Intelligence Officer Who Personally Met the Democratic Email Leaker Confirms Leaker Is with AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE Services

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The former intelligence analyst, British Ambassador to Uzbekistan, and chancellor of the University of Dundee, Craig Murray, wrote yesterday:

As Julian Assange has made crystal clear, the leaks did not come from the Russians. As I have explained countless times, they are not hacks, they are insider leaks – there is a major difference between the two.




I know who leaked them. I’ve met the person who leaked them, and they are certainly not Russian and it’s an insider. It’s a leak, not a hack; the two are different things.

In other words, Murray – a close friend of Julian Assange – says he knows for a fact that there were no hacks at all … instead, an American insider leaked the information to Wikileaks.

Today, Murray writes:

If you set up the super surveillance state, hoovering up all the internet traffic of pretty well everybody, that is not just going to affect the ordinary people whom the elite despise. There is also going to be an awful lot of traffic intercepted from sleazy members of the elite connected to even the most senior politicians, revealing all their corruption and idiosyncracies. From people like John Podesta, to take an entirely random example. And once the super surveillance state has intercepted and stored all that highly incriminating material, you never know if some decent human being, some genuine patriot, from within the security services is going to feel compelled to turn whistleblower.


Than they might turn for help to, to take another entirely random example, Julian Assange.

This confirms what the NSA executive who created the agency’s mass surveillance program for digital information, who served as the senior technical director within the agency, who managed six thousand NSA employees, the 36-year NSA veteran widely regarded as a “legend” within the agency and the NSA’s best-ever analyst and code-breaker, who mapped out the Soviet command-and-control structure before anyone else knew how, and so predicted Soviet invasions before they happened (“in the 1970s, he decrypted the Soviet Union’s command system, which provided the US and its allies with real-time surveillance of all Soviet troop movements and Russian atomic weapons”) – previously said:  the leaker was from U.S. intelligence services. And see this.

And Murray confirmed to Washington's Blog by email that Binney "was on the mark."  And see this.

In other words, Russia did not hack the Democratic party emails.  Instead, an American intelligence whistleblower leaked them.

It wouldn't be the first time.

Update: David Swanson interviewed Murray today, and obtained  additional information. Specifically, Murray told Swanson that: (1) there were two American leakers ... one for the emails of the Democratic National Committee and one for the emails of top Clinton aide John Podesta; (2) Murray met one of those leakers; and (3) both leakers are American insiders with the NSA and/or the DNC, with no known connections to Russia.

And see this.

Postscript: As we've pointed out for years, the NSA is collecting all digital communications, including emails, in America.

The NSA then shares this information with numerous other agencies, including the FBI, DEA, etc.

We've noted that the NSA’s big data collection itself . Remember, the Pentagon itself sees the collection of “big data” as a “national security threat” … but the NSA is the biggest data collector on the planet, and thus provides a tempting mother lode of information for foreign hackers.

And we've documented that the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers than all other presidents combined.

It sounds like this witches brew of bad policy is what led to the Democratic email leaks from an insider in the intelligence services.

But if anyone wants to try to prove Murray and Binney wrong, it should be easy to check.



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Arthur's picture

Of course the Russians hacked as do the Chinese and Iranians and North Koreans.   Why wouldn't they?  All three are happy to cause trouble for us.

The Russians are all about creating chaos in opposing camps, they have been very active in Eastern Europe  I doubt the goal was so much to elect Trump as cripple Hillary. Had Hillary been elected there would have been no end to the fighting and investigations, when the Republicans and Democrats fight with each other, few are watching the Russians.  Why is this even a question?  The Russians have been masters of deception, misdirection and misinformation  going back more than a century to when the Czar's secret police created the Elder's of Zion, a tall tale that still has legs.

The real story is how team Obama knew what the Russians were doing and failed to act because they thought Hillary was winning and did not want to give Trump ammunition to claim the administration was picking on him.  The White House played politics with a known threat and got burned.

Trump built a business empire, Putin has built an empire.   MBA vs KGB, who would you bet on for world manipulation?  It is not going to be pretty.

Nassim's picture

The psychopaths never thought that their very own mass-surveillance toy could be used against them. What a joke!

I guess they never heard of the police chief in ancient China who turned the empire into a police-state. When he fell out of favour, he tried to escape but was caught by his own system and executed.

Skiprrrdog's picture

It leaked out of Hyena Rodent Clintons diaper...

Handful of Dust's picture

Hopefully, someone will stand up and indict her. There's still time to lock the criminal up.

DosZap's picture

Wishful thinking, Obama will give her a BLANKET pardon, for all past,present and FUTURE claims.She will be untouchable,even on the Clinton Foundation.

The only ones that are screwed are EVERYONE  under her, and the ones that had partial immunity,plead the 5th,the underlings subservient to the MASSSA will get crucified if, anyone  does.

AlphaSeraph's picture

Her crimes are so pervasive, even a Federal Pardon will not save her. Other jurisdisctions will be able to go after her, should they have the political will to do so. 

Orly's picture

Not true.

The president may only pardon her for Federal crimes.

