Russian Su-33 Fighter Jet Crashes While Landing On Kuznetsov Aircraft Carrier Off Syria

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Three weeks after a Russian fighter jet crashed in the Mediterranean Sea shortly after launching from its aircraft carrier near the coast of Syria, overnight a fighter jet based on the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov skid off the deck during landing and became lost at sea after an arrestor gear line snapped and failed to stop the aircraft, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.

Su-33 fighter on the deck of Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier

According to RT, the pilot ejected from the plane and was rescued unharmed, the statement said. “Naval aviation sorties are continuing in accordance with their tasks,” the ministry added.

The Aviationist adds that the combat plane crashed at its second attempt to land on the aircraft carrier in good weather conditions (visibility +10 kilometers, Sea State 4, wind at 12 knots): it seems that it missed the wires and failed to go around falling short of the bow of the warship.

This is the second loss for the air wing embarked on Admiral Kuznetsov
in less than three weeks and a significant blow for the Russian Naval
Aviation during its combat deployment off Syria. As reported previously, a Mig-29 fighter jet was not able to land and ran out of fuel because the deck crew of the carrier failed to fix a broken arrestor gear.

The deployment of the Admiral Kuznetsov to Syria is its first combat mission since the ship was built. It is the only aircraft carrier currently in service in the Russian Navy.

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fake news from russia, with love.

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I hope our Russian friends are ok.

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they were hacked by the russians

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19,037 parts, flying in loose formation, each manufactured by the low-cost Russian bidder.  What could go wrong with this?

apadictionary's picture

still lot sturdier than f35s

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The Saint (not verified) apadictionary Dec 5, 2016 12:04 PM

That arrestor cable was probably the same one used in WWII on that old tug.  I'm not surprised the old rusty line snapped.

Let's hope the rust hasn't extended to the hull and the Aircraft Carrier just sinks into the Meditranian Sea.  LOL

It would make a nice artificial reef for the fishes, though!


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Not a very SAINTLY comment there buster !!! 

fx's picture

Yeah, dumbass, compare that to the shining example of the USA where contracts go most often to the highest (and only "bidder"). something that Trump will hopefully also change. The F35 comes to mind, which pretends to do what the latest Russian Suchojs are already doing, in real combat. While the F35 is about 8 years late, has a cost overrun of 200 bn $ and is still not really combat-ready. And all that after sinking a cool little $500 BILLION into the project! There is virtually NOTHING to show for this money! That giant achievement costed about as much as Russia's ENTIRE military spening of the past 7-8 years!
Yeah, but it's surely all because they want to make sure to get the "quality" part right at the Pentagon and LM.

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Russian planes are very sturdy. They build them like we used to build the A-10 warthogs. On both occasions, they had trouble with the arresting cables on the carrier, nothing to do with the planes themselves. On both occasions, the pilots were ok.

Adm. Kuznetsov missed at least one refit and upgrade schedule thanks to the antics of Victoria Nuland fomenting civil wars in Ukraine and Syria. It had to be deployed, no question, but it is not in tip top condition right now.

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Sorry to post OT and here but this is really really nasty.

Last week the Russians delivered a couple of air transportable hospitals into Aleppo to help the civilians excaping from the militants. At the weekend they installed the first one and got it operational. Then this happens, a perfectly targetted attack.

Militants shelled a mobile Russian hospital in Aleppo, killing a female paramedic and wounding two doctors, the Russian Defense Ministry's spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Monday.

"Today during an appointment of local residents, militants attacked with artillery the Defense Ministry medical facility's mobile hospital in Aleppo. As a result of a direct hit, one Russian military paramedic was killed and two staff workers were badly wounded. Locals rushed to help and were also hurt," he said.

Noting that, as Western colleagues claim, all al-Nusra Front terrorists were cornered in Eastern Aleppo's southern part by the Syrian Army, Konashenkov said they were unable to deliver such precise fire. The spokesman underscored that militants of the Syrian "opposition" were "undoubtedly" behind the attack. "We know who provided the militants with information on the Russian hospital and its exact coordinates. Therefore it's not only the actual perpetrators who are responsible for murdering and wounding our medics who were administering aid to Aleppo children." "The hands of those who instigated this murder are also coated with the blood of our servicemen. Those who created, fed and armed those beats in human disguise, naming them 'opposition' for justification before their own conscience and voters. Yes, [this blood is on your hands], terrorists' patrons from the US, UK, France and their sympathizers," he said.

Earlier in the day, RT said that Russian doctors were killed in rebel shelling of a hospital in Aleppo.

Russian military medics have begun to consult the residents of Syrian Aleppo's eastern districts liberated from militants. They opened a clinic, a medical ward for children, a surgery department, an intensive care department, a laboratory and an x-ray room.

Read more:

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Thanks for the tipoff.

HowdyDoody's picture

Images of damage

video report on damage - a fragmentation warhead used.

NSFW video of rescue of injured female. She was wearing some kind of white coat, so maybe a doctor or a nurse? The field hospital was precisely and deliberately hit.

May the takfiris and their US/UK controllers rot in hell.



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The 1 day old troll.

Welcome assclown!

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After they plucked Uri out of the water and warmed him up, he got a double vodka ration and hot bowl of borscht.

