Here's How Trump Could Still Actually 'Lose' The Presidential Election

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Submitted by Jake Anderson via,

On Wednesday night, controversial filmmaker Michael Moore made yet another mind-numbing prediction: He strongly suggested to late-night talk show host Seth Meyers that the Electoral College would deny President-elect Donald Trump a victory prior to his January 20th, 2017 inauguration. Moore previously stunned everyone by predicting Trump’s victory at a time when the analytics — and the political-media establishment — all favored Hillary Clinton.

There is a mechanism for what Moore is suggesting, however unlikely, and it exists within the Electoral College itself in the form of a decentralized, existential bunch of wonks. And, historically speaking, they have never actually asserted their power and changed a presidential election. They’re called ‘faithless electors,’ people nominated to represent the will of the people but who may, constitutionally speaking, revoke their duties. So far, there are seven ‘faithless electors’ who have defected from voting for Trump in the Electoral College. Count ‘em, seven — out of 270. That’s not a lot, obviously, but the mind balks at how quickly momentum could swing against a candidate that garnered over 2.5 million fewer votes than his challenger in the popular vote.

As of Thursday evening, the first Republican ‘faithless elector’ declared he would not vote Trump and that the presidency “is not a done deal.”

Here are three reasons why I believe Trump could, incredibly, still lose this election:

Trump has revealed himself to be fully in support of the establishment.

With his selections for pretty much the full gamut of cabinet positions, Trump has revealed himself to be an establishment figure, which is exactly the perception he ran against. Will his voters turn against him? Mostly no (or, at least, not yet). Will the other 74.5 percent of Americans who did not support him reject his victory? Possibly. Will this alone cause Trump to end up losing the vaunted Electoral College? No. Of course not! That’s why there are two more reasons.


Hillary won the popular vote by over 2.5 million.

This is fact. The number is actually growing. It’s historic; it’s actually disgusting if one is prone to be disgusted by electoral politics. Will this alone — or in conjunction with reason one — cause Trump to lose? No. Of course not! That’s why there’s one more, important, reason.


Elections can be stolen.

This happens. It happens more than you think. Usually, it happens before the popular vote – you know, when the votes are actually coming in, in the form of vote flipping and “magic fractions.” The 2000 election was stolen for Bush, the 2004 election was stolen again for Bush, and the Obama elections probably would have been stolen except that he won by such huge margins it would have been obvious. And many, many elections have been rigged or gerrymandered in some way.

It can happen. The question is whether it can happen after the popular vote and before the inauguration, which, admittedly, is unheard of.

But here’s why I think it will happen. [And, to be clear, this is not because I support Hillary Clinton, though, frankly, she would be better for alternative media than Trump. Why? That’s for a future op-ed. Oh, it’s also because Trump is a tyrant who will likely pass more draconian laws against journalists than Bush and Obama combined.]

A scenario that could easily turn the election — and would constitute ‘stealing’ an election according to the Right (the same Right that despised Trump not two months ago) — involves the ‘faithless electors’ launching a coup. You don’t think coups happen in America? They happen a lot – you just don’t hear about them from the mainstream media that is instructed, not permitted, to neglect them.

One coup happened between 2000 and 2001, when one political party hatched a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed populist moderate candidate whose conservative establishment convinced the elites to use their embedded political operatives and hackers to electronically steal an election and then use a terrorist attack to embroil us in an endless war in the Middle East and legalize the Patriot Act.

Now it is possible the Dems and a rogue ‘faithless elector’ group are working on a similar pitch to steal this election and push through a candidate who will give us more endless war in the Middle East and legalize the TPP.

There are other ways, too, involving “false flag” assassinations and terrorist attacks on Washington that would induct COG (‘continuity of government’) schemes. But who’s got time for that…?

So, this is it, liberal America. Do you have the temerity to trigger a gun-toting Right revolution? Do you have the audacity to cajole a ‘faithless elector’ coup? Because — not that I’m endorsing it — that’s how you could steal this election.

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BullyBearish's picture

All he has to do is rescind his Goldman appointments, pardon Assange and Snowden, and message ENDING the FED and the PEOPLE will have his back...

