Leaked Footage Exposes CNN Producing Fake News During First Gulf War

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Submitted by Cathal Haughian via BeforeTheCollapse.com,

Leaked footage has emerged of Charles Jaco when he was the CNN anchor made internationally famous for heroically covering the 1990 Persian Gulf War.

The first part of this video shows the stage set he was on while he clowns around with fellow CNN staff. The Saudi Arabian “hotel” in the background is adorned by fake palm trees and a blue wall in a studio. This clip was leaked by CNN staff.

The second part of this video is a live CNN satellite feed recorded onto VHS showing the final cut. Charles Jaco is wearing a different jacket, but he had the same act. Even though the acting is terrible as Charles Jaco wore a gas mask, and his fellow correspondent Carl Rochelle wore a helmet—the American public were manipulated and duped en masse. The sirens and missile sound effects are part of the stage set. The camera never pans out or shows the sky as they appear terrified of chemical weapons being dropped from above.

These clips are the highest quality of this newscast and behind the scenes. And yes, Charles Jaco was a reporter for CNN and then worked as a reporter for FOX 2 NOW in Saint Louis, Missouri.

According to Johnathan Shaw, who recalls watching this footage live in 1990, “This makes me sick. He’s taking credit along with Carl for being heroes. Worse than that, I was in college at the time. People had family fighting over there and were glued to the television praying for their loved ones. I hope Trump repeals the law that the U.S. can use propaganda on its citizens. I wish soldiers saw this at the time. I’m sure they’d have a lot to say to both of these guys. Dude keeps saying he smelled propellant and that’s why he used his mask. The more I think about this, the angrier I get.”

Here’s a recent clip of “Fake News” coming from Syria, it appears the budget for fake news has increased or costs have dropped. The reporter requests a mattress to sit on while waiting to talk to the CNN anchor. One can notice this clip is more realistic, almost surreal, as the reporter arranges gunfire as background noise for his live interview with Anderson Cooper.

And then, there’s nothing better than watching this harrowing interview with a “university professor” caught in crossfire: a student of Edward Bernay recently reporting for Qatari news channel Al Jazeera, from the last pocket of resistance in Aleppo. Actually, Abdul appears to be shitting his pants. Perhaps the props are for real in this video.

The genius of mainstream media is that Americans actually pay to get brainwashed. Yeah, that’s right, state news is not free in America, they actually pay for CNN or The Washington Post. That’s amazing, what an amazing society? Strangely similar to Greece in many ways. 

I’ll leave the last word to John Swinton, Chief editorial writer of the New York Times from 1860 to 1870.

There is no such thing as a free press. You know it and I know it. There is not one of you who would dare to write his honest opinions. The business of the journalist is to destroy truth, to lie outright, to pervert, to vilify, to fawn at the feet of Mammon, and to sell himself, his country, and his race, for his daily bread. We are tools and vassals of rich men behind the scenes. We are jumping jacks; they pull the strings, we dance; our talents, our possibilities, and our lives are the property of these men. We are intellectual prostitutes.”

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chunga's picture

Tools and vassals of the tribe.

Croesus's picture

The Tribe owning TeeVee? That's just "Russian Propaganda"...

knukles's picture

The Establishment Media needs somebody like Brian Williams of MSNBC to take the point on exposing and differentiating between Fake News and Conspiracy Theory


Ledlak's picture

Quck! Someone call the CIA. We can't have this guy revealing the real truth of America's press.

KittyKittyBangBang's picture

cnn is totly fake.........wolf bitzer and andason coopa shuld be in rikers.. ..breakin rocks .. .... HA HA HA

Holy hand grenade of Antioch's picture
Holy hand grenade of Antioch (not verified) bamawatson Dec 10, 2016 6:22 PM

Full [snowflake] retard

Dormouse's picture

Reinstitue the Smith—Mundt Act which outlaws the government from propagandizing it's own citizen.

