Head of HeatSt, Louise Mensch, Calls For Obama to Conduct Air Strikes Against Russia

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This is all getting perfectly out of hand. How to best explain this one? Let's see if I can do it in less than 500 words.

Louise Mensch runs a conservative 'up and coming' start up website called HeatSt. They are owned by News Corp under the large umbrella of Dow Jones. In other words, not so start up. Also, and it's worth noting, HeatSt is the very definition of controlled opposition. HeatSt has the look and feel of being spartan and authentic, but under its deceptive facade are corporate cucks toiling away for globalism.

Louise was outed during the Presidential campaign for being as shill, who worked in private for the Clinton campaign. Her followers were quite shaken about that and let her know it by giving her hell on Twitter.

I suppose being a liar and deceiving her audience wasn't enough for Louise. Now she wants WORLD WAR 3, literally -- all because her little email was hacked into and she was outed for being a duplicitous mountebank.

Her Twitter feed reads like an insane anti-Putin screed by a would-be serial killer. But I managed to cobble together the money shots -- courtesy of The Donald.


Louise is a former British MP living in the states, with a keen interest in making American bleed. It's a wonderful thing when emotions cause people to reveal who they truly are.

Before making such moronic comments, I suggest Ms. Mensch should read up on Russia's nuclear capabilities and understand the ramifications of starting armed conflict with a nation who can ferry over ICBMs at mach15 to our cities.



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Her desire to incite Thermonuclear Gotterdammerung can probably be explained by her being a reincarnated German Nazi SS-TV (SS-Totenkopfverbände) concentration guard. She probably can't understand why she has those persistent dreams and visions about incinerating human beings by the trainloads.

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In 2012, while still a Member of Parliament, Louise Mensch admitted on the BBC current affairs panel show Question Time that "..I messed with my brain [by taking hard drugs]...It's had long-term mental health effects on me."

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Whoever called this stupid bitch a bimbo needs their eyes tested. 

She's a hag in the making. 

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When you go through her twitter feed you can't help but start to feel sorry for her. She displays that special mix of my-heart's-been-shattered bitterness and delusion. She's aching to stir up shit and watch others fight and get hurt; clearly compensating for some traumatic experiences in the past. To me this is pure sadness. Poor gal. 

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I am really seeing a disturbing trend with women in places of responsibility, and their evil mouths that puke such bullcrap.

I would like to suggest that this snowflake get in her war gear, I'm sure we can get some money together so the witch can fly to Russia, or maybe she can fly on her broomstick.

Hey witch, go do what you want others to die for. Go ahead and show the world by example, and just do it, quit flapping your craphole cause what comes out of it stinks.

I am really going out on a limb here (sarc) but being the coward you are, I'm sure you are not willing to lead by example. You are a pathetic example of a woman and an american.



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She may well be a druggie or living with mind-bending results of drug-abuse in the past

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The former chick-lit author was considered to be the Queen Bee of the controversial list, which was set up to ensure more ethnic, gay and women candidates were chosen to contest seats, irrespective of their ability.

It was hoped their success would banish the Tories’ pin-striped, white, male, middle-class image. 

The women, who dominated the list, became known as  Cameron’s Cuties.

Mrs Mensch, the author Louise Bagshawe, was parachuted into the former industrial heartland seat of Corby in 2006 when veteran Tories — especially middle-aged, white heterosexual male ones — were being passed over.


http://order-order.com/?s=mensch#gsc.tab=0&gsc.q=mensch&gsc.page=1   Guido Fawkes

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Sane people do not call for war, especially, when they're in a position to be the first nuked.

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Loise Mensch is a so called Roman Catholic shabbos goy married to the nu yawk jew Peter Mensch. Nothing else one needs to know.

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Louise Mensch sister of Tilly Bagshawe chic-lit author 


 Tilly and her family divide their time between their homes in Kensington and Los Angeles and their beach house on Nantucket Island.

Louise Bagshawe married Anthony LoCicero, an Anglo-Italian Roman Catholic property speculator. They have three children, but separated after nine years. The marriage ended in divorce.[9][10][11] In June 2011, she married music manager Peter Mensch, whom she had met twenty years earlier.[12][13]

Mensch is diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, which made her realise she was "self medicating" with wine for stress, and she has now almost completely given up alcohol.[14]  Wikipedia



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Off topic. Pizzagate related. What in the actual fuck is this?

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sanctions are act of war. USA declared war on Russia 4 years ago.

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If she really truly wants war then she should have to prove it!

Make her walk from East Aleppo to Mosul! By herself


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Yes, she should be held accountable by News Corp for her insane words.

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I went to her twitter site, posted a couple of tweets, and on the third ..... I was already blocked from posting tweets and seeing her tweets.  That woman has mental issues, and needs  medical care.



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Strap her to an ICBM, and launch to deep space. Detonate near Saturn.


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Most of you guys get it. Tyler has done a great job cultivating a site that is redpilled like this. Love it.

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Glad to see you here Fly. Also glad to see you are adapting to the site rapidly. Just a few days ago these guys were jerking your chain and you kinda took the bait. Don't be offended please, you realized and adapted quickly. Good for you. Happy to see some fresh blood contributing here, keep up the good work.

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THanks. There was a little new guy in the prison yard mentality going on here. I'm adjustable and only seek to both inform and use whatever platforms I'm afforded to try to make a difference.

