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It's happening. After careful analysis of all the media punditry and the 'leaks' coming out from the CIA, I can only conclude that there is a concerted effort taking place to invalidate the U.S. elections, in an effort to unseat Donald Trump. Last night the Washington Post reported a leak from inside the CIA, saying they had a report that showed evidence that Russia hacked the elections in order to elect Donald Trump. They're being very specific about that point. Pay attention.

Source: Reuters
The CIA has concluded that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help President-elect Donald Trump win the White House, and not just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system, the Washington Post reported on Friday.

Citing U.S. officials briefed on the matter, the Post said intelligence agencies had identified individuals with connections to the Russian government who provided thousands of hacked emails from the Democratic National Committee and others, including the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign, to WikiLeaks.

The officials described the individuals as people known to the intelligence community who were part of a wider Russian operation to boost Trump and reduce Clinton's chances of winning the election.


"It is the assessment of the intelligence community that Russia’s goal here was to favor one candidate over the other, to help Trump get elected," the Post quoted a senior U.S. official as saying. "That's the consensus view."

The Post said the official had been briefed on an intelligence presentation made by the Central Intelligence Agency to key U.S. senators behind closed-doors last week.

The CIA, in what the Post said was a secret assessment, cited a growing body of evidence from multiple sources. Briefers told the senators it was now "quite clear" that electing Trump was Russia's goal, the Post quoted officials as saying on condition of anonymity.

In October, the U.S. government formally accused Russia of a campaign of cyber attacks against Democratic Party organizations ahead of the Nov. 8 presidential election.

President Barack Obama has said he warned Russian President Vladimir Putin about consequences for the attacks. But Russian officials have denied all accusations of interference in the U.S. election.

A CIA spokeswoman said the agency had no comment on the report.

In response to the Washpo article, the Trump campaign issued the following statement.

"These are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction," Trump's representatives said in a statement attributed to the transition team. "The election ended a long time ago ... It's now time to move on and 'Make America Great Again.'"

Bob Baer, former CIA and current 'Hunting Hitler' shill, said in an interview today that if the evidence regarding Russia hacking the elections are true, then the only logical thing to do is to hold new elections.

 'If the evidence is there, I don't see any other way than to vote again.'  


Bear in mind, this is all in response to the Wikileaks revelations about the abject corruptness of both the DNC and the Hillary Clinton camp, via the Podesta emails. Instead of offering an explanation for their egregious actions, the elite cadre inside of the Clinton camp have instead gone on the offensive to blame the messenger. The media is running with this story with long strides, not only suggesting that Russia hacked the elections, but also saying Trump was -- in fact -- a 'witting asset' of Moscow. What's next, an arrest order for Trump and his campaign staff for being covert Russian spies?

 'This nation was attacked by a cyber warfare operation. '

Whatever happened to the smug certainty that the elections wouldn't be rigged? I suppose what Obama meant was they wouldn't be rigged had Hillary won, yes? Paul Joseph Watson offers some valuable insight, in regards to the naked hypocrisy of America's ruling elite.


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The CIA has been infiltrated by the marxist NWO fucks, which includes the musloid brohoodies. They've been fucking over the US citizen and working for the NWO since their creation.

monad's picture

The Clintons cost the Clintons the election. Selecting HRC and cheating Sanders cost the dims their credibility. Totalitarianism is the Statist rats' goal, not America's. Debt and Lies are their weapons. Know your Enemy.

Mike Masr's picture

McCarthyism redux 2016

Lorca's Novena's picture

If they are able to invalidate the election....










BigSwingingJohnson's picture

We came.

We voted.

She's gone!


Rakksan's picture

And if electing D. Trump was the goal of Russia,what was the goal of the goofy E.U. ??????????

jcdenton's picture

Fake news or not ..

It is that time to take down the CIA .. [1]

Replace it with the ISA (Intelligence Support Agency) ..

This was envisioned by Ronald Reagan and primary transition team ..

From Nov. 2, 1980 to be implemented via EO 12333 ..

Beginning on Dec. 4, 1981 ..

Under Operation Stillpoint ..