UnpatrioticHoarder's picture

check out the debunking of the cnn footage, they may be right

For Ages We Shall Reign's picture

I don't think ANY shooting or "Terrorist Event" since before Oklahoma City was legitimate, but the CNN footage in this article was taken infront of a blue building.Is this a fakery for the camera? I don't know it is possible, but its not a green screen / blue screen as suggested.

This article isn't accurate Tyler.

Angus McHugepenis's picture

knukles, if BW can do wedding parties and speak about how the bride and groom will live happily ever after, he's going to put divorce lawyers out of biz.

Make it up as you go along MSM. BW and all MSM is a joke on society that can't seem to use common sense.

knukles's picture

BTW guys and gals, this CNN recently uncovered footage has been on YouTube forever.  I've personally linked it and referred to it here numerous times.
Nothing changes.
And will be getting worse.
This is for all the marbles and the Establishment doesn't lose well.

WillyGroper's picture

obutthoe is planning something coordinated b4 leaving office.

fema announcing coordinated mischief.


Putrid's picture
Putrid (not verified) knukles Dec 10, 2016 6:45 PM

Hi Knuckles,

I know, I have a photographic memory and this morning I just wanted to have some fun. So I matched your link to two others and made a nice counterpunch against CNN and WaPo for calling Zerohedge a "Fake News" site.

I think it's kinda funny, thanks for the heads-up.

BTW, I have corresponded with Washington Post, NYT, FT etcetera in the past and there's this hard and fast rule: You cannot attack another publication in an article.

But those fucks started it! 

Fight Club!

AKA Cathal 'Putrid' Haughian

Cistercian's picture

I stopped watching tv in 1985.The obviousness of the narrative control was overwhelming.
Agenda and lies...that's it.It really should be avoided for the sake of your soul.

Pure evil...

stant's picture

Ole tail gunner on the space shuttle Williams should fill the bill just fine

stant's picture

Ole tail gunner on the space shuttle Williams should fill the bill just fine

GUS100CORRINA's picture

Unbelievable ... 

Definition of a "CNN" DEMOCRAT: = A narcissistic PROGRESSIVE LIBERAL God-hating DESPOT with a REPROBATE mind.


chunga's picture

This shit is too heavy for me on a Saturday night. Time for beer and a ten dollah bone. I got three moar weeks to learn to play this song, seems easy but not for me. My Christmas present to Lovey.



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Takeaction2 (not verified) chunga Dec 10, 2016 6:18 PM

That guy in Aleppo is fucking scared to death...can you imagine?

mkkby's picture

The biggest tell is the fake holding in the ear piece. The are such HORRIBLE actors.

Funny you don't see joggers or people being very active at the gym having to hold their ear phones in.  Yet EVERY ONE of these fucks has to do the cheesy headphone act.  It's so stupid it makes me cringe every time I see it.

The *professor* in syria was so skeered he couldn't be bothered to duck down or even look around.  Yeah, sure, he's real real scared.

kill switch's picture

Alex Jones had this vid years ago....OLD FUCKING FAKE NEWS!!!!

Mountainview's picture

It was so obvious already in the past. But at the time Alt-media couldn't do the job.

The central planners's picture

This got to be the "life threatning" Fake News Hillary was warning us about. Alot of people died because of this.

AtATrESICI's picture

I was not aware that CNN has fuckall to do with "real news", it is all fucking fake.

chunga's picture

And Al Jazeera is no longer broadcasting in the US.

wethecom's picture

this was captured by satellite hackers

they would hack the satellite and make boxes to sell and give free cable

the customers would get raw unedited versions of thing stuff people were not supose to see


N0TME's picture

We knew this already. Old News. 

Handful of Dust's picture

I know that face...it's Abdul from the convenience store down the block who said he was auditioning for an acting roll for cnn.....

It all makes sense now.

They need to drag out more dead babies washed up on shore and bruised childrens sitting in the back of ambulances.....

DeNiro (the alleged tax evader) maybe was called to direct it.