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US MSM fake news keep calling the Admiral Kuznetsov a carrier, when in fact it is classified as a heavy cruiser. This matters because the Kuznetsov was designed also to launch heavy missiles The real problem is that it was never designed for this type of operation, and was badly built to boot. The original soviet carriers were better.

Sandmann's picture

It runs better than British carriers and even has aircraft !!! Then again the French Charles de Gaulle knows how tugs get to pull the flat top home

_ConanTheLibertarian_'s picture

You mean that that tennis court on deck isn't suitable as a landing strip?

CNONC's picture

Designation as heavy cruiser has more to with treaty governing passage through the Turkish straits, which limit the size of aircraft carriers which must be granted passage.  Off hand, I don't remember the specifics, or the treaty name, but I think aircraft carriers are limited to a tiny 15,000 tons displacement.  The Admiral Kuznetsov was built in the Black Sea.  If it had been designated an aircraft carrier, it would have been trapped in the Black Sea.

Minsk and Kiev were basically helicopter carriers, with a very small (I think 4) VTOL jump jets, Yaks of some designation.

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Someone didn't call the ball properly..I wonder if their air-boss' computer was hacked by the CIA. All the rage these days

bamawatson's picture

looks like a mccain landing

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Someone forgot to tell the pilot that full throttle is needed and speed brakes off right after landings in case of shit like this. FAIL.

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Looks like McCain fucking his wife and falling off!  She is 30 years younger than him, the old fuck is a vampire!

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Was that the coal powered Russian aircraft carrier that spewed out the shit ton of smoke, because that might be an additional cause.

Sandmann's picture

It is US carriers that use coal to keep West Virginia paying taxes to buy them Kuznetsov uses oil and has to blow the stack to clean the flues periodically like most oil burners

Cognitive Dissonance's picture

There is bathroom humor to be found in your statement, but I've decided to keep my inner five year old under lock and key this morning.

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the snipes see the same humour.  I wonder if Boris can give us the Russian for "snipe?"

The Saint's picture
The Saint (not verified) New_Meat Dec 5, 2016 12:21 PM

Rusinski Snipe: Smallish rodentski that Ruski children try to capture in burlap bag.  Rusinski Snipe usual run out throgh holes in Rusinski burlap bag from typical poor Ruski construction.


Bloodgroove's picture

You can't be that dumb, so you must be joking in a way I'm not getting.  All US carriers are nuclear powered.

Sandmann's picture

No...the latest designs are to return to coal burners. Nuclear is so yesterday after Three Mile Island........and Fukushima was using GE technology so clearly coal is the future for the US Navy ....

CNONC's picture

Where did you hear that? No hint of an idea to return carriers to coal has ever been referenced in any publication I have ever seen. On the other hand, the Navy some time ago was proud to announce that several ships successfully operated on biofuel derived from beef fat. I think the cost was a completely reasonable $80.00/gallon.

Sandmann's picture

I realise you are not aware of irony but you have to think of the future and that a US Navy with so many aircraft carriers is incompatible with $20,000,000,000,000 in debt

Bloodgroove's picture

That settles it.  You're dumb.  

Swamp Yankee's picture

I'm glad the pilot made it out, but maybe now Vlad will leave carrier ops to the experts. 


I did not know the Admiral Kuznetsov was in the med.  Who is towing it?

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Should we sell Putin our blueprints like we did to China?  Is the US even close to being a force of good in the ME?  Let Putin smoke out the sand niggers and save the Christians.

Sandmann's picture

Kuznetsov has been in the Med regularly since 1995. It is usually towed by the tgs that bring USS Zumwalt back to port if they are not busy towing British Type-45s back to port. This Navy Lark is a bit of a tugboat operation all round

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

This where the stealth tech breaks down just look for a tug boat and aim a missile 100ft behind it.

EddieLomax's picture

You have to laugh, the ex-soviet navy is in a bit of a poor condition although its slowly getting back into shape, but the Royal Navy once again has saved ~10% on the cost of the hull (probably 5 million as its a small proportion of the total cost) to make it as small as possible and now finds the proper fix is a bigger ship...

We did the same with the sheffield, she probably would have survived the exocet attack if we hadn't been so penny pinching in hull space, instead all the critical gear was next to each other and she was a lost cause almost immediately.

Still, at least we did save the money so we could splurge it on foreign aid for Africa, those fleets of black S-Class Mercedes are exactly what they need.

HowdyDoody's picture

Not to mention the stealth coating on F-22 failing in Syria/Iraq - something to do with the wrong kind of weather.


SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

For the love of god, just let Putin end ISIS.  They are Obama's true sons and legacy.

Normalcy Bias's picture

Barry will probably bring them to the US and make them citizens as his parting gift to the American people.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Never bring a dinghy to a boat fight.

directaction's picture

Russia's going to run out of fighter planes at this rate. 

sheikurbootie's picture

Well this pilots' aviation career is over.  Go around and then crash?  Yep, he's done.

HowdyDoody's picture

Go around with a broken arrester cable in the hook? I don't think even an Su-33 is rated to take off with a 50,000 ton missile cruiser attached to its back end.


Arnold's picture

Note to self:

No more arresting wire purchases from the Chinks.

a Smudge by any other name's picture

Ouch. No recovering from that.

Kinda surprised they have arrester cables. I figured they'd go with a wall of pillows.