FBI Disputes CIA's "Fuzzy And Ambiguous" Claims That Russia Sought To Influence Presidential Election

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Since election day, Democrats have engaged in a panicked attempt to leverage their last couple of weeks in control of the executive branch to delegitimize the Trump presidency.  Obama has even gone so far as to order a "full report" on Russian tampering in the 2016 election cycle to be completed before he leaves office (see "A "Soft Coup" Attempt: Furious Trump Slams "Secret" CIA Report Russia Helped Him Win").  Of course, we should simply ignore the fact that a true investigation of such allegations would take much longer than the one month that Obama has left in office because any delay could run the risk of a bipartisan/independent review and that's just not how the Obama administration plays the game.

But at least one investigative agency, the FBI, isn't buying the "fuzzy and ambiguous" assertions from the CIA that Russia "quite" clearly meddled in the U.S. elections on behalf of the Trump campaign.  Meanwhile, the FBI's unwillingness to play along is infuriating Democrats.  Per the BizPac Review:

The FBI did not corroborate the CIA’s claim that Russia had a hand in the election of President-elect Donald Trump in a meeting with lawmakers last week.


A senior FBI counterintelligence official met with Republican and Democrat members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in order to give the bureau’s view of a recent CIA report. The official did not concur with the CIA, frustrating Democrats.


The CIA believes Russia “quite” clearly intended to send Trump to the White House. The claim is a bold one and concerned Democrats and some Republicans who are worried about Trump’s desire to mend relations with an increasingly aggressive Russia. The CIA report was “direct, bold and unqualified,” one of the officials at the meeting told The Washington Post Saturday.


The FBI official was much less convinced of the claims, providing “fuzzy” and “ambiguous” remarks.

The Washington Post compiled the following comments from the weekend talk show circuit highlighting where various DC players stand on the Russia allegations.


Meanwhile, the Washington Post also points out that the whole disagreement likely comes down to "cultural" differences between the FBI and CIA.  Apparently the FBI "wants facts and tangible evidence to prove something" while the CIA is "more comfortable drawing inferences." 

The competing messages, according to officials in attendance, also reflect cultural differences between the FBI and the CIA. The bureau, true to its law enforcement roots, wants facts and tangible evidence to prove something beyond all reasonable doubt. The CIA is more comfortable drawing inferences from behavior.


“The FBI briefers think in terms of criminal standards — can we prove this in court,” one of the officials said. “The CIA briefers weigh the preponderance of intelligence and then make judgment calls to help policymakers make informed decisions. High confidence for them means ‘we’re pretty damn sure.’ It doesn’t mean they can prove it in court.”


The FBI is not sold on the idea that Russia had a particular aim in its meddling. “There’s no question that [the Russians’] efforts went one way, but it’s not clear that they have a specific goal or mix of related goals,” said one U.S. official.

Well, that certainly seems reasonable...who needs "facts and tangible evidence" when the CIA can just "draw inferences"...they're supposedly really smart so we should probably just believe them.

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TeamDepends's picture

I say we take off and nuke DC and Langley from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

VinceFostersGhost's picture



Hey CIA........PISS OFF - FBI


Really wanna go there?

Looney's picture


There’s only one person in the world who can resolve the hacking issue – the inventor of the Internet, Al Gore.   ;-)


BorisTheBlade's picture

I bet he is more comfortable facing polar bears and hoping they'll be greatful enough not to confuse him with walrus. Beats the alternative of inserting himself between investigating and intelligent people in their turf war.

MillionDollarBonus_'s picture

It’s already established that there are rogue elements in the FBI working for Putin. These are the same factions that tried to prosecute Hillary for the made up emails scandal, which was shortly after confirmed to be a lie. Why should we believe these same people now that the CIA is lying about Russian intervention in the elections?Hillary was up by 10 points and yet Trump somehow won – explain that. This is fake news of the worst kind.


Luc X. Ifer's picture

Oh you didn't kill yourself asshole? how about you do it before christmass and make western civilization a perfectly timed favor/gift?!

Handful of Dust's picture

If Crooked Hillary says it's true, then it must be true, right?

However, I'll wait for Woof "Fake News" Bitzer to confirm it before I jump to conclusions.

froze25's picture

We are watching a battle between the CIA and Military Intelligence, the FBI has chosen a side.

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The Saint (not verified) froze25 Dec 12, 2016 10:51 AM

Obama has made every part of government political - the CIA, FBI, DOJ, IRS, EPA and every other agency.  They have all been run with a completely political tone.  Nothing Obama touches can escape the political view.  He has ruined these once respected agencies and government operations.

Damn you Obama!


SeanInNYC's picture

The CIA has been run by Ivy League globalists for decades now. Obama didn't improve the CIA, but it was a bunch of elitist progressives for decades before.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

"Hillary was up by 10 points and yet Trump somehow won – explain that. This is fake news of the worst kind."

We truly are in Orwellian 1984 territory now aren't we.