Gyges's picture

"The genius of mainstream media is that Americans actually pay to get brainwashed. Yeah, that’s right, state news is not free in America, they actually pay for CNN or The Washington Post. That’s amazing, what an amazing society? Strangely similar to Greece in many ways. "


I'm surprised at your level of insight, but I bet you don't know or expect that it is paid through electrical power bills! Don't wanna pay for the propaganda? Enjoy cooking with flint and tinder! Ah how I long for the glory days of the Junta! All of the freaks(or their families) that run the show in this country and fawn over Hilary, Merkel and the rest of the globalist crew, were either in a jail or an 'interrogation' room. No wonder Obama and the Clintons appear apologetic today towards the political system of Athens for the then US support of the 1967 Junta.


At any rate, the level of technology today makes creating virtually anything superficial. If you have seen comething in the movies, it might as well be seen in the news. The fundamental difference between the cinema and the television exists between people's ears. Star Wars is fiction all right, but when the same thing appears on TV with rabid commentary about "poor refugees in Aleppo" the fools gorge on the slop like there's no tomorrow!

IridiumRebel's picture

A ZHr pointed me to the video about 6 mos ago.
Fast forward to today. These Schmucks! They cry about "fake news" but THEY STARTED IT. The alt media has been calling these fuckers out and now they don't like it. Hence, all this formerly unseen fakery by the MSM is being brought into the light.

Fucking FUCK CNN.

cherry picker's picture

The first clip is enough to make a person sick, and they want us to pay taxes?


remember that movie


time for us to do something


sinbad2's picture

The people don't rise up until they are hungry, you can get away with anything as long as the peasants are fed and entertained(bread & circus).

The Government knows that, so I wonder why they have created an army designed to fight the people(Homeland security).

WTFUD's picture

How does a 'fake news' channel like CNN receive so much publicity? Answers on a postcard addressed to CIA/Google. When you throw in Facebook the net captures a wide-Snowflake mindless audience. It's no small wonder the USSofA has fallen off a cliff. Could've done with Donald Trump 16 years ago but better late than never.

General Titus's picture

They faked allot during the propaganda campaign to help the muslim terrorists against the Orthodox Christians & secular Muslims in Bosnia, and of course to support the narco-terrorist al-cia-duh linked muslim terrorist KLA in Kosovo


Labeling the Serbs as Nazis – The Role of Ruder Finn, a US-Public Relations Firm

The following is an extract of an interview conducted by Mr. Jacques Merlino (Deputy Director of the network TV2, Paris, France) with James Harff (Director of Ruder Finns’s Global Public affairs section), which took place in October 1993.

Labeling the Serbs as Nazis – The Role of Ruder Finn, a US-Public Relation Firm

Posted on December 1, 2012 by

The following is an extract of an interview conducted by Mr. Jacques Merlino (Deputy Director of the network TV2, Paris, France) with James Harff (Director of Ruder Finns’s Global Public affairs section), which took place in October 1993.

James Harff

Harrf: For 18 months, we have been working for the Republics of Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina, as well as for the opposition in Kosovo. Throughout this period, we had many successes, giving us a formidable international image. We intend to make advantage of this and develop commercial agreements with these countries. Speed is vital, because items favourable to us must be settled in public opinion. The first statement counts. The retractions have no effect.

Marlino: How often do you intervene?

Harff: Quantity is not important. You have to intervene at the right time with the right person. From June to September, we organized 30 meetings with the main press agencies, as well as meetings between Bosnian officials and Al Gore, Lawrence Eagleburger and 10 influential senators, among them George Mitchell and Robert Dole. We also sent out 13 exclusive news items, 37 last-minute faxes, 17 official letters and eight official reports. We placed 20 telephone calls to White House staff, 20 senators, and close to 100 to journalists, editors, newscaters and other influenctial people in the media.


Question: What achievement were you most proud of?



Harff: To have managed to put Jewish opinion on our side. This was a sensitive matter, as the dossier was dangerous looked from this angle. President Tudjman [of Croatia] was very careless in his book “Wastelands of Historical Reality”. Reading this writtings, one could accuse him of of antisemitism. In Bosnia, the situation was no better: President Izetbegovic strongly supported the creation of a fundamentalist Islamic state [there] in his book “The Islamic Declaration”. Besides, the Croatian and Bosnian past was marked by a real and cruel anti-semitism.

