China to Fine or Shut Down Websites That Publish Fake News

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Reuters is reporting that new 'fake news' fighting policies are being enacted in the Xinjiang province of China,  in an effort by the Chinese to push back against those who like to post 'harmful' information online, which do not adhere to government rules.

The new rules include, thou shall not post information that might be construed as "harmful to national security", "destructive of religious harmony", that "spreads ethnic hatred and division" or "seeks to overthrow the socialist system."

 If, in fact, this were to happen and the website owner was cited for violating the law, said website owner would be subject to fines up to $72,700 and a total shut down of the site.

China will fine anyone who spreads fake news in its western region of Xinjiang, state media has reported, as part of new measures to maintain stability in an area prone to ethnic unrest.

China says it faces a serious threat from separatist Islamist militants in Xinjiang, which borders central Asia, Afghanistan and Pakistan, and is home to the largely Muslim Uighur minority group.

Hundreds of people have been killed in violence there in recent years, but rights groups say at the root of the trouble are government policies that repress the religious and economic freedoms of the people.

The new rules, adopted by Xinjiang's regional parliament, allow for fines of as much as 500,000 yuan ($72,700) for website operators who create, compile, spread, release or copy information considered harmful or false.

The regulations, which go into effect on Saturday, aim to "prevent and punish the online spread of false news" that might "disturb social stability", the newspaper said.

After riots in Xinjiang's capital, Urumqi, in 2009, the government cut off internet to the city, only restoring full access 10 months later.

The buzzwords 'fake news' have been all the rage ever since Donald Trump upset H. Clinton during the elections -- something no one in the main stream media saw coming -- fueled by rigged polls. Immediately after he won, Obama and the main stream media blamed disinformation, through socials like Twitter and Facebook, as one of the primary causes of Hillary's defeat. In recent days, the rhetoric surrounding fake news has reached a new fevered pitch, after an alleged gunman walked into Comet Pizza to investigate Pizzagate. Both Facebook and Twitter have said they will do their part to fight this new evil force, through the explicit censorship of their platforms. Interestingly, after the elections, the Chinese state media published an 'I told you so' oped , pushing for the U.S. to censor news and to regulate the information flowing freely across the internet. Shortly thereafter, as if taking orders from above, the fake news narrative took off in the U.S. trends Fake News searches, Google Trends

The truth is, branding news as 'fake' and creating rules to censor it, by using the excuse of  'protecting the people', is just another scheme by governments to control the narrative by regulating what information its citizens consume. Some serious examples of fake news, disseminated by government controlled media organizations in America, but not reported as such, include the following.

  • The attack on the Benghazi Embassy was because local head cutters in the region were pissed off over a youtube video.
  • Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
  • Hillary Clinton had a 99% chance of beating Donald Trump.
  • Obamacare would lower the cost of healthcare and you could keep your Doctor.
  • The Russians were interfering in our elections.
  • The 'rebels' in Syria were the good guys.
  • Saudi Arabia did nothing wrong.
  • The Iran nuclear deal was good.
  • The Clinton Foundation was a great charity.
  • Globalism helps middle class Americans.
  • Trump supporters are racist klansmen.
  • The 'Hands Up, Don't Shoot' narrative in Ferguson that started Black Lives Matter movement.

The list goes on and on. Feel free to add your own in the comments section.

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"The new rules include, thou shall not post information that might be construed as "harmful to national security", "destructive of religious harmony", that "spreads ethnic hatred and division" or "seeks to overthrow the socialist system."

.... or that compare national leaders to famous bears: 

Note: this being the internet and all, I have no way to know if this is fake or real newsI'm not even sure if I'm real anymore.  This may all be just a bad dream.

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I'm fast becoming a fan of The_Real_Fly. He (or she) seems to always cover topics that are right in my line of fire. Rock on, Fly!

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Is that the one that landed on Hillary's face?  I should imagine it's dead by now, so this is probably a fake fly.  Speaking of fake flies, I have dozens of plastic novelty flies that I bought at the dollar store.  Those things are much funnier and far more versatile than the hillarious fake dog poo China is well known for.

People don't realize this, but China is a very funny place.  Just be aware that, much like bears, Chinese don't like being made fun of, so be prepared to tell a good joke if someone asks why you're laughing so hard.

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I guess trump is right--- the Red Chinese are piloting the ship of state under Obama...

Let's see what Trump does... he can drive the censors and little dictators out of business using anti-trust laws... crush 'em


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Entire news about China is fake. What are they going to shut down ?

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The Globalists' dismantling and offshoring of America has consequences, both at home and abroad. 

Robert Ringer said in 1979 that “the reality is that the communist has been allowed the luxury of keeping his collectivist cake, while eating off the fruits of capitalism.” And that luxury includes censorship of the rights to the freedoms that built capitalism, such as freedom of speech - to the freedom of expression both spoken and printed that without cripples innovation and “disfigures a nation’s intellectual and cultural life.”

