Northwest Braces For "Polar Plunge" As Temps Expected To Fall 35 Degrees Below Average

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As Al Gore's battle against the ever elusive ManBearPig rages on, forecasters with the national weather service are warning residents of the Northwestern United States to brace for severe record low temperatures of up to 35 degrees below average and extremely heavy snowfall. 

Polar Plunge


Of course, the winter storm expected to hit over the next couple of days will only add to the agony of those in Chicago who were already hit with the biggest "fall" snowstorm in 75 years.  Per WJBC, O'Hare airport got 6.4 inches of snow on Sunday which passed the previous record of 4.8 inches set back in November 1940.

State Climatologist Jim Angel said Sunday’s snowfall total was the heaviest snow accumulation for a fall-winter season’s first snow at O’Hare International Airport and likely other sites as well.


“It was the greatest first-of-the-season daily total for Chicago at O’Hare Airport,” Angel said. “That’s the biggest one-day jump to the winter snowfall season.”


Sunday’s 6.4 inches of snowfall at O’Hare blew past the old Chicago record of 4.8 inches in November of 1940.

Meanwhile, North Dakota families woke up this morning to massive levels of snow accumulation, 30-40 mph winds and temperatures of -30 degrees. 

Polar Plunge


Per the following video from Weather Nation, 55-mph winds, combined with heavy snowfall, created white-out conditions across much of the state.


Per, the onset of extreme winter weather was brought on courtesy of a huge jet stream of Arctic air that is expected to sweep across the entire country this week...

It comes after it was forecast on Monday the arrival of massive cold wilds from the west started to push temperatures down from coast to coast.


'Frigid air from the depths of the Arctic will plunge into the United States as the jet stream (a fast-river of air along which storms travel) drops southward,' the online forecaster stated.


The freezing winds are expected to impact temperatures in the Midwest on Wednesday and Thursday, before the east coast cops it on Friday.

Polar Plunge


...bringing record low temperatures reaching nearly -30 degrees in certain areas...

Polar Plunge


...and snow accumulating to over 2 feet in certin parts of the Northwest all the way to Colorado.

Polar Plunge

And just because it seems appropriate, we conclude with Al Gore's epic warning of the "single biggest threat to our planet," global warming (aka ManBearPig).

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ghostfaceinvestah's picture

It's called "climate change" now.

CheapBastard's picture

Gee, I hope all those Global Warmng folks didn't buy another air conditioner on Black Friday expecting that Al Gore Heat Wave.

max2205's picture

And spy will hit new AT  highs and natgas and vix AT lows

It's what we do 

greenskeeper carl's picture

This will be global warming, too. Just watch. When we had warmer than usual winters, they had 'experts' on TV saying it was caused by global warming and this weather pattern proved they were right, that regular winter snowfall would soon be a thing of the past as the planet warms. Then something like this happens, and they trot out the very same experts who say that large, record breaking snowstorms like this are caused by global warming, since there is more moisture in the atmosphere, as though weather systems their theories said were a thing of the past appearing proves those theories were right. Makes sense if you don't think about it.

It's heads I win, tails you lose with these people. Nothing you say or they observe will convince them otherwise. Besides, this is about taxing the world's functional economies, not the weather. That's just the excuse.

techpriest's picture

The thing is, with "warming" there are so many things that can happen that you really can spin pretty much anything as climate change.

In the case of record snow, based on the principles of hygrometry, there is a point where it is too cold to snow (the air can't hold water, usually below -10), so warming would actually mean more snow in some areas. Or it could mean that the direction of the jet stream shifts, etc. etc.

Like I said, depending on the conclusion you want, there is either no evidence or overwhelming evidence. Me, I don't believe in the anti-humanism that underlies contemporary environmentalism.

manofthenorth's picture

Same thing happens every year here in the far north.

We call it winter.

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture

~"We call it winter."~




Nope. I just can't get the hang of it. Must be one of them new-fangled Canadian words. [GROAN!] Oh, I'll never learn a new language!

Ms No's picture

Does this mean we get our coal fire power back now?  These idiots are just helping them control and centralize products we need to survive.  With the forced expenditures in incredibly expensive scrubbers there is nothing coming out of those smoke stacks anymore and I want my future energy to be cheap. 


ebworthen's picture

"OMFG!  It's Weather!  Can't we do something about this!

Can we not change the orbit of the planets! 

I mean, after all, isn't humanity omniscient?!?!"

/s (dumb monkeys)

risk.averse's picture

Does this mean we get our coal fire power back now?

The residents of the state of South Australia (population 2 million approx) would certainly love to have their coal-fired power station back. It was bull-dozed when the Greenie-loving state politicians made a big foray into renewable energy sources -- chiefly wind power. All very fuzzy and nice *until* the storm of last September that knocked out transmission lines connecting the wind turbines to distribution centers. Also, the transmission line bringing backup power from the neighbouring state of Victoria (where most power is coal-sourced) was knocked out as well. Result: the *entire* state of South Australia was blacked-out for many hours.

In addition to the downed transmission towers, SA's pride and joy -- the shiny new wind turbines -- had to be shutdown as a protective measure because the wind speed was excessive. Useless as tits on a bull, as they say Down Under.