National Security Decision, Directive 166 ..

Task Force Members: (beginning before inauguration on Jan. 20, 1981)

Bill Colby - OSS, former DCI
Bill Casey - OSS, DCI select
Vernon Walters - OSS, former DDCI, UN Amb. select
Lee Wanta - Totten Doctrine (1875) Secret Agent designate
William French Smith - AG select (with necessary explosions, people falling from the sky, blood curdling screams, usual mayhem)

[1] I was recruited myself. Upon active separation from the USMC in the summer of 1983. Among offers from other ABCs (FBI, DIA, NIS, NRO, NSA, et al) I decided instead to grow my hair as long as possible, daily surfing, playing loud music, go back to school, party, etc ..

Arnie Fife's picture

I had a secret meeting with my neighborhood watch team...

We decided that Hillary Clinton lost the election... because people on the far left wasted water during the summer watering their lawns...and washing their cars needlessly.

This meeting was so secret...that no sources for this information will ever be made public.

But you can take our word for it....It's absolutely the truth.

Hillary lost ....because of water being wasted by Liberals during the summer months.

Sambo's picture

CIA has been spreading disinformation since 1947. On Dec 19th we will know how many in the Electoral College have been subject to coercion by the Ciallary.

imprehensibli's picture

Canadian Journalist Eva Bartlett DESTROYS MSM FAKE NEWS ON SYRIA (please watch - important):

dogismycopilot's picture

Robert Baer let Osama attack the US throughout the Middle East. I don't give a shit if Baer thinks the sky is blue. This Farsi speaking piece of shit gave tens of millions of cash dollars - himself handing over money - to the Arab mujaheddin fighting the Soviets AND to the Pakistani controlled Taliban after. Robert Baer is and always will be a traitor to the US people no matter how much he lies and tries to tell people he was fighting terrorists.

Robert Baer has directly funded terrorists as a CIA employee.

How's that Afganistan thing working out for the US? Huh Bob? Dickhead.

Zoltan's picture


Who is dumb enough to buy this shit? /rhetorical

I have some faith that a majority have seen the light. Popcorn ready.

Good luck brothers.


Kina's picture

CIA.... Lets just pull this curtain back again. You  didn't see anything, right?

Now we demand a new election, because my mom said so, and she is in the Constitution.

Xena fobe's picture

The left should have learned to recognize lies during the Bush administration.  I sure did.  Now I have to see them at work freaking out in horror about Trump, the Russian spy.  Get a clue you imbecile leftards.

Cherubim's picture

If they try to invalidate the election, chaos will break out. 

It could be the Military and Trump vs. the CIA and Obama. 

Lets hope this whole thing is just baloney and TPTB are just going to complain loudly.

FedFunnyMoney's picture

You won't have the military. You can take that to the bank.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Dec 11, 2016 7:55 PM

So in the end, it has come down to this: Neither the Nazi Party of America nor the Mossad Party of America are really all that welcome anymore. No wonder the Russians are besides themselves, they not only have to deal with a persistent, never ending threat from the Germans (for the last 2,000 years) but since the beginning of the 20'th Century they have had to fight off a growing prescence from the Jews who would sincerely love to destroy them, for the original sin the Russian's did when they wiped out the Kazars in the 8'th Century. Don't forget if you kick one or the other out, then the need for it's counterbalance evaporates as well.

Here is what I see. Maybe once upon a time Eisenhower was so pissed at Army Intelligence for faking the missile gap, he created the CIA, which was then formalized into an operational element under Truman (both of whom, by the way, deeply regeretted their moves). But now, the twisted Machiavellian fuckers in the CIA have become so crazy that they are fighting the US Armed Forces with a proxy army. Where I come from, that is called treason. But the American people will have to decide for themselves.  Who do you trust more? American service men or spooks who operate beyond and above the law?

captain-nemo's picture

We are seeing a quiet coup.


If they invalidate the election it will become the biggest fucking scandal in american history. It will also become  a  scandal that america never ever will recover from.  If they decide to go down this road, there is no turning back. They better know what they are doing., because afterwards it's to late to regret. 