Manthong's picture

"Fuzzy And Ambiguous"

Geez.. that is the CIA’s stock and trade.

And it has no business getting involved in domestic politics.


WordSmith2013's picture

This Russian thing is a part of a much bigger op!




Extreme Danger From Now Until Inauguration Day—What Are The Threats?!
Manthong's picture

I put nothing past these vermin.

devnickle's picture

The "I" for "Intelligence" is an oxymoron. More "moron" than "oxy".

BennyBoy's picture


Writing Russia hacked the election is more FAKE NEWS from the MSM.

steelhead23's picture

I do not believe either agency is alleging that the Russian's hacked the election.  Rather, it appears that both the CIA and the FBI believe that someone in Russia hacked into the DNC email server and released a pile of emails.  The fact that those emails are now public suggests that someone, somewhere hacked into the DNC server and I see no reason to doubt it was someone in Russia.  According to the story, the CIA is convinced that it was a state-sponsored hack with the intent of electing Donald Trump by embarassing Clinton and it is not surprising that the FBI wants greater certainty before indicting the Ruskies motives.  Frankly, I don't give a shit about any of that.  What I find infuriating is the disclosure that both these agencies were able to identify the likely source, indicating that these agencies have IT skills and tools capable to finding hackers - and if these were indeed state-sponsored hacks, they now know that the tools they used to hide their tracks did not work.  This is bad form in intelligence circles - letting your erstwhile enemies know you capabilities.  My view is that this is a damaging leak and the new administration would be well advised to ferret it out - unless of course, you are right and it is fake news.

bearwinkle's picture

I would believe Julian Assange before either the CIA or FBI. If Julian said it wasn't Russia it wasn't Russia. End of story!



Rey dTutto's picture

The DNC "Hacks" were instead Leaks caused by someone with a conscience. 

Guccifer 2.0 claimed the Podesta Hack. 

Bollockinell's picture

And he was from Romania. So convenient that they have omitted that from all their BS!

thetruthhurts's picture

There can be no doubt now that a 'coup' is taking place right in front of our faces....

BullyBearish's picture

Make sure EVERYBODY you know watches this:

"The Watchmen: Secrets of the CIA" as told by former CIA Operators




Chupacabra-322's picture

The fact that we all have to worry about the CIA killing a President Elect simply because the man puts America first, really says it all.

The Agency is Cancer. Why are we even waiting for them to kill another one of our people to act? There should be no question about the CIA's future in the US.

Dissolved & dishonored. Its members locked away or punished for Treason. Their reputation is so bad and has been for so long, that the fact that you joined them should be enough to justify arrest and Execution for Treason, Crimes Against Humanity & Crimes Against The American People.

Arrest Hillary & Bill Clinton. Freeze their assets. RICO The Clinton Foundation & bring down the Satanic Global Crime Syndicate.

This will de facto Drain the Swamp. Then, immediately End the Fed.

These Scum Fuck Occultist have been "Illuminated" and forced out into the light. This opportunity to peacefully "Drain the Swamp" cannot be squandered.

Spigot's picture

Let's be clear about something from the outset. The tens of millions of USD contributed to the DNC and Hillary campaign by Soros and Saudi Arabia (amongst others) DO NOT constitute at attempt by external powers to influence the election...we just will not discuss that.

HowdyDoody's picture

CIA versus FBI?

Hmm, interesting.

Conclusion: FBI still has at least some loyalty to the US and the CIA is infested by Anglo-Zionists / Israel Firsters.

SoDamnMad's picture

I see Comey as head of the FBI but who is the individual in this CIA that will stand before us and Say it is the Russians and can stand there also give us a few facts, and NOT inferences.  

Well the earth isn't flat and well, it isn't really round it's kinda like round but with lumps in it but not kinda in random areas they are kinda like belts but not really equally spaced and some are kinda deeper than others.  This from the CIA who looked at a few pictures taken from the International Space Station kinda like last decade. 

Fathead Slim's picture
Fathead Slim (not verified) The Saint Dec 12, 2016 11:24 AM

Nah, it was like that when he got there. All those agencies are in the executive toolbox, created for political purposes and useful only for political purposes.

History didn't start in January of '09.

Kidbuck's picture

If by politicized you mean reducing each agencies' integrity, intelligence, and degree of civilized behavior to that of Africa or a Chi Town hood, then yeah, Obuttfuck has politicized every agency.

TheObsoleteMan's picture

Even though I upped you, when was the IRS EVER a respected agency?

TheReplacement's picture

If the CIA is working domestically, which they would have to be doing, to determine if Russia interfered with our domestic election then is that not an admission of breaking the law since they are supposed to be working on coup and plots in OTHER countries?

Name the officials.  Put them on trial.  Let us see where this goes my dear liberal friends.  Let us see just how far up the chain of command this goes.  Let us do this immediately.  It is a matter of national security and ensuring our elections are free and fair.  We need to know who in the US government has sanctioned the CIA to do work within our borders and we need to hang every single dirty fucker responsible.