Perimetr's picture


Publish the names and addresses

of the electors

inform them they wil be held accountable

should they choose

to be "faithless" 

jefferson32's picture

@Bullybearish not enough. Investigate 911. Ridicule the "secrect" gnostic supersitions of the ruling elites. Expose the centuries-old systemic and institutionalized ritualistic abuse of children. Hang the perpetrators (the Washington mall has plenty of lamp posts).

Save_America1st's picture

absolutely stupid article...can't even believe it would be posted on ZH. 

And this guy actually insinuates that so-called "Alt-media" which is actually the now real media, would rather have Hitlery as president why?  Because he thinks they would like it better to give them something to bitch about??????  That's the implication he makes, and I think that's a massive fucking insult to the so-called "alt-media". 

They, we, and everyone who was against criminal, corrupt Hitlery (and who have been against Marxist, traitor obama for the past 8 years) do not want more of the same.  We want a return to Constitutional principles and values.  To rule of law, not rule of tyrannical traitors. 

And to also imply Trump would be tyrannical in some way like the treasonous, globalist, Marxist, scumbags of the left is absolutely insane. 

whatever...this guy is a fucking tool.  But if this is the kind of idiotic B.S. that ZH wants to post, fine.  I hope it was Tyler's attempt at twisted stupid shit to tick people off just like MDB posts. ;-)

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Conveniently forgotten by those trying desperately to overturn the election result (which is not to say that I'm a Trump advocate) is that while both had large electoral college majorities, Trump won with 46.3% of the popular vote, while Bill Clinton (1992) won with only 43%.

Moreover, with only 48% of the popular vote, Hillary didn't win either, which, in any case, sideseps the fact that the electoral college is a states rights issue and that without it, the nation's urban population centers would long ago have exerted such dominance as to rend the nation asunder.

That day is coming, however, and sooner than most anyone thinks.

bh2's picture

The continuing suggestions that the electoral college may be replaced by a direct "democratic" vote for president are unadulterated nonsense. This simply isn't going to happen as a constitutional amendment.

That would require approval of 3/4 of all state legislatures to drop their defense against exactly the kind of urbanista concentrations of power the electoral college was instituted to scotch. Without that provision, the original constitution would have never been agreed to begin with.

What this means is that each state effectively gets one "vote" and only one, regardless of size to approve a change to the constitution. That single vote is also cast by majority action by politicians in the state house, not by the voters. The federal government has no authority over the balloting in the states, each as they have decided as they see fit.

There are only a small handful of states who would benefit. All the others would become vassals of those few. I repeat again, it is complete nonsense to keep bringing this up like it's a real "thing" or could be. 

There is no other legal way to make that change. And it simply isn't going to happen. State politicians may be cunning, but they are not insane.

So please stop with this ignorant nonsense, already!

SomethingSomethingDarkSide's picture

Drop enough dollar bills and the stripper will dance, pick up twenties with her pussy lips, and then sign away her constituents' state rights..

GUS100CORRINA's picture



Yen Cross's picture

 Totally agree. I think Tyler is getting scared the[ fake News] bogey man might come after him.

Ballin D's picture

I was thinking the same thing. Quality has really fallen since zh was named in the fake news article.


Number of posts seem to be up though so maybe they just have new help that isn't very good.

SwaziRed's picture

(With props to my buddy Carlos:)

"Zat ist nicht ein swastika. It is ein alt-right cross!"

MK13's picture

Ding ding, yes it's a ding bat article written by some libtard claiming to be anti-media. We get it, it's funny. It's good to be able to see all sides of news on this website - unlike MSM.

Fred C Dobbs's picture

Agreed.  Silly and wrong.  Doesn't belong on zerohedge.

Chris Dakota's picture
Chris Dakota (not verified) Save_America1st Dec 11, 2016 9:29 AM

Yes some wanted Hillary for business reasons. In the same way that once you get a big enough following you can sell out $$.

because people are shitty

*goes to pet sleeping dog*

JRobby's picture

Best comment yet Save America 1st. He seems to discount the will of the people tremendously and although talks about past rigging, does not address how many invalid (illegal) votes counted for Hillary. Way too many have "talked around" the elephant since Nov 9. The limited recounts thus far point to it.

roddcarlson's picture

Save_America1st I agree with everything you said minus a few swear words, but I'm trying to hold back on those expletives as well so I can't be hypocritical. That said I've always though MDB was sponsored by ZH to keep the people riled up, his comments are so contrived I'm not sure how he couldn't be a ZH paid troll. Another reason I never respond to the MDB postings, nor give any downvotes. I don't want to encourage this kind of behavior with what is usually a pretty good news site.