Sambo's picture

Trump voters from across the nation will march to Langley.

lakecity55's picture

.....afterwards, it's civil war.

Long ammo and rope!

EternalAnusocracy's picture

This is FAKE NEWS!  The MSM is pushing another fake story.  Let's see the actual evidence.......(crickets.....crickets.....) 

Ok..... unless the MSM can prove otherwise, this is a great example of FAKE NEWS™ ®

Gov No's picture

So, the CIA infiltrated lapdog mainstream media who refused to do their jobs and investigate Clinton and the DNC for their crimes, failures and corruptions are suggesting that the election be invalidated because SOMEONE finally had the initiative and balls to publicize Clinton's and the DNC's emails exposing all kinds of dirt that should serve to put lots of high profile political operatives in jail.  Whoever hacked those computers deserves a monument and a national holiday in their honor for awakening American voters and saving the nation from a Clinton presidency which would lead to economic ruin and very likely WW3 with Russia.

oncefired's picture

Trump has to clean all the Leaches out of State and the CIA. What a Bunch of fucking Crap!

TheAntiProgressive's picture

This is FAKE NEWS.  This is what a massive amount of Americans are starting to recognize.  Americans are being propagandized day in and day out with fake narratives and invented unsourced, undocumented "facts" from the intellegence "community".  This is totally rediculous and then endorsed with the never Trumper crowd in the Senate led by the warmongers Lindsey Graham and John McCain claiming in very measured tones how this is all fact when it isn't other wise they would trot it out which they won't citing national security concerns.  These people are traitors pure and simple as they voted to eviscerate the 1st amendment just recently and the press, well the press is in the cheer section because they are all neo-communist system people and will do anything to undermine the guy who called them out and won the argument for their own corruption.  What do they say with the passage of this new law, crickets......


south40_dreams's picture

I've hoarded a considerable cache of popcorn for just this sort of event....proceed

inosent's picture

the (((CIA))), mossad's alter ego. In case you are having any doubts about the stranglehold the globalist jewish foreign power has over America, why, we have the Senate confirming it!

Senate bill zio1: "thou shalt not speak ill of the jewish prevaricators of evil, and whatever you do, do not spread the fake news the jews control us, the courts, banking, media and education, driven by their foreign ideology that is not consistent with the interests of the united States".

Senate bill Zio2: "thou shalt not speak ill of israhell, despite the fact that the federal government has taxed you and your ancestors for decades to pay for it all, costing literally trillions and the deaths of millions, where not a single American can name one benefit they received for having been so taxed, and, in fact, to the contrary, can only find harm; even so, thou shalt be totally disallowed from criticizing a totally flawed foreign policy initiative of the federal government that provides only cost no benefit and is the precursor to bloody violent confrontations and spreads pure hatred against America leaving America exposed to blowback, which could potentially lead to a catastrophic nuclear weaponized world war. However, we will still allow you to broadcast anal sex movies and falg burning events, because we would not want you to lose your first amendment 'rights'. Oh, and, in case you were wondering, we will NOT pass any similar legislation banning the defamation, libels and slanders of Christians and the Christian religion, throughout all the jewish owned and controlled media, because the diminution of Christianity and the marginalization of Christians is important in the objective to destroy any voice that is critical of jews, their zionism, and their petty apartheid racist state, israhell."

Clearly, the fed government comes up with this kind of crap because the master it serves had directed them to do so.

Russia is hated because it is now Christian. America is jew. Only a traitor to his own country would kow tow to the jew. America is controlled, lock stock and barrell by the jews. Putin got rid of them. We should do the same. Hatred? Bigotry? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, so sorry to hurt your feelings! But now these f-kers want to use the force of the law, and the power of the gun, to prevent us from speaking the truth.

Truth #1: there was NO 'jewish' holocaust! There are NO facts to support that contention. The facts that DO exists, utterly contradict the story. for the 6 years of misery in so-called 'WWII', with all sorts of every bit of lethal military machinery, there were a total of some ~870,000 military combatants killed from several countries in military theaters all over the world. But the jews claim 6 million jews were killed in gas chambers in a few German prison camps. 

