Ron Paul: The War On "Fake News" Is A War On Free Speech

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Authored by Ron Paul via The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

A major threat to liberty is the assault on the right to discuss political issues, seek out alternative information sources, and promote dissenting ideas and causes such as non-interventionism in foreign and domestic affairs. If this ongoing assault on free speech succeeds, then all of our liberties are endangered.

One of the most common assaults on the First Amendment is the attempt to force public policy organizations to disclose their donors. Regardless of the intent of these laws, the effect is to subject supporters of controversial causes to harassment, or worse. This harassment makes other potential donors afraid to support organizations opposing a popular war or defending the rights of an unpopular group.

Many free speech opponents support laws and regulations forbidding activist or educational organizations from distributing factual information regarding a candidate’s positions for several months before an election. The ban would apply to communications that do not endorse or oppose any candidate. These laws would result in the only sources of information on the candidate’s views being the campaigns and the media.

Recently the Federal Election Commission (FEC) rejected a proposal to add language exempting books, movies, and streaming videos from its regulations. The majority of FEC commissioners apparently believe they should have the power, for example, to ban Oliver Stone’s biography of Edward Snowden, since it was released two months before the election and features clips of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump discussing Snowden.

The latest, and potentially most dangerous, threat to the First Amendment is the war on “fake news.” Those leading the war are using a few “viral” Internet hoaxes to justify increased government regulation — and even outright censorship — of Internet news sites. Some popular websites, such as Facebook, are not waiting for the government to force them to crack down on fake news.

Those calling for bans on “fake news” are not just trying to censor easily-disproved Internet hoaxes. They are working to create a government-sanctioned "gatekeeper" (to use Hillary Clinton’s infamous phrase) with the power to censor any news or opinion displeasing to the political establishment. None of those wringing their hands over fake news have expressed any concern over the fake news stories that helped lead to the Iraq War. Those fake news stories led to the destabilizing of the Middle East, the rise of ISIS, and the deaths of millions.

The war on “fake news” has taken a chilling turn with efforts to label news and opinion sites of alternative news sources as peddlers of Russian propaganda. The main targets are critics of US interventionist foreign policy, proponents of a gold standard, critics of the US government’s skyrocketing debt, and even those working to end police militarization. All have been smeared as anti-American agents of Russia.

Just last week, Congress passed legislation creating a special committee, composed of key federal agencies, to counter foreign interference in US elections. There have also been calls for congressional investigations into Russian influence on the elections. Can anyone doubt that the goal of this is to discredit and silence those who question the mainstream media’s pro-welfare/warfare state propaganda?

The attempts to ban “fake news;” smear antiwar, anti-Federal Reserve, and other pro-liberty movements as Russian agents; and stop independent organizations from discussing a politician’s record before an election are all parts of an ongoing war on the First Amendment. All Americans, no matter their political persuasion, have a stake in defeating these efforts to limit free speech.

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Salsa Verde's picture

Yesterday's Liberal is tomorrow's Fascist.

TeamDepends's picture

Live each day as if it were your last. The Totalitarians are not about to give up power without a fight. Molon Labe!

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Loser Ronny Paul will say anything to stay relevant. When he's not hawking "survival food dehydrators" he's making outlandish claims like this one. When Dear Leader Hillary wins the presidency in 2020 Ronny Paul will be among the first to be dropped in the wood chipper and sprayed into a mass grave along with The Donald Drumpf and his awful family of freaks and racists. Long Live Dear Leader Hillary!! Astarthe be praised she will cleanse this nation with fire in the coming Day of Sanctification!

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Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


No but he sucked on hildabeasts stinking rotten twat with it.

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I would rather perform connieLingus on an open sewer in Sri Lanka before I got anywhere near that rancid, bubbling abomination...

PTR's picture

She'll give you a Ping Pong special.

beemasters's picture

"The attempts to ban “fake news;” smear antiwar, anti-Federal Reserve, and other pro-liberty movements "

You forgot the most important one: anti-pedophilia movement. Only when that's taken down, the other movements may no longer be needed for there would be one less control over politicians by TPTB.

BennyBoy's picture


Free speech could lead to fake speech.

That's why we have 143rd amendment. It limits all speaking and thinking to approved topics.

This comment is approved by Speech Servant #2975HR397D46/89TL6

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I gotta give you the upvote just for using Sanctication. Top drawer </sarc> today, sir. Top drawer.

lil dirtball's picture

>Loser Ronny Paul will say anything to stay relevant.

Including stating the obvious.

