GDP Hope Fades As Wholesale Inventories Tumble Most In 8 Months

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For the 3rd month in a row , wholesale inventories dropped year-over-year (tumbling 0.4% MoM in October, the most since February) casting modest shadows on the Q4 GDP hope. Sales surged however, jumping 1.4% in October (double the 0.7% increase expected). Overall this reduced the critical inventories-to-sales ratio but it remains at notable cyclical highs.

The 3rd monthly decline in inventories YoY will not help GDP but wholesale sales surged most since Oct 2014...


Pushing inventories to sales lower - but still in notably recessionary territory...


The big question remains, what happens when the China credit impulse/US Govt spending flourish fades.

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wholesale inventories dropped because sales surged.  hike rates 100 bp today!   dow 30000

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Could happen or Christmas could end with a buyer's crash.. This need a longer term weighting to base a solid conclusion on.. PLACE YOUR BETS LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

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But a high inventories/sales ratio means recession.  This is great news!

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Another pointless Zerohedge headline.  You guys are pathetic.

BabaLooey's picture says someone that wants to fuck Janet Yellen.

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Count me in.  I've been married 30 years.  What does fuck mean?

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good to see a sense of humor--it is humor, right?

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don't worry final GDP will come in at 3.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001

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That would be awesome if that was the official number as Obama orders a 3+ number. Well, fine, you black faggot! 3.(a million 0s)1

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Adding faggot is a nice touch.  Very classy.  Now go back to scratching your balls.

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It is officially not official that our non-recession recession is not over, over.

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LOL.  ZH been pounding away at the sales/inventories ratio for what, 3 years.  Now we get that cross and Tyler still complains.

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So, consumer confidence soars based on....??

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Looks like the inventory to sales ratio has been improving over the past year. Looks like the peak, which indicates recession, is behind us.

The bear market was late last year, and everyone here missed it.

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Looks like the economy is improving, earnings are 15% higher next year.

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And even if they are down 15%, the DOW will be up 22% so let's not waste a lot of time on those silly numbers..

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permanent PE multiple expansion.

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Trump supporting merchants are selling down their inventories and refusing to order or pay for anything new until Trump's term starts and he can get the credit for the spending surge.

Weaponize your spending.