The jews claimed 6 million killed from 1939-1945, but jewish publications tell us in 1939 there were 14 million jews worldwide, but in 1953, the jew york times cited studies that said there were (in 1953) 15 million jews. So that means, there was a 40% reduction of the jewish population from 1939-1945 (6 years), but in the next 8 there was a 90% increase in population. Yet according to a current jewish estimate, today there are 14 million worldwide. So, how is it possible for the jewish population to rise by 90% in 8 years after the war, but decline over the next 70???? With the rate of reproduction from 1945-1953, we should expect to see 100,000,000 jews worldwide, but according to jewish websites, we find less.

Jews, like everybody else, died in the war, but only in numbers consistent with their population. The jew holocaust thing is complete BS, and it was leveraged by jews and promoted in the jewish run media as propaganda to force the jewish state in Palestine.

That petty POS racist state has cost American taxpayers trillions, no return on their investment, and a lot of death, misery, mayhem and chaos.

That is a BAD deal for America and the rest of the world, and to be prevented from speaking about it only confirms the truth the jew controls America, because they surely do not want the truth to lead to changes that destroy their evil power over us.

And for whatever good Trump might come up with, his hard on for jews and israhell is obvious, either because he is complicit, or naive, either way, we'll see him sign that legislation, we'll see more american blood and money sacrificed for a losing investment in the jew s- state, and the further impoverishing of the nation resulting from the jew buck fraud money system.

Trump might be a 'master of debt' (debt is money), but maybe the rest of us just want to do our work, and save our money - real money - because we are not interested in playing the swinder's game of speculation, where we all know, in the end, the (((house))) wins.

gonetogalt's picture

You wrote: there were a total of some ~870,000 military combatants killed from several countries in military theaters all over the world.

Good post otherwise, but...

They report more like 20,870,000 military deaths.

smacker's picture

Thanks inosent. I didn't know you cared about these things ,,,

inosent's picture

haha, yeah, well, you know what they say about russian propaganda - just keep repeating it until everybody believes it :) </vlad>


Kina's picture

To my knowledge there is no legal mechanism to invalidate the election.  

Everything is in the hands of the HOR to decide.

Also CIA has zero power go negate an election. And anybody attempting this would create an issue that would destroy the USA. But then again there are no means. Impeachment is in the hands of Congress, and if anybody gets impeached I suggest it would be Obama or Clinton.

  • I can bet the Democrats next ploy will be to frame Trump as a Russian spy. They are so desperate they don't care how stupid they look.

And the CIA are totally fucking mad to get involved in this means prison for them when Trey Gowdy and Congress pull them to pieces. The executive in the CIA who get involved will be facing jail time as they will be involved in an atempt to pervet an election.


And so, because Wikileaks got and released a bunch of emails that embarassed the DNC there has to be a new election. The CIA dude is saying becuase somebody revealed all the criminal and corrupt stuff Clintons and DNC were upto the election should be cancelled?


Say if an email was leaked that proved Hillary Clinton murdered joe doe then she gets another because it wasnt fair for the public to know this so the CIA dude reckons, rehold the election,and everybody forget please Clinton murdered somebody.

And of course it is total Bullshit that the Russians did it.  In fact I believe the evidence was that it was internal job.

The DNC and Clintons server and emails could have been hacked by a 3 year old girl and her dog at play time.  I can bet every country in the world with any interest probably read Clinton's emails every morning with a copy of coffee and a doughnut.  

In Phuket Thailand every morning the bars used to put up Cliton's latest SOS emails on the big flat screen for the patrons to read as they were picking up girls. And lunch time they put up Podesta's emails.  The local Thai police sniggered at all the pizza references, they know what it means.


lakecity55's picture

Actually, I think They want to destroy the USA.

Xena fobe's picture

The CIA guy wants a new election where voters will be instructed to diregard the leaked emails they already read.  Yeah, that'll work.

Nobodys Home's picture

I wonder what "they" are going to be defining as "violent extremism".

mary mary's picture

I pledge allegiance to the CIA....

