Consumer Confidence Soars To 11-Year Highs (As Inflation Expectations Near Record Lows)

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Americans' confidence in Current Conditions have not been higher than this since July 2005 following Donald Trump's election.

Hope also surged to 2 year highs...


Despite a drop in both short- and long-term inflation expectations...


It seems not everyone is buying th Trumpflation exuberance.

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DuneCreature's picture

Dear, Abby

I just took away Ms Creature's debit card just before Xmas.

Was that a wise move?

Live Hard, Signed, A Worried Fiscal Conservative, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

rccalhoun's picture

Dear Dune,


Ms Creature may withhold certain physical benefits.




ps  why did you marry in the first place?



DuneCreature's picture

Dear, Abby

Who said anything about being married? .. We're in love.

I told her Xmas isn't about money and she started running her fingers through my hair and rubbing me over the head and shoulders all up close and personal like. .. It looks like all my physical benefits are surviving Xmas intact.

She said she was looking for fresh bumps or bruises and may consider having me committed for observation but wouldn't if I came to my senses and coughed up her debit card.

Thank you for talking me down from my silly conservative fiscal position, Abby. You have saved a wonderful, if lopsided relationship.

Signed, Poorer But Wiser

p.s. Did the little snake pay you with plastic? ... How in the hell did she do that?

Live Hard, It Is The Metaphysical Benefits That Concern Me Most, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

JRev's picture

I went to the shit-tier "school" known as the University of Michigan for a breif period of time before dropping out in debt and disgust.

Spent a good deal of time around the Ross School of NeoKeynesianism snowflakes who write this shit.

I wouldn't trust them to count, let alone with graphing software.

dimwitted economist's picture


Talk about FAKE News!!!!! omg....

Everything is Fucking Wonderful!!!!!!

You have Now Entered the Twilight Zone!

Buckle Up Bitches...

CHoward's picture

I'm not prone to be a naysayer but I firmly believe (huge gut feeling) that all this "confidence" will soon becoming to an abupt end. 

silverer's picture

Based simply on reality. Let's face it. You are right. It's like helicoptering in a different captain for the Titanic AFTER it hits the iceberg.

markar's picture

4k flat screens dropping like a rock. Must mean no inflation.


SidSays's picture

Sarc appreciated...

The things you want will get much cheaper....

but the things you need will get much more costly.


silverer's picture

Gotta keep the propaganda equipment as cheap as possible. New TV's measure Marxist propaganda absorption, record your conversations, so help the psych folks design better programs to control your attitude, thinking, and compliance with the official narrative.

de3de8's picture

Sheeple are simple creatures.

Consuelo's picture



The 'Consumer Confidence' may as well be re-phrased:


- 'Feelings indicator'

- 'Mood swing indicator'

- 'PMS' indicator

- 'Triggered' indicator

- Jerk-off indicator (you still end up with nothing)


All based upon the same brand of ether.

youarelost's picture

July 2005... 5 months later housing began the long descent in Dec 2005

hotrod's picture

Wow, things are so great out there we elected an entirely different animal

silverer's picture

The shadow government's mainstream media will credit Obama, pull the plug on Trump the day after he's sworn in. They want everyone to be "so sorry" they didn't vote in an ultra left wing Marxist super heroine.

Threnody's picture

Love that second graph.  Alternate title - "Visual Represensation of the Evolution of Lying"  

  You can't very well combat something for which you no longer have a word....
Prices are affected by many variables, some natural, some induced.   Fiat cash induced influence to increase prices (in varying classes of good to varying degrees over variable time) used to be "inflation."
You can hide a whole lotta "inflation" under, say, natural declines in prices due to manufacturing cost improvements over time (just think about THAT hidden iceberg for a moment.... on second thought, better not), or the debacle of other currencies, etc. etc.

Eat your veggies.  Read your Mises 

Vardaman's picture

Higher than B.O. (before obumble)? That's just rayciss...

orangegeek's picture

bull fucking shit

Heiman Van Rockerchild's picture

Not only fake news, but a fraud and breach of fiduciary duty, a crime against the people!

StreetObserver's picture

Damn right my confidence is high! Going to get some made in America Michelin tires, a new iMac computer, new clothes, a new 50 year warranty roof, a new video camera and restock the liquor cabinet.

That all happens in February, Trump's first full month in office.

Meanwhile, I'm taking the trouble to walk into the gas station office and pay in cash so that my credit card charges are practically zero for the next two months.


FreedomGuy's picture

It's just hope and change. Wait, that was the last guy.

Now, it is hope for change. It's not a big deal, yet but if people feel good they act differently.

francis scott falseflag's picture


Consumer Confidence Soars to 11 Year Highs


Print up some more deeds to the Brooklyn Bridge.

You got to strike while the iron's hot.