I agree though that nobody in alternative media should hope for a Clinton win because it would be good for business. Hillary would shut down alt-media in a second and how good would that be for business? The article was poorly written and the general messages were a slap in ZH reader's faces. I hope Tyler can avoid these kind of infammatory and double negative style rants in the future. Articles like these are not why I come to ZH.

markpower49's picture

The author is a leftist, mentally ill idiot, like any other Democrat or RINO cuck.

John Prewett's picture

Globalist have more "carrot and stick" power than the Nationalist.

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

Yes. They will be some of the first on the 'list'. This should be known to them in plain and simple terms by THE PEOPLE. Your only right is to VOTE for the person WE selected. Only if there is some real underlying reason that this should not happen (like the candidate actually comes out, turns red and has horns and is the devil then they can change vote). Otherwise, they need to uphold their duty even if they don't like it....

Otherwise, their name is on the list.

double.nan's picture

I've got a better idea, how about he finds all of the news organizations that disagree with him and shut them down once he's in power... How about his politcal apponents, he should probably jail them too. How is it that time after time again, we are practically suggesting demagogary and this gets so many likes? It's like, we trust nothing and no one, yet ironically we are in parrellel suggesting giving way more power to one individual

Dormouse's picture

"The Popular Vote" isn't a thing! It never has been. It is meaningless.
Perhaps we can overturn the outcome of some Super Bowls, awarding the win to the team that gained the most yards instead of the team with the most points. Mental illness is running rampant in this country and it's spread through democRat lies.

nmewn's picture

"The Popular Vote" isn't a thing! It never has been. It is meaningless."


They are literally insane.


Ahhh...I see some prog in Kalifornia or New Dork would like to have their lives dictated to via a federal government by people who live in say, the SE because it might have a larger majority of people at some point in the future than a New Dork or Kalifornia?

That is what the electoral college PREVENTS (a tyranny of the majority) you fucking dumbass but...I repeat myself...prog/dumbass ;-)

knukles's picture

The Uber-Prog-Crazies out here in CA are talking serious about seceding form the Union.
All I can say is that the Republicans and Trumpettes, etc., will be the first to show them the door.
Because with that many popular and electoral votes gone, the US will never again have a Democrat president.

Yep.  Stranger things happened.
Same thing as saying the rest of the Dem party will fight CA from exercising it's own freedoms

Haha.  Poetic Irony.

bh2's picture

Some Californians "talking serious about seceding form [sic] the Union."

They should be given every possible encouragement to proceed to make that request to a constitutional convention of the states.

mr. mirbach's picture

I am hoping that the San Andreas takes care of SoCal none too soon.

BarkingCat's picture

Prove to me that Kalifornia and other democrat strongholds had only legit votes and the popular vote might hold some credence.

Until then I will assume that Kalifornia has at least 2 million of illegal votes cast

Takeaction2's picture
Takeaction2 (not verified) BullyBearish Dec 10, 2016 7:43 PM

Come on ZH....You are supposed to be one of the LEADERS in NO FAKE NEWS.  This article is HORSE SHIT.  Clean it up.

SurferNate's picture

There should be a vote to dump option for these inane articles.

MK13's picture

Disagree. Publish a few of these ding bat articles - I want to know what libtard are reading. Know thy enemy.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

All he has to do is rescind his Goldman appointments, pardon Assange and Snowden, and message ENDING the FED and the PEOPLE will have his back...


That opportunity came and went 15 years ago!

I don't see any selfless charismatic leaders out there willing to risk everything in order to correct everything that "we the people" have allowed them to distort and destroy... Have you?...

The proof of what I just said rests with the guy that won the "lottery ticket" to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.!