Nobodys Home's picture

"I pledge allegiance to the CIA."
Of The United States Corporation Inc.
And not to the republic for which it never stood.
One nation, Under siege, totally divided with no liberty and justice for all

mary mary's picture

Every Congressman and 1/3 of the Senators need to restart their campaigns for the coming CIA-Mandated ReVote.

Also, countless Governors, State Senators, State Representatives, Mayors, City Councilmen, County Commissioners, Judges, County Sheriffs, etc.

I don't just vote for one candidate.  I vote for a complete slate, the way I shop for all the materials to cook one big meal or do one house-improvement project.

logical-different's picture

I was wondering when the dumb shit elite would come out of the woodwork.  The hounds have now risen and will do anything they can to block Trump from getting in. This plan has been acted upon and the volume will be turned up as we get closer to January. 

If this takes place and is successful it will be the first time an election result has been stolen since baby Bush did it.  This is serious stuff and everyone should voice their concerns. The shadow government is at it again and yes where is Soros once again.

The usual fruit cakes are wandering around the halls of Congress and the Senate obtaining their information via the Washington Post and the other fake news joints we have never loved.  Obama has made it clear he wants the CIA results before the inauguration and can anyone guess why?  Do you think he wants to continue as the president?  Any guesses?

The US armed forces personnel predominantly voted for Trump and now this bull crap.  What a slap in the face this may become.  However, I'm not really surprised.


KuriousKat's picture

Gasoline Can Alley  kids at it again! Join Russian Witch Hunt

For those reading the Podesta emails.. 
John -- don't let Lindsay Graham get lost in Eric Cantor's earthquake...

                    Date: 2014-06-11 00:58
                    Subject: John -- don't let Lindsay Graham get lost in Eric Cantor's earthquake...

                    I presume it has occurred to you all, but I would urge the POTUS to discreetly talk with Lindsay Graham in the next few days to congratulate him on his impressive primary win.

He perhaps shouldn't directly put a call into Graham -- which would probably get out -- but perhaps pass the word to invite Graham to call him.

Graham is the best future Republican ally of the administration for the next two years, and in a close Senate may provide a critical vote on a number of occasions -- much more so than he has recently.


Nuff said

fishpoem's picture

Lindsay Graham verges ever closer to the deranged mental state now a full-scale epidemic inside the Beltway. Proof? Watch this recent video of him viciously haranguing a General and the Secretary of Defense for not having the "guts" to directly take on Russia, Hezbollah, and Iran inside Syria.

MUST-SEE Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia!

I'm afraid the swamp is too deep, too polluted, and too infested with rabid crocodiles like Graham to be drained. Not today, not tomorrow, not by anybody.

lakecity55's picture

"The CIA Invalidates Itself!"

Details at 11.

Free Man's picture

They cannot show anyone a single vote that was cast on Trump's behalf by the phantom Russians, nor can they show a single incident of these phantom Russians manipulating the vote counting.

IOW, they have no proof that the Russians hacked anything.

But they sure do want to distract from the content of those authentic emails that we all saw. And that is what this is all about.

What they should be interested in is the crimes commited by the DNC like paying people to violently disrupt Trump rallies.


BUSTED! Undercover video shows Democrat operatives admitting they incited violence at Trump rallies

skunzie's picture

Fine with me if they want to play that cheap little game.  Let's postpone the inauguration until February 1.  In the mean time.  We will conduct another election with only the two names on it (sorry, no distant third party candidates allowed).  Neither candidate nor anyone on their ticket will be allowed to utter one word about the vote under penalty of their name being withdrawn and the other candidte automatically winning the Presidency.  

There will be no, electronic voting this time though.  Each and every registered voter will be required to prove they are legally eligible to vote and were registered to vote at the time of the original election (no dead people or illegals will be allowed to vote).  Like every other country, each person will have his/her fingerprint imprinted on their paper ballot (which will be available after the election with their one precinct's official seal placed upon it).  

After voting, every ballot will be counted independently by no fewer than three separate audit firms.  The votes will be tallied and compared.  Any funny business by any of the independent audit firms will result in the CEOs, all senior staff, and their legal staff being incarcerated for no fewer than 20 years in a federal penetentiary.  The count of that vote will be final with the inauguration to occur within one week afterward.