The state politicians naturally refused to accept responsibility. "Oh, it was a rare extreme event...nothing could have been provision could have been made". Utter BS. South Australia has the most expensive electricity out of the 6 Australia states. Businesses are shutting down and moving out because of the expense. Now, they have the unreliability to deal with as well.

SA has very little "base-load" power. It's  reckless in the extreme. Only last May, they shutdown their last coal-fired powerstation at Port Augusta. It was a big media event with SA pollies trumpeting their green creds.

Did the Greenies see the event as cause to re-assess their blind devotion to green "solutions"? Not a chance --

The Australian Conservation Foundation welcomed the report and said it highlighted the need for a national plan to guide the country’s transition to clean energy.

“At present what is clear is the transition to clean renewable energy remains central to Australia’s efforts to address global warming and it also offers enormous opportunities for jobs and investment,” ACF’s Suzanne Harter said.

She said last week’s events should not scare Australians but prompt them to better understand what’s required to transition to clean energy.

“Let’s not forget, Australia’s reliance on coal for electricity is fuelling climate change, which means we can expect more extreme heat, more flooding and more big storms,” she said.


StychoKiller's picture

Two to three days ago, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped to around 15 degs F!

It was like walking into a freezer.  Unfortunately, here in SW Minnesota, it's gonna stay that

way until the end of March.

HRH Feant's picture

It's called Canuckian! Don't ya have that Google thingy where you live?

Squid Viscous's picture

you don't have to live there, unless you're a polar bear dipshit

Ms No's picture

Somebody forgot to tell ND that it can't snow in -10.  I have probably seen it a hundred times.  Furthermore, we were told, this year, by CNN and NPR that it was going to be 150-160 (I know this because of the one individual I know that gets all of their info from those two sources)  degrees in the ME in a couple of years.  It will not be 150 in the ME in a couple years, because it's all BS.  Gore and "all of science" told us just a handful of years ago that we wouldn't even be seeing snow in 2016.

Not only is it BS but the sun is in charge and is shutting down for a historic minimum as a result of that our cosmic radiation is increasing very rapidly and you will be seeing, and have already been seeing and increase in meteors making it through our shields which are hugging closer to the earth.  Of course, the "real news" will not be saying shit about this.

Stratospheric radiation up over 12%, right on schedule for solar minimum.

Next to nothing going on with the sun:

Massive increase in meteors right on schedule:

The uptick in earthquakes and volcanic activity is most likely related as well.  This can cause additional cooling.  They have shuttered coal just in the nick of time, for their own interests anyway.  Furthermore, we are not even entirely sure what is in the core of our planet.  Their iron core theory isn't entirely fitting all of the other facts.  Some people believe that we have a plasma core.  Who the hell knows, they lie about everything.



Short Change's picture

Although the premise of this article is laughable (see it's cold outside, therefore climate change is a hoax).  You are spot on about the solar minimum.  There is a possibility that we could see a mini ice age in the next decade.  But let's be clear - that wouldn't disprove greenhouse gas theory, it just proves that the climate is a complicated beast. 

Ms No's picture

It doesn't disprove the greenhouse gas theory on it's own but we know that before a solar minimum the sun will often act up with strong flares and things can get hot and active with extra energy being put into the system, assuming it ever really did get hot, as they claim it did.  The problem is that they have shoved this under the rug because it explains environmental phenomena that they have been attributing to greenhouse gases.  So although it won't disprove the theory it is going to be a big problem for the theory.  This is why it is not even being discussed.  Right now we have a major storm and we have had many record snows and early snows in other countries and this provides a great sensationalist story, that we all know the Weather Channel thrives on. 

This sensationalist story could also be combined the very real occurrence of a solar minimum and yet they aren't saying shit.  A little strange isn't it?  Why are these weather channels costing themselves ratings and these weather monitoring gov agencies neglecting their to duty to inform and educate the public?  Because they are lying and they can't fly their global warming in the face of a solar minimum.  Solar cycles are extremely well recorded and understood and it will blow their cover.  Global warming was an admitted ploy that was launched by and for the purposes of globalism. 

StychoKiller's picture

So, yer saying that the MSM "weather" channels are lying too?  Whocouldanode? :>D

detached.amusement's picture

Whilst one cant tax the sun, one can misrepresent its impacts in the GCMs, and overstress other aspects that might be taxable.

We've been watching that scientific malfeasance for too long now.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Ms No Dec 8, 2016 1:36 AM

Ms. No, I agree! The sun has a helluva lot more effect on the earth than us puny little mouth breathers. I love the short updates on Utube from SuspiciousObserver. Great site! I also enjoyed hearing Jim Berkland report on how the moon and tides were related to earthquakes. How? As always, basic science. Of course these modern scientists are considered heretics by the folks at USGS and NASA. So what? Real scienctists are always ahead of their time and dissed by their peers and called heretics. Good. Their ideas will be either completely dismissed or accepted as valid. Time will tell.

