From 65 Days To 9 Hours - The Incredible Shrinking Life Of Market Crashes

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The opportunity to buy the crash-event dip has diminished dramatically in the last year.

As JPMorgan's Marko Kolanovic notes, the market's response to recent major catalysts has become progressively shorter (as measured by time to recovery)

It appears the machines (and the humans) are learning... this is easy! At what point do the central bankers decide this kind of one-sided coin tossing is not 'safe'.

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equilibrium always wins in the end

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Wish i'd laid off the beer , i was on a promise.

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Looks like I picked a bad time to stop sniffing glue!

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Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) Jim Sampson Dec 8, 2016 3:46 PM

Love it when you guys get all crashy on muh.

Entering Season 9 of a bull market built on QE steam power. What could go wrong?

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You'd almost think that someone believes that debt is going to be restructured globally.
Someone named "king of debt" elected president somewhere?

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like all popular shows that make it this many seasons---the public interest begins to wane and the story becomes predictable and repetitious---kind of like the incessant upward move in the markets.  It's time to cancel this "show".

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Does it bother anyone when currencies change by 1% or 1.4% in a matter of an hour?  That's trillions with a capital T.

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Draybin Deffercon III (not verified) Stuck on Zero Dec 8, 2016 4:05 PM

What muh worry?

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Nick Hopewell: The sun is setting. It's going faster now, isn't it?

Captain Brian Engle: Yeah. After awhile I think the days and nights (dips) will be going faster than a camera shutter can click...

[/The Langoliers]

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Only one analyst on Wall Street has been calling every market turn and here is the proof.




FB post…showing QQQ chart from Dec 2nd  





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Here is further proof they are the only reliable analyst.





MarketWatch aticle on Goldman.


A bearish market watch article                             


See the contradictions?



Watch this video. It shows the corruptness behind market watch.


Then compare the only analyst who is actually correctly calling the equity direction and oil and gold




FB post…showing QQQ chart from Dec 2nd 


_______________________________  ______________________________________________


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Excellent.  They ahve been nailing the markets. 

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fuck elliott wave theory in the ass with a big rubber dildo...technicals stopped working a decade ago when they started to become mainstream.  This market trades on psychology and max pain.

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Who, other than insiders and the pro's were able to buy the Trump bump? Besides, it wasnt 16 hours as I have screenshots on S&P futes down 1000 Dow points around 1:30-2 am EST and it started to turn after 2 and never looked back. How many people were calling their Broker or trying to log into their "trading" platform to BTFD? My guess is its as close to single digits as one could get. ZH'rs excluded of course!

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Very true. I went to bed down lock-limit 250 points on the Nasdaq, got an alert down 150, was down 80 3 minutes before the open, and then jumped 90 points in 5 minutes. No human bought that

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I was up all night and I could not buy anything in the after/pre market between the 8's---8pm to 8am est.  I helplessly watched the markets roar the time the markets opened at 9:30, they were going green and gold was only up a little bit on the way to its massive dump.

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Internet time.  Fake news will make it even faster...

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Damn those Russian algos...... 

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I'm craving borscht and vodka --- help

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Nuclear war Dow 40K in 4 hours, but you voted Trump...

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Rally will make it hard for Trump to have an up year in the markets after in office. maybe by design

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But it's not rigged.

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They threw "safe" out the window long ago. They actively advertise it's a one-sided coin toss every day

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This looks like one big troll, where every sell-off is a big fake-out that's accelerating in speed.  The thing about trolled markets is that, as soon as everyone start's expecting every sell-off to turn into an instant rebound, the opposite starts happening.

If the Fed hikes I'm guessing we'll see a sell-off followed by a quick fake-out bounce...but then the real selling starts.  Bullls be warned...You're in the Troll's crosshairs.

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Is this a joke? The Italy move was 0.5%   zzzzzzzzz