speaker and shoot them calmly in the back of their head. For it profiteth not to give credence to those who define time as anything other than the measurement of the arcs of motion of an object in space.

In much the same way as the buddha taught us...when you meet an oncologist on the road, kill him.  or maybe it was an economist. 


moar wine? :)



remain calm's picture

I think he is dead,I believe he is preserved with special embalming fluid and then the elites just channel their cray cray through the smartest man in the world

nailgunner44's picture

I'll tell ya a secret- the real Stephen Hawking died in 1985 and this current guy is just a point man for whatever agenda du jour the Illuminati banking families and MI6 wish to tout at a given time. Science has been compromised and is now as meaningless as the theories and it is deliberately so. If modern science was not obfuscated people would see it for the bullshit it truly is, Hawking is no exception but rather the rule.

stacking12321's picture

what a foolish comment, "modern science".
logic, and reason, and observing empirical data, is neither ancient nor modern, it simply is something some people do.

science cannot be compromised, as you put it, any more than math can be compromised - whatever it is that you're referring to that's compromised, that's not science, that's called doing it wrong.

flapdoodle's picture

"Math" is a completely invented human construct. As long as it is self consistent, it is accepted as "math" by other humans.

"Math" per se has NOTHING to do with the Universe. It is merely a human measuring stick applied to the physical world. The wonder is that it does a reasonable job, SOME of the time, in predicting SOME phenomena.

"Science can't be compromised", hogwash. Science is a human endevour, and extremely open to the worst corruption and greed.

If you want to see "Science" in action, research the way the "Scientific Community" treated Hannes Alfven.

stacking12321's picture

you still dont' get it, do you?

the way people treat other people has NOTHING to do with science.

people can be compromised, and people who call themselves scientists can be compromised, but science itself cannot. just like truth cannot be compromised. if truth is compromised, then it is not the truth.

math is not a human construct, it is the language of the universe.

if there was a rock at the bottom of the hill, and a second rock fell down next to it, there would be 2 rocks at the bottom of the hill. that is a fact regardless of whether there were any humans around to witness it or to come up with a numerical or language system to describe it.