It is extraordinary that our political leaders seldom distinguish between capitalism and communism, or recognize that it was the offshoring of America to China that enabled industrial growth in that nation.   Nor is it told that America’s economic downturn is the result of the globalist plan to give away U.S. patents, or the fact that by 2006, the U.S. Patent Office had placed 1,271,000 patent applications on the internet, creating a gold mine for China to steal U.S. innovations and get to market quickly, using in essence slave labor.

Globalism closed manufacturing in the USA and is costing Americans their freedom and standard of living. Globalism made a pact with the Red Chinese without insisting on democracy for her people. 

The price of globalism is high; the price is freedom, both for Americans and for the Chinese.

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Something that should be taken into account when dealing with present day China:

Today's leadership grew up during the Cultural Revolution and are part of what younger Chinese regard as "The Lost Generation"  - their education and social development being interrupted by years of turmoil, state propaganda and forced collectivism.  It's what America can expect when the current crop of Millennials assume control.  In that sense, China is actually ahead of us in that the younger generation is (privately) distainful of their ocogenarian leaders, whereas in the west we're just starting down the road of political correctness, as witnessed by the reaction to HRC being Trumped.  There are no special snowflakes in China. Young people there understand that hard work and determination are the only way to advance in life.

In short, America's youth are at the same cultural and intellectual dead-end as China's aging leadership.  Differences exist of course (LGBT for example.) but the overiding attitude of "we know what's best for you" is there in abundance.

Young Chinese are more practical and far less dogmatic than their elders - the exact opposite of the situation in the West.  This is a major factor to consider in the years ahead as China's leadership is gradually replaced by people with less ideological baggage and a more open attitude to the outside world.



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George Zimmerman was acquitted because of Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law.

No, it was classic self-defense, recognized in all jurisdictions.

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What, no obligatory "Sum Ting Wong" post?

Slipping people, slipping.

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They only fine the owners of websites a measly $72k for spreading Islamic extremism? Try doing that in the US and see what happens. Unless you're Rita Katz or the MSM, there's a whole library of laws that could land you in Gitmo or the local slammer. The Patriot Act, CISA and H.R.6393 to name but a few.

But hey, let's have hysterics over the totalitarian Chinese for handing out fines for "fake news". You can't make this shit up and the sheep just keep lapping it up. Even seasoned ZHers are parroting the same crap. I always said the establishment Plan B for WWIII was a pivot in the East with the drip, drip, drip of demonization and hatred. Fuck that. I didn't argue against conflict with Russia just so the same establishment fucks could start a war with China.

Fucking amazing how easily people are led to war with fake outrage, fake news, fake sense of superiority and fake injustice. It always starts with disdain, hatred, dehumanization and demonization before the bullets and bombs fly.

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I don't see anyone in hysterics over this happening in China. Seems like a return to 'normalcy' after communist Obama started some "shit that would only happen in red China".

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I think it's more due to the Chinese are much cautious and tend to be anticipative much in advance to avoid any trouble, to preserve social stability and harmony not because the control is anything slipped away. The foreign-funded extremists have little chance there, and if they do try, the counteraction will be the immediate uprooted eradication. The local authority are much in control, the administration & citizen ID registration are neat in order, and security forces are alert and well-equipped. So I'll say the foreign-induced radicals have very slim chance to create trouble there.

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Read it.

Learned something.

That's it for the day.


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In the US, the Fake News hysteria is being ginned up to prevent anyone from questioning Man Made Global Warming. The alleged science behind it is corrupt; so we are not allowed to even question it.

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Someone is sure putting a lot of effort into the squirrel population.

More Pizza?

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I guess they'll be shutting down cnn, nyt, wapo, abc etc. They already shut down Yahoo and google long ago. That was a good start.

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so we are turning chinese and everyone should own baba?

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Good, just goes to further show the world that you cannot trust the Chinese!!!!

same as it ever was...

Arnold's picture

Despite seepage, we don't know any thing that is going on in China,

Much less trust government produced economic numbers, despite IMF assurances.


Gosh we think this from experience.


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Funny! Thats what the world says about Americans too.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Sure, and yet, here we are...


Same as it ever was sucker.

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Hey! Our dirty shirts are the cleanest in town.

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I would have posted my comment at the very top, but couldn't stop laughing for the last hour since this story was posted. Oh yeah - the open society, religious liberty loving, freedom of speech advocating MAOIST BUTCHERS are cracking down on fake news? They ARE the fake news. The whole Chinese facade is a Marxist / Maoist DUPE. There's not much more that I'm looking forward to in the next 4 years than to watch Trump spin these LYING Maoist hypocrite Christian-murdering, dissident suppressing dipshits like one of their own cheap ass tin tops.

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"The whole Chinese facade is a Marxist / Maoist DUPE."

You'd be mistaken if you thought communism was the source of this nonsense.  China has always had authoritarian rulers.  The communist party is simply maintaining that tradition.