Tens of thousands of Jews perished in Croatian camps. So there was every reason for intellectuals and Jewish organizations to be hostile towards the Croats and Bosnians. Our challenge was to reverse this attitude. And we succeded masterfully.
At the beginning of August 1992, New York Newsday came out with the affair of [Serb] concentration camps. We jumped at the opportunity immediately. We outwitted three big Jewish organizations – B’nai B’rith Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and the American Jewish Congress. We suggested to them to publish an advertisement in the “New York Times” and to organize demonstrations outside the United Nations.
That was a tremendous coup. When the Jewish organizations entered the game on the side of the [Muslim] Bosnians, we could promptly equate the Serbs with the Nazis in the public mind. Nobody understood what was happening in Yugoslavia. The great majority of Americans were probably asking themselves in which African country Bosnia was situated. But by a single move we were able to present a simple story of good guys and bad guys, which would hereafter play itself. We won by targeting Jewish audience.

Almost immediately there was a clear change of language in the press, with the use of words with high emotional content, such as “ethnic cleansing”, “concentration camps”, etc., which evoked images of Nazi Germany and the gas chambers of Auschwitz. The emotional charge was so powerful that nobody could go against it.

Marlino: But when you did all of this, you had no proof that what you said was true. You only had the article in “Newsday”!

Harff: Our work is not to verify information. We are not equipped for that. Our work is to accelerate the circulation of information favorable to us, to aim at judiciously chosen targets. We did not confirm the existence of death camps in Bosnia, we just made it known that “Newsday” affirmed it.

Marlino: Are you aware that you took on a grave responsibility?

Harff: We are professionals. We had a job to do and we did it. We are not paid to be moral..



— James Harff, Director of Ruder Finn, Global Public affairs section, in the Jacques Merlino interview, April 1993. (reprinted in a book in Oct. 1993)



Joe A's picture

Despicable people.

Amanpour made her carreer in Bosnia. At the beginning of that conflict the journalists were housed near the airport in the Eastern part of Sarajevo. That part at that time was mostly Serb (later some 80,000 Serbs and 30,000 Croats were cleansed from that city but they won't tell you that). Since being in that part of town did not give them the pictures they wanted (=propaganda they wanted to produce), the journalist were moved to the center to the now famous Holiday Inn. Amanpour married Rubin, Albright's sidekick when she unleashed war on Yugoslavia. It's all connected.

General Titus's picture

The Movie Judgment! Exposes the Phony 'Death Camp' Pictures that Fooled the World

In August 1992, millions of people were shocked to see photographs of a supposed Bosnian Serb death camp.

The photos were produced by ITN, the British TV news giant, from footage shot by an ITN film crew which spent a long day in Bosnia. The film was shot in a refugee center in the town of Trnopolje. (Pronounced Tern-op-ol-yay)

Most of the photographs featured a tall, emaciated man with a deformed chest, stripped to the waist, apparently imprisoned behind barbed wire. Do you remember those pictures?

They were a hoax.

This is proved in the Emperor's Clothes movie, Judgment! To start with, the barbed wire was staged. As you will see in Judgment!, the ITN film crew went inside a storage area surrounded by a chicken wire and barbed wire fence. They filmed through the fence, thus creating the false impression that the people they were filming were fenced in.

That was only their first cute trick. Step by step, Judgment! shows how these phony pictures were created. Judgment! is so damning that ITN's lawyers have threatened the Internet company that hosts the Emperor's Clothes server with a law suit because we advertise the film on our website, www.tenc.net!

The fabricated photos were broadcast worldwide starting on August 6th, accompanied by captions and comments comparing Trnopolje to Nazi death camps.


