ISIS Victim's Family Sues Twitter, Facebook For Profiting From Terrorism

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The family of a woman killed in the 2015 Paris attacks by ISIS claims in a lawsuit that Twitter, Facebook, and Google profit from targeted advertising linked to terrorist propaganda promoting violence.

As Bloomberg reports, the case is one of several complaints in U.S. courts alleging that the social media giants have played crucial roles in the growth of terrorist organizations in recent years. The biggest hurdle facing such claims is a federal law that insulates publishers from liability for the speech of others.

The family of Nohemi Gonzalez, who was fatally shot in the Paris attacks, said Friday in a revised version of a lawsuit initially filed in June that the companies created “original content” by tying advertisements to ISIS-supported posts and generating revenue from them.


By relying on algorithms that target specific ads to users based on the content they’re viewing, the companies are acting outside the Communications Decency Act ’s protection for internet platforms that are used to share text, photos and videos, said Keith Altman, a lawyer for the Gonzalez family.



“Although defendants have not created the posting, nor have they created the advertisement, defendants have created new unique content by choosing which advertisement to combine with the posting," according to the revised complaint Altman filed Friday in federal court in Oakland, California.

Furthermore, as Bloomberg adds, the Gonzalez family also alleges that social media outlets have done little to permanently remove ISIS backers from their sites. The complaint cites a Twitter user with the handle “DriftOne00146” that was removed 145 times before being reintroduced for a 146th iteration.

Within days and a dozen posts, the user had 547 followers, according to the complaint.

Is this the real reason why social media is increasingly 'censoring' its user-delivered content? To avoid liability for what their platforms are promoting?

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Full Case docket below...


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SallySnyd's picture

Here is a very interesting look at how Israel feels that ISIS should be handled:


Apparently terrorism is fine as long as it doesn't directly impact Israel.

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The Saint (not verified) SallySnyd Dec 4, 2016 2:25 PM

They should sue Google, too.  They are as guilty as the others when it comes to supporting terror.


Trucker Glock's picture

Google was named with Twitter and Farcebook

BuddyEffed's picture

And sue that British company that did the bogus Isis video

Nemontel's picture

Free speech is important, without it the Trumpening would have been impossible as his entire movement was internet based.

847328_3527's picture

Orlando victims' families should ditto this legal action. Same with San Bernardino.

The Establishment only respecks one thing--- profits and losses.



AmandaFawndell's picture
AmandaFawndell (not verified) 847328_3527 Dec 4, 2016 3:12 PM

AshkeNAZI joos always seem to profit from Mudslime terrorism.....can I say that here?   I mean TERRORISM!

beemasters's picture

What does anyone expect??? Terrorism is created and protected to profit corporations. If they really had wanted to eliminate ISIS, it could have been done a lot sooner.

_ArC_'s picture

Google is included in the lawsuit! I hope more people come forward and and do a class action on these zuckerbarfs corps.

Old Poor Richard's picture

The complaint should specify that BECAUSE they censor and moderate their platforms, they should be held liable. Facebook is evil not because it hosts terror propaganda, but because it has moderators who censor content.

It would be super awesome and great if this suit and more suits put Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc. in a position that "If you censor at all, you are subject to unlimited liability. If you are completely hands off, have no community standards or posting rules and never moderate, then you bear no liability."

We need social media completely indifferent to content.

IPA's picture

I tend to agree, but... Facebook is in theory, just as free to censor your free speech as you are to speech freely. 

Econogeek's picture

Great point.  Equal treatment.  

NurseRatched's picture

Twitter and Facebook charge for advertising in ISIS pages? Really?
Other than the DNC, and maybe *maybe* the booking agent for James Taylor, who advertises for ISIS followers?

Vageling's picture

Rather the lack of removing these pages, which are clearly in violation of their own policy, they let it online... And earn money with it! That's the point.

These double standard companies are now confronted with their own policies. Twist... they breach their policies for ad income.

Personally I think it's clever found by the lawyer. 

Pure Evil's picture

Essentially shouldn't this be a class action lawsuit?

Aren't we all harmed by their actions of posting ad content on terrorist supporting webpages?

Thereby inherently post hoc ergo propter hoc promoting their racist and inflammatory viewpoints?

Personally I would applaud any terrorist slashing his way across a Google campus or taking his viewpoint directly to Zukerwhore.

But, of course he's got a wall protecting him from this kind of illegal migration onto his private property.

BritBob's picture

Can't get much bigger propaganda than Argentina's mythical 1833 Usurpation of the Falklands & UN resolutions: Falklands: 1833 Usurpation & UN Resolutions:

A great way to terrorise the Islanders but pure hogwash.

peddling-fiction's picture

Have you visited the Malvinas?

One of the reasons the U.K. and the five-eyes hold on to them is their proximity to Antarctica.

Pure Evil's picture

BritBob, haven't you figured out yet that nobody cares.

Skiprrrdog's picture

Sue that bitch FuckerDuckBerg...its not his money anyway....

fbazzrea's picture

The biggest hurdle facing such claims is a federal law that insulates publishers from liability for the speech of others.


yeah, but that doesn't protect them from capitalizing upon the loss of others, imo. sue the fake news b@stards! hope you shut 'em down.

847328_3527's picture

Many of these college campus attacks have been directly or indirectly encouraged by the administration by their permissive attitude if not ordering their campus police to stand back and don't touch thugs.

I hope the victims of the temple riots and that sad case at UT result in some big settlements. I knew UT was turning to shit when that new president promptly removed statues, plaques, etc to cater to a tiny vociferous violent group. The campus police allowed thugs to walk freely on campus which directly or indirectly resulted in the brutal rape, beating and strangulation death of that beautiful young girl.