Then, there is the state problem of tax evasion in New York.  That'll do it.


azusgm's picture

Then there is charity fraud in Arkansas.

(Clears throat.)

The Clinton Foundation.

BlueSceptic's picture

Is this really the length of lies you guys are willing to go to. Wow. Sad.

drexlraw's picture

3 weeks,2 days... it would seem you're sad. moloch just not delivering these days?

Straw Dog's picture

One of the surprising facts revealed in this debacle is that the USA has 17 "Intelligence Agencies", how "Intelligent" can that be structure wise.

south40_dreams's picture

And four (4) minute nukes. Who woulda thunk it.

DirtySanchez's picture

Russian hacks today, some other imagined scandal tomorrow.

Keep your eyes on the jew troublemaker, soros; and others like him with money and leftist agendas.

The splc is already changing the narrative on ragheads and violent blacks who commit crimes. The world is now being told these crimes are the work of right wing fanatics. 

soros funded groups are also painting a picture of right wingers and russians are encouraging ragheaded rape gangs to cause trouble and inflict pain and distress on the women of Europe and England.

One may only hope a SAM takes out his fully fueled aircraft.

Steeley's picture

The leaker(s) is/are the CIA analyst(s) that are fingering the Russians.

When we were kids, my brother and I used to blame the dog.

(you lie, I swear to it, we both avoid a beating. Government, parental, it's doesn't matter, that's just how the justice system works)

lennysrv's picture

Think this will matter one iota to the Moronic Left?  Guess again.  They are blinded by their own bitterness and denial.

mary mary's picture

Rachel Maddow to report this in 999,999,999,999...  999,999,999,998...  999,999,999,997....

cherry picker's picture

A snowflake never listens to reason or desires facts

Snowflakes work on emotions

Like the snow they are named after, each has six sides

Each side receives and sends emotions

Mostly fear and hate are sent and received

The snowflake interprets fear and hate as love

And will lie through any one of its sides

To win...


mary mary's picture

Snowflakes are only happy when they can form a 6-foot-thick blanket, smothering all life beneath.  To form a 6-foot-thick-blanket, they outlaw anything ("Fake News Sites", for example) that might melt a snowflake.

Pejorative Requiem's picture

It's hard to believe I'm finding some common ground with ol' GW. This type of narrative creation by the Dems through corporate media is damaging to building a less emotional, more business-like relationhip with the Russians. And it deflects from the real point: The leaks show an astoundingly clear collusion between US corporate media and the Dem party. How can corp media "speak truth to power" when they one and the same as the power? The leaks also show clear evidence of illegal influence peddling by the Clintons. The US corp media has become the puppet of the Dem party....... something we used to deride Russia about, we are now guilty of ourselves.

moneybots's picture

"This type of narrative creation by the Dems through corporate media is damaging to building a less emotional, more business-like relationhip with the Russians."


Senators McCain, Rubio and Grahm are not democrats.

J Jason Djfmam's picture

Well... then this means that the American Intelligence Services are working for the Russians.

newworldorder's picture

The Congressional oversight committees of the House and Senate SHOULD know all of the details in this article..

IF they DO, then they are playing a dangerous game with the American Conservative voters.

If they DO NOT KNOW these details, - the American people have a big problem, with who governs them and by what edicts.

shimmy's picture

If this is legit (probably is) then it'd be nice if the leaker(s) came forward with proof in some way while protecting their idenity so the media can look like morons once again.

MrBoompi's picture

Somebody at NSA had been able to see what was going on in the Clinton/Podesta houses and didn't like what they saw.  

lakecity55's picture

They probably saw his kiddie kill room. What an Evil mofo.

That guy needs to be sent feet first through a wood chipper.

Peter41's picture

The lefties have a funny way of making themselves appear even more stupid than they are.

moneybots's picture

"The lefties have a funny way of making themselves appear even more stupid than they are."


Think about the fact that the call for a congressional investigation is bi-partiisan.

Warthog777's picture

No! A couple "uniparty" sell outs do not constitute "bipartisan".

Orly's picture

On the DNC side, I have a suspicion that it was Wasserman-Schultz.

She sure bowed out quickly and took her "punishment" well enough.  And managed to put Brazile back at the top post, where she knew it would cause the most damage.


Thom Paine's picture

The election is over, Comey can now talk without being attacked for trying to influence the result.

Mr Comey should thus start getting on with business and issuing reports with regard to Clinton and her team on which I am sure there is much to be said.

Mr Comey may find himself out of a job otherwise.

pipes's picture

You should expect exactly ZERO credible behavior from Comey. His actions throughout this time have been bizarre and devoid of precedent or expected reason, which might well lead one to believe that he is not acting strictly in the interest of the job, but instead is compromised. 


That compromised condition does NOT go away just because Clinton won't be Pres., and Comey didn't suddenly become a self-sacrificing patriot just because Americans "shrugged".


He's a weasel and he must go no matter what. Everything he says or does is tainted and must be re-examined...and as long as we're at it, we should revisit the very idea of the Bureau itself...the concentration of power and trust at this level is unwarranted and is a recipe for abuse.