Outraged Bush


[To order]

On 6 August 1992, just 20 minutes after the pictures were released, George Bush, Sr. held a press conference at a Colorado Air Base:

"Reports say that 20 minutes after the ITN footage was shown in the United States, President George Bush changed his hands-off policy and promised to 'press hard for quick passage' of a UN Security Council resolution authorising the use of force in the Balkans."
"Holocaust images of Bosnia prison camps make the West sit up," The Straits Times, by Lee Siew Hua, August 16, 1992, Pg. 4, 907 words.

President Bush, Sr. demanded that the Serbs - the Bosnian Serbs and the Republic of Serbia as well - be harshly punished, including:

"tighten[ing] economic sanctions on Serbia so that all understand that there is a real price to be paid for the Serbian government's continued aggression."

-- "Statement by President Bush, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado," Federal News Service, August 6, 1992, Thursday, White House Briefing, 1748 words.

Bush, Sr. also announced that now the U.S. would recognize Croatia, Slovenia and Bosnia as independent from Yugoslavia. Thus he used the phony death camp photos to endorse the break-up of Yugoslavia. By recognizing the Bosnian government, run by the Islamic fundamentalist, Alijah Izetbegovic, he guaranteed that the Bosnian war would continue.




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xox7TR11evI Pt 1 of "Jugement"


SMC's picture

Regardless of reality; in their virtual world USSA propaganda is the only "real" news, LOL. 

Worthless, lying sacks of shit who will be hiding in their bunker studios blowing their "Just Us" masters when the real shit hits the fan.

Zero confidence.

/s/ A deplorable and proud of it.


buzzsaw99's picture

You asked who will lick hitlary's volvo. Theo, I give you the F.B.I. [/Hans Gruber]

william114085's picture

sometimes there is justice....Jaco now works at the lowest rated news station in St Louis.  

Sudden Debt's picture

It makes you realize how discussing politics is because with the info the people get, it's all bullshit.

When anybody ask me a political question, I just say I don't give a fuck.

Why? Well, why discuss with somebody who gets his info from the news?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Please don't tell us that FOX News, CBS, ABC and NBC are the bastion of honesty and integrity in the business of "truth"

I'll leave you with one of my all time favourite(s) from FOX circa Sept 11, 2001

"Harley Guy" - who by the way just like Chuck Jaco is still "alive and well" in the Land of "Freedom ain't Free"!

And let's not forget ABC "For the 3rd time today"... That didn't see the light of day again until a FOIA subpoena in 2007 and Dan Rather certainly never uttering those 3 words again!

Let that be a lesson to the Trump supporter(s) out there that don't believe "Darth Murdoch" has a hand up the little goy's sphincter, and has plenty of shit to print if the German-American decided to get too feisty!...

One would only hope that Trump will have the "balls" to make the "Kike Down Under" disappear if he does have anything on him!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


I don't know if any of you noticed the "use of the hands" and if you weren't looking at the picture... the voice of Harley Guy when FOX News peddled this all those years ago. It begs the question...

This ain't one of President Trump's illegitimate progeny from a Bob Guccione party in the 1970s?!!!

Miskondukt's picture

This has been around for years.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"This has been around for years."

Just not with CNN putting it on their own news network or ever talking about them since!

Nother one down the "mem hole"...



sinbad2's picture

Remember when CNN had arranged for some terrorists to blow up a gas pipeline while they were filming?

CNN, works closely with the US Government, just like the BBC does with the British Government, both 100% pure propaganda.

djsmps's picture

I saw this over a decade ago.

hooligan2009's picture

nobody watches CNN and its ad revenue is too low to sustain its infrasttucture - ergo, CNN is funded by someone (at a loss).

my money is on it being funded by tax payers of some country via a dark budget apprpriation that circumvents any democratic oversight.

Putrid's picture
Putrid (not verified) hooligan2009 Dec 10, 2016 7:41 PM

Hi Hooligan,

Rumors have it that foreign governments pay for positive publicity pieces. That's what's keeping them afloat--essentially they're an arm of the Deep State. I left that out of the article since I wanted the footage to trend. I think the three pieces speak for themselves, the third junxapositioned beside the Deep State news.

Actually, it's trending on reddit... young people appear to like it.