FaKe NeWS MaDNeSS...

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Dearest W,

     I am about to give 12 duckets to a friend.

     It's a long story (that you wouldn't be interested in, I suppose).

     What part of the word 'GIVE' did you NOT understand?

     He and I don't 'owe' each other ANYTHING. I AM IN A POSITION to help him out (since I've known him for 5 years, and at the very least his humorous jokes were quite valuable to me).

     He needs $200, and the buy I made during the last 'run-up" (I bought @ 16.72 FEDS before it rode the $21 DOLLAR 'wave'); made me think of giving him 12 ounces of Sunshine Minting bars that I purchased way back then (courtesy of J.M. Bullion).

     YOU KNOW what I'm going to do, don't you, Mr. Seven?!!?

I'll NOT let EITHER of my friends down (despite their apparent dissonance within the Realm of Time).




I really HOPE and PRAY that you hear, Mr. W.B.#7.


REALITY is a LARGER concept than either YOU or I can fathom in the current 'QUICKENING'.

I'll NOT let EITHER of my friends down (despite their apparent dissonance within the Realm of Time).








I'll be HONEST with BOTH of you.

I like friends, you know, Bill.

(The above posted links are only given because they are still free to copy)


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In the Soviet Union any news coming from any other source than Itar Tass or Pravda was considered untrue or Western propaganda. They didn't use the term, "fake news" but essentially anything not reflecting the official Soviet narrative was fake news, imperialist propaganda. Most of the official Soviet narrative was lies, but they were official lies.

In today's US, there is the official narrative which all the sheeple must believe at all costs. It's put out by the MSM and repeated over and over again until your head feels like it wants to explode. Like the lie that Russian troups invaded Ukraine or Crimea. Or that Putin and Russia are responsible for everything from failed US Neocon Foreign Policy to sunspots and the Dakota pipeline.   

Most of the official US narrative put out by the MSM is bullshit and lies. News is disseminated with omissions, distortions, manipulations of facts, or bald faced lies. But it is the official US narrative so we MUST believe it. It will be drilled into your head over and over again by every talking head on MSM.

Thank God for social media and sites like Zero Hedge!      


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Good job, William, good job!

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WAPO JAMIE GORELICK, Fannie Mae paymaster https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/james-comey-is-damaging-our-demo...

Check out her resume' : https://www.wilmerhale.com/jamie_gorelick/

Funny how she omits her Schlumberger stint https://www.justice.gov/opa/pr/schlumberger-oilfield-holdings-ltd-agrees...

America's rezident red diaper checkbook shadow government

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"This is our internet. Not Google’s. Not Facebook’s. Not rightwing propagandists. And we’re the only ones who can reclaim it."


Why would any normal/sober person start typing juvenile questions into a search engine in the first place? 

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Are "Tim 'the tool man' Allen" and "Roger Waters" the same person?

I best STFU before I get Brietbarted (or 'Barry Seale'd').


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I have two Harleys and one of them is an 07 Sportster.  It is fuel injected and that matters a great deal.  My other one is old school.  Harley does not like to change it's designs much and why should they?  But yeah it's a fucking Harley and chicks will check you out even if you are married.  The bikes themselves are timeless and the Sportsters are the one that get modded out.  That girl you want to fuck is going to notice you if you have a Harley and a opair of Ray-Bans.  You do have be able to grow a beard though.

The Harley Sportster is a classic.  Harley does not change.  Even at "entry level" it is a heavy bike and not for beginners.  I have ridden a lot of bikes in my day and Harley puts some serious metal into their bikes.  All that metal makes Harleys not that great on the road.  There has been a couple of times where I was close to losing control.  Harleys are heavy and they want to ride in a straight line.  Just a month ago I put myself into a bad position.  I have no idea why I was fighting Newton's third law.

I always push the limits of sanity so that I know that I am alive.  

Harleys do not handle well on curves but they are beautiful.  They are fun bikes and the sporty's are affordable to many ZHers.  The Harleys are heavy.  They are fast for sure but when you hit that corner she is going to agree with Newton.

All said, these bikes are fucking awesome.



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Here's one the Tyler's missed entirely & the Lame Stream News isn't carrying...

'Turkish Mafia Ran Fake U.S. Embassy in Ghana: US State Department' http://nsnbc.me/2016/12/05/turkish-mafia-ran-fake-u-s-embassy-in-ghana-us-state- department/"Ghana has a notorious reputation for scams but running a fake U.S. embassy for years, undetected?"

"The bust prompts several questions. For one, how could government and law enforcement in Ghana fail to notice a fake U.S. Embassy that was flying a U.S. flag, three days a week, for years? How could U.S. intelligence services, especially the CIA that has a tangible presence in Ghana fail to notice the “scam” for years? Does the fact that the “fake” embassy that was run with the involvement of Turkish citizens reflect a deterioration in relations between Turkey and the USA?

These questions are especially relevant because members of Turkey’s intelligence service MIT and Turkish Airlines were previously implicated in smuggling weapons to insurgents in Nigeria."