And yes, the lawyers for the rapist killer will plead "mental deficiency" and "he be abused as child" as his defense to avoid life in prison.




Pure Evil's picture

He's not a thug.

He's just a misunderstood didndu.

I can hear his momma now, "he didn't do nuthin".

Now, if Obama had a son it would be this poor muddy snowflake.

Old Poor Richard's picture

If they censor or moderate at all, then that should mean they explicitly endorse every post not deleted and bear full liability as if they'd made the posting themselves. Federal law should only protect common carriers entirely ignorant of and indifferent to the content they are carrying. Hope lawsuits bankrupt Reddit, Facebook, Twitter and the rest of the censorious bastards.

KuriousKat's picture

Its a beautiful thing to behold!

buzzsaw99's picture

The biggest hurdle facing such claims is a federal law that insulates publishers from liability for the speech of others...

and yet tweetter, reddick, farcebook all take it upon themselves to censor trump supporters. funny how that works. they love terror, won't do a thing about that kind of violence, but oh, but call somebody a silly faggot on farcebook and look out!

Pigeon's picture

That is exactly the point. FANGs censor speech they simply don't like, but don't censor terror. In fact, promote it by pushing ads toward it. That's why I would think this case stands a chance of being settled in favor of plaintiff - under an NDA.

General Titus's picture

ISIS is a fake terrorist organization. Vice President Joe Biden, Killery Clinton, as well as top Generals Wesley Clark & Martin Dempsey have all revealed that truth

aldol11's picture

if this lasuit is successful the liberals are dead and buried 

_ArC_'s picture

It's About time someone does something! Does it really takes a death of a loveone before something is done about this biased social media? "Sheeple" are waking up!

Tim Knight from Slope of Hope's picture

Never mess with a law firm that has its own (800) number.

Golden Showers's picture

Well, back in Nam, the only way to tell if a Vietnamese person was a V.C. is whether they were dead.

If they were dead, then, they were the enemy.

It's really sad every which way you look at it because an innocent American citizen died somehow in some attack in Paris. But this isn't a special case. Sorry to fucking offend anyone. How many hundreds of thousands, no, millions of innocent men, women and children have died in orchestrated and systematic cleansings across the planet over the last 100 years? Then ask how many over the last 500, 600 years? Including 90% of Central and South America and North American peoples.

But Twitter is worth a shakedown in the name of your beloved, beautiful child. And I don't think you can put a dollar figure on the thousands and thousands of people maimed, displaced, murdered, duped into killing, divided against their own kind.

But go ahead and parade your dead baby around for a few bucks because you don't give a shit about anyone else caught up in this. It's about you. Social Media killed your daughter. Social Media should pay you for your dead daughter.

Well, seeing how you're from California, I get your frustration. But seeing how stupid and hopeless and myopic you are won't bring even one innocent life back. You make me sick, Gonzalez family. You should be ashamed. You would profit, not make people more aware. You blame and shake and beat your breasts like savages and miss entirely the human condition that you and your daughter are lost in. I'll pray for you. And I don't pray for anyone. But I'll say a prayer that you get every penny to make you whole so that you can live the life your daughter will never get to live. I hope you spend it wisely.

Pure Evil's picture

Are you pissing on your own and head and telling everyone that broaches the subject that its actually raining?

ddk underground's picture

I would love to see worthless crap like FB and Twit dead and buried. As soon as they IPO'd I left.

However Muslims like Mexicans are hot commodoties being chased out of their countries.

Coming to Europe and America makes them instant consumers, doubt if governments will let any lawsuit stand in the way of that.

monad's picture

Hillary Clinton murders chidren.

_ArC_'s picture

He might be referring to #PizzaGate!

Trucker Glock's picture

My original comment was a follow-on.  I was referring to my comment, not monad's, as poor taste.

AmandaFawndell's picture
AmandaFawndell (not verified) Trucker Glock Dec 4, 2016 4:22 PM

but we like poor taste!

Pure Evil's picture

Are you saying that you like to suck Obama's dick after he's fucked the Wookie in the ass?

HiHoAg's picture

I'd love to see those three companies sued into a smoking crater.

All three have been guilty of selective censorship/favoritism for the can toss in reddit as well, bye-bye fuckers. 

847328_3527's picture

My neighbor is a plaintiff lawyer and I love her to death. She has a strong sense of right and wrong the traditional American value style and will chase a wrongdoer like a bulldog until they remedy the poor victim(s).

Stan522's picture

This should have been a long time ago... Hit them were it hurts most.... their back pocket, or in this case, their man-purse....

Boris D Blade's picture

your''e all a bunch of fucking idiots. Nobody died in Paris. Its one big psyop, and stories like this are designed to help reinforce the narrative.

Pure Evil's picture

We all know that, Beelzebub, but we're indulging in our Two Minutes of Hate against the Emmanuel Goldsteins of True Liberty.

sinbad2's picture

A waste of money, the US Government will protect its media arm from the law.

AmandaFawndell's picture
AmandaFawndell (not verified) sinbad2 Dec 4, 2016 4:24 PM

A waste of money, the JOO-SA Government will protect its media arm from the law.



It's all JOO run Socialist media, afterall!

wisebastard's picture

MSM profits from gangstalking internet troll/politcal activist such as bad the people dont care more.....if they system was worth a fuck gangstalking would not happen........

A. Boaty's picture

Maybe now we can find out what actually happened in Paris.