Thom Paine's picture

Dear Craig Murray the CIA Saudi Arabia branch would like to invite you to tour their latests nail gun factory.

scrappy's picture

Geez, the hipocrisy.

Investigate dead people, illegal voters, incestuous vote machine makers, and party tampering.

But that's not the point of this, is it?

They wont do it.

We will have to.

dlweld's picture

Hey MSM! It was all just a typo! The Podesta leak was not from Russian hackers - but Russian hookers! It all makes sense now, we can relax.

replaceme's picture

I keep hearing how Podesta was cleverly tricked by the 'ALL YOUR PASSWORDS ARE EXPIRED PLEASE ENTER THEM HERE" email he received, from "THE TOTALLY LEGIT GOOGLE AND CITIBANK PLACE", but what is not being discussed is how he's been helping a poor prince, from Nigeria. I hear he's personally helping this prince retrieve 27 MILLION DOLLARS that were impounded when his father was arrested and jailed. I think he's a great man. Actually, Podesta and Prince Hoosbeenpharteem both are.

Nobodys Home's picture

Ed Mezvinsky, Chelsea Clinton's father in law, and ex congressman, was jailed for 5 years in connection to the Nigerian email scam.
According to a federal prosecutor, Mezvinsky conned using "just about every different kind of African-based scam we’ve ever seen."

Wow72's picture

They just dont want people to know that they were too stupid to worry about cyber security and their networks are SWISS CHEESE until they get things PATCHED UP YOU KNOW? Everything is BULLSHIT FOR A REASON.  What a great way to divert attention... MFs.

scrappy's picture

What about the URANIUM deal?

The Bundy Connection...

I guess my cold war indoctrination still effects me. Hopefully it will be useful.

ducksinarow's picture

But, But, But, Do these leakers have maybe just a smidgeon of Russian in their ancestry that would vindicate the accusation of a Russian Hacker?


scrappy's picture

With DDOS attacks on the rise, especially from IOT, ie. insecure periferals etc. we have a policy quandry.

As a practical matter, we are better off teaching folks internet security as part of all of our responsibility.

Same with privacy issues, we need a policy a mechanism that empowers the individual user (node)

This actually aids (good) spys and law enforcement. Criminals tend to have good security anyway. 

Our people do not.

Start here and share.

scrappy's picture

Here is another aspect of the Internet of Things security issue.

Namely: The financial incentive to cheat due to financization.

Hell, that extends to any non IOT regular product that can catch your house, car, business, or military product on fire.

What a web we weave.

SaraKlhoez's picture

What are your thoughts on the fact that several governments around the world are trying to take this kind of tools from our arsenal ? I mean the chinese right now are banning vpn usage and vetting VPN services that will probably work in close proximity with the government repressive guidelines. I wonder when they wills try those same tactics here in the West. It's interesting to note that the majority of websites lists the same round of mainstream services ex: i think this could be a strategy to keep us controlled while we think our rights and privacy are not being violated.

Praeda2's picture

I highly doubt Podesta was done by any government. That level of phish was so lame... I just don't see it.

Reaper's picture

They created the monster to control others, but monster devours them.

Bemused Observer's picture

And it would be delicious irony if they end up getting taken down by information THEY collected from others and stored.

That's even better than my other notions...that they collect and store SO much info that it just becomes an unsearchable mess, or that so many people start feeding deliberately false info into the system that it renders it all pretty much useless. Or that they themselves get hacked, and all that data they have collected gets dumped on Wikileaks in one huge 'Holy shit! Look what they've been up to!" epic data-dump before they even know they've been hacked.

But yeah, basically all just different versions of what you said. It will be their own tactics that nail them in the end. Like Perillos of Athens, they will meet their fates in the contraption of their own making. Perhaps not with the dramatic flair or Saw-like horror of Perillos, but pretty effective nonetheless.

Being destroyed by your own creation is a recurrent theme throughout history. For all 'creators', a warning...God, Fate, the Cosmos, whatever you call it, seems to really, really enjoy this kind of comeuppance, so be careful what you make...just sayin'.

buzzsaw99's picture

if the nsa is going to spy on the president, his cabinet, the congress etc., then leak that info to the general public then give those fuckers a raise!

nathan1234's picture

Craig old chap- I worry about you

Please take adequate care.

SillySalesmanQuestion's picture

Thank you GW, for clarifying that Their Assholinesses, John McShitstain, Lyndsey Grahamcracker, Mitch the Bitch McConnell and The Obombanator, are talking out of their collective, dysfunctional, sorry asses again...fuckem all.

blindman's picture
Silencing Whistleblowers
By Kevin Shipp, contributing writer for
Gary Null - The Natural Living Show
Mon, Dec 12, 2016 12:00 PM
minute 40 on....
again, the media reports the lie, repeats the lie,
to actually cover up the real story. then the public
learns the lie and becomes hopelessly misinformed.
that is the business they chose and it pays very well.
in three days the media clowns make moar munny
than the masses of working people make in a lifetime.
they call that success.