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Airstrike YES!!
On her.

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She screeches for war. Another idiot.

Give her a paintball gun and a UN flag for her dramatic parachute assault on the Kremlin.

She can come down blasting then give Putin a piece of her mind as they drag her off to that rusting Siberian prison with the giant man-eating dogs.

War is Hell.

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If she wants to nuke the Russians, put her in the front lines along will all these other snowflakes and neocons who always lead from behind.

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I'd really rather not get nuked. It will wreck all your stuff.


Just say "no" to the big blow.

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That guy is nuts and making outrageous remarks like that should result in someone throwing a shoe at him....at least.

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That's a gal. "Louse Mensch".

Money Mensch, hedgefund mensch, Marxist Mensch, Multicultural Mensch, menstrual mensch, very handy tail to append to words of a political and financial nature.

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Certainly not a mensch

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Geez Louise, pay attention here to what John Kenneth Galbraith wrote it 1986:

"A nuclear war does not defend a country and it does not defend a system.

I've put it the same way many times;

not even the most accomplished ideologue will be able to tell the difference

between the ashes of capitalism and the ashes of communism."

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She is not an American.  If she is a citizen, she became one through false pretenses.

Deport her.

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Dark Daze (not verified) Dec 12, 2016 9:24 PM

And people wonder why I have been a very keen observer of the US all my life. Jesus Christ, this is getting totally insane.

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Ok -- I think I'm gonna have to vomit for real.  I truly cannot believe this shit.

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dumbest. mental. bitch. ever.

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For the good of the USA and all humanity, toss this lunatic behind bars and throw away the key.  He's insane.

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He's so insane he calls himself "Louise".

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Yeah, Russia has something a LITTLE more technical and a LITTLE more powerful than IEDs and RPGs...

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Im going to double-down on todays question of the day.

Is this real life?

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scsherman (not verified) equity_momo Dec 12, 2016 8:17 PM

Or is this just fantasy?

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I checked her twitter something and lo an behold. She is someone. Someone who twits with Mitt Romney.  Both these people have alot of important stuff to do.

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Lots of people are off their rockers these days, em.

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Dark Daze (not verified) peddling-fiction Dec 12, 2016 9:16 PM

It's the Lemming Syndrome

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Understand that millenial mentality that really needs to be terminated so her children do not get fucked up with her as a parent.

Prime pizzagate person though if you are making reccomendations.


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"I messed with my brain [by taking hard drugs]...It's had long-term mental health effects on me" - Louise Mensch


Yeah, no fucking shit you howl-at-the-moon nutjob

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Louise Mensch is fucking mental. Literally. She has some sort of mental disorder called "attention deficit hyperactivity disorder". Her background unfortunately for me, since I'm one too, is Catholic. I'm assuming she is remarried to a jewish guy.

When she was the Conservative MP for Corby, she was merely irritating, but during the 2014 Gaza bombing by Israel she couldn't get enough bombs dropped on the Palestinians and labelled anyone who thought 20,000 civilians dead was a bit excessive as "anti-semite". An absolute Israel-first nutter of the first degree.

Funny story. She recently attacked the founder of modern zionism, Theodor Herzl, as an "Anti-semite", as she believes anyone who uses the word, "Zionist" (She mutes it in her twitter feed) uses it to attack Jews. She apparently didn't know that it was self-described. You couldn't get any more insane or ignorant.

I heard she had fucked off to America to be with the rest of her AIPAC-loving ilk and now I know she is still pulling the same shit.

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Why do Catholics call themselves Catholic?  It says much about their lack of Christianity or direct identity with the Lord & Savior. 


The easy test is ask yourself the question?  If I died today, why would the Lord let you into heaven?...answer that and I will tell you what God has said on th matter with references of course.

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The etymology of the word "Catholic" is interesting. It has both Greek and Latin roots meaning, "Universal" (Catholicus) which I suppose refers to both the evangelical work of early Christians and the attempt to keep the Catholic church above all the denominations. History is littered with different denominations of Christians seeking supremacy over the other. I hope we're over that sort of nonsense, even if I sense an adversarial tone to your questions.

For clarity, it is an identification of a Christian denomination, as in a Christian belonging to the Anglican/Catholic/Eastern Orthodoxy/Oriental Orthodoxy/Protestant churches.

I don't know whether your faith is better than mine - I only know that I am most comfortable with my church and I try to follow the teachings of Christ in my own clumsy way. I was once told that faith is a belief in a mystery and it is a private matter between myself and God. Not a weapon with which to impose myself on others. With respect, I would suggest you look into yourself to understand whether you are motivated by hatred and arrogance regarding the faiths of others or motivated by  true faith, love and hope with courage, temperance, prudence and justice. It's your personal journey.

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Dark Daze (not verified) YHC-FTSE Dec 12, 2016 9:20 PM

There are some theories out there that suggest that ADHD is actually nothing more than people being drunk, constantly. The massive use of antibiotics, both in health scenarios and livestock feed has created people who's entire digestive system is a huge still. They throw down lots and lots of sugars, starches and yeasts, and voila, they are a walking distillery. Unfotunately, for the rest of us it means that we have to contend with 'drunks' who are none the less motivated, smart and persistent.

What she needs is a fucking good cleansing.

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no... what she needs is a fucking good beat down... with a #36 Louisville Slugger