XCantrekker's picture

You know that large trapezoidal province that sits above North Dakota called Saskatchewan, it Just announced the warmest November in recorded history (150 years). So, some places are getting warmer, and some places are getting colder. Poor old Manitoba and places east and south of there are battening down for pure Arctic.

Short Change's picture

Trying to explain this to people that only understand black and white concepts is a truly futile undertaking.

Justin Case's picture

Lookin forward to planting bananas and coconuts here in Ontario. Save me flyin to Philippines and livin with the outlaws just for bananas and coconut milk.

Squid Viscous's picture

green grass and high tides, forever!

TruthHunter's picture

The Al Gore heat wave is in the Arctic. It's 35 to 50 degrees ABOVE normal. Of course out of sight out of works if you want to mine fossil fuels like there's no tomorrow.


We were looking for WMD's in Sadaam's closet and then we were launching Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Same thing right?

Sudden Debt's picture

It's called winter.

Climate change my ass!!


And the answer lies in 2 things:

1. Wine: in the middel ages, wine was grown in Belgium and the climate was more like the climate of mid France now.

Now, temperatures are climbing back up. Not abnormal.

2. Most drought in the entire world are because people pump up entire rivers for industrial and private use. Well yeah... If you pump it dry and after that complain about the fackt that nothing flows through anymore...


Climate changes every century a bit and sometimes a lot.

CheapBastard's picture

The truth is too microaggressive.


Go stand in the corner.

MFL5591's picture

Its called Chemtrails stupid!

JuliaS's picture

Instead of taxing carbon, tax snoflakes... yes, those ones.

TheRideNeverEnds's picture

I often wonder what life was like prior to industrialization when the climate was static. This whole seasons thing is pretty inconvenient. It's either too warm out for retail shopping or too cold out for retail shopping, never seems quite right. Just yesterday in fact, I was thinking about heading to the store for some purchases but putting on a jacket is too much of a hassle so I stayed home.

Falconsixone's picture

The Donner party were breathing to hard and caused 10/20' of snow and had to eat people until the co2 level went down.

steelhead23's picture

Yes, and a dozen U.S. cities enjoyed the warmest October on record this year.  It isn't like it's snowing in July.

So, would you like a bit of climate science?  Cold outbreaks in the central U.S. are nothing new, but there have been a few events that carried much further southward than usual and lasted longer over the past several years.  Is the earth getting colder?  No.  Might these events have something to do with global climate change?  Maybe.  Dr. Jennifer Francis has produced a very interesting theory that could explain anomalies like this cold snap and last summer's flooding in Houston that is indeed related to climate change.  Basically, she argues that Arctic Amplification is causing the northern subtropical jet stream to slow and show greater wave amplitude - which leads to slow moving weather and deeper excursions of the polar gyre into the U.S.  Here's a link.  Guys, this is a scientist, with no clear political agenda.  She may be wrong, but she also may be right.  Down arrow me all you want, but first watch this. and if you want more detail, this:

MisterMousePotato's picture

" ... explain anomalies like ... last summer's flooding in Houston that is indeed related to climate change."

The fuck is wrong with you?!?

It floods every other year in Houston, and has since the dawn of time. Sometimes worse than last summer.

Am I the only one who can remember what happened last week?

steelhead23's picture

The fuck is wrong with you?!? 

I read and have an open mind.  Watch those vids.

detached.amusement's picture

Yes, tell us again how branches of trees reach into the ground for water without any roots?

boattrash's picture

I don't care what you call it, but I hope it freezes a LOT of snowflakes outta the picture...

Muddy1's picture

Damn global warming, er global climate change, er global climate disruption.  WHATEVER, blame Trump, sarcasm

1980XLS's picture

It's Climate change.

That way they can cover their bases. (Voting Bases)

AlphaSeraph's picture

Bring back Global Warming

Make Global Warming Great Again

centerline's picture

No kidding.  I am in Central Florida.  Was looking forward to beachfront property.  Killing my real estate plan here.

DetectiveStern's picture

On a similar subject. WTF happened to acid rain? I haven't heard it mentioned for years.

SixIsNinE's picture

you didn't read the fake news at Washington Post?  Oblammo's War on Coal killed acid rain.  Chalk up another one for the Elitist IN Chief

techpriest's picture

There was a pretty simple technology brought in to deal with sulfur emissions: Send the flue gas through a series of bubble trays so that it contacts water, and you scrub out all of the sulfur. Add electrostatic precipitators to catch the fly ash, and you pretty much have only CO2 and H2O coming out of the stack. It costs, but it can be done.

MisterMousePotato's picture

Yeah. When was the last time you heard the word "Halliburton?"

Hint: It's gonna start again in about 40 days. That, and "the homeless."

I have so missed Cindy Sheehan and Code Pink. It'll be nice seeing them again.

Dimwit's picture

Well here's some people who agree with you,chill out and enjoy the music.

Yen Cross's picture

 Joe La Vorgna says so. He's giving  Bob PissONme a BJ as I type.

centerline's picture

It's Canadas fault.  We should invade Canada.

NurseRatched's picture

How high will the Canadian wall be in order to keep that damn cold air where it belongs? Damn frostbacks are ruining this country!

Midas's picture

If they get Handyman Red Green to build the wall we are screwed.