You go Ron! Redpill this planet ... maybe someday you won't be a washed-up do-nothing pied-piper distraction.

And your little son, too!

Sorry, kids ... no MAGA for you!

Smufty's picture

What a load of crap.  Is it anti-free speech to punish someone for yelling FIRE in a movie theater full of families with children when there is no fire, and a child is subsequently trampled to death?  

If fake news is malicious, dangerous or harmful it should be regulated. 


Let me guess, youll decide whats dangerous or not right? Yelling fire isnt news dickweed. Typical prog douchebag using irrelevant arguments trying to make a point so as to dictate and control others. Please fuck off of zh, go hang @ the nyt's or wapo website with the rest of your fascist fucktards.

lil dirtball's picture

Hello, ignorant white conservative man.

I understand that you and others like you need laws and regulations to dictate your behaviour, but others do not.

Just because you cannot restrain yourself from yelling 'fire' in a crowded theater with children present, doesn't mean we need more laws and regulations. Laws and regulations will not prevent you from doing so. They would only prescribe a punishment for your inability to self-regulate. But that's a long, lengthy process.

In a rational world, irrational folks like you who cannot regulate their own actions in such a scenario as you describe would be gently reprimanded on the scene by those whom you caused harm with your misguided behaviour. After numerous such public corrections, you would learn how to modify your behaviour and not be so impulsive.

I hope you seek help for your problems and don't cause any for others.

A Nanny Moose's picture

What if there actually is a fire? Communists are blaming the fire shouters rather than the fire starters


Snípéir_Ag_Obair's picture

there are 3 major groupings of people advocating against free speech:

The Regressive Left, allergic to dissent and bona fide argument

the US govt Deep State apparatus

The International, Organized Jewish/Zionist Lobby.

So, where do these 3 overlap?

the ny times comes to mind, as does the ADL, AIPAC, Clinton..

dirtscratcher's picture

For the MSM to declare war on 'fake news' they would have to shoot themselves in the head (instead of the foot). A delightful idea, now that I think about it.

Thought Processor's picture



Eventually this will reach peak absurdity and they (you know who 'they' are) will opt to destroy the country in order to save it.


They will then be lying in wait to pick up the pieces, having destroyed all evidence of their past sins in the above process (like 9/11 but larger).  This cycle has been played out so many times in various coutries around the world now it's almost laughable in its predictibility.


If Trump truly can not be controlled (this is the real question) then they will implode the whole thing on his watch and......  blame it on him.  

He'll be played like a toy if he isn't wise to all this.

Dame Ednas Possum's picture

Please just don't take the rest of us with you. 

There are more people on this planet than the exceptionals and the chosenites... we're 95% of the global population in fact. 

The vast majority of us are simply bystanders just trying to get along with life in peace... while you guys appear to be the lunatic in the crowd, with bombs strapped to you while waving an automatic rifle in the air and screaming non-sensical demands at the rest of us. 

If you feel powerless... imagine how we feel! 

Live and let live. 

Thought Processor's picture



Please don't confuse me with them.  Are you they?



Handful of Dust's picture

The Hillbamas and Jill Steins of the country are coming for your 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech using cliches like "raycism" "Fake News" 'Russian agents" "microaggression" etc as their excuse to squash your Constitutional Liberties.


I have news for them....."Up your nose with a rubber hose!"


Kirk2NCC1701's picture

That overlap / Nexus behaves just like the proverbial Borg.

So you know what the Rx is. It is wise to think of it, but not to speak it.

Nemontel's picture

Leftists just don't like loosing power.


Ignatius's picture

That's the faux left.

Traditional left is equal protection under the law, against imperial war and, most importantly, pro-justice for the working and middle classes (i.e., against off-shoring mfg, etc.).

All this nonsense PC and identity politics is designed to divide the left (the working class) on the core issues.

Sweet Chicken's picture

Bingo, cultural Marxism trying to break us all into nice tiny little boxes for easy division. 

Nobodys Home's picture

Sadly, with all the extreme left/right polar division and diversion, I don't think there is a hell of a lot of the traditional left left.

Killdo's picture

from my Easter European point of view (after a decade spent in the USSA) - Democrats seem much more Stalininst and totalitarian than Republicans. $hitlery really reminds me of former prez Milosevic's ugly wife (she was also politically involved and as totalitarian as $hitlery)

ThanksChump's picture

"Leftists just don't like loosing power."


Your use of the wrong word, "loosing" ie, 'letting loose', makes your statement mean the exact opposite of what (I think) you intended.