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Where is that fucking Russian guy commenting here all the time? As a fucking regular hedger I am pissed that I have been helping the Kremlin cause with my bullshit smart-ass comments on these very pages-- not realizing what a fucking commie tool I have been-- and all with absolutely ZERO remuneration (For you fuckers from Rio Linda that means no loochey) As a reasonable sort---I'm offering my services in lieu of massive amounts of Stolichnaya--I mean fucking bucket loads-- pass it along Boris Lotacrap or whatever it is!

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snowflakes debauched by fake news......lulz

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what did William Shakespeare say of the lawyers?

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Jesus said: "Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! You clean the outside of the cup and dish, but inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence"  - He is right.


And he said, "Woe to you lawyers also! For you load people with burdens hard to bear, and you yourselves do not touch the burdens with one of your fingers.... Woe to you lawyers! For you have taken away the key of knowledge. You did not enter yourselves, and you hindered those who were entering."  

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Tom Waits - Christmas Card From a Hooker in Minneapolis
"christ sakes, how do you like that?"...t.w./k.b.

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that is fucking art, right in the poosy, no?
i perceive and expect a child will be born of this.
it is art dammit, it is alive and art is not dead yet.
thank you.
secretly, i guess, the cia thanks you too.
if not, they should.
madness, is there no return from it?
there is, it is art.

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How about one with the guy in the Pizza parlor with a gun wanting to do something about PizzaGate. lmao, I wounder what his ZH handle is.

Fake news at it's ultimate conclusion. 

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he said his handle was 'roadhazard'.....weird...........

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I see what you did there (laughing)

Always amusing,nice work.

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Help! I keep craving that fake news they deplore.

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One-Eyed-Thong (not verified) Dec 5, 2016 5:31 PM


i would like to order a PIZZA to go

i'll pick it up at the GATE on my way out


thank you

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I really prefer the REAL NEWS outlets that always quote unidentified Administration insiders, unidentified high-level sources inside the NSA, and unidentified high-ranking officers inside the Pentagon.  I never trust a source unless it is unidentified.

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#fakenewsmatters....  /s



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My vote for the best fake news goes to Orson Wells broadcast of "War of the Worlds".

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If the MSM calles it "fake news" ... you know you're on to something..

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Oh WOW, yeeaah, I love fake news, you know, it makes my day. If I can't get my daily fux of fake news before breakfast, the day just seems so long and boring.

Let's have M..O..A..R fake news ,,, pleeaase CNN, pretty please.

,,, gasp ,,,


"Snowflakes In Command Organisation" (SICO)

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Hi all.  I just did ride my Harley.  It's December in Minnesota and 38 degrees today.  People were jsut looking at my with their arms up in question mode.  All I did was smile.  I went to the gas station and fueled up and I guy came over to me and asked if I was cold.  'Hell no, it's 38 degrees.".  

I just do things differently.  It was safe to do what I did just maybe not as comfortable as it is in summer.  I loved it.  Just a shit grin on my face because I was laughing at them in their cars.  When you are rolling on a Harley Davidson in Minnesota in December wearing Ray-bans, that is a statement.  

No fear.  The snowflakes can't handle that there are people out there that don't need them to tell them how to live their lives.  

I don't need some debt ridden fucktard pussy to tell me how I should live my life.  I am not going to listen.

I had to ride today.  Fuck the snowflakes.  We do not stop.  

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When you grow up in a cold climate...38 does feel warm.



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On a motorcycle, 24 degrees and sunny and dressed right, no problem. If it's overcast freeze your ass off.

70 degrees and sunny, shirt sleeve weather. Overcast, and freeze your ass off.

The sun makes a huge difference.

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Warm out, ain't it? Roll up Arcade St. past the Polish American Club. Play us a tune.


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You are all brothers to me.  When I ride, I riding for you too.  They have no idea how hard core we are nor what to do with us. 

We are breed apart and we will not listen to them.  It does not matter how cold it is. 

Fake news my ass.  They don't get it yet.  They don't understand.


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Keep pouring it to 'em!

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Thank you WB7!  Folks, we are in a real war here and it's just getting started!  Google is up to their dirty tricks again:

Clif High @ HalfPasthuman.com released a short video on his web bot yesterday about algorithm manipulation by google.  Long live fake news!   

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Banzai, your Fake News posters are absolute brilliance in a pure form.



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President Obozo says, masturbation leads to Russian Fake News.

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Awesome, as always.

Kudos WB

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Not one but TWO cigarette smokers!!

You really ARE undermining our brave government's anti-smoking campaign.

Thousands of people are going to die of second hand smoke because of you!

I'll bet you drown kittens, too.

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Two at a time, one in each hand  :)

Great poster.

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Ahem, then ain't cigarettes...

(But you knew that.)

That there is whacky tobaccy, as we used to know them.

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Yes, and now we all suffer from permanent brain damage of the wacky sort...

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WB, could you pls repost or print a link to your Kerry "faggot" / Putin / Lavrov piece - my favourite of all of your fantastic output. 

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Isn't that a young Peter Schiff lighting that womans blunt?

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Brilliantly FUNNNY!!!  Another time-warp?  what their next move will be has me truly in suspense.. Michael Kaine in "The Hand" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUA0ncaHT40



Spot on, WB.

Reminds me of the 'Reefer Madness'

mania when I was a kid.

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 …  Hillary looks so much  better since the election.