Critical thinking skills were abandoned when professional athletes could go on strike and come back within the same season doubling their pensions, And O.J. could "get away with it"

Let's face it. The little "guy and girl" wants to escape 24/7 to be someone they are not. And unfortunately not the kind that sacrifice everything to protect the things that matter most that are priceless like the Bill of Rights!!!

drendebe10's picture

Fuk the cunton win the popular vote - the popular vote are all the major metro cess pools with onky 3 days fud supply. Cut off their fukn fud supply & watch what happens. Now thats entertainment. Fukem

Farmerz's picture

It would be like escape from new york

Croesus's picture

"So, this is it, liberal America. Do you have the temerity to trigger a gun-toting Right revolution?"

Yeah, I hope they do...I'd love nothing more than to have a national "Stomp a Snowflake" day.

Already got my list ready, too...

Offthebeach's picture

We're riding the fiat train to the clift. Too many serfs on the Welfare Government SS plantation.

double.nan's picture

And perhaps he could start to attend his security briefings.... It's kinda' central to the whole being president thing. 

DosZap's picture

Has to be POTUS to do that.

shantyman's picture


jwoop66's picture

Yeah, I don't believe for a second that shillary had 2.5 million more voters.  Even if she had a bunch of fraudulent voters, which i'm sure is the case, there is no way she got 2.5 mill more popular.


Fake News!! as they say...

nmewn's picture

And faithless electors is a complete crock of shit...306 to luck wid dat.

Oldwood's picture

I'll say it again. It's not one event, not one thing, it's the confluence of all of them to create the environment to allow the one thing to take it down. I see it. I KNOW they see it. And I believe they deliberately are creating it....The Opportunity.

nmewn's picture

"It" has survived much more than Obama or Jillary could ever hope to throw at "it"...and when I say "it" I mean us. You see, the structures of government come and go but the people and their beliefs always remain.

I'm not really concerned about the other it, if it goes there is nothing to say it can't be improved, better, stronger impenetrable with its reincarnation.

The natural course of humanity is a personal yearning for freedom & liberty, not submitting themselves or their actions for approval (or denial) to some faceless bureaucrat or king.

Knowing that, one is always confident & fearless and it knows it ;-)

sonoftx's picture

Good shit, Nmewn! Inspired, should be on a flyer>

whatamaroon's picture

The idea of being American is inherently being honest and hard working.

unsafe-space-time's picture

Bullshit. Men want freedom. Women and fags want servitude and security and their biggest threat are freemen.

nmewn's picture

Mrs.N and her sisters would strongly disagree about everyone has their thoughts on it.

As would a friend of the family who has been into the Pulse nightclub several times in the past, who now carries a gun for his own protection, for the expressed purpose of not being singled out to be murdered no matter what his life choices may be...cuz liberty & freedom...or sumpin...and this comes in total disregard to what "the law" might say he can or cannot do..."legally" matters of life & death on the street doesn't wait around for some third opinion.

The concept of true liberty & freedom comes to all of us at some point, sometimes it comes disguised as something else, sometimes its tragic & horrific, as in the recognition that one has been lied to about what form it should or will take to reach the cognizant level of the brain, as in the case of "gun control". I can tell you with metaphysical certitude that "Steve" will not die groveling & pleading for his life kneeling in front of some asshole who is going to take his life anyways, it does not have to happen that way and now it won't happen to him.

That is the dark brooding thing there moving in & out of the tree line silhouetted against the sky, that thing they've warned everyone about their entire lives, that thing there, growing in numbers & strength every day, every loss a new victory...always growing.

And they are very frightened of it...for some reason ;-)

imapopulistnow's picture

Oldwood, my thoughts as well. The Soros brain trust, in their meeting immediately following the election, has set in place a well organized, multi-prong attack to create an opportunity to bring down Trump, some phases of which we may not even yet be aware of. They are smart fuckers with massive resources at their disposal. Trump knows he must campaign to the end to offset their efforts. Shit is going to hit the fan if they succeed.

garcam123's picture

Just like a slimy slug.....everywhere the cunt goes there's a slime trail.  Put some salt on the bitch!

Disgruntled Goat's picture

This guy has always been a piece of shit

But he was right about gun-toting

Moe Hamhead's picture

You mean Jake Anderson, of course.