TheSharpenedPen's picture

ISIS is a cia creation, as was the war in Iraq and, for some reason, investigations into satanic ritual abuse of children always trail back to the cia. Despite all of this, we are to trust the CIA as it systematically attempts to destroy the strength and credibility of the United States, by casting aspersions on the Trump presidency and US elections.

You had UN monitors, vote stuffing by democrats, voting machine vote swaps a la George Soros, Black Lives Matter intimidation and violence again a la George Soros, millions in foreign donations for Hillary from the Rothschild family, 1.2 million walking dead for Hillary and 3 million illegal foreign voters for Hillary. What in the hell is wrong with you people!? When the recounts were done, Trump ACTUALLY GAINED VOTES!

Maybe Hillary's loss had a little more to do with her criminal activity, criminal negligence, the pedophilia connections, the lies, scandals and coverups than it did to do with the Russians. Maybe, just maybe. This is an attempt, by the CIA and the controlled media, to undermine the Trump presidency before it even starts. This is globalist orchestrated subterfuge.

Be thankful that Hillary didn't win and that manufacturing jobs are returning to the US. Be thankful that ww3 has been postponed until the Hildebeast or one of her many, many minions can step in to continue the push towards a one world satanic, pedophilic order.

Dark Daze's picture
Dark Daze (not verified) Dec 11, 2016 4:04 PM

As soon as this CIA guy (and what is a CIA guy doing 'outing' himself, anyhow?) started to talk about how the US has 'never interferred in another countries elections', he lost me. Because of course we know for a fact, that for the last 65 years, at least, they have been not only interferring in elections, but carrying out a broad campaign of political assasinations, false flags, economic attacks, bombings, subtrefuge and just about anythigng else that is devious and destructive, that you care to name.

As far as 'the russians wanting Trump elected' goes, I say, yeah, so WHAT? Half or almost half of America wanted Trump elected too. So what are they saying, that now half of America perfers the Russians over the little shits and nasty folk who run America?

I think the real truth of the matter is that they want to capture Trump from the get go. That is SOP for them.

Knob Creek's picture

What ever happened to the NYPD and their evidence of "sickening behavior" by hildabitch and crew. Remember,  "if the FBI doesn't indict,  we'll release this information ourselves "........Fucking liars

Lost in translation's picture

See Eye Ae making an overt run at a coup, now... it's right out in the open.

Time for their main office to get this:

KuriousKat's picture

We take the time to write dozens of well written posts and comments yet take no time  to email a hey..cut the crap out to the the very people coming up with this nonsense..

Please email them and demand the CIA and their attack dogs be reigned in now! There is only 22 of them and over 50 million of us and just about everyone has a keyboard..

act now..

HPSCI Majority Members
Devin Nunes, Chairman
22nd District of California

Jeff Miller
1st District of Florida

Mike Conaway
11th District of Texas

Peter King
2nd District of New York

Frank LoBiondo
2nd District of New Jersey

Lynn Westmoreland
3rd District of Georgia

Tom Rooney
17th District of Florida

Joe Heck
3rd District of Nevada

Mike Pompeo
4th District of Kansas

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
27th District of Florida

Michael Turner
10th District of Ohio

Brad Wenstrup
2nd District of Ohio

Chris Stewart
2nd District of Utah

HPSCI Minority Members
Adam Schiff, Ranking Member
28th District of California

Jim Himes
4th District of Connecticut

Terri Sewell
7th District of Alabama

Andre Carson
7th District of Indiana

Jackie Speier
14th District of California

Mike Quigley
5th District of Illinois

Eric Swalwell
15th District of California

Patrick Murphy
18th District of Florida

Joaquin Castro
20th District of Texas

desertboy's picture

In other words, this isn't an official CIA finding; it is another whisper campaign by the Washington Post with anonymous officials and unemployed hacks.

Washington Post has become an utterly disgraceful abuse of priviledge - it should be on trial for undermining our democracy.