RiverRoad's picture

The name is "Bush" -  synonymous with CIA.

Arrow4Truth's picture

True. Here's a thought...

Ever wonder why JFK, Jr. named his magazine... George?

wren's picture

And if the report isn't completed before he leaves office, what then? Will Obama try to fire union government workers on his last day in office? Yea, right!

Maybe his partisan agencies will try to come up with something. Like maybe the EPA. As for the FBI, DOJ, etc, yea, don't hold your breath!

Socratic Dog's picture

I don't know about a battle between the CIA and Military Intelligence.  Seems to me the desperation we're seeing here must have a root cause much bigger than losing an election, a temporary loss of power.  I'm starting to wonder if it's Pizzagate.  If Pizzagate happened to be true and the pedophile conspiracy was as widespread as alleged,  it would explain the desperation.  Start a war with Russia to take attention away from it.  Discredit the FBI in any way possible, so when they start arresting people it's seen as political.  Paint Trump as a vindictive buffoon, for the same reason.  Paint all non-MSM as "false news", since the MSM won't be reporting it.  Try to instigate a coup, or civil war.

Not saying it's true.  I don't know.  But the desperation, and it really is that, must have a cause.  When all other explanations are ruled out, we are left with...this.

Kidbuck's picture

Well, we might consider, when judging their character, that the supposed child sacrifices are not much of a stretch from late term and partial birth abortions.

Jack's Raging Bile Duct's picture

Civil war in the USA is counter-productive to globalist goals. Centralization of the world's authorities has only been possible through the USA's post WWII hegemony, particularly once the Petrodollar was established. Civil war within the USA would crash the petrodollar system, and render the USA ineffective on the international scene very quickly. Globalist want to centralize everything. The Petrodollar is, and has been, the best modern vehicle for that.

Chupacabra-322's picture

@ Socratic,

And, who do you suppose owns the human / child / opium drug trafficking, Soverign Country Destabilization Lines. Yes, the Pure Evil Criminal Psychopaths at the Jesuit CIA / Pentagram Satanic / Lucerferian Temple of Set.

Hang them all.

ThankYouSatan's picture

@ chubby,

And, who do you suppose owns the human / child / opium drug trafficking, Soverign Country Destabilization Lines. Yes, the Pure Evil Criminal jews at the jew CIA / jew Satanic / jew Temple of Set.

Hang them all.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Yup, it is Military Inteligence allied with FBI to prevent a war either civil or global vs CIA serving the oligarchs which would go either path at any costs just to ensure keeping the power

Four chan's picture

the clintons are cia agents since iran contra, the cia is trying to overthrow the election w/this russian shit.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

This entire season of Quantico is based on the concept of the FBI vs. Rogue CIA group posing as Terrorists.

webmatex's picture

He is deranged and would love this:

A few years later, the FPRI’s Strausz-Hupe published a deranged attack in the New York Times against Stanley Kubrick’s film Dr. Strangelove, calling it “the most vicious attack to date launched by way of our mass media against the American military profession”. The FPRI’s founding director went further, accusing Kubrick of being, if not a conscious Russian agent of propaganda, then a Soviet dupe undermining American democracy and stability—the same sort of paranoid accusations that FPRI is leveling again today. As Strausz-Hupe wrote:

“Anyone who cares to scan the Soviet press and the Communist press in other lands will note that it is one of the principal Communist objectives to drive a wedge between the American people and their military leaders. Mr. Kubrick’s creation certainly serves this purpose.”


Appears to be another old cold war ploy from the central A.I. and i do mean artificial.

Back to the future - Hillary meets Soros...



BorisTheBlade's picture

Missed you, bunny. Fake news, Putin's agents hmm. I wonder why HRC didn't announce elections to be fake. She lost, obviously couldn't be true, deplorables won, we should trust in sanity of American electorate represented by CNN polls, google analytics and trusted advisors, confirmed by big data and tiny balls.

xavi1951's picture

Let me see if I understand this.  IF the Russians hacked us and made information available to the American people that would have been kept secret otherwise, they were INFLUENCING the election.  Okay, so making more information available, especially about the Democrat Party, exposing their treasonist practices is a BAD thing?  So what is the problem?

Son of Loki's picture

The Pennsylvania Federal Judge wrote his 31 page opinion Monday morning and even he calls the idea that the election was hacked as "irrational."

"No credible evidence" is what he also says.

He then threw Jill Stein out of court and told her to grow up and not to come back.



Citxmech's picture

The DNC isn't even disputing the fact that they are completely corrupt and morally bankrupt.  The MSM are really fucking themselves on this one.

RiverRoad's picture

Forgotten somewhere:  It is not slander or libel if what is said or printed about a person or persons is TRUE.

Justin Case's picture

Some people drink at the fountain of knowledge, others just gargle.