Leftists love loosing power.

Leftists hate losing power.


Yes, O.G. Snowflake, it DOES matter. You just stated the opposite of what you meant. Any cat can express itself in writing 50% better than that.

whatamaroon's picture

The MSM animal is being cornered, and lashing out because it's on it's last throes. Or so we hope. Same thing with the deep staters.

Mango327's picture

Yeah they aren't cool with the peasants finding out that they are being ruled by Satanic pedophiles... go figure.

Opening The Pizza-Gate To He'll

wildbad's picture

snowflakes and other deniers of reality need to get their noses seriously bloodied and need to be sent back to remedial education in civics.

that this shit is even on the nightly curriculum is embarrassing.

free speech. 1st amendment.

put podesta, clinton, the entire DNC staff on trial under the RICO act and let CNN and MSNBC alone to self destruct.

no quarter. attack these criminals!

cherry picker's picture

The RICO act is appropriate

But as recent history shows us

There isn't a constitution law enforcing agency with balls to haul these perps in and there doesn't appear to be any prosecutors willing to take up the challenge.

They like to point at Snowden and Assange as traitors, but the finger pointers are guilty of treason to the oaths they pledged to uphold and to their fellow citizens.



lil dirtball's picture

>There isn't ... [anyone] ... willing to take up the challenge.

That's because they're all related and working towards the same goal using the same agenda - and have been for decades/centuries. The crap these same people packed your head with in public school is now clogging your mind with enough CogDis to make your ears bleed.

For starters, throw out your TV.

Handful of Dust's picture

Hillary should have been indicted long ago and Obama impeached.

seek's picture

They are shrieking so loud about this the intent is pretty obvious. One of the few times Dr. Paul's wisdom can be recognized by us plebians before he speaks it.

The intensity and breadth of this attack on information leads me to believe that what's behind this goes well beyond the election -- I suspect it's a combination of having their system of manipulation exposed by wikileaks combined with having a lot of skeletons in the closet that they don't want publicized. Perhaps they think Trump is going to rip off the curtains hiding their dirty secrets?

ThanksChump's picture

The new Trump AG will set the FBI to investigating ALL OF IT, including pizzagate, 9/11, Obama's war crimes and Title 18 felonies, the Clinton Slush Funds, and the Clintons'/CIA's old drug-running cartel in Little Rock. If there are crimes, the FBI will uncover them, and the AG will prosecute them.


There is no limit to what these people will do to prevent that from happening.


Only an assassination or unconstitutional election theft can prevent it from happening. They're trying to employ the latter right now.

D Boon's picture

I think you are right. Sadly, they don't seem to recognize that millions of gun owners have been dreaming for this day to come...


They are really slick with PR, kickbacks, and psy-ops... not so good with actual management, execution, or strategy. Sadly (for them), the first set don't win wars...



replaceme's picture

Sheep get led by wolves. All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds, n'est-ce pas?

Aging Skeptic's picture

Voltaire if he were alive today, would have an aneurism over this.

Ghordius's picture

I'd hazard that Voltaire's times were worse then today's. do you remember why he was beaten, once? by hired goons?

Aging Skeptic's picture

Yes times were worse in many respects, yet Arouet recognized the importance of individual liberty and incessantly trolled establishment of his day who took themselves wayyy too seriously.  Kinda reminds me of someone...

Aging Skeptic's picture

I've been saying it for years.  America does not have a liberal party.  It does not have a liberal movement.  So-called "liberals" are actually another brand of conservative - vehemently regressive and opposed to any dissent.  "Liberal" means believing that "anything goes" within limits of liberty and natural rights.  Does American so-called "left" really fit this description?

Nobodys Home's picture

So called liberals are now progressive socialists aka communists.

Aging Skeptic's picture

I think "regressive" is a better term, there is nothing progressive about them at this point.  It's establishment vs. rebelling serfs.  America only really has one party, it remains to be seen if Trump can change that.  CFR stooges are attacking him, which gives him credit in my eyes, but I follow Fox Mulder's warning "trust no one."  Trump will be wise to do so as well.

TurtleSoup's picture

Ron Paul is always such a tower of light and clear thought.

2_legs_bahhhhhd's picture

RIP America, he was your best chance. 100 years of fake news has lobotomized the free world's thought patterns.

You can fool some of the people, all of the time, and those are the ones we are going to focus on. Whorehey double you bushit

Squidbilly's picture
Squidbilly (not verified) Dec 13, 2016 12:44 PM

free speech costs to much