Core Durable Goods Orders Contract For 22nd Straight Month - Longest Non-Recessionary Streak In US History

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For the 22nd straight month, US durable goods order (ex-transportation) declined on a year-over-year basis in October. This is the longest non-recessionary streak in US history bar none.



But it's probably nothing, because this was pre-election and since then everything (survey-wise) has been soaring... we are yet to see "hard data" items.

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jamesmmu's picture

This fucking recovery is worse than great depression in 1929! 

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Paper pushers are pushing the paper economy up.  Too bad that actual goods require more than paper to move from point A to point B. 

Rainman's picture

Financial engineering is the only durable thing we manufacture anymore.

LawsofPhysics's picture



May I interest you in a financial "product" of mass destruction?


Get long sharecropping and guillotines...

El Vaquero's picture

Guillotines, lead, rope, etc... 

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"Japan, Luke.  Remember your failure in Japan."

- Yoda

Silverhog's picture

My wife and I are not buying shit for Christmas. Didn't know it would show on a graph. 

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You want to know how bad it is now? I'm selling stuff instead buying in this xmas!

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My ebay is making me some extra cash......aint much but it buys food

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In fact, the crisis is still here. How? It’s because jobs that are created aren’t a direct replacement for those that were lost.

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more bullish news! wow, buy buy buy 

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BigWillyStyle87 (not verified) Dec 6, 2016 10:35 AM

This is so goddamn bullish it hurts!

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Looks like CNBC has removed their comment section.  Just like Reuters did about a year ago. Marketwatch has moderated and edited it's comments to the point of having the same effect.

We do indeed live in an Orwellian world.  Where dissenting voices will not be tolerated.  

Free speech exists only for the media propaganda.  

I guess they hope their lies become truth when no one else can have a voice.

LawsofPhysics's picture

I noticed that too.  Having fun lately pointing that out to my liberal friends with respect to "fake news".

corporatewhore's picture

If things are so great why aren't the phones ringing at work?

NugginFuts's picture

Which end of the bull is this again?


Oh, never mind. BUY BUY BUY!!!! Must keep market from reflecting reality!!!!!

Herdee's picture

Everyone thinks that the U.S. Dollar will climb IF there's an interest rate increase.

NugginFuts's picture

"Buy the rumor, sell the news"?

Due North's picture

I suppose it isn't a recession if no one is calling it a recession.....

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Help hammer those numbers down. Stop buying anything non-essential, except for cash, from Mom and Pop stores, until February.

Hold off on spending anything on non-essentials until Trump's first full month in office, February. That way the consumer economy collapses at the end of the Obamanation and then surges to life in Trump's triumph.

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My "song" remains the same:  the GreatER Depression, CONTINUING since 2007/08.

It's a P-R-O-C-E-S-S and  . . . this is